1. Thetalesoftipan

    Can Anyone Help Napit?

    Can anyone help NAPIT in its search for objective evidence, regarding a certification decision? It was made by the now (conveniently) retired COO David Cowburn. If you have Linkedin then maybe you can help #TheTalesOfTipan...
  2. Yellowhammer

    UK First time NAPIT assessment

    Hi, There are a few variations of this question here so apologies if its a bit of a broken record but I can't quite find the exact answers I'm after. Straight to the point: Has anyone recently had a first time NAPIT assessment? If so, were you able to show work in your own home? I know this...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Napit.. Do you still choose the job, or do they?

    On the Napit certification page there is a little tick box, saying something along the lines of ' I consent to this job being used for my assessment '. Does this mean Napit makes its own choice, from that list, or do we still choose which job is used for the assessment?
  4. O

    NAPIT EICR forms - observations for SPD and RCD

    I've just started using the NAPIT forms for EIC's and EICR's and they are a bit cumbersome to be fair. Does anyone know which observation is for a lack of an SPD and when the RCD's are type A/C. I know they are a C3 but you need to find it in the bit where you tick "pass all" and it then...
  5. B

    UK Can I have a napit assessment with only on CU change?

    Can I have a napit assessment with only on CU change? Really struggling to find work to be assessed as only just starting up with my company. Thank you on advance
  6. Michal Zapalski

    NAPIT assessment for Electrical Inspector

    Hello fellow sparks I have a question regarding NAPIT assessment I'm due to have soon. I'm getting Electrical Inspector Scheme and Third Party Certification. I'm not sure what to expect. Can you share me your experience and help me prepare to this important assessment. All answers are very...
  7. Vortigern

    Has anyone paid for the BSI documents on the NAPIT portal?

    I have paid to access the BSI docs on the NAPIT (£90 p.a.) They have a zip file 230mb that is full of PDF files. I cannot access it. I have tried unzipping it and looking with Adobe to no avail. I have contacted NAPIT who are no help. Has anyone solved this enigma?
  8. ThatCompexDude

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Is there a yearly NAPIT assessment?

    Hi folks, been with NAPIT the last year, recently had an email saying my membership is due for renewal and the money would be taken soon, but no mention of a 2nd assessment in ANY email they have sent me reminding me of it. Is there a yearly assessment and will my NAPIT be struck off if I dont...
  9. O

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT log in problems.

    Is anyone else having trouble logging into the NAPIT portal site. It just keeps saying wrong password. This is on several different machines and different web browsers. It was working fine last night, I've even done a password reset which it seems to change ok but when I try to log back in it...
  10. KevinH

    Napit Fast test EICR form query

    Has anyone on here using the Napit Fast test software for EICR's noticed that in the section "Extent and Limitations of Inspection and Testing" there is a box marked "Extent of Termination Sampling" which needs to be filled in. This must be a very recent addition, or it's been longer than I...
  11. jjjinx

    replacement cu not acceptable for NIC / Napit certification

    I've had my assessment, and my work consists of replacing cu's, EICR's & maintenance work. Not often do i do any work that requires adding two additional circuits, so now I can't get certified after 15 years of being a sparky.... gutted! I've always got certified with a new cu but now they've...
  12. HappyHippyDad

    Opinions on the Napit forum?

    I'm guessing the vast majority of us fall into 3 categories. Those registered with the NIC, those with Napit and those not registered, so this may be relevant to quite a few.... I was a little excited when I had a scroll through the Napit dashboard and discovered a forum where I could actually...
  13. D

    Napit Bpec Solar courses

    Hey Considering bpec solar course with Napit. Has anyone done this 3 day course? Is it worth doing or should I look at different qualifications for solar as I have no experience. I’m fully qualified electrician but I have never done any solar. Thanks
  14. impish15

    On-site guide version Napit vs IET

    I recently had a quick glance at a colleague’s Napit’s version of their on-site guide “Napit On-site Solutions Practical Solutions to Electrical Installations”. I must say I really like the way the book is structured, the level of information it contains when comparing it to the IET On-site...
  15. A

    UK Am looking for books for NAPIT

    Hi Am looking for a second hand copy/ cheap IET wiring regulations 18th edition ,and the Onsite Guide 2022.? Would be really grateful as need for NAPIT, Cheers
  16. ThatCompexDude

    Can I be a QS with NAPIT and NIC

    Hi folks. Just a quick one as I can’t find the answer anywhere here. I’m currently a QS with NAPIT for some self employed work I do, but I’ve recently joined a company that would like me to jump on as a QS with them under NICEIC. Is it possible to be registered as a QS under both? Regards
  17. Michaelwgroves

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT 18th Edition A2 books requirement ?

    I've just had a call from NAPIT saying if I don't have the 18th Edition A2 book, I will fail my next assessment. I passed my 18th edition exam and have the BBB. Is this a hard sell, never had this with 17th Edition amendments, or 18th Edition A1. But they also never had new books like 18th...
  18. C

    Become NAPIT registered

    I called NAPIT to know what are the steps to become registered with them. I have been told I must have NVQ Level 3 as minimum or apply as experienced worker. Barely in mind I got all electrical qualifications until NVQ but not NVQ yet(City&Guilds lev.2, lev.3, 18th Edition and EAL...
  19. P

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT registered in England - what work can I do in Scotland?

    I am registered with NAPIT in England for domestic installation and testing. Am I able to change a CU in a flat in Scotland? And am I able to issue an installation certificate for the work? Also, am I able to issue EICRs? As far as I can see from the Scottish building regs, changing a CU does...
  20. W

    NAPIT Certification Scheme First NAPIT Assessment since being transferred from STROMA - EICR's

    Hi all I have been full scope with STROMA and undertake EICR's in both a commercial and domestic setting, I have all quals, ins etc to undertake these For my first assessment NAPIT's asessment check list is asking for 3 EICR's from each category from the past year I am just a sole trader so...


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