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Help! is the fifth studio album by English rock band the Beatles and the soundtrack from their film Help!. It was released on 6 August 1965. Produced by George Martin, it was the fifth UK album release by the band, and contains fourteen songs in its original British form. Seven of these, including the singles "Help!" and "Ticket to Ride", appeared in the film and took up the first side of the vinyl album. The second side contained seven other releases including the most-covered song ever written, "Yesterday".The American release was a true soundtrack album, mixing the first seven songs with instrumental material from the film. Of the other seven songs that were on the British release, two were released on the US version of the next Beatles album, Rubber Soul, two were back-to-back on the next US single and then appeared on Yesterday and Today, and three had already been on Beatles VI.
Help! was nominated in the category of Album of the Year at the 1966 Grammys Awards, marking the first time that a rock band had been recognised in this category. In 2012, it was ranked 331st on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time". In September 2013, after the British Phonographic Industry changed its sales award rules, the album was certified platinum for recorded sales since 1994.

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  1. C

    Help with light switch plz

    Question, which wires do I hook up where? There is no ground. 2 W&B wires paired up. I want to seperate the fan and light, they are both connected to a single switch I would like to make a 2 switch. Photos of all included. Thanks!
  2. M

    USA Need help with Reversible Motor

    Hi, I am building a motorized easel for large format paintings that do not exceed 100 lbs; average probably more like 50 lbs max. My rough 3D diagram does not show the motor or pullies, etc, but I hope you can get an idea of where these things would go. Motor mounts on the bottom. Cables will...
  3. S

    Smart Switch wiring help

    Hi , I want to install a smart switch 2 gang 2 way switch in kitchen to replace the one already there which operates the lights and under cupboard lights. What wires would go into what connections on the smart switch.
  4. F

    Need help wiring up hive receiver

    I have wired up my Hive receiver to the boiler and have also signed up to the app. On my app when i turn on the central heating the light on the hive receiver for central heating comes on showing green solid, however the heating does not turn on although the light for the receiver is on...
  5. J

    UK LED light help please :)

    Hello all, Hope someone can help please I have had a batten light installed and the electrician has threaded a 1.5mm twin and earth cable through it to power a second light after it, so basically there is the feed cable and another cable that has been threaded in one end and straight out the...
  6. T

    Domestic Help with light switch replace

    I just tried to replace the light switch but I didn't took a picture or even try to look how it was wired. I'm getting out of my mind I've tried 3 new switches and it keeps turning down the main circuit breaker when I try to turn on the light what am I doing wrong ? I connected brown to brown...
  7. T

    Help with wiring a light fixture please!

    Hey guys would appreciate some help wiring a new light fixture. It has two separate switches that control it. The way the wires are exactly lt how it looked when I took down the old fixture. Please see the attached picture. Thank you!
  8. S

    UK Ceiling lights help 😳

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum, I was looking at a flat the other day which is beautiful, apart from these lights in the kitchen😩 , and for such a modern flat I don't understand why they were put in in the first place and also why they are not centred and why is there a lonesome pendant light...
  9. mahaka11

    hello plss help it will take 2 sec.

    hello everyone i want to change my Xbox one adapter from 110V to 220V i watch video and there is 1 part needed part name is: HEL 14D 471K. so my question is: that module and (NU) 472M X1Y2 is same ? i mean can i use this instead of showed in video ? p.s. i'm 2/10 at knowledge of electronics.
  10. G

    Canada Help w Switch on Hobby Project

    Hey Everyone I just wanna start off by saying I dabble in little bits of electronics for prop making - just lights and sounds and stuff, motors, pretty basic stuff. I bought a switch a while back with the intent to use it and did not... I was wondering if someone could help me with putting it...
  11. D

    UK hmo wiring advice

    Hi My mate has purchased a house which is being converted into multiple occupancy (8 rooms). Unfortunately the spark passed away halfway through the job. each room has been fitted with a 2 way CU with 16a+6 breaker fed via a 4mm cable. He installed double stacked hager board with 2 main 100a...
  12. S

