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  1. M

    Very strange problems with my light timers. I tried everything I could think of. Please help!

    So I'm an aquarium enthusiast and I have several fish tanks in my house (all of them have lights that are connected to timers). My basement has multiple circuits, one for the washer and dryer, one for all the other outlets down there, and I also had an electrician install a brand new outlet on...
  2. D

    DIY led strip glasses - Need some help!

    Hello forum. I am new here and seeking some expert advice. I am trying to make some DIY led light strips that will be controlled via DMX. The lights are these: 20/30/100 LED Battery Micro Rice Wire Copper Fairy String Lights Party white/rgb | eBay -...
  3. Pete999

    Help! ! 2B!!!!!

    What forum would music questions belong in???
  4. dlt27

    Lighting help needed..

    Hi, I have been asked to install some lighting in a commercial cooker extract canopy as they can’t see while cooking. The existing ones there are glass and have cracked, also don’t give off much light. My concern is the heat as it’s very hot where they want them mounted. I was just wondering if...
  5. C

    Domestic Help! Is this wiring correct?

    I’m having my house extended and they have run a grey 2 core cable with black and red wires coming out of it ( but no apparent earth) to all the downlights and I think the same or similar to the sockets and light switches. Is this correct wiring? I read something about red and black being old...
  6. J


    So I’ve recently completed my level 3 qualification but I don’t know how I’d look to apply for jobs I.e would I be looking for an apprenticeship or an electricians job even though I’m only recently qualified.
  7. K

    Under cupboard lighting - help!

    Hi all, I bought a Taylor Wimpey new build and had under cupboard lights put in the kitchen. 3 years on and the first one has gone out but when I unscrewed the casing to see how to change it, I am completely baffled! Can anyone tell from the pic what I need to do/buy to change this, or do I...
  8. H

    Help with apprentice wages

    Hello, I am an apprentice electrician and I study at college in the evenings which I pay for myself. My employer pays me an apprenticeship wage which is awful and I feel like I may be getting mugged off abit. The employ doesn’t help me with anything at all? Is everything they’re doing legit...
  9. A

    Help! Am2 coming up and need help with the s plan

    Hi everyone, my am2 is fast approaching and i need help with understanding how s plan wiring works. I understand the different parts in the system and how its wired but i cant seem to figure out how the solar sustainable element fits into the system. Also can anyone let me know anything else i...
  10. M

    Installing a wireless/radio switch - help!

    Hi I'm installing a wireless switch to control a bird box camera. Roughly the circuit will be: camera ---> switch ---> solar charge controller ---> solar panel + battery The switch is in the attached photo. Question: do the two black wires go to the camera and the red/white to the battery...
  11. E

    Phone line/Bt cable Help!

    So i had a call out from a customer saying her phone point incoming into her property (straight off the telephone pole) had come off the wall so i went and had a look. When i got there all the cores were disconnected completely and the actual point was on the floor. Does anyone know how to...
  12. M

    Dimmer switch help! Not turning brightness down low

    ive just installed 13 4w LAP downlights with are controlled by a dimmer switch. When I turn the switch on I can turn the brightness up no problem but when put it down low they still seem bright, could this be a switch issue? Thanks in advance
  13. M

    Faulty Electric Meter - HELP!

    Hi all, Having a bit of a nightmare with my electric meter in my currently empty property. Despite no electricity being used in the property the meter has been constantly moving forward at more and more of an increased rate as the weeks go by and nights draw in. Nearly 100 units were used in...
  14. M

    New member help please

    Hi I have dabbled in electronics and upto 240v including cctv and access control. I have just built my woodworking workshop and trying to sort electrics. I am in rented and have an outside radial but is not man enough for the utility room it supplies as it is. My landlord refuses to upgrade...
  15. B

    HELP! Boiler not working when set to 'Off Peak'

    Hi There, I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to sort out a problem with my electric boiler, So far I have had 2 electricians, 2 british gas engineers & a plumber take a look - and they haven't been able to get to the bottom of the problem, To sum up what's been done so far: 1st...
  16. dlt27

    Central Heating help!

    Hi, don't know if anyone can help. A plumber has just moved a hot water tank from one position to another. Originally it was a y plan, but now he has made it an s plan. The existing boiler has got a pump overun on it. All I wanted to know is if there is anyway I can get it temporarily running as...
  17. O

    HELP! Down light installation??

    Hello, I am looking for some help if possible please, I am buying a new build property in the near future and the building company want payment per down light. Instead of paying this I am looking to install the lights myself. There will be around 6-8 in the kitchen, 2 in the downstairs...
  18. Steve93

    Help! Never seen this before!

    I am installing solar to a house and this is there main incoming. I can’t see an Earth anywhere but test ZS across L-N coming out at 0.20. Then with gas bond disconnected is 0.38! But we only have gas bonding. No other earth anywhere. Anyone had this?
  19. P

    Summer house to house installation help!

    Hi, Looking for a bit of advice . I have a summer house in my garden that has the following setup. 50amp breaker from house consumer unit from this is 18m (3core) armoured cable. This is fixed externally to the house wall and goes underground for approx 2m. Inside the summer house is a...
  20. P

    Help! New 2.5kW oven + 6.7kW hob - 40A fuse

    Hi. I need to replace an old oven and hob. Currently the oven is 2.3kW and the hob is 5.8kW. They are both hardwired into the same connection unit, then it goes to a 45A cooker switch with an integrated 13A switched socket, then it goes to the 40A fuse in the consumer unit. The new oven is...
  21. P

    Wedding light up letters help!

