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  1. N

    Best practice earthing metal plates and/or back boxes - fly lead or not?

    Hello everyone, Following on from my previous post where I received advice on taking a spur off a 40a feed (thank you). I performed the work today, installing a surface fixed metal faceplate and back box. When terminating to create the spur (tight fit into terminals with both 6mm and 2.5mm!)...
  2. D

    am2 resit tommorrow swa/ sy earthing

    resitting Saturday my am2 4 sections a3/b/d/e swa and sy failed on protective conductors on both swa i under stand thats the earths i think i used a smaller fly lead from the banjo to the db/ and a earthing nut with the banjo sy think i used a 1.5mm flylead so correct me if im...
  3. O

    High integrity socket earthing

    2nd fixing some sockets in an office today and we were talking about high integrity earthing, I've not got a clue what the sockets are going to supply, I'm guessing PC's, monitors, that sort of thing. There aren't any specs for the job so we just wired them as you normally would, I was trying to...
  4. Calebp43

    What earthing system have we got here?

    Went to a house to extend a circuit and upon doing the minor works I couldn't figure the earthing system. There was no DNO cutout and L and N came from overhead powerlines. I followed the main earth cable down and it went half a foot below the consumer unit to a connector block with 3 small...
  5. J

    Help with Solar pv earthing

    Hi all - I’m new to Solar PV, builder we do work for has fitted some integrated panels on his garage roof, there is a velux window nearby. Does this require earthing?
  6. B

    What crimp for 10mm fly lead to earthing nut ?

    Hi, I have always used banjos when earthing the armour on an SWA but have now switched to earthing nuts. I am making off a 10mm fly lead to the earthing nut (using 10mm to match the line conductor size as is good practice). Can't find any ring crimps that will take 10mm cable but have a lug hole...
  7. S

    IR testing steel conduit on 1st fix?

    Hi everyone, I'm nearly on my AM2 test and really enjoy the industrial side of things so I thought I'd learn by asking. I recently came across this note about IR testing PRIOR to connection? Can someone just explain how you would test if there was steel conduit and the earthing arrangement...
  8. F

    Earthing and Bonding sizing.

    Morning All, Think I'm having a brain fart but I have a 70mm2 4 core SWA with a separate 35mm2 CPC. Earthing is TNS with main bonding requirements being 25mm2. Using table 54.7 - CPC is half of line conductor so 35mm2. Am I correct in thinking the 35mm2 conductor is adequate for both CPC and...
  9. R

    Circuits earthed on metal box/conduit: Does it need a rewire?

    I'm getting an old fuse board upgraded in an office block. The electrician has just told me that most of the circuits don't have earth cables coming directly from the fuse box. I've taken a photo of one of the light switches. (attached to post) 1. It has the earth attached to the metal switch...
  10. B

    Is the earthing system TNCS or TT

    Carrying out a EICR in a commercial setting. In the main intake room the DNO supply comes in and it states clearly this is a PME system. 5 years ago it had a 120mm earth from the head going on to the MET which then had separate earths to each isolator on the panel. Within that time a new pumping...
  11. mak

    Question about earthing the armour of SWA

    If cpc core is present i.e. it's either 5 core three phase or 3 core single phase — is a banjo connected with a brass screw into steel trunking adequate to earth the armour(provided trunking is earthed to the earth bar)? Or would you put fly leads in between then a fly lead to an earth bar? Thanks.
  12. D

    TNCS or TNS earthing arrangement?

    Please can someone explain if this is a TNCS or a TNS earthing arrangement because it looks like both to me. Old undersized main bonding conductor goes into the neutral block first then to an earth block that's connected to the incoming cables sheath. My rather unhelpful supervisor told me to...
  13. M

    UK Earthing back to neighbours in terrace?

    Been asked to do some rewiring, and have said needs upgrade of consumer unit really Main question is regarding earthing - Zs reads at 0.45 ohms (which suggests at TNS) But cannot see where earth cable goes to from old fuseboard. There is no earth to fuse carrier or cable to fuse carrier in...
  14. N

    Cat6a cabinet earthing

    Hi all. I am replacing some cat5e cable with cat6a shielded in a large building. I have noticed the cabinets are NOT earthed and the electrical maintenance team have said they can provide this but have asked can it come from the local electrical board OR the MET. Do all cabs need to be earthed...
  15. Mark Wright

    Main Eearthing Conductor - Fabric ????

    See picture below the Main Earthing Conductor is some kind of Fabric?
  16. I

    Earthing question - TNC in Bulgaria - DIY

    Hi all, For clarity, I'm not a qualified electrician, but have a reasonable amount of experience as I've done plenty of wiring (signed off by a proper sparky) as a farm manager in the UK. I now have a house in Bulgaria which we bought some five years ago and have been slowly modernising during...
  17. S

    Earthing Light Switch

    Does AS/NZS 3000 require to earth metal wall box behind switch or socket outlet?
  18. Ericsson

    Can I remove gas earthing?

    We had our gas disconnected last week and the meter removed. We need to start removing the redundant gas pipes in inside the property. There is earthing connected to the main gas pipe 1 meter after it enters the property. Can we go ahead and remove all the redundant gas pipes including the...
  19. E

    Australia Earthing Arrangements

    Minimum requirements for earthing a steel framed shed? 4x3m As3000 once again giving conflicting advice.. Incoming submain 6mm TPS 2 Core plus earth. Incoming earth with 6mm is 2.5mm. Section 5 of As3000 states that because my incoming is 6mm my earth to shed can be 2.5mm. However, minimum...
  20. K

    Earthing gas pipe warehouse

    Hi guys I am working in a warehouse where there is an inactive gas pipe and disconnected gas meter. The DB which has been upgraded now is on the other side of the warehouse. My question is does the pipe need to be bonded? Incoming metal gas pipe I believe is 28mm. Distance from that pipe to DB...
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