1. Q

    Substation Earthing Arrangment

    Hi All, I have a question trying to understand earthing arrangments SO, We have a DNO Substation, 4 Core armoured Feeding the Distribution Board Fed from an Auxillary Transformer (Clients) The DNO Substation has an Earthtape around the substation, which connects to the earthmat of the entire...
  2. M

    Earthing bar from MET on TNS

    Has anyone seen one of these please ? I propose a little earthing tape to identify it. I am upgrading the system and will put in place a new MET and signage. It looks like it could handle high amps on a fault. Should it therefore be deemed a pass on 3.5 of schedule of inspection ? Ps : backboard...
  3. bigspark17

    Solar metal roof earthing

    Hi all. Installing some panels on a shed roof (trapezoid) just wondering your thoughts on earthing the roof. The roof sits on the wooden structure of the building. What should i do with earthing? 1- earth bond the roof back to garage cu 2- earth bond to a local earth rod 3- no earthing
  4. O

    EV chargers and TN-C-S supply earthing general hassle

    Trying to understand why car chargers attract this earthing ballache. from what I learnt it's all about the rare times a Neutral / PEN conductor gets broken in a TN-C-S or thesedays most TN-S supplies. 1) If the PEN gets disconnected in the street, N and CPC become live making the car >70v...
  5. A

    Site Temps earthing question

    Hi Currently on a job at a hospital where we are installing temporary site supplies to canteen toilet block and office. The supply is Tncs from hospital but the hospital electrician and contractor doesn’t want us to install earth rods in case of services below ground and they’re not prepared to...
  6. newfutile

    Type of earthing system

    This states a SNE system, do I list this as a TN-S system. The heads look the same as the PME types. Our NICEIC area engineer was also not sure about this!
  7. richardg

    Solar PV earthing earth rod or main earthing terminal in house

    Hi installing my first solar PV on my own home before starting the courses next year and need some advice on earthing PV. System 6kw solar PV - 2 strings Solis Rhi inverter 20Kwh pure energy battery’s The solis inverter has its own TT system to run as a floating neutral when in UPS mode which...
  8. C

    Solar Panels Barn Earthing for Solar, 80 Meters from Cut Out

    I’m installing 20KW of Solar on my Barn roof, The barn is fed from a 3 phase supply originating at the house which is 80 meters away. I’ll be installing some 35mm 4 core to minimise the losses to <1% volt drop between the barn and the point of supply located at the house. The Earthing at the...
  9. HappyHippyDad

    portable generators and earthing?

    A customer has asked me to install a generator to supply her house for when they have a power cut. I have already said this is beyond my capability and I will definitely not be taking the job. However, I'm interested in understanding it a little better. So you have the correct size live and...
  10. Peter55

    Earthing question - three phase into main building, then single phase to EV charger

    Hi there, new to the forum and in final stages of completing C&G level 3; need to complete design project to complete. Am struggling to get my head around how to draw up correct circuit diagram showing EF Loop path for EV charger where initial supply is described as 'three phase TNCS' feeding to...
  11. Jaqqqqqq

    Earthing rod garden moving

    Hello experts. I have a black cable running from the loft , up the garden, under the garden. Can I move the rod to a different part of the garden? The plug attached works and would be helpful to use. Any advice would be great thank you. UK.
  12. t01474

    Which Earthing type is this?

    What kind of earthing system do you think this is? Strikes me as TNS (Paper lead incommer) but the earth coming out of the head makes it look like TNCS??? But then again the earth is on the lead sheath too??? I was only there to have a look today so didn’t do a Ze. Strikes me as an odd way to go...
  13. impish15

    UK Black cable off supplier's incoming cable?

    Hi, Any suggestions what this black cable is coming off the supply's incoming cable? Its a TN-S system, I thought it could be the earth conductor but the cable is black not green/yellow, plus it looks much smaller than 10mm2 plus there is already an earthing conductor coming off the sheath...
  14. Blake1

    Earthing spike for upper Flat via flat ground floor

    Two flats, I live on ground floor, neighbours have just moved out from upper floor flat, lived there over 20 years. Spoke to new owner last weekend about possible issue with electricity could they check empty flat. Issue concerns high electricity bill, whereas previous owner paid half for their...
  15. D

    Main Earthing in Consumer Unit

    I am due to carry out an electrical job in a third floor flat. Incoming supply is TN-S. Cannot locate a main earthing conductor inside the CU on the earth bar, just the individual circuits CPCs. There are two earths clamped to the bottom of the metal CU, one disappearing down some metal...
  16. E

    Australia Equipotential Bond Current showing on Clamp meter earthing

    Hi has anybody come across current up to 3 amps showing on water bond? 0 volts, no amps on main earth just water bond? I put a clamp Meyer to check...
  17. B

    Earthing responsibility

    Hi all, Holiday village, brick built lodges circa 1960s. Supply is 35mm 4 core armoured, each phase and n comes in to Henley blocks and out to next unit, armour in/out terminated onto metal plate that also has a connection for earth to local consumer unit in each bungalow/cabin. 1 phase used in...
  18. K

    Earthing of standby generators

    Afternoon guys. Recently been asked to do a generator changeover switch for a friend it’s a 6.0kva standby generator . The earthing system is tnc-s . Just seeking a bit of advice with regards to earthing requirements as it’s a portable gen . Also it will be sitting on top of block paving . Can’t...
  19. M

    TNCS - Earthing connections

    Hi all, I am doing work atm in a block of flat were they have added on extra flats and I doing all the isolators and meter tails. The dno have supplied a 3 phase PME cutout. I am wondering in regards to the earthing connections if the dno will supply an earth bar or if it is up to myself to...
  20. L

    IT earthing system cable calculation

    Hello, Does anyone know if Trimble can be used for cable calculations for equipment with an IT earthing system? If not could you please point me in the direction of an example calculation if possible. Thank you
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