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  1. G

    hello...new here.....earthing of protective material to kill wifi in van...…..??

    helloo peeps.....new guy on the block... I have a tracker in my van which also has a dastardly wifi at 2.43 ghz in it. it is on 24 hrs a day. It is now beginning to show symptoms which are painful - sometimes my left eye hurts as I am driving. it is in the glove compartment of my berlingo. I...
  2. bigspark17

    Material search

    Couple of unusual items im looking for hoping other members may know where to aquire them. lockable cover for 1g accessories white 16mm 3c flex
  3. C

    One day PAT testing course, I need revision material?

    I’m going on a one day pat testing course soon and I can’t seem to find any revision online. Can anyone help point me to the right direction or put up any of there own material which can help? Thanks
  4. Chris Bawden

    Help with correct material

    Morning Everyone, Wonder if anyone can help advise. I am soldering multiple out rated IP67 led strips. They will be going outside. When I cut them, I need to seal them . I believe I need a non conductive silicone sealent (clear). And also a sealent which won't damage or corrode the PCB...
  5. J

    Domestic NIC 18th Ed Online Learning Material - Mistake?

    So am on one of the last modules concerning the appendices and i am sure the formula at the bottom of the screen grab (see lower down) should say ...0.8 x Zs and not ...0.8 x Ze. Further, i can't seem to find this formula in the regs book - i guess because it is 'Informative' only maybe? The...
  6. C

    Learning material for 2391

    As the title says can anyone recommend good books or websites or anything else to help with the 2391 Thanks
  7. D

    Electrical definitions. Study material

    Hi . I'm still contemplating that 2365 course and while studying came up with these which might help others in the multiple choice questions. DIELECTRIC Welsh DNO POLE TRANSFORMER 17TH Edition exam for East Europeans DOUBLE POLE Selv and Pelv JUNCTION BOX fight at motorway interchange FAULT...
  8. S

    Pricing for labour only tips

    Hi, I've been given some flats to price for labour only and have quite a lot of experience in working on flats on price but never actually had to price them my self. Have you guys got any tips on pricing it? Don't want to come under and screw my self up. Do you work out your time etc then add...
  9. E

    New High-temperature Device Captures A Broader Solar Wavelength Spectrum

    Using a heat-resistant device, made of tungsten and alumina layers, researchers have found that the device can absorb the sun's broad spectrum radiation and convert it to electricity. Broadband solar absorption previously has been achieved using metal-insulator-metal (or MIM) resonators, which...
  10. N

    Domestic cu change

    Hi Guys I'm sure this has been brought up before but I'm unable to find the answer I need. I was to believe ammendmant 3 regarding metal consumer units kicks in on the 1st of July, I have a board change lined up in July and someone told me today that they have extended this date until December...
  11. S

    Domestic sockets on skirting no backbox

    Hi, Came across some sockets mounted in tall skirting using metal frames screwed to the front of the skirting (trunking adapters?) with no back box. Void behind is hollowed out brick. Pretty sure this is a no no but I can't find the relevant reg, anybody? Cheers s
  12. P

    Promotional Booklet

    I am looking to design some sort of booklet promoting my company. I am a small business with about 15 electricians on my books, has anyone done anything like this before or got any advice on what I should put in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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