1. P

    Earthing SWA at lampposts with plastic fuse enclosures ?

    Hi All, Just finished testing lamp post supplies pre LED upgrade for a company where the measured Zs exceeds maximum permitted on all circuits. DB change is in the pipeline but brings its own issues with inrush current and what type of MCB to utilise due to the poor Zs readings. Current earth...
  2. P

    Earthing on wooden shed

    Hi all, just a quick one on an earthing arrangement for a radial circuit on a wooden workshop I have just had installed. I have run a 3 core 2.5mm swa from a consumer unit in a metal shed that has TT earthing in place. Does this cable need the armoured earthing as well as the CPC or just the...
  3. A

    Overhead 240V Supply - How is Earthing Provided?

    Hi, Posted here as I'm not an electrician, not because it relates to anything I'm considering "Doing Myself". My late parent's house is supplied by overhead 240V, and I was puzzling over how earthing is provided. As far as I can see following cables it goes .. Two overhead cables to the house...
  4. P

    Earth resistivity testing in wet ground

    Hi. The question is..... can saturated ground affect earth resistivity testing equipment? Some days there's an unacceptable earth reading, another day it'll be perfect. The only variable seems to be the weather - ie very wet. I've asked northern powergrid to convert to a PME system but they say...
  5. Dan_Brown

    Earthing Services - new to forum

    Great to be joining such a supportive and interactive forum. Should anyone have any questions about my company or the products we sell just give me a shout!
  6. Trevreg

    Correct earthing method for house?

    See attached photo of my new 3 phase supply at my house. Tails supply a Schneider 3ph board. Sparky is in two minds about the correct earthing method as the powergrid haven't supplied an earth. What's the correct method?
  7. littlespark

    Just curious (earthing)

    I’m not working on this… not yet anyway, but can someone tell me why there’s a fuse or a link on the earth here? The green wire is bonded to the metal mainswitch and the installation is metal conduit. I don’t know if the bare wire is an incoming earth off the cable, going out to a rod or...
  8. kediss

    UK Backup 106A generator earthing arrangement questions

    5 single phases to one huge property. Backup generator which can take about 106 amps split between 2 phases - 1 phase will be wired through the 2 pole ats which has been pre installed with the earths linking through to the pme system ( think for a 32a backup generator ) and then the other...
  9. R

    Cottage supplied by 16mm SWA 300+ yards! Trying to resolve a high Ze reading

    Hi, while carrying out an EICR at a farm cottage on Friday i came up against a problem early on. Whilst measuring the Ze the reading i obtained was 0.97 Ohms and 27Amps Pfc. Now the earthing system itself is quite strange. Next to the consumer unit is an old service head holding a 60A BS 88...
  10. R

    Shed wiring- earthing

    I've wired some cable to a small 3x3 shed with 2 gpos, a 15a GPO, and a light. The shed is about 2m away from the house on a concrete slab. The 15a gpo (4mm) is run back to the house mbox location currently coiled above in the roofspace. The light (1mm) and gpos (2.5mm) are run to the house...
  11. JanaWick

    How to calculate the effect of ground Enhansing material (GEM) in Earthing

    Can anyone advice me on how to take in the effect of Ground Enhansing Material (GEM) used in Electrical Earthing to reduse the earth resistance? in all the suppliers specification they only mension the GEM reduse the soil resistance drastically? so should i consider 1/5th,ro 1/10th or 1/100th...
  12. C

    Earthing Arrangement (TN-S or TN-C-S or a Frankenstein Creation?)

    Evening Chaps As can be seen in the attached photo , the incoming supply cable has a Earth soldered to the outer sheath of the cable suggesting an TN-S Earthing Arrangement, however a Main Earthing Conductor can be seen coming from the supply head to the MET suggesting a TN-C-S Earthing...
  13. K

    Should outside earthing wire be covered?

    Hi All, I own a country Villa out in the Spain countryside. Was having problems with water pressure so local tradesmen advised to get a water tank and pump, he has installed this in the garage, and that has helped. However, the electrical circuit in the garage is an old circuit and wasn't...
  14. N

    Best practice earthing metal plates and/or back boxes - fly lead or not?

    Hello everyone, Following on from my previous post where I received advice on taking a spur off a 40a feed (thank you). I performed the work today, installing a surface fixed metal faceplate and back box. When terminating to create the spur (tight fit into terminals with both 6mm and 2.5mm!)...
  15. D

    am2 resit tommorrow swa/ sy earthing

    resitting Saturday my am2 4 sections a3/b/d/e swa and sy failed on protective conductors on both swa i under stand thats the earths i think i used a smaller fly lead from the banjo to the db/ and a earthing nut with the banjo sy think i used a 1.5mm flylead so correct me if im...
  16. O

    High integrity socket earthing

    2nd fixing some sockets in an office today and we were talking about high integrity earthing, I've not got a clue what the sockets are going to supply, I'm guessing PC's, monitors, that sort of thing. There aren't any specs for the job so we just wired them as you normally would, I was trying to...
  17. Calebp43

    What earthing system have we got here?

    Went to a house to extend a circuit and upon doing the minor works I couldn't figure the earthing system. There was no DNO cutout and L and N came from overhead powerlines. I followed the main earth cable down and it went half a foot below the consumer unit to a connector block with 3 small...
  18. J

    Help with Solar pv earthing

    Hi all - I’m new to Solar PV, builder we do work for has fitted some integrated panels on his garage roof, there is a velux window nearby. Does this require earthing?
  19. B

    What crimp for 10mm fly lead to earthing nut ?

    Hi, I have always used banjos when earthing the armour on an SWA but have now switched to earthing nuts. I am making off a 10mm fly lead to the earthing nut (using 10mm to match the line conductor size as is good practice). Can't find any ring crimps that will take 10mm cable but have a lug hole...


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