1. E

    Australia Equipotential Bond Current showing on Clamp meter earthing

    Hi has anybody come across current up to 3 amps showing on water bond? 0 volts, no amps on main earth just water bond? I put a clamp Meyer to check...
  2. B

    Earthing responsibility

    Hi all, Holiday village, brick built lodges circa 1960s. Supply is 35mm 4 core armoured, each phase and n comes in to Henley blocks and out to next unit, armour in/out terminated onto metal plate that also has a connection for earth to local consumer unit in each bungalow/cabin. 1 phase used in...
  3. K

    Earthing of standby generators

    Afternoon guys. Recently been asked to do a generator changeover switch for a friend it’s a 6.0kva standby generator . The earthing system is tnc-s . Just seeking a bit of advice with regards to earthing requirements as it’s a portable gen . Also it will be sitting on top of block paving . Can’t...
  4. M

    TNCS - Earthing connections

    Hi all, I am doing work atm in a block of flat were they have added on extra flats and I doing all the isolators and meter tails. The dno have supplied a 3 phase PME cutout. I am wondering in regards to the earthing connections if the dno will supply an earth bar or if it is up to myself to...
  5. L

    IT earthing system cable calculation

    Hello, Does anyone know if Trimble can be used for cable calculations for equipment with an IT earthing system? If not could you please point me in the direction of an example calculation if possible. Thank you
  6. _q12x_

    A Facebook question about Earthing and Grounding

    I find this question on Facebook: And I give it my answer already and I will post my answer that I already made for it. But I am curious what you guys will say first, without me influencing you with my answer. I am an artist, I am not an electrician or electronist. My relation with...
  7. HappyHippyDad

    Earthing requirements for a field?

    I am soon to install some weatherproof sockets and a commando socket in a field. This will be around 80m from an existing consumer unit in a barn. Earthing is PME. The commando socket will be for a cooler. The weatherproof socket(s) will be to plug in heating mats and cables (for soil). These...
  8. B

    Earthing arrangement for shipping container on building site

    I’ve had a shipping container delivered to my building site for use as storage/utility room/worker toilet. One side is insulated as it was previously used for exactly this, and it already has some fairly rudimentary electrics installed. On the previous site, their “groundworker’s electrical...
  9. Had8Lives

    Earthing and Battery supplied Inverters

    Hi All, When I heard reports on the radio of people not being able to run their gas central heating because of a power cut, it got me thinking. Is there any reason a gas boiler couldn't be run on an inverter and a battery? I was thinking there might be a potential issue with some ac making...
  10. D

    Swa earthing and coding

    Hi all, we have a much discussed topic. Swa and the earthing of the amounting through a fly lead. What your thoughts and how would you code an Swa cable, the amouring is the cpc and no fly lead been taken too the earth bar (the Swa been terminated into a metal container) So are saying code 3 as...
  11. banny07

    UK type of earthing syestem

    what type of earthing syestem ?
  12. E

    Mirror Demister Pads & Earthing

    Looking for a little advice and also hopefully some education :) Have recently bought a flat (for which warranty period has expired) which has two bathrooms that were delivered as 'pods' (assembled fully offsite and slotted in when the building was built). They have all sorts of problems...
  13. KeenPensioner

    Earthing SWA

    As an adult learner, I have lots of theory but not enough practical experience so I'm hoping I can get some help here (not abuse). I'm trying to get my head round earthing SWA to an outbuilding with no extraneous conductive parts. I understand the problems of exporting a PME supply etc. If I...
  14. Algarve Sparky

    Earthing / zero point question

    Not sure how popular the solar forum is but not getting any answers to a question so having another go here, cheers guys. So despite living working in a country blessed with 300 days of sunshine I have not got my head around this solar thing, there is very few companies here who know what...
  15. J

    Plastic Junction Box earthing?

    Hi guys, Quick question, I've had some people say to earth a plastic junction box with piranhas etc. whereas some people saying there's no need, since it's plastic? I have the 5 terminal adaptable junction box from Screwfix (image attached) From the inside of the house I have twin & earth...
  16. JD6400

    500kva substation earthing , any qualifications needed ?

    We have just taken on a new client who is extending their industrial park. Their previous electrician had been helping with the install all of a totally new feed and 500 kVA onsite substation by UKPN. I received a phone call from the client last night asking if I had tested off , or the...
  17. snipersmith87

    Lampost earthing

    Hi all. I have to supply some lampposts within a private car park. Supply is TN-C-S. What's the general practice regarding earthing of the fixtures?
  18. D

    UK Earthing

    Hi all Got a PME with 6mm gas & water Looking into the board there is 10mm gas & water it's been upgraded to 10mm. The 6mm from the PME is still in place with the 10mm. Board was upgraded to an RCBO board. What would you do? I have a pic Cheers
  19. J

    Earthing of a conduit

    Hi there I work in a shopping centre and the tills are supplied by a chrome pole ( non standard ) that comes from a metal burgess ceiling . Inside the pole is a 2.5mm 3 core flex and a CAT6 cable (non screened ) that supplies the till . This pole does not have any earth . I’m now being asked to...
  20. newfutile

    Type of earthing system?

    What type of earthing system is this?