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  1. P

    Domestic Reference method / routing guidance for cable on a wall with 25mm Celotex

    I wonder if anyone could assist with this query please ? I am a newbie, so any guidance or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. I need to run a ring final partly against a wall with internal 25mm Celotex type insulation. The additional Celotex being needed due to reduced cavity...
  2. captaincaveman

    Cable method for sumerhouse power

    Hi guys, I'm just looking over a job putting power to a summer house but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to lay the cable. The cable length from the house is 50M going up the house side wall, across a patio, up a 10m wall (onto a balcony garden) then across a balcony...
  3. D

    Application of Installation Reference Method

    Hello All My query is about installation reference methods. Specifically how to choose a reference method where twin and earth cable passes through various conditions when none of the methods seem to fit actual site conditions. Site conditions are domestic situations where I find myself...
  4. A

    Domestic Advice on rewire method

    Hi all, just got a property for myself and looking to rewire it. Have only every rewired houses with old floorboards but this property has the wayrok sheetboards. Anyone got any experience of of the best way to lift without ruining them too much? Thanks in advance
  5. Bobby34

    Insulation Resistance testing method

    Good afternoon, apologies if this has been covered before i've not long joined so gradually finding my way around. I have my Part P assessment coming up on a new installation and would like to hear some opinions on how people carry out their IR tests. In guidance note 3 it gives an example of...
  6. R

    Long method de rating factors

    Having used Amtech for so long I can't remember if the de rating factors are applied to the design current or the tabulated regs current, can anyone give me a refresher example calc, I guess it has to be tabulated if it's a current reducing factor
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Whats your method for holes in ceilings

    Been fitting some new lights today in a Georgian townhouse that has been converted to apartments. Finding the unexpected in these old buildings around Bath is nothing new. Took the old light down and the hole in ceiling is 4 inches across at its widest part, good point was I could get my arm up...
  8. krishaan

    am2 marking method of assessor

    does the marking for the installation part of the am2 commence when the assessor strips down the bay? I ask as i found a neutral fault on my ring circuit that I corrected during the testing section
  9. Edtwozeronine

    Can anyone point me towards a complete installation method table

    I have one in the OSG and I have the BSI IET (size of a yellow pages) regs book. I found this too: http://www.tisoft.com/en/support/help/electrical/reference/bs7671/tables/table-4a2-schedule-of-installation-methods-of-cables I've chosen A for air tight conduits in the concrete wall of a...
  10. haptism

    Reference method for cable behind kingspan

    Hi, been looking at which reference method would be suitable in this case. The cable drops of a ring circuit to each socket are fixed direct to a concrete block wall (using capping) ; kingspan boards are to be dot&dabbed directly to the wall. Im thinking worst case would be ref method 102...
  11. A

    Reference Method Question

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician, just like to understand things for self learning. I was reading about how reference methods will derate the cable. However, either I have some misinformation or I am not fully understanding. Given the example of twin and earth, inside plastic conduit, buried in...
  12. Sparky_marky2

    SWA armour supply to outbuilding, what CSA cable? and Reference Method?

    Hi guys, I am running a supply to an outbuilding that requires a 22m run from the Main CU (in the garage) to the CU in the outbuilding, at the Main CU it will be a 40A MCB supplying an 63ma RCD protected sub board which will then supply: 6A type B MCB for 12 downlights and an extractor fan 32A...
  13. Les Macaulay

    Domestic Lighting Circuit Methods In New Builds

    To my knowledge, there are 3 methods of splitting the line conductor in each lighting circuit: Joint box below floor, or above ceiling Three terminal ceiling rose/batten lampholder Joint in switch box (neutral) I am wondering which method is most commonly used in new houses. I have been in...
  14. S

    What reference method

    Cables clipped to a brick wall with plasterboard dot n dabbed over them what reference method ? And any proof as ref c says clipped direct but nic inspector says that means just clipped to a wall the rest of the methods says insulation ?
  15. haptism

    Ring final install method query

    Hope someone can help. When finding the cabling current capacity for a ring (wired in 2.5), would you use the data for 4mm in either/or table D5 of BYB or table 7.1 (11) in the OSG ? As the ring circuit is in effect 5mm ! Looking at the OSG ref methods; a 2.5 with ref method 101 says 17A...
  16. Mark Waistnidge

    Cooker wiring dilemma

    A house renovation, including kitchen extension, all plastered out with a 10mm twin+e feed in place for the 7.3kw induction hob. The single oven and the combi microwave should have been spurred from the kitchen ring as each being 2.9kw. Neff have decided to up them to 3.45kw for the oven and...
  17. Dan

    Wall Tiling - The sand & cement method

    Wall Tiling - The sand & cement method advice reviews and feedback 2017 found this video clip a while back with Mr Hobson.. its old school wall tiling using sand and cement..I laboured for my dad on Merchant Taylors school in... Wall Tiling - The sand & cement method Are you a DIYer? find a...
  18. yellowvanman

    Cooker/Hob circuit

    Customer asking for a quote to re-vamp kitchen. Got some high end ovens/hobs: Hob: 7.2kW Oven: 3.7Kw Steam Oven: 2.9Kw Warming Drawer: 0.81Kw She has told me other electricians have said another cable needs to be run for all this. Problem is that the CU is full, is build into a small...
  19. V

    lighting wiring

    Hello all, When wiring a lighting circuit is it possible to go from the RCD to each switch in the house, then from each switch go to the relevant set of lamps for that particular room?
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