1. J

    Help making a generator cord for my home!

    I just purchased a generator with a 30 amp twist lock 4 prong outlet. My house has a generator outlet that has 3 prongs, see the attached pictures. It appears as though the outlet was wired using the black as a hot and the white wire also as a hot. I am making a generator cord and I have...
  2. J

    Help needed changing ceiling tube light bulb!

    Greetings I have this fancy ceiling tube light fitting and I cannot figure out how to replace the tubes. It has two ends which somewhat come away but not enough to remove the tubes. There is wiring both sides. I'm not sure how much more pressure I can apply before something breaks. There are...
  3. D

    I need help with how inductance works in a single phase transformer

    I currently have this, Primary inductance on an AC transformer will determine the magnetizing current on the unit. Usually inductance is relatively high so the magnetizing current can be as equally low. This inductance can be seen as part of the magnetizing current; however, it will not be seen...
  4. S

    Help in identifying this style of lighting

    Can anyone help identify. They seem to clip and pierce the wire. Looking for replacements or even different styles to replace.
  5. K

    Urgent cooker element help needed

    Hi I'm about to replace a cooker element and seen the grey connector wires clip has blown. Is there a reason its done this? And how can i replace the clip or will the whole wire be damaged? Also is the white wire in the picture show damaged and dangerous because it looks like its been burn on...
  6. P

    Excessive voltage drop, HELP

    So, I have encountered strange problem. Thing is when I connect load with power about 30w my voltage goes from 227v to 170v it is single phase system. Wires are brand new and thick enough. Is it maybe a problem in power company transformer voltage stabilizer or something else. Im also curious if...
  7. A

    Help converting 3 prong dryer outlet to 4 prong. Which Outlet Box?

    I recently purchased a used clothes dryer, it came with 4 prong cord. Rather than change the cord, I figured it would be better to upgrade the outlet from 3 prong socket, since the existing wiring includes all 4 wires. Bought new outlet, and was dismayed to discover that the width of plastic...
  8. N

    Help with wireless switch

    Hello. I am looking for some advice. After changing door opening into our kitchen, the light switches are now on the wrong side of door. I found what I thought is the ideal solution in the form of self powered wireless switch and receiver kit. A Curv360 CV05 wireless switch and receiver...
  9. N

    My motorbike has no power. Battery charged, fuses checked, power is going to the starter rely but not beyond....please help.

    Recently changed my starter relay on my xv1600 wildstar. When reattaching battery cable, it caught a small thermostat and sparked. Now whilst I have power to the relay from the battery I have nothing beyond the relay and turning the key does nothing. All fuses have been double and treble...
  10. B

    Need help rewiring my bathroom Light, Light, Fan, Heat Light

    please if anyone would have an idea on how to get power to all 4 as I can only get 1 working at a time but not them all
  11. C

    Wiring Off-road lights, need help on the wire sizes needed, going a little crazy here

    So im not terrible as electricasl but also not the greatest. I know how to wire up relays and fuses and all that stuff but the wiring sizes for these lights has me in a pickle. The Vehicle is a 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and ive already upgraded its 78A alternator to 150A, with 100A at idle so...
  12. P

    Need help asap!!! Potential danger and idk

    Okay today my renter said she trying to unplug something from this outlet and somehow pulled the faceplate off. So I go up to investigate and this is what I find (attached pictures). Any suggestions? I'm confused how this outlet could have arched to anything. Also it looks as though it had...
  13. F

    A new smart meter is tripping RCD for 7 hours every night & I have a theory

    Hi guys I have this problem that I've been trying to figure out all week. On friday I had a 5 tail economy 7 smart meter installed and every night at 2 am the RCD trips and you cant reset it until 9 am so the problem is obviously to do with the off peak supply coming on. Theres only 1 rcd for...
  14. D

    Accenta help

    Good afternoon all. I have the dubious honour of trying to resurrect an Accenta 8 mini G3. All looks good except..... The client pulled ALL the fuses including the PCB glass. So I have 4 fuses and no idea where they actually should go as they are a mixture of QB and TD. All different...
  15. M

    Light switch does not turn off ceiling light. Please help.

    Replacing ceiling fan with light that never worked in home wirh sime led ceiling light without fan. Wires coming out of ceing are youre black, white, ground,, and red because of fan. The light has connections for just white, black, and ground. I tried capping red and connecting the rest like...
  16. Dan

    Sponsors Advertisements when browsing via Mobile? - Please help me

    Okay so around 67% of "hits" (not logged-in-users) on this website are on a mobile device. The sidebar has been there since 2006, for desktop computers (and it now works on a tablet if you have it in landscape view not portrait - but who does that?). So the sponsors weren't getting the views...
  17. D

    Help no ground

    I have a Square D 70 amp sub panel in the basement with no ground wire from the main panel. The HVAC contractors hooked up to 20 amp single pole Circuit breakers with putting the ground wires on the neutral bus do I need a separate ground bar in the case. Also how do I fix this can I ground to a...
  18. S

    Help stopping reverse power flow from inverter

    Hi Everyone, My name is Sid and I am based out of Bengaluru, India. I would like to ask for your help on an issue that I am facing recently. Context: I have a battery inverter connected to the electrical system to help with power outages in the following manner: Mains -> Main...
  19. D

    Rec room/man cave recessed lighting help

    I just bought a house which has a rec room with recessing lighting. I put some pics below. It has 11 120v MR16 GU10 circle recessed light cups. All the bulbs were 50W Halogen bulbs and they were controlled by a single toggle dimmer switch. The first thing I did was to replace the the toggle...
  20. C

    Help on enabling the sms messaging

    Hi The texecom alarm im workin on has disabled the sms alert option, so the alarm will not send a text if activated, can anyone walk me through how to enable it? TIA
  21. A

    Australia How to safely disconnect a noisy fan?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to disconnect a noisy ceiling exhaust fan but I want to be able to reconnect it easily should I ever sell. I’ve attached a picture of the wiring from the roof to the fan. Can I simply cut the brown and black wires that are soldered on?
  22. K

    Help replacing these switches?