    Help - Had some work done

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct place for this. My hubby and I had a rewire done and realise now that the landing and hall light are both on the downstairs lighting circuit. Is this right? We had the lights set up so you can switch on/off both hall and landing lights independently...
  13. lford250

    Need Help With Scissor Lift

    Hi, I have an older scissor lift that uses four 6 volt rechargeable batteries that are tied together. My scissor lift has an onboard charger that I plug up to 120 volts ac in order to charge the batteries. The scissor lift does not get used a whole lot, but there definitely are various times...
  14. T

    Help with choosing replacement capacitor

    I recently had the motor on my Delta dust collector stop working. It was setting off the breaker on the side of motor after just a few seconds of turning on. After researching I discovered the problem with this motor is commonly the run capacitor. When I opened the cover to the capacitor I...
  15. D

    You can't spur more than one fcu from any socket...?

    Ok guys been asked help mate out but i think he has done his install wrong but as misplace my regs book cant find exact regulations he contravines. Scenario is this big boiler room and pre existing metal clad sockets in ring final circuit. 32 Amp protection. He has added 6 FCU metal clad...
  16. dlt27

    Please help my head is fried from open earths

    Thanks in advance. Carried out test on a socket circuit today and found open circuit on cpc’s and lives. Sorted out lives, but earths are driving me crazy. I’ve done all the obvious like connected one earth and then testing sockets etc etc. In the end after disconnecting everything from earth...
  17. D

    3 gang 2 way smart switch wiring HELP

    Hi there. I've recently had an extension and want to change all of my switches to smart switches. I've ordered the correct smart switches from Amazon. I have a few different 2 way circuits and a few 1 way. So my issue is, on the new 2 way switches there doesnt seem to be anywhere for the L2...
  18. F

    Help regarding a Horstmann Electronic 7 timer

    Hi, I'd like some help on an issue I'm having with my Horstmann electronic 7 timer if anyone can help me please. Our electricity bills currently seem very high for this time of year, they're coming out at £80 a month for a 2 bed apartment, with both me and my partner being out between 08:30...
  19. A

    Domestic Smoke Alarm Help

    I have interconnected smoke alarms. One started beeping. So I replaced batteries in all alarms. Still beeping. So I bought new alarms, replaced hardwired harnesses that came with alarms and all new batteries. Still beeping. All are showing green lights. I have hit test/reset buttons and still...
  20. J

    Universal car alarm help

    Hello guys I'm having a little trouble wiring up a siren to my universal central locking system I installed. It has an option for a siren for the alarm however it also activates the siren when locking and unlocking the car and it is extremely loud. Is there any way to get a lower tone when...
  21. B

    EICR coding help

    Is the Napit EICR Codebreakers book any use? Got a few problems that another spark disagrees with, All on one board Plastic board not in an escape route or below stairs C3 No busbar cover on board C3 Spur for Storage heater has crack on fuse holder C3 No cover on inside bulkhead light C3 No RCD...
  22. B

    EICR help

    Hi looking for some advice, basically have an upfront 100mA RCD at 1 DB that feeds another DB with no RCD just MCBs in 2nd DB, now on schedule of tests it says over current which at 2nd DB which will be my 100mA RCD and Associated RCD but where Operating current for each circuit is would you put...
  23. gazdkw82

    Duck/chicken coop design help

    So I built a 15ftx5 enclosure for my chickens and ducks. They seem happy and I'm generally happy with it. However, it has 1 problem with the design and I need some help. Everytime we get a day or 2 of rain it literally fills up with water. I believe most of it comes from rain blowing into the...
  24. A

    help with wiring of timer

    Sorry for being such a simple question but just need help attaching wires in correct location. Right now have a simple off/on switch and want to replace with a timer. The switch now controls a light and it is the only one connected for it. so somewhat simple but.....I am just not sure on...
  25. R

