Online help is topic-oriented, procedural or reference information delivered through computer software. It's a form of user assistance. Most online help is designed to give assistance in the use of a software application, web or operating system, but can also be used to present information on a broad range of subjects. When online help is linked to the state of the application (what the user is doing), it is called Context-sensitive help.

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  1. I

    Help with Applying SEG

    Good evening, I have recently purchased a new build property and it come with solar panels. The problem i have is finding an Export MPAN. The builders don't seem to know themselves so any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Bob Geldoff1234

    Help with NIC supervision record?

    Hi Guys, I have my annual NIC inspection in a week and was getting all the documents together. They have asked for CPD documents(continued personal development) which I have got no problem but they also now ask for a supervision record of employee's. I am just wondering how to word the document...
  3. B

    Installation help UK

    Hi folks, I just have a few quick wiring questions I could do with some help with please. I'm in the UK. Following advice on here and other places I'm changing a couple of rooms from 12v halogen gu5.3 to 230v LED light fittings. There currently is this round connector linked to the live &...
  4. H

    Help with insurance!

    Hello, What insurance do I need other than public liability now that commercial work is being undertaken and these jobs are a lot bigger. Is there any other insurance I need? Or will my public liability cover any size job? Many Thanks
  5. Dilantha

    Need some help with changing a switch (Europe)

    Hi, Im trying to replace a bulb switch but im not sure where to place the wires on the new switch. First image shows the existing socket and on the second picture the right side socket is the new one that im going to use. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. P

    Single oven installation? So confused please help

    Hi all and please forgive me if this has been asked many times before, I'm trying to purchase and get installed by one of the national electrical appliances retailers a single oven but I'm getting slightly confused as to what they are wanting to charge me for? So here my supply, 32amp from...
  7. ritheshdsouza

    Someone Help me with speaker wiring?

    I have 2 Aiwa speakers of 6 ohms each.. and 3 LG speakers of 3 ohms each.. how to connect to amplifier correctly? I have attached amplifier pic below.. please help me...
  8. J

    Help with old 2 way lightswitch

    I hope someone can help me please. I am replacing my old light switch for the stairs, both upstairs and downstairs switches Upstairs I have a 2 way light switch. This controls: The upstairs light The downstairs light In addition, at the other end of the hall I have a 1 way switch which also...
  9. LewisM

    GEWiSS Isolator help...

    Hi, I'm currently testing a factory and having difficulty removing an isolator cover to test a circuit. Usually, it's just a case of switching off and removing screws however the cover doesn't seem to want to come off as if the mechanism is stuck but it definitely is working as you get a real...
  10. N

    Anyone offer me help in design project 2375 design? Hotel,pool and cafe. Really struggling here

    Anyone offer me help in design project 2375 design? Hotel,pool and cafe. Really struggling here
  11. Keyur Patel

    Help with a difficult customer!

    Hello there my fellow electrician. Need some advice about a customer who is being very difficult and annoying. I was called out by the customer who got my number from the Niceic website for a fault in his kitchen. Cutting the long story short! His flat was a mess with many non Compliance’s so...
  12. Ryan Helms

    Please Help DCDC Converter

    Hello I am currently building an Ebike and have been working on this for weeks my main wiring diagram is not in this picture but this is a simplified wiring diagram for a part that I am very confused on the DC to DC converter. Converter I am using- Now I am wondering if...
  13. acursi15

    Wiring help for multiple lights and one power source.

    I've been having issues with my dining room lights flickering and light switches working intermittently. After taking off the switch covers, I didn't need to be an electrician to see stuff was wrong. There were exposed wires, red wires attached to black wires, black to white, and so on. I've...
  14. S

    Help with Dryer Wiring

    Renter bought a new dryer because the old one wasn't heating. New dryer did the same. Returned it. I checked the plug, 124ish at the ground and hots, 240ish between the hots. Next dryer same problems, dried the first load but not the second. Checked outlet, red wire didn't read properly...
  15. M

    Help with Battery meter (golf cart)

    So I got my battery meter for my golf cart through Amazon today. I see two flat tabs where I think will need to connect directly to the battery. My question is, is there a purpose for the two round nuts above them? It looks like they would serve a purpose but not sure what to make if it. TIA
  16. G

    Btinico handset replacement help!

    Hi, need a little help figuring out exactly where each of these wires go… any help appreciated as the old one seems to have packed in! The first pic is how the original was wired and you can see what I attempted with the newer model in second pic. It didnt work at all so i assume i didnt get...
  17. N

    Quote for electric radiators installation help.

    Hi, I am looking for advice in pricing wiring and installation electric radiators in new build flats - labour only. What would be a price per radiator? Each radiator on dedicated circuit, cable run around 10m each. It is new build flats all ceiling and walls open. Many thanks for your opinion...
  18. C

    Help identifying dimmers

    Does anyone recognize these dimmers ? Trying to track down some replacements. I believe that they are MK from around the year 2000. Any help gratefully received.
  19. T

    help needed with RCD identification/wiring

    Hi I'd like to install an RCD in a shed, I have 2 good units that were removed from a working installation long ago that I'd like to use instead of buying a new one. The problem is that they don't have the 1-2-3-4 indicators on how to wire them and can't find their datasheet online/google Would...
  20. littlespark

    Help with tables and graphs please

    I would ask my daughter, but she’s on study leave for exams. Basically I want a graph that will compare readings from 3 different electric meters. I want to graph the difference between each reading, not a gradually increasing line. I’m trying to compare what my hot tub consumes, compared...