    I’m looking to swap out these switches and I’m not sure what I need. They turn on/off a bathroom light, fan and heater in the ceiling. I’m a beginner so please explain. See pics. Thank you!
  23. M

    Novice needs help!! Under Cupboard Lighting

    Help!!! After trawling the web for LED under cupboard lighting and getting totally confused, I thought I would join the forum to see if anyone can suggest my best options. I have 2 runs of cupboards on opposite sides of the kitchen,each measuring 1.4mtr. At the moment I have a 221mm S15 LED 5w...
  24. S

    UK Electrical

    Hi All can any one Help advice. On my fuse board i have a 15amp fuse marked immersion heater.(not used) From this cable i would like to run a RCD fused spur for 150w underfloor heating. A fused spur for a shower pump and a 13 amp socket. Can this be done and what size fuse would need at fuse...
  25. D

    Help troubleshooting automatic door lock issue?

    Hi: I'd appreciate any words of wisdom to diagnose the power locks on my 1998 F-150. Symptoms: -The key fob works to lock and unlock both doors (it will make the clicking sound ALWAYS and send current to the actuators; however about 1/4 the time the passenger door doesn't push the lock up...
  26. E

    Would appreciate help with a ground issue

    Working on a Yamaha Waverunner. Battery is charged, but key on stays dead. Ran the test light from pos battery terminal to the removed negative cable, nothing. Traced the negative cable to the starter bolt that holds it on, very difficult to get to. No corrosion noted. I thought I'll just...
  27. D

    UK 3phase help

    Hello everyone, I am an artist and have a picture framing machine that is 3phase, bought it years ago and not sure if it is working and just want to test it. At my unit I have a 3phase consumer unit but no 3 phase power socket only 230v sockets. Because times are hard and I want to save money...
  28. R

    help a noob install a wireless bus door opener

    Hello! I'm currently converting my van to a camper. The van was used as a passenger bus before, and has a passenger door in the back the flips open by activating a switch on the console. My plan is to install a wireless switch relay to be able to open the door from the outside with a fob. I...
  29. L

    UK HELP - Downlights staying on after replacing one with Switched live

    As title - had one downlight that transformer had gone so took out light,fixing,transformer and replaced. Had 3 wires coming in. 1x Red,Blue,Yellow and Green 1x Red, Black, Yellow and Green 1x Red, Black with Red coating added on end, Yellow and Green Wired up with Switched live (black wire...
  30. J

    Help with light socket wiring

    Hello guys. Ive installed a new light socket and put the wires into the new one the same way they came out of the old one and now the light is just staying on permanently, the switch will not turn the light on or off. I assume it’s a quick fix change a wire around? It’s a bit tricky because...
  31. A

    Course question help B/H curve

    Q - Using the above graph, comment on how the material affects the B-H relationship for cast iron and mild steel I have no idea what is required here its online course and do not get help. Do they want me to describe what is happening for example Cast iron , flux density B increases quite...
  32. B

    USA T12 fluorescent to LED conversion help

    Looking for help converting T12 fluorescents to LED. Have a bunch of these in my basement and wanted to confirm the correct type of LED tube to get - single or double ended. Each fixture has 4 of the 4 ft T12s and 2 ballasts. Hopefully the pictures help. 1595423521 My preference is to remove...
  33. Z

    UK Am2 Help Please

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me please. just re sat my am2 testing exam but failed because i didn't verify my results correctly to the book and table when they ask on the question sheet through out the exam. i am hoping someone who has done it recently could point me in the right...
  34. J

    Need help which contractor to go with

    So on a house rewire I have finally got back the three quotes and they are all pretty much in the same ballpark but there are some differences which may be significant or not. The main differences were. Quote1 - Fit 10 way Crabtree Unit, schneider sockets, 4 Aico smoke alarms, - will not fit...
  35. A

    Need help identifying safe AC adaptor

    Hi all, I'm trying to establish whether I can safely use an AC adaptor on a different device. Basically I have a UK plug on one adapter and I want to use that to power another device for which I only have an EU plug. I have attached pictures of the two adaptors below. Can anyone tell me if I...
  36. R

    Help with SP motor please

    I'd really appreciate some help with a single phase motor driving a mixing machine. Firstly let me state now I have little experience of motors but am trying to help out a client. The mixer mechanics were fully serviced by others with new bearings and runs smoothly. Before being serviced the 125...
  37. A

    Hi All I'm an electrical engineer student from Indonesia. Wish you could help me to answer some questions

    Do you know what these symbols stand for?
  38. M

    Need help replacing fuse

    Hello my fuse has blown and iv looked at the fuse box but iv never seen a fuse like this would anyone know if i can buy replacements and fit them myself.
  39. S

    How to fix to shipping containers!

    I’ve been asked to do a job wiring and fitting out lights and sockets in a single skin shipping container. How do I fix to the walls? I don’t want to self tap to the walls and I don’t weld. Any other options?
  40. S

    Need help connecting a 3way please.

    The first pic is my current set up, i want to use this new switch. Can I do it? which wires need to go where? thank you for your help.
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