Online help is topic-oriented, procedural or reference information delivered through computer software. It's a form of user assistance. Most online help is designed to give assistance in the use of a software application, web or operating system, but can also be used to present information on a broad range of subjects. When online help is linked to the state of the application (what the user is doing), it is called Context-sensitive help.

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  1. Regi Barking Mad Barker

    Need Help Separating Swiches & Receptical to work independently of each other

    As the title suggests, I need help in trying to make the switiches & receptical work independently of each other. Circuit and photos are attached. So, the fan switich wont work if the light switch is not on and neither will the GFCI receptical. But the receptical will work independently of the...
  2. roryob44

    T12 ballast help single lamp

    My 4’ old ballast burnt out its and old 70 one weighing a ton anyways I purchased a new t12 ballast but this one has 2 red 2 blue and 2 yellow old on didn’t have yellow will this work I was told to cap the yellow and run the red and blue the way they were in old ballast connect power and be all...
  3. I

    blower motor wiring help

    i had a 3 speed blow motor to an AC fan coil unit. I disconnected the wiring and installed a new unit and forgot how the wiring goes, i no expert and dont want to burn anything out... from my electrical panel to the blower motor, I have a wire that has 120v, another wire has 40v, and a 3rd...
  4. Jakelayo8

    Need help with nvq?really struggling

    Hello guys currently doing my nvq with options skills and really struggling woundering if anyone has nvq copyed onto there computer and could send me it to have a look at, thanks
  5. TraineeMaintenanceSpark

    UK Can anyone help date this cable please?

    Hi guys, Whilst renewing my loft insulation I came across a few runs of very old cable. (Please see attached pictures). These cables are lead sheathed and looks to have a very brittle black insulation around the tinned copper or aluminium? The red and black is wrapped around each wire in like...
  6. P

    HELP my company has signed off work I haven’t done in my name

    My company have fully signed a test certificate in my name on a job that I have not been to, worked on or tested. The work was done by a 4th year apprentice and tested by him as well. The test certificate was also filled incorrectly. Is this illegal? And what would you guys do about this...
  7. K

    Require URGENT HELP regarding compex 01 & 04 re-sit

    Hi all, ive found myself in a bit of a desperate situation here. I sat my compex 10 months ago and failed sections 01 and 04. I was meant to resit them a month from today but turns out I'm going to have to work away a week today. Anyway, the only date i could get for my resit is 4 days away...
  8. S

    Part P? CPS? Help…..

    Hi all, I am going to fully rewire my house. What do I HAVE to do once I’ve rewired it? I am an approved spark, but do not have part P. Do I need to get an EICR by an a registered company or?
  9. Jro_usa

    Need help with 3 way

    My buddy cut out an old transformer and timer that had been supplying outdoor lighting that no longer worked. This was also wired to the main. Unfortunately I think his garage lights were also spliced into it and now no longer work. They have a switch in the garage and by the front door. He...
  10. timhoward

    Anyone help identify this?

    If relevant, the property did once have an overhead supply: Thanks. Never seen one before!
  11. X

    UK Help with full rewiring quote

    Hello. Homeowner trying to understand what is a fair quote for full rewire. We've had to tear the ceilings down as part of unplanned asbestos removal so it seems like a good time to rewire. The cabling in the loft is very yellowed/blackened. Would appreciate any help please. 1970s 3 bedroom...
  12. M

    Help an idiot out? Diversity and manufacturers' instructions.

    Hi all, I'm getting a 32a induction hob and a 13a oven installed as part of a kitchen refurb. The existing cooker circuit is 6mm protected by a 32a mcb. After a long trawl through various forums I think the prevailing view is that this is fine to use this for both appliances, because of...
  13. B

    How to wire these mini speakers?

    Please help me how to wire this, it’d be awesome if someone draws a simple diagram like the pic I posted but for my parts, I saw a diy video on YouTube for this mini subwoofer but it’s not clear where all the wires go. It’s only clear for the one speaker set up here in the diagram pic but...
  14. Q

    Max ZS - Help reading curves

    Hi All, As ever another question regarding Max ZS! I just need help reading these curves and getting my head around them. Data sheets confuse me and overload me with information. So I have a Terasaki S800-NE MCCB Here is the Datasheet...
  15. L

    Very sorry for posting here but need help

    I feel very very stupid but I started to hammer a small nail Into the wall and heard a clang when I hit with the hammer (not hard) I immediately aborted everything. However I am absolutely panicking I have hit something behind the wall and feel as though I could faint that I'm going to have a...
  16. C

    Niceic technical help

    Talked to the tech line the other day hoping to confirm what I already knew, but with a definite answer regarding issues on EICR, on a property 40+ years old. Not a great experience I must say, putting all the onus back on me, What do you think you should do? At the end I gave a very...
  17. ilikemyhouse1

    UK Help identifying parts on an old Victorian house consumer unit

    Hi! I know the basics on a modern consumer unit, but I'm not sure on this old panel here. Could you help me know what I'm looking at? Seeing two big fuses there.
  18. 1

    Help Understanding EICR

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me understand the following outcomes on an EICR. I am being advised it needs a total rewire but I am a layman. The wiring is approx 30. Years old. 4 circuits, 2 x lights, one mains (incl kitchen), one for living room. We will be renovating the...
  19. B

    New build Rewire price help

    Hi to big electricians Need help pricing this new build rewire Just labour only no materials involved They have 14 houses to do Can anyone help pls it's local to me no travel cost Many thanks
  20. Lugsforbid

    Need some help to work out how to finish of my grades

    Hello I've been away from the industry for awhile and I've recently got back in to it again. I never finished off all my grades. I got both my 236 part 1 and 2, most of my nvq level 3 *I didn't finish my testing and inspection part and I have not done my am2. I've worked in the industry...
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