1. C

    What electrical work can a non qualified person be asked to do in a school?

    My husband is a caretaker at a primary school. He does all jobs they ask him to do (sometimes without the training he is supposed to have first as for instance, he argued the gutter needed unblocking and walking up a ladder is common sense) as he likes to please. They have recently asked him...
  2. J

    school caretaker worries

    I have a question on electrical work in schools. I'm a caretaker in a school with over 1500 kids in West Sussex and recently the school has employed a maintenance man that says he is a qualified electrician... I'm not sure he is as I know using insulation tape on live wires and poking them...
  3. S

    EICR codes - school

    Hi all Currently carrying out an EICR on a senior school. I constantly find myself questioning my codes as I always go on the side of caution and appreciate I can possibly be a bit too harsh? From the minute I got my testing I was thrown out on my own and have pretty much self taught since...
  4. DmackG

    Electrical Installations in Schools

    I have been trying in vain to identify whether there is or indeed has been, specific wiring regulations for schools/colleges or universities. eg New Zealand Ministry of Education have an "Electrical Installations: Standard for Schools" in which they state the requirement for all sockets to have...
  5. C

    School block Swa supply

    What code would you give for a Swa supply 3p/N,95mm. Supplies remote school block,2 storey,no main earth conductor,using sheath,the main earth bonding originates from this Swa,for this block,@ Main Panel board,& is 16 mm The main earth @ origin is 120mm,Main bonding 50mm. Cheers
  6. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  7. littlespark

    When i was at school, it was only flour and eggs....

    This is my daughters class. Her last day at school before exams. Pupils put Berwickshire High School school up for sale on eBay in final-year prank | HeraldScotland - She has come home...
  8. nbwriter

    Intro: Old School Technician (That Researches Everything)

    Hi Guys (And Gals) I am not a qualified electrician. But, I did work as a hardware/software technician with various companies for about 6 years. I still work in general maintenance (for a company) today, so I'm sometimes called upon to fix general electrical faults like lighting failures and...
  9. D

    Advice needed on my qualifications

    Hi guys, I'm confused and could use some advice, I've look around a lot online and can't seem to find any straight forward answers. So I decided I wanted to be an electrician in school and went to college straight from school in 2010, I completed Level 2 City & Guilds 2330 Electrotechnical...
  10. S

    Kewtech KT65DL as a PAT tester

    Hi All. I'm just about to qualify as a domestic installer and I'm looking at PAT testing to help things tick along while I build up more interesting work. I've got a job PAT testing at a school (200 ish pupils) if I want it. I haven't got a multifunction tester yet so my question is: Is the...
  11. Lou

    CBS Electrical Services

    Prior to establishing CBS Electrical Charles Stewart (owner), was the electrical supervisor for a large plc, in partnership with Cheshire County Council, looking after most Cheshire/ West / East schools and corporate stock with 30 years of experience in the industry. Charles is therefore very...
  12. B

    New in the Midlands

    Hello EF, After two years of night school I've recently made the jump from PE teacher to an 'Electrical improver' and really enjoying the work, loads to learn. The forum has been a great place to find info and opinions, so though it's about time I signed up properly. Joe
  13. H

    Larger installations, what to inspect

    Before adding anything to a circuit it is necessary to ensure that main bonding and earthing are up to standards. This is fairly straight forward for a domestic property, but what does it mean for a larger property. The example I'm thinking of is the school I work in (part-time now, slowly...
  14. Pete999

    Sparky School

    Going to get pilloried I just know it, Sparky School WTF, is there a Carpenter, Gas Fitter, Plumber School, Tiler School, my apologies to the younger generations,
  15. Pete999


    As an afterthought from the Buck House thread, when I mentioned it would probably be a MICC install, several people mentioned they would give their back teeth to work with differing sizes of MICC, prompted me to ask the question "What's the largest size MICC you have worked with"? Singles or...
  16. N


    Hi everyone, I've just signed on a 4-day Foundation Course with a view to taking the C&G Domestic Installers course and exam. I've done a lot of different 'jobs' in my time (thus far), but nothing's really stuck. Almost finished training as a Primary School Teacher (last placement away from...
  17. widdler

    I'm back on the tools. What the hell is wrong with these testing companies?

