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  1. P

    Help with socket face plates to fit a busy/narrow back box

    Hi there, Hoping someone on here could help. I have been swapping my standard white plastic plug sockets with flat polished chrome ones. In one of the rooms, the back boxes are fixed to the breeze block of external wall Vs the others which are fit to the stud walls. Basically it means there is...
  2. NDG Elecs

    Ratings plates for compressor

    Just a quick query as to what an aspect of a rating plate refers too. What is: n/1 - value 2750 Piccy:
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Do you all use cooker connection plates?

    Asked to connect a cooker up today, it is to an existing install, removed temporarily to allow new base units to be fitted. Connected it back up. however it was connected direct to isolator switch. no connection plate on the wall. cable comes down in wall, then out behind cupboard and then...
  4. M

    Changing socket plates

    Good afternoon all, I have begun changing the socket plate in the kitchen and am finding it extremely difficult to blindly mate to machine screw into the thread. Please can someone offer advice or tips? Thanks! Andy
  5. pirate

    Registration Plates, just for fun...

    Spotted this today in my local M&S car park
  6. G

    Earthing of light switch plates

    Excuse me if this is a dumb question but if i have earthed metal back boxes for all my light switches and i replace the front plates for all metal ones, do i need to also earth these or are they naturally earthed through the metal screws that hold them to the back box?
  7. Deleted member 79988

    Plastic face plates fitted to metalled back boxes

    Although I did not instigate the work outlined below, I need to give feedback to a committee if it is incorrect so your observations would be appreciated. Location is within a church 2 x Metclad boxes/faceplates with fused spur required change over to switched spur. After the work had been...
  8. P

    Switch plates made of copper - what you think ?

    Hi folks, this is my first post so hello to all of you. I am a crafter and I want to make a copper switch plates , as copper killks bacteria, and looks stylish, I think it would sell. I plan to waterjet cut copper sheets thickness 0.11 inch , than hand forged and patina, the look would be...
  9. sythai

    Halers dimmer help please

    Hi Chaps Been installing an MK grid switch today, bottom row of which was to include 2 x Halers Colinwood grid dimmers. But could I get them in, no chance? The main body of the dimmer seems to be too large. Phoned Collinwood who were meant to be getting back to me. Anyone fit these...
  10. B

    Commercial Battery Won't charge

    Hello, I've just joined your forum in the hope of getting the solution to an irritating problem. I have an old Peljob 3 tonne digger. It has a 96Amph battery. Whenever I try to charge the battery the battery charger quickly goes to showing 100% full. It does this with two different chargers...
  11. J

    Cooker isolation switch

    Hi everyone, I will be wanting a qualified electrician to install a spur feed from the consumer unit (Volex equipped with RCBOs installed when the mains supply to the house was moved 3 years ago) to an isolation switch located on a plastered wall to supply a new electric single oven and...
  12. M

    Flexible drill bits and drilling stud walls

    Hello i was wondering how people go about drilling down a stud wall to install a socket at 450mm without makin as much damage as possible. i have been looking at flexible drill bits which sound great but have had bad reviews, does anyone know of any decent ones? As most new build floors are...
  13. J

    MK Grid switches on old back box

    Hi all I`m new here,.. ( I do more reading than posting) but have registered for some advice on MK gridswitches.. I doing a refurb of a pub, in the main entrance hall there is 2 banks of MK gritches. One is an old type 24gang and one is a modern MK logic 18way. What I plan to do is replace the...
  14. B

    Anyone seen this light switch before ?

    Don't think much thought went into the actual position of the switch !
  15. J

    Trim ring / spacers for behind switches ??

    Hi all Im looking for the plates that go behind switches, bringing the switch off the wall a few mill and they look like a very small picture frame Fitted them n the past but now they seemed to have disappeared Anyone know where I can get one ? Preferably chrome Thanks Jack
  16. C

    Over sized switches

    Hello EF, Got lost from some of Dan's other forums but thought I’d post a question anyway. So I took on a little redec job, a quick in and out one but one of the other things we had to do is change a few random brass face plates for white to match the existing. All fairly straight forward and...
  17. V

    Grid switches

    Hi Folks, Renovating a church and will need to put in grid switching due to the amount of lights going in. I have looked at the click range of grid swiches and would ask if any of you have a review on the product as i need to make a purchase very soon and liked the design & look of it. Would...
  18. R

    Installation Routs and methods etc

    Was woondering how others route there cables through joists, do you drill all new if there is existing notch's when doing re-wires cos we do some old houses and there is loads of notches already weakening the joist. Do you use them and use safe plates to protect? Also do you bond all the safe...
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