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  1. T

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate in/around Coventry/West Mids. Trying to get started in commercial.

    Hi, Currently studying C&G 2365 Diploma Level 3 & 18th Ed (on hold due to Covid19 situation, one week left), looking to get into commercial jobs as a mate. Ideal location in and around Coventry and Warwickshire/West Midlands. Have been working with a local domestic electrician since Sept 2019...
  2. F


  3. S

    DYI'er Trying to Confirm kWh

    Hello everyone. After searching online for help, I finally gave up and decided to register here. Background: I recently finished renovating a commercial property into living space for our family. The old service had a 100A standard service as well as a 100A 3 phase supply. I added 2 new sub...
  4. Baddegg

    What they trying to achieve here then?

    As per title,
  5. OnlQQker

    Trying To Understand Diversity

    I'm trying to understand diversity a bit more. Someone, somewhere done a calculation to determine how much use the circuits would be undergoing at any one time. But what if somebody moved into a flat/house and didn't care how much it cost and just run everything all at once. I know this rarely...
  6. R

    Is someone trying to rip a customer off? Advice on a Fire Risk Assessment

    Hi So a customer of mine has just had his fire extinguishers tested and for some reason the guy doing the fire extinguisher check removed this 600x600 flat LED panel and looked above it and said that what he sees is not safe and it's a fire risk. He proceeded to quote £600 to have 7 of these...
  7. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  8. B

    Solar Where to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC PV array preferably with 230volt AC coil.

    I am trying, with little success, to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC preferably with 230volt AC coil. I require these for switching the supply from PV array. If you are able to supply or suggest where I might be able to get them I would be most grateful...
  9. M

    BC led, around 3500k?

    Got one of those awkward customers. 3000k is too yellow, 4000k is too white. Has anyone seen anything in the middle? To go in standard BC fitting pendants and put out about 800lm, and dimmable. A search round my usual go-to's (CEF, QVS, TLC, Screwfix, Amazon) has been unsuccessful.
  10. M

    Trying my best not to drop another spark in it

    Hiya lads I was asked to have a look at wiring in a recently installed kitchen as some of the appliances tripping the rcd when on. The kitchen was supplied and fitted by one of the national companies with a bird in its title /logo (shouldn't name and shame overpriced rip off crap). The customer...
  11. M

    Trying To Identify Wires

    Putting in a new garage sub panel, but none of the wires pulled to the garage were marked. There are three #8 wires, 2 hot and a neutral. The hots are on a 2 pole breaker. If I turn the breaker on and test for voltage, the neutral should not be hot. My question is, can I remove one of the...
  12. S

    Trying to source an item not having much luck

    Hi all I am desperately trying to source several of these Legrand RCD twin socket outlets for office 3 compartment floorboxes but not having much luck. Could anyone very kindly point me in the right direction? :) Many thanks
  13. Lou7

    Trying to match Socket outlet.

    I need to add another couple of sockets to an existing job, trying to match these sockets.
  14. A

    Trying to make dumb lighting... Smart

    Hi, New to the forum and looking for some help please. I have a new build with a 3 gang light switch which is wired to 2 rings of down lighters and a LED strip in the kitchen. I am trying to make these three sets of lights smart. I have already installed Hue around the rest of the house The...
  15. John Preston

    An old man trying to get back into sparking!

    Hiya everyone, Ok I'm not that old just a mere 55 years young. It's been a few years now since I left the game and I've been living in France for the past 11 years. Due to return to the UK I quite like the idea of getting back on the tools. Nothing too crazy like house bashing though! I served a...
  16. S

    trying to replace a old A1-66 with like

    I've a 54 year old house. It's a grandma unit with a few guests here and there. Thermostat went out so I ordered another one. Apparently this is a line voltage thermostat and the original has four terminals. The 2 top screw terminals say "line", the two bottom screws say "load" In the junction...
  17. A

    trying to find an S14s light fitting

    Hello, I have an S14s light fitting in a large cupboard with a pull cord attached to the fitting. It wasn't working so I got a new bulb (Architectural LED Strip Light 6W Opal 500mm S14s Bell) , but it now looks like its the actual fitting that is defective as the new bulb works fine in the same...
  18. sham

    Letter from CSCS is this just them trying to make money from us?

    Hello fellow sparks, I've received this letter last week. It is frustrating. Do I still need an CSCS card as I have an JIB gold card ? This seems to be them trying to keep their money cycle going.
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Trying to figure cause of tripping

    Done a CU change today, brief testing before hand I knew there was a problem on one circuit, believed to be the element in the immersion tank so put the very low IR readings down to this. Fitted new CU with plumber arranged to look at the immersion, changed it and thought that would be that...
  20. sham

    Lost out to allot of work trying to follow new ever changing Regs, Part P etc

    I have been asked on many occasions to add lights and sockets to an existing installation. When I tell the customer that I must change the MCB to an RCBO and then carry out a minor cert which all adds to the cost of the job, I know that he has called someone else who will just extent cables...
  21. andysparkfree