    Well I'm am out of the training game for a bit.. I've got a couple of work offers but I am basically whoring myself out to whatever is paying for the foreseeable.. So I've done a full test of a primary school this week, I was handed Amtech Fastest loaded on a laptop which had all the cert data...
  18. T

    Testing in schools

    Does anybody do any work in private schools? We do quite of lot of work, but SEB have a test and inspect contract in the school. Which we do any remedial work that is required after. They have said that they want RCD testing to be done every 4 months! Has anyone heard of this or do this?
  19. uksparks

    School sockets

    I've just been in a school to look at some more work and they have approx 15 boards. to my amazement probably 12 out of 15 of them were old 3036 boards, and the majority of docket outlets throughout the school are not even RCD protected let alone on a modern MCB. nothing at all was labelled...
  20. uksparks

    Working in a school

    Hi, ive managed to secure one work for a school, nothing big, just a number of accessory changes etc and a couple of additional sockets. ill be up front, I've never done any work in a school. is there anything I should know about? Work will be done out of school hours. my main query i...
  21. N

    Hi, new here and in need of a job.

    Hi guys, first post, and hopefully more to come. I live in Wolverhampton and would like to get back in the trade. Loved it when I left school, but due to a family bereavement, I lost interest, wish I hadn't. Would like to know if there are any jobs in or around the Wolverhampton area for a...
  22. imago

    Door bells

    Are any of the wireless ones to be recommended? All I've ever heard of them is negative, but a school I do work for needs one to cover one door and it would be the simplest solution. They have the usual entry system with comms and coded keys, but the need a bell/buzzer for one door. It's for an...
  23. S

    Commercial Frequebcy of Testing new builds in school

    Hi Fellas. Not been on here for a while as been hectic and a lot of working away. HNY to u all. anyway, just need to quickly clear this up . We are periodic testing a very large school lacally , something like 50 fuseboards etc, Small and large.I know the frequency for existing installations is...
  24. E

    Can anyone recommend a free solar provider for a school?

    Local primary school is considering free solar for the school. The don't have the funds to instal themselves and would be able to use pretty much everything it generates. Also no complications with re-morgaging/selling the property in the future. (unless the county decides to sell shools off to...
  25. S

    Commercial RCD or Not

    Evening All, Could one of you fine tradesmen, there's got to be one out there, help me out a bit here. I have been asked to install a ring circuit that is going to supply 17 computers in a school. I know that its going to be an IT install (separate earth terminals and all that) but what about...
  26. R

    comercial supply with generator mixed

    hello , we have a canteen building which is fed by a 160amp 3 phase pme supply , the trouble is , we have no spare capacity to provide extra electrical heating . what are the rules regarding running electric heaters with in this building from a seperate generator , regarding earthing etc ...
  27. S


    Hello everybody I am polish and I would like to start working as an electrician. I am technician electrician. Ive finished vocational school 3yrs full time 1995-electrician and technical secondary school 3yrs full time 1998-technician electrician Ive finished schools in Poland,so I must...
  28. B


    Complete set of encyclopedia's for sale, my mates getting married and does.nt need them anymore cos his new misses know's it all
  29. W

    Bodge Jobs!

    Went to check a fault in a kitchen at a nursery school on a kitchen ring and found this qualitiy workmanship!
  30. S

    Part P and working in a school?

    I have been asked to put some additional lights and sockets in a school. I am Part P registered but not Full NICEIC registered. Can I do this work and if so would I be able to issue a certificate?
  31. T

    Help And Advise Wanted

    i have made a post enquieing about work, had a few ppl view it but no replys. i finish my first year of college in may, my daughter will be starting primary school and my son will be starting pre school, really need to get into work. please look at my post for a job, its on the first page with...
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