    Hi all, I’m getting married next year and plan to make Some 4ft Mr & Mrs light up letters using wooden pallets as it costs a lot to hire and would like some help in deciding how to wire it all up, as it needs pat testing for the venue. My plan was to have a plug going to light holders on a 1.5...
  22. G

    Help! VW Golf GTE Car Horn won't shut up

    Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if this one is covered in a separate thread please feel free to redirect me :) I have a 2017 (67 plate) GTE and 4 times in the past month the car horn sounds constantly for over 10 seconds, pauses for a second or two then sounds again constantly when I...
  23. A

    First rewire 3 bed terrace house

    so I’ve got my first rewire, I’ve done rewires before for other people but never had to do quote and make a list of all the materials needed. I went to visit the house and made a note of the things they wanted but I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything. I was wondering if there was someone on...
  24. T

    Newbee Needs Help! LED Lighting

    I am a newbee here and I can't find a best-LED light for my warehouse. Can you guys help me? Please go easy on me :( I am open for your suggestions.
  25. jimmy gunstone

    please help! wired a 2.5kw ac into a oven circuit and breaker. is this ok?

    I just installed a new hitachi 2.5 kw ac and wired it into an old cooker switch which goes to a breaker of 32amps. the unit Hitachi Summit RAK-25PEB 2.5kW Inverter Split Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System Aircon247.com | discount portable air conditioning, fixed air conditioning, easy install...
  26. D

    Hello, not a DIY cowboy by any means but need help!

    Hi guys, by no means an electrian but do a bit of my own work which I then get signed off by a mate who is a full qualified electrian ( I also leave the complex stuff to him) anyhow wondering if one of you could help me! I’ve on to second fit of my garage which I’ve turned into a bit of a work...
  27. dlt27

    Swimming Pool Starter Help!

    Hi and thanks in advance. I have been called to a job to look at a faulty starter for a swimming pool. The starter apparently has never worked and swimming company has agreed to pay for it to be fixed ( there electrician has had 2 goes already). The starter is supposed to be wired so that if...
  28. S

    I'm sure there is an easy answer!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!! In short ... I've had a mid life crisis and bought a catering van. It has a full size domestic fridge onboard. I need to keep milk cold from home to event site. I'll hook up at home and chill fridge till I leave. Am planning on using an inverter to keep fridge...
  29. James bishop

    Electrical science 302 C&G help!

    Been doing some mock papers but got stuck on few questions that i even tried to google but they dont specifically dum down the qs/answer. anyway here are the questions i need help on. (Not trying to get you guys to do my homework or anything just some questions i need help on which i can't find...
  30. G

    Emergency Lighting wiring help!

    Hi all, I was changing an emergency light fitting (maintained) and came accross an unusual wiring configuration. There were 2 supplies, 1x 4 core from emergency light socket and 1x 3 core from general light socket. There were 5 terminals inside the light fitting marked, T, L1, L2, N, E. The...
  31. A

    2330 level 3 qualified, no NVQ HELP!

    Hey people, i passed my 2330 course a few years back but went a different route of work afterwards due to needing money, i have been working as an electrical engineer mostly utilizing 12V-24V for just over 3 years. Now that i'm 25 i would like to get my sparks NVQ, what would be the best way to...
  32. D

    Help! With my pay as a maintenance electrician in FM

    Hi Hope someone can help me. I have got a problem with my pay but first I’ll give a little background information about my history. I’ve been in the industry as an “Electrician” for 4 years this July will be 5. I’m 26, I have my Level 3, Inspection and testing 2394&5, 17th edition, AM2 and...
  33. M

    Help! Phone line assistance needed.

    Hi folks. Looking for a little DIY phone help if possible. Hope this is the right place, but it's the only likely forum I could find. We moved into our flat about a year ago. It has only one working landline socket, in the living room, and another, disconnected, in the spare room. I want to...
  34. W

    2 Way Switch help! One switch immobilises the other

    Hi All, I am a DIY'er renovating my 60s built house. I have been adding sockets myself and fitting new lights with no problems so far until I try to replace the 2 way switches at the top and bottom of my staircase. I just want to change the switches and keep the existing 2 way circuit in place...
  35. R

    Lighting Not Working - Help!

    Hi folks, I've come here for a little help, after switching off my downstairs lighting circuit to change a light switch and then turning it back on to find that the back half of the house is now in darkness. Basically, I wanted to add a WiFi switch for control of the living room lights, so...
  36. A

    HELP! Too many wires than I know what to deal with L!

    I went to attach my new metal light fitting with the obvious earth, neutral live attachments on it, upon taking the old one off I came across all these wires as seen in the picture, what the hell do I do with these!? Help please!
  37. P

    Alarm Installer No Longer Exists - Help!

    Hello everyone, Moved in to a property some months ago, never did bother with the Burglar alarm until today I had a power cut which set the alarm off. At which point I realised I do not have the codes to stop it once it does start sounding. I tried to contact the installer (AED Security Wigan)...
  38. S

    RCD Testing Confusion - Help!

    Hi Ive got a question regarding RCD tests. If a DB had 7-8 ccts on MCBs all covered by a Main RCD, should we do only one cover-all test on the main RCD, or record an individual RCD test for each circuit? Other sparkys on my firm have been doing an RCD test for each circuit, effectively...
  39. T

    New to EF and seeking help!

    Hi everyone, I paid for, and completed a condensed course and achieved my C&G BS7671 + C&G 2393. I also have a Logic Installer Domestic Installer LCDE1, and PAT Testing. I am somewhat confused as to what i am allowed and can do in the big world of electricians? I would appreciate any help in...
  40. N

    American qualified, help needed!

    Hi, My husband is American, he's 29 and (to American standards) is a fully qualified electrician. They operate on a 'time served' system, everyone takes the equivalent to 17th edition to be up on the wiring regulations and then just learns on the job. He has 9 years experience, mainly in...
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