1. J

    UK Need help with testing

    I’m doing my level 2 electrical practical exam in 2 days time I’m confident with everything apart from the testing. Could someone tell me all the tests I gotta do ? I posted the sheet
  2. D

    Help understanding little solar production

    Hi all In need of some advice to help understand little generation on PV system. The set up is: 5kw hybrid inverter 10kw batttery storage 2 x strings of 6 x JA solar 420w panels (2.52kw per string) Tigo optimisers for each panel I was producing 2.3kw around 9am (south facing) and this...
  3. James

    Help on solar planning

    Here is my idea, I have a large detached garage with a pitched roof, looks like about 30degrees but haven't been out to measure. each side has a space roughly 3m x 11m I think I can mount 18 panels comfortably on each side. a standard pallet seems to come with 30 panels so i intend to mount...
  4. P

    La Rocca coffee machine help

    A friend of mine got a 2nd hand coffee machine (OK, probably 3rd or 4th...) for use in a charity cafe and it has problems. First problem is no manual or any other useful information! The power cable is 4 core brown, black, blue, green & yellow so it looks as if intended for two of a 3-phase...
  5. L

    EICR - Help on my Request for Electrical Safety Alternatives and Quotes

    Good morning, We have a two-bedroom flat that my wife and I rent out to supplement our income. Following the recent EICR, several issues categorised as C1, C2, and C3 were identified. I've tries to discuss alternatives with the engineer, particularly concerning the replacement of the consumer...
  6. Adamstc222

    Help with extending garage CU cable

    Hey everyone, working on a new build house and outside garage is wired up like this, however customer wants a Garage Consumer Unit instead of the plug but not sure what the best way to extend the cable would be as its too low to put a consumer unit where the plug is? any advice would be helpful
  7. V

    Isolate consumer unit help

    Looking to do some work in the consumer unit in my home and was wondering if turning the isolation switch is sufficient as it only appears to isolate live and not neutral?
  8. ThatOneDude

    Please help me out!

    Hello electricians! I am in university and as my final project, I am developing and designing a first aid kit for electricians. This will probably get taken down but if you could fill out this quick anonymous survey, that’d be great!
  9. NicoNix

    Help with a vintage doorbell and wiring

    Help please! Got this to use as a doorbell but unsure of specifics and wiring. If someone could maybe help with a diagram/specific parts or even drawing on the photos to show me! I’m a DIYer, very aware of health and safety with electrics, busy renovating an old property. I’ve put lights...
  10. A

    Help with a fuse box

    Hi ive recently got myself a mig welder for my garage but each time i try to use it it trips out. Ive spoken to an electrician and he said its because welders use a lot of power to start up thats why its tripping out. He suggested to put a 32amp breaker into my garage fuse box and connect it to...
  11. sythai

    Is there a forum on here.... for Networking / data advice and help

    Hi Guys Is there a forum on here.... for Networking / data advice and help ? Before I post my queries on here. Thanks Sy
  12. C

    Advice, help needed with training

    Hi to everyone, this is my first post so if is been already asked/answered please guide me to the relevant discussion/thread. I don't know exactly how to format this so i'll jump straight in, i am 31 y/o looking to train in the electrical field, multiple reasons for that but as for everyone...
  13. F

    Help identifying wires

    Hello, disclaimer: this is DIY and I am rather ignorant about electrical works. I just moved into a new rental apartment and i wanted to connect lamps on the ceiling. Most come out with just 2 wires and so it's easy even for me to connect a lightbulb connector. But in the living room there are...
  14. S

    Help need some advice on Economy 7 meter

    Hi, need some advice, I moved over from Sse in 2020 to Octpus energy. Whilst I was with SSE I was on E10 when I went over to octopus they put me on E7. I had a old type meter the meters had been installed in 2013 when the flats where built. Anyways I live alone in a 2 bed flat and I work from 8...
  15. J

    Need help with one of my questions

    Any can help where I’ve gone wrong?8
  16. S

    NVQ help

    Hi all, adult learner retraining and sorry if this is in the wrong place but I need help. my provider are being very cards against their chest when it comes to my nvq, i have a copy of an old one i.e. what i need to collect proof of but I read somewhere that you need to have 2 fault finding jobs...
  17. T

    Help re new 3ph 200KVA supply CT meter provision

    Hi all, So my factory needs more power, currently 100A/3p (70KVA) => 400A/3p (200KVA) UKPN wont upgrade existing supply and are insisting on new supply, not a problem as such and is ordered. They are specifying a CT Meter will be required, again not a particular surprise. What I cannot fathom...
  18. Alan McMaster

    G-TAG 490X help or upgrade

    Daughter has bought a house and it has a home security system, G-Tag setup. Issue is the alarm panel displays are pixelated and you cant see anything on either display. The 0V was disconnected from both panels so it couldnt be set, Ive connected them in and I am able to set the alarm ok but...
  19. S

    Electrical and capacitor help please

    Hi all, New to the forum. I have been asked to look at this for one of our guys who's had an issue onsite after some electrical works had been carried out, after some advice and potential causes and remedies please. Long story short. Asked for a socket to be installed inside a depot only...
  20. B

    Plugs and Fuses - Help understanding symbols (PC/Monitor)

    I have a question which is confusing me and I cannot find a definitive answer and I hope someone can help. So I have a PC and Monitor and I have misplaced the IEC cables in a house move.(Somewhere in a box labelled cables hopefully) My question is I have found this spare on one a box. (see pics)...


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