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  1. A

    Electrician Job Vacancy

    Hi All, Just a quick introduction, I'm George, I contract manage part of an electrical division with my line manager at a North West Property and Asset maintenance company. We're looking to employ electricians full time. Message me for further information. Thanks
  2. sham

    True story about building manager and Building control agent.

    When I worked for my previous electrical company back in 2015 in which they were not certified to any scheme and they didn’t have any real college qualifications as in 16th or 17th edition, they did not have any electrical qualifications at all. However, they were the most recommended...
  3. MerlinGremlin

    MCB or RCBO

    Got sent to a job today for an outside lighting issue, basically to cut a long story short I'm taking the new supply from a different DB so will be installing a new circuit to feed the time clock, so I put down for a Type C 20amp RCBO as the lights are wired in 2.5mm cable and LED floods. I got...
  4. L

    Returned anew

    Hi Just returned after absence from this site, now in a new position and job:blush::blush::blush:
  5. I

    Which certificate to work?

    Hello to all. I would like to know which certificate require the electrical company to the worker. I'm able to work like electrical site manager, electrical supervisor, or electrician (civil, commercial, industry, installation and in the last few years solar farm and roof... Please tell me...
  6. B

    External earth fault loop tt system

    Evening all could anyone please tell me the the maximum ze for tt systems the jobs entail Rec cut out fuse bs88 16a to feed 1x 30 ma rcd fuse spur for feeding socket outlet what should the max ze be please
  7. A

    EICR Medical Centre

    I do a few small commercial PIR/EICRS including a dentist surgery & a day centre, but mostly just domestic. I have been asked to look into doing an EICR on a fair sized medical centre ( am guessing approx 10-12 rooms per floor, 2 story building) . Its a pretty new build & hopefully installation...
  8. S

    Memshield 2 board

    So, today I'm being put with a job by a manager who I don't think fully knows what he wants me to do.:confused5:. In March I did a periodic inspection on a distribution panel that failed due to numerous circuits having low IR. This panel was located in a plant room, which also holds an...
  9. A

    Windows 7

    After a recent update for windows 7 I have found internet explorer sluggish and crashing on me. Is this happening to anyone else or is the pleasure all mine:( Chris
  10. T

    The Mighty 3 Phase Flash

    Hi all, Just to say i have been a vitcim of a shoddy elctricians workmanship, and his poor isolation skills. Happened to be working in a local factory, and installing some Earth Bars in 2 old style Crabtree C50 boards. anyway, my supervisor was working in the board, with the cover off...
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