    Modern wiring help rcd trip

    Hi all. Newbie please be gentle... My daughter in law moved into a new [2007] build. All socket circuits 20A radial MCB. One socket circuit trips rcd intermittently when the Wi-Fi router psu plugged in. Psu is double insulated and pat tests ok. Radial tests out ok with 50M ohm at 500v. Nothing...
  26. B

    Coax help

    Wanting a hardwired coax for my tv, I already have a tv coax point but I want to keep this and don’t want any cables on show, now would the best way be run a Coax into the wall into the existing coax point would I need to add a splitter inside the coax point for the new coax?
  27. H

    Help with getting a new job (Trainee)

    Hello all. I am currently seeking work with a different company as my current employer is using me as cheap labour and I am learning nothing. I find myself not even doing electrical work most days which as you can imagine is very annoying. Why is it so hard to find a new job?! I have just...
  28. U

    Where to start..

    Hi, I recently decided on a career move and am looking for any sound advice on getting the correct accreditation for becoming a qualified electrician domestic & commercial. I have no experience whatsoever and am thinking that i will be self-employed as I have Have owned various businesses in...
  29. high voltage

    Help needed please

    I’ve just completed wiring this packing machine from single to three phase and all is good but can anyone tell me how to load the film to make the bags I’m stumped and need to go home now any pointers would be appreciated Thanks in advance for even giving it a thought
  30. static zap

    Using Search - Please help

    I know short searches ,yield to many results , but have often "forgotten" 1 key phrase ,and end up using an alternate .... That often seems to "Break" the search of something that I know exists , (amplifying frustration) Are there any NOT options like ebay . (they use the - ( -ve sign) )...
  31. H

    2009 Tahoe electrical issue!! Help please!

    I have a 2009 Tahoe with a 2.5amp parasitic electrical draw. So I pulled all the fuses and relays and put them back (but still didn’t find the parasitic draw source!). BUT when I restarted the Tahoe after replacing all fuses and relays... my dashboard lit up!!!... the ABS and Traction control...
  32. L

    Connecting 2 12v fans

    Hello, I need some help with this: I have a Xbox one S where I connected 2 Fans (there is usually just 1 ) parallel to the 12v sourve from the motherboard. Fan 1 has 22mA and Fan 2 has 29mA. My Question now is, if there is any risk to burn something. I dont know how much amp is delivered by...
  33. B

    Help wiring a ceiling rose

    In the room there is two holes in the ceiling Below is a picture of the first hole It only has two wires The second hole has one wire I think I am missing a wire for the switch? Is it possible that this old house only has 2 wires? When I turn on the electric, the light doesn't turn on There...
  34. S

    Timer and contactor wiring help

    I’m installing 5 downlights and 20 x 6W garden spike lights and I haven’t done much timer/ contactor wiring and I was wondering if this diagram was correct. The lights will only come on from 5:00pm until 10:00pm Cheers.
  35. D

    Can someone help me with the electrical installation path

    So I went to college and got my City & Guilds 2365 level 3 electrical installation diploma, but what do I do next, I know I am meant to look for an apprenticeship but I remember my teacher saying something like you need to apply for an NVQ or some ECS thing, can someone explain the steps AFTER...
  36. dlt27

    Lighting help needed..

    Hi, I have been asked to install some lighting in a commercial cooker extract canopy as they can’t see while cooking. The existing ones there are glass and have cracked, also don’t give off much light. My concern is the heat as it’s very hot where they want them mounted. I was just wondering if...
  37. V

    Need help identifying these!

    Any help identifying these would be appreciated, we think the small one is off a bike?? the inertia has a number other than on the plate which reads: 988074 unfortunately we cant find anything on these two units
  38. S

    Help - Placement of electrical items in Bathroom

    My first posting and hope you guys can help. I am a householder in the process of planning a refurb of our bathroom (not DIY) and putting together a wish list of what we want to have in the bathroom. The intention is that once we have got a plan together, we will order and get it professionally...
  39. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  40. D


    Hi all My great uncle has given me these screw driver heads , but he has lost the handle Does anyone know what make these are? and what handle I will need to find? Thanks
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