    95mm 4core SWA, just trying to go definitive on the steel to copper calculation

    good afternoon guys I have a 95mm 4 core swa to this new office build , thats fed via a new exterior mains panel located next to a new sub station. now all feed cables on this project have been designed by an independent company, and i currently have flagged up that i believe that using just...
  22. N

    Trying to understand 3-way switch and smart lighting

    Hello, Total newbie here and as you can tell from my name..... I'm definitely not an electrician. I've done a bit of electrical hackery in the past, mostly in cars and a bit of soldering, but this all feels a bit beyond my ability and I'd rather not be electrocuted and die before my 30th...
  23. Cadgey123

    Customers trying to be chancers

    How do you guys react when a customer tries to drive you down on price? I am struggling at the moment to deal with that side of things because I take offence a little, when I know they have every reason to barter with me. I just know I am very fair on pricing so maybe should stop being too...
  24. M

    Trying to source coloured LED garden floodlights/similar with a catch

    Plan is to illuminate a bunch of impressive trees (including a few Californian Redwoods!) in a garden. Client wants to be able to change the colour of the lights easily and (here's the catch) independently from each other. I've found lights that look suitable in several places but they're all...
  25. Andy-1960

    Trying to view 18th Edition Draft

    Anyone else having difficulties reading the draft that has been posted on the BSI website? I'm finding it is painfully slow or stops responding.. Very frustrating
  26. N

    Domestic Trying to understand why smoke comes out of my monitor.

    So I have been renovating some old Steadicams. These run off V mount batteries on the bottom brackets which feeds power to the camera and accessories on the top stage and the monitor on the bottom bracket. Electrics is not something I know too much about but I’ve tried to do some research and...
  27. D

    VIR or PVI

    Hello Guys This is a right noob question but its really been bugging me. ok so i have a pc which is 500watt (labelled) but runs on 110v and 230v. V/ I X R : 230/38 = 6.05A 110/38 = 3.10A But using the formula P VI i get the following i wanna work our i so p/v 500/230 = 2.17 500/110 = 4.54...
  28. R

    New guy

    Hello, fellow electricians! I need some insight from you guys. My name is Oleg, I am an electrician from Denmark. Had 4 years of school/apprenticeship in electrical firm, and one year in the field after I graduated. I have decent English skills and I am thinking about trying to come work in...
  29. Doomed

    being thick

    16mm 3 core swa single phase clipped direct outside (shaded) on a 63 B type 60898 Do I really mean that the maximum length is 68m, or am I being really thick tonight? Trying to look at a way of providing more power to an outlet pillar that happens to be the furthest point from the supply cabinet...
  30. N

    Does a Rewire of Bathroom Have to Have Extractor Fan Installed for Regs?

    Hello, I recently had house re-wired which included bathroom. While the wiring for an extractor fan / isolation switch for one has been installed no actual extractor fan has been. I was wondering whether this is required to for the Electrician to sign-off/for regulations? (My builder...
  31. L

    Where do people advertise etc.

    Hello guys, Just a quick one I was wondering where you guys advertise or more importantly get most of your from? A new guy here starting out with not many contacts just trying to get some ideas for getting some work through the door.. Thanks
  32. L


    Hi there, I've been trying to get my head around AutoCAD for a while now and I'm trying to produce a full template that has all the blocks and title pages needed for an electrical installations. I've now got all the blocks I need but I'm having problems setting up the dynamic blocks. Does...
  33. P

    Don't work live!

    Hi Guys Got a call the other day. Electrician in hospital. No power. Please help. He was working on a 8 way 3 phase board and attempted to insert a single phase MCB without turning off the power first (trying to be helpful). Unfortunately he mispositioned the MCB and managed to short 2 phases...
  34. D


    I installed the wiring for the shower, not the shower the customer got it out of a closing down sale at B&Q Turned it on FULL to see how it handles, had my hand in the water i could feel it stop for a millisecond and then go again also it didnt Burn my hand even tho its 10kW and it went How...
  35. M


    Hi All I'm in the beginning of trying to build a business for myself after 14 years in the trade. I'm struggling a little bit on trying to formally a pricing structure. I want to be competitively priced while making a good profit. Any tips on how to go about this. I'm currently going in at...
  36. O

    So who filled thisin?

    I did and thought "what a daft survey" Take our short survey...
  37. L

    New light switch problem

    I am trying to change a white light switch for a new silver one next to the front door. It has a light in the switch so I can see when the exterior light is left on. It was working fine but I am trying to instal the new silver light switch but it seem to be working back to front. When the neon...
  38. B

    Have i wasted my time? Bolton/Manchester

    Im justwondering if I have wasted my time in deciding to retrain in the electricalindustry? I have spentthe past 2 years going to college in the evening, first year EAL level 1,second year 2330 level 2. I will be starting back in September to do my level3. I have been trying to find employment...
  39. F

    Domestic Installed cables within safe zone then moved by others.

    Hi all, hope someone can help. I've completed part of a new install in a clients new build house. The cables have been installed in safe zones or in line with accessories and routed via holes drilled in noggins and are all protected via split load RCD 17th Ed Consumer unit. The plumber...
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