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  1. S

    Generator Ze test

    Evening everyone, Looking for a bit of advice with generator earthing/testing. An 80kva generator supplying a small site with a few portacabins. I am aware that the genny needs an earth electrode with an Ra lower than 20ohms as per bs 7430 tested with an electrode tester.The chassis bonded to...
  2. S

    Canal barge earthing

    I have been asked about the best way on the earthing of a canal barge. I believe there is a unit that gets installed between the hull and the DB any advice on that and other info would be much appreciated I have never been in involved in boat installs . C.I.A stuart
  3. R

    DNOs attitude towards earthing!

    I find this statement from the UK power networks official website so amusing I couldn't resist sharing it. For a domestic electrician, the connection to earth is thought of as one of the most critical electrical safety features. This is what they tell their customers: "It's worth noting that...
  4. C

    Earthing neutral in a multi source system

    This has me clueless. Why must the neutral be unearthed at the transformer and generator and only allowed earthing at the switch-gear? I can't see any reason because the neutral will normally not be carrying any current and thus no parallel current paths would form.
  5. B

    Earthing sockets in Bulgaria

    I am about to install new wiring for a kitchen here in Bulgaria. I will be using a 2.5 ring final circuit for the sockets and 6 mm radial for the cooker. Wiring to sockets here in Bulgaria is done by using twin cable (no earth line). The earthing is done by connecting the earth and neutral point...
  6. K

    Industrial I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a tota

    I need someone to enlighten me about Earthing and Bonding. We've just completed the construction of four Fabricated Steel Bay Structures with a total of 354 Stansions 102 Beams, all connected to the Porlins, the place is to be used to seat 120,000 persons. I am not in doubt of the importance...
  7. C

    Shed Feed (Hypothetical)

    Say you had to feed power to a shed/detached garage in the UK with a sub unit inside it. How would you go about the earthing? What earthing arraignments can be used at the shed if the home is: TN-S TN-C-S TT And do you always need an earth rod at the shed?
  8. Bogart

    Solar Panels Earthing for a shed running a solar panel on the roof

    Intend putting a solar panel on a shed roof just to run a few lights and maybe a socket outlet to charge drills etc. What do I do about an earth? I used to have a caravan that had a solar panel on the roof and standard 3 pin sockets inside. It never dawned on me how does one get protection in...
  9. D

    SWA sheath, earthing and empty consumer unit space

    Hi all I had some house rewiring undertaken on my house and have come across a few issues since painting. First thing was damage to the rubber outer sheath of the SWA cable on the outer wall which I've rapped electrical tape around temporarily as the metal rods were visible and we had a lot of...
  10. The apprentice

    earthing of steel trunking

    hi guys just bare with me please still learning lol! if i have connected my steel trunking to the metal frame work via bush and cuplin and and the steel frame is earthed and i can prove continuity from my trunking to the steel work do i still need to earth my steel trunking and also do i need...
  11. N

    Steel conduits acceptable for earthing in domestic property ?

    Evening Just been to quote for a consumer unit upgrade. Found that the board was from circa 1960 and wiring looked original also. No alterations have been made with exception of a few faceplates renewed in the kitchen. Red and black single cores going into an adaptable box at the back and...
  12. markocosic

    Preparing for EV charger: cable and earthing before driveway?

    Hi, Can I ask some advice on what to bury please? This is the the front of my house in plan view. House at the bottom. Porch at the bottom left. Driveway at the top. There's a fence between the driveway and the lawn. The incoming electricity supply runs underground down the left hand side of...
  13. N

    Earthing Arrangements ?

    I'm wiring up a wooden cabin and a double decker bus (been donated) for a local school. I've ran 2 x 10mm swa cables from the local 3 phase consumer unit to the underground trench to the bus and cabin. The question is would you make the Bus supply TT and the cabin (all wooden) and extension of...
  14. happysteve

    Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?

    Eh up :) As per the title, "Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?" Clearly, if it contained unsheathed singles, it obviously is. If it's not an exposed-conductive part (and it's not extraneous in the case I'm thinking of) then it...
  15. A

    Earthing and bonding new build

    Hi guys bit of advice needed to save me some time and money. Earthing and bonding required in new build property. 10mm earth to be ran to gas meter to clip to gas pipe that will enter property. This gas pipe then goes to a combi boiler where I will bond all pipes at combi to the gas pipe (gas...
  16. G

    2365 Level 3 Design Project. Volt Drop feed to Summer House and earthing

    Afternoon Gents, just a query regarding volt drop and extending the equipotential zone on a PME in the level 3 design project. In my design I used a 16mm armoured and the associated volt drop was 5v, this left 1.9 volts for the lighting ring in the summer house. Tutor said not to worry about...
  17. R

    Domestic Automatic Transfer Switch and earthing system installation advice

    Hi, I am planning to install a hybrid solar/wind power system. When it comes to 230V AC, I'd like to supply power to a home circuit with mainly LED lighting, It will draw probably never more than a few hundred watts. This circuit is connected on the main breaker panel to a 10A breaker,one pole...
  18. T


    So I'm currently testing a system and was wondering what earthing documentations is needed/sufficient. The company I'm working for doesn't have any records so thought here would be the best place for advice. Using a low resistance ohm meter do I need to record measurements from the main...
  19. Pete999

