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  1. A

    I've burned two SONOFF already and I need help understanding why

    Hi everyone, after temporary removing a Sonoff that I've installed years ago to do some painting, I'm unable to get everything back to work. I've already burned two of them during my tries and I need help understanding why. On the wall I have two switches, one turns on the patio light, the...
  2. S

    Help with revision regarding 302

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my 3rd year and am about to sit my 302 written exam in about a month and i was wondering if there was anything you guys found helpful while revising for the exam? any key things people can remember from the exam that they may have struggled with or if they know...
  3. D

    Help with 'fast track' courses.

    Hi all, I am 33 years old looking to train as an electrician. I have looked at apprenticeship options and at fast track options. I am struggling to find a fast track option that I am confident in and was wondering if there any reputable ones out there? The apprenticeship option is looking very...
  4. X

    London Rewire Pricing + Late Invoicing

    Hi all, I posted here some time ago asking for validation of a quote I received for a rewire. (10k assumed 60 points) And got some good advice so I'm back and could do with some help please. The work has been done but ended up costing more than anticipated. Additionally despite my request for...
  5. J

    Washing machine help

    Hj our washing machine tripped out electrics the other day. Everytime we switched it in the electrics cut out. We noticed a larger bend in the water pipe so straightened the fault remained for 1 day but now the machine is working fine . Any ideas why this happened please ? I still have a...
  6. Jakobd92

    catering trailer leisure batteries help

    Hi, I need help with my catering van, I am looking to get leisure batteries for my catering van but don't know how many i need or what i need, i currently use a generator but would like to move from that to battery only, we run a fridge which is small and an oven, the oven is at max 2980Watts...
  7. R

    Cat 6 phone line help.

    I hope this is the right place for this. I have one phone line in my house and its a cat 6. I'm planning on adding a line in our kitchen, so my question is can I piggy back off the cat 6 phone jack to a new phone outlet? In this picture, the blue lines are the phone, can I pop a new set of wires...
  8. A

    Help wiring a thermostat boss BRTmk2

    Can someone help with this its wired wrong there’s an L SLOT Y1 and Y2 which wires ho where????
  9. Sammy123

    Problems with off-peak circuit on Economy 7 - any help appreciated!

    Hi, So I'm trying to understand what's going on with my off-peak electricity supply, as something's wrong with it and I'm trying to determine if it's the responsibility of my energy supplier or I need to get an electrician out to take a look. Here are some pics: I live in a flat...
  10. H

    help with my boiler settings!!

    Hi I'm in a bit of a pickle trying to set up my hot water and central heating systems. Got a gas boiler with a pressure tank and a motor circulating the hot water. There are two wall-mounted time adjustment thingies—one for hot water and heating, and the other for the motor. Oh, and there's a...
  11. S

    Advice with my next steps

    Hi guys, I've achieved my NVQ Level 3, 18th edition and 2391-52. Looking to go off by myself, work comprising all of domestic so signing off work is needed and EICRs. what's the best route to go down? Napit or the NICIEC? or something else I'm not aware of? Cheers!
  12. David2632

    Can you work as an general labourer first and then find work as an electrician mate?

    So, I got a level 2-3 electrical installation diploma fresh out of college with no experience especially onsite. I was wondering whether working as a general labourer to get that onsite experience can lead me to any electrician mate roles via an agency later on. I am struggling to find any...
  13. S

    Socket problem - can you help?

    We are having problems with one socket which my husband has changed the front plate on. When he tried to attach the new front cover it singed the screw and blew the fuse. What could be causing this?
  14. David2632

    UK How do you find work after finishing level 2-3 electrical installation diploma?

    So I have tried applying to every electrician mate/improver jobs there is on every job websites and I got a few calls saying that they want guys with experience. I went to electrical wholesalers to advertise and no luck. I got a 18th edition, cscs card, ipaf, Full Driving licence but it seem...
  15. K

    Tumble Dryer Help. Overheating and melting plug and socket.

    Hi, I have a Prima Tumble Dryer which I have had for 5 years. Just recently, the plug and socket melted. I replaced both and it melted again. I replaced again and again it's getting hot. I measured the temp with a laser thermometer which said it was 42.5oc. I drilled a couple of holes in the...
  16. R

    Help with a transformer

    I have a 110 5kva transformer. Run it off a 30 meter exstension lead running from the house into the Work shop. The transformer works and powers all machines I've now installed a 6 mm armoured cable running length 30 meters on a 32amp breaker to the woek shop. When plug the transformer into...
  17. R

    Help need wiring a light

    Hello, I’m trying to change a pendent light, I’ve wired it the same as the previous light that was on there however the light is now permanently on and the switch does not work, there are two line wires tied together, two neutrals and an earth wire. I took off the new pendent light and I wired...
  18. davehaynes1

    starter motor help please

    Good evening all Ive got an old truck 1990 that has always had intermittent starting issues whilst ive owned it.. As far as i am aware the battery is in good working condition. a quick run down of the problem. I turn the key to IGN and let the glows warm up, when the glow light goes out i...
  19. R

    Help with design project

    Hi , I just started my designh project 2365 level 3 for hotel building. I have dyslexia I don’t know where to start can anymore done it before he can show me some pictures. Just to get idea . Also if can someone explain how to mesures please. Thanks I appreciate your help
  20. pirate

    Can anyone help me with identifying this meter?

    This is a pic of my electricity meter for my Spanish apartment. I can cycle through the screens using the orange button, however I am trying to find an identifying "Meter Number" so I can go to the electricity supplier to arrange a change of payment method. Any clues gratefully received!
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