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  1. M

    DNO UK power networks changed incoming overhead and now have PME TN-C-S but ccu connection to TT

    Hi all. I'm currently training as an electrician so would like your views on this for clarity and if I need to get someone in? I have just moved in to a new (very old) house and on inspection of the CCU I noticed the incoming service cable from the overhead was chard at the top of the dno head...
  2. P

    Overhead to granny flat? Would I need a specialist?

    A granny flat will be at the bottom of a long narrow garden - 50m from supply at front of main house out to the new building. The granny flat is very near to a supply pole but I have been told that only one connection can be made to any one property. This leaves me two options - overhead (30...
  3. J

    IMMIGRATE (uk->nz)

    Hi there folks, names Jimmy, new to the forum. Am just after any advice anybody has or any contacts anybody has regarding resettlement in NZ from UK on the overhead distribution networks. My self and my family have discussed about immigrating to New Zealand for some time now and it’s time to...
  4. A

    UK overhead cable height

    Can anyone please tell me what the minimum height for an overhead cable from my house to my shed. The gap a 3ft and it is wired from the main fuse box and into another fuse box in the shed. It is encased in conduit and at the lowest point is around 7ft (this then enters the shed)
  5. D

    Safety painting around overhead cables

    I need to paint the house woodwork. I have an overhead power supply which is attached to the corner of the house tied (I really hope) into the wall though the fascia and gable barge board. I think the supply cable probably dates from the 1980’s. So can I ask for any advice on how to paint...
  6. C

    Overhead property supply clearance requirements

    Hi, we have a single phase overhead supply to our property, and are constructing a garage with a corner near the center of the ~15m span. What is the minimum separation to the structure? Is it possible to secure the cable at the midway point on the new structure? Thanks!
  7. N

    Advice please- changing from overhead lines to installer

    Due to a change in my circumstances I want to requalify as a domestic installer and don’t know if it’s worth paying to do a crammer course (installation and test, part p and 18th edition) in a hope to get a electricians mate or trainee electrician job so I can learn the ropes and get properly...
  8. Michael J

    Three Phase overhead supply is it TN C

    While carrying out a EICR I found on first inspection that there were no RCDs installed . When I checked at the Pole Mounted Transformer the Earth & Neutral were connected at the Neutral point. So am I right in concluding it's a TN-C System? The 17th Edition states that RCDs should not be...
  9. O

    de Havilland Mosquito - l would love to see and hear one of these overhead

    Just been reading about this.................. https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thepeoplesmosquito/take-off Wouldn't that be great!
  10. R

    Interview help/information needed on an overhead linesman post

    Hi I've recently got an interview to become a linesman in northern ireland, would anyone be able to provide me with any interview tips/skills or even any extra knowledge of the trade would be helpful. Thanks.
  11. J

    overhead incoming supply TT TNCS?

    Looked at a rewire for a 5bed house reno this morning bit of a odd setup! so the house is supplied overhead- see pic 1- 2cores through the roof in loft into a 60a fuse then what looks like a 16mm T+E- but cpc (if one) is not used this travels some meters (at a guess 10m) down to the ground...
  12. Soulsurfer

    Fixing to Stramit overhead !

    Hey all, I have a flat rewire for a regular and upon cutting ceiling we have found that old stramit straw covered in cement stuff quite deep before the concrete again, anyone got any advice / ideas on method to attach slip tube to run cables in before skim again ? I can't think of much...
  13. A

    South African overhead transmission linesman looking to get work in uk?

    Hi, I am a south african overhead transmission linesman looking to find work in uk. I am 46, but can keep up with guys 15 years younger than me. If anyone can help, I would appreciate greatly!!! Thank you
  14. T

    Overhead light flashing on and off by itself (not switched on)

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in, but I have a problem with my hall light switching on and off by itself. It's a ceiling light and it has two switches, however it isn't switched on but is flashing on and off as I said. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!
  15. N

    Overhead tns

    Hi guys, Went to see a property today. Just wanted to clarify the supply type with you. I believe it's overhead tns but others have told customer it's overhead tt. Could you share your thoughts? There are 3 incoming cables that come from above the house and run down into the suppliers...
  16. C

    Cg machinery co.,ltd

    Cg Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional supplier for overhead cranes, gantry cranes in Vietnam. We have more than 10 year experiences in this industry and hope to expand the activities through out the world. It is not only Overhead crane which is so call Cau truc in our language. Nice to...
  17. joel89

    Konecranes anyone work for them?

    Hi anyone work for these on the overhead crane electrics? they're advertising for service engineer's wondering what the rates of pay you get? Im an industrial spark poor money though where im currently working. cheers
  18. D

    alarm cable

    need to run a alarm cable between buildings 20m apart (agricultural), no vehicular access. do i still have to suspend it with catenary 5.8m in heigh buried is out of question due to pipe work etc.
  19. L

    pv installation problem - please help!

    hi everyone, i'm doing a photovoltaic installation this week and i've got a bit of an awkward problem to get around... the pv array is going on the roof of a secondary building that is completely separate from the main house. the problem is that the secondary building has its own supply so if i...
  20. A

    overhead lines between buildings and structures

    Overhead Lines : ( some good Reading ) Between Buildings & Structures . Requirement’s of the ( ESQCR ) 2002 ( Electricity Safety , Quality & Continuity Regulations 2002 . as Amended ) Appendix 2 – ( Informative ) p/240 / 241 Phil where do you want me to drop this One ?? - 4 Pages A4
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