    Trainee Earthing systems explained

  20. S

    SWA earthing

    I’ve seen debate in the past on here about whether to earth both ends of SWA at the glands even when using 3 core with a core as the cpc. My question is: If I gland the load end and earth the banjo there, then gland the supply end but run the 3 cores straight through the building skin so there...
  21. M

    Back box earthing

    Probably a bit of a noddy question but I am bringing my TV aerial cable into the house which I have already done. Now I want to fit a TV socket to the wall to tidy it all up. I have purchased a metal back box with a plastic TV coaxial faceplate. On the metal back box there is an adjustable lug...
  22. M

    Earthing an Outbuilding

    This is my first posting here - I am not an electrician so please bear with me. I am trying to establish the best method to provide earthing of a 60A supply to a new build garage / workshop to be taken from a domestic residence. The incoming supply to the house is TN-C-S with a supplementary...
  23. D

    Industrial Earthing arrangement

    Is anyone able to clarify with me how i can work out what earthing arrangement i have on site. Supply comes into one of our motor switch rooms from an 11kv to LV transformer located directly outside. I can see 4 big copper bars (3phases and neutral) coming in which will then feed off to the...
  24. L

    SWA gland earthing

    Hi all, Just having a chat with a customer who we do regular maintenance work for. They have had an extension and got another company in to do the electrics due to us not having the time. The main reason for the post is the installer has used self tapping screws on all the swa glands. Is there...
  25. M

    earthing system?

    having a slight disagreement with a maintenance guy on a job im testing... just a bit of banter, but can any confirm this earthing system..?!
  26. T

    Multiple distribution boards and earthing arrangements

    Hi all, first post, and it relates to quite a challenging installation. The short version is that I'm working through remedial work on a 75 page EICR on a site with 24 distribution boards, hit a very nasty C1, have resolved it, but now have max Zs issues that were actually there before but not...
  27. D

    Domestic Earthing a PV system question

    I am fitting up a small PV system on a porch roof using a small (Plug in Solar) 4 panel rig just would like to know if its lightning earth grounding wire can be threaded under tiles to emerge as required at its brackets (to be neater), or would it need to be topside. Figure there are rules for...
  28. L

    Earthing across flanges

    With regards to electrical continuity across pipe flanges to bs 7671 I cannot find anything on how to size flat braided cable. Could someone point me in the right direction please is there a rule of thumb with regards to bolt size? Thanks
  29. Zdb

    High integrity earthing

    Only time I've done this has been using the two separate CPCs of a RFC using different terminals inside the D.B as per 543.7.1.204 I've been asked to test a load of high integrity radial circuits with two separate (different sized) CPCs. My question is, in the box which asks for the CSA of the...
  30. S

    Hazardous areas - control voltage transformer earthing -

    I've been in an ongoing debate regarding earthing of a control transformer and i'd like some other opinions. 690 primary, 120v secondary supplying control circuits (contactors/DC convertors etc), the neutral is tied to earth - My issue is the location that it is tied to Earth. As far as I know...
  31. phillipdj

    Earthing to 1st floor flats

    Hi, I've come across this strange setup on a set of flats I'm doing work on and wondered what people think. There are 4 flats on the 1st and 2nd floor (ground floor is a shop) with their own supply from the street. The supply enters the building from underground at the bottom of the stairs, a...
  32. C

    Parallel generator, earthing and bonding

    Hello, can anyone advise on bonding of extraneous conductive parts when supply is from a generator run parallel with distribution network? There'll b a 200kva generator supplying spray booths that have a gas supply to them. The metal pipes aren't underground but connect to tanks outside sitting...
  33. EalingBadger

    The hoary old topic of PME, TN-C-S and earthing rods (not TT)

    Somewhere along the line I picked up a suggestion from a forum posting or two that the DNO does not like you to connect an earthing rod to his "earth" - even though it is effectively just creating yet another, local to your installation, earthing point for the multiple ones already assumed to...
  34. Gladius

    Faraday cage earthing.

    Hi there, We will need to earth a Faraday cage room in an experimental work, do we need to certify the job? Can it be only earthed into the plumbing pipes if available (Bonding?)? If there are no pipes around should we earth it into a mains circuit using a junction box or surface box for...
  35. E

    Earthing System Query

    Hi, just a quick question... I’m at the stage now where I’m being pretty nosey at other people’s consumer units/supply set ups etc to further improve my understanding and recognition of the different earthing systems found in domestic properties. The image below was taken at a member of my...
  36. Strima

    Main Earthing Conductor Termination with SPDs

    Here's a question that I was asked earlier. If you have SPDs installed in a DB is it permissible to terminate the main earthing conductor into the SPD first then the DB earth bar? Or must it be terminated in the DB earth bar first then the SPD?
  37. loplug

    TT earthing question

    I'm working on a Job where the earth is TT there is a sub main fed by 16mm twin and earth if I put a earth rod in at the submain position should I connect the cpc of the submain to the earth rod at the sub dB or just use it as a cpc and earth the sub board separately ?
  38. David Prosser

    Earthing and protection course. EA Technology anyone been ?

    Hi, looking to broaden my knowledge regarding earthing and protection. EA Technology have been mentioned as having decent courses in this area. I would like to hear from anyone who has been on training with them even if not in this field as often a standard will run through most training...
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