1. B

    Finishing Basement / Planning Circuits

    Goodevening Everyone - I need some advice and I appreciate your time to look at my question. I keep getting different opinions on this and I am struggling to get past the planning stage on the electrical portion of this project. I have read and heard it is wise to keep lights and outlets on...
  2. M

    Planning on joining the trade as an electrician!

    Hi All, I'm 26 year old, I currently work in hospitality in a managerial role, and I hate it. I've been wanting to get out for ages but unfortunately with having a mortgage and all sorts of bills to pay it`s quite difficult. I don't have any experience in anything else. I`ve been working bars...
  3. S

    The fun and stress starts again, planning application submited.

    Next project, this time the house as it looooooong overdue, let the ---- taking start, evens its Tel........ ;o)))) 3 bed converting to 5 bed, may or may not do the rear extension depends on costings, shed to be built in a Shu Sugi Ban way with a living roof.
  4. Moley

    Anyone planning on dancing naked??

    Well, today is the winter solstice, the official start of winter. It's time to dance naked around Stonehenge. Anyone up for it ? :eek:
  5. S

    Planning For A Future Extension.......

    = what can I get the National Grid to upgrade for free before I get the plans drawn up and they won't charge me the earth......... The mains cable at the moment comes in through the coal bunker under the stairs an is used as a hand rail for when I go "underground" and to me it seems pre war...
  6. M

    Semi retirement planning advice.

    Hi all Looking for some guidance and advice post retirement. I'm 48 at the moment and will be looking to semi-retire at 55 from my current job as a jetty operator - Oil terminal here at Milford Haven. Working 12 hour nightshifts are getting difficult to maintain and are affecting my health. My...
  7. sparkdog

    Planning guide magazine promo.

    Has anyone used the ? Had a visit from the rep the other day. A bit too expensive for me at about £1k for 2 years but seems well established and looks like it could be a source of work.
  8. Soulsurfer

    Nest protect ?

    Anybody used / using nest protect alarms ? Presently working on a house extension and need to fit smoke alarms and according to planning dept need to link to new alarms in living area downstairs and to landing on first floor also which would be difficult to get link cables to ! I thought smoke...
  9. G

    Man cave earthing

    hi all I've got a man cave to get a supply to the earthing at the house is TNS, the man cave is steel frame, no spare ways in the house cu, it's a 30m run from meter to man cave, would you suggest a tt install or can I use the TNS, tt would be a pain to get the rods in ground as walls are...
  10. N

    Supply cable - rating

    Ive always wondered how they calculate supply cables size. Can anyone tell me why every time i go to a house and theres a lot of demand on the board and then you look down and see what can only be described as a "pecker" of an armoured cable running into the cut out? How can this be justified...
  11. M

    Cable in Plastic trunking

    I am due to start a house rewiring job in the new year, due to the customer having the house fully decorated it needs to be done using plastic trunking. They have had a couple of other quotes that have said that the trunking must be run from the ceiling in a straight line to the socket (which...
  12. N

    workshop in back garden

    Afternoon fellas Got a bit of a problem ( non electrical) which was hoping for a bit of advice on. Basically my mums next door neighbour ( a builder) in order to keep running costs to a minimum has erected a large timber workshop in his back garden which definatly doesn't meet any building...
  13. G

    Work From Planning Applications?

    Has anyone won work from approved planning applications that are posted on local council websites? If you did who did you write your letter of introduction to - was it the architect/agent or the applicant directly? I'm thinking of using it as a good source of lead generation and including a...
  14. L

    Domestic safe holding accounts

    Thanks in advance. I have been asked to do a new build for a family but there is major problems with planning to a point the whole place may be forced to be pulled down. I have no problem doing the job but I need to secure the final payment. Is there any accounts out there where the customer...
  15. S

    commercial planning

    so ive been wrestling this week with pre planning over me requiring planning permission for a 20kw pv install or not i dont see the attached
  16. N

    struggling to find work

    Hey guys, Im just wondering what more i can do in order to find work.. I believe my CV is immaculate as i have spent hours upon hours getting it perfect. If i can get some feedback on it that would be great.. My problem is and what i believe that lets me down is my lack of experience.. Im...
  17. N

    E&I Planning Engineer – Holland

    Our client, one of the largest electrical engineering and instrumentation companies in Europe, requires a Planning Engineer to join their project team in Rotterdam, Holland. Suitable applicants would need to have previous experience within Marine or Oil & Gas and be familiar with Electrical &...
  18. X

    outbuilding planning

    I have a job to install a flat roof system to a garden outbuilding at the end of the customers garden, Does anyone know if I need planning pertmission ? my understanding is that if the panels are mounted greater than 1m from the roof perimeter I wont require it? If this is the case it would not...
  19. T

    Solar Farm

    Hi All, I have an invester looking to fund large scale installs up to 10MW. Sites must have planning permission and be within the south west of england if anyone knows of anything please let me no. Many thanks
  20. B

    g59 engineering recommendations

    Hello, I've been asked to quote for a large pv system. So far, I've only done domestic. I cannot find much solid info on the differences between g59 and g83, particularly on the design side. Also, will the standard domestic installers ticket qualify me to do this stuff or is it necessary to do...
  21. P

    panels 6 inches above ridge

    Saw this today front roof u can just see top of panels above ridge about 7" and this side is (just above) no point in having a gutter on that job:)
  22. S

    panels on barns

    ive just been to look at a job where there are several barns. The customer is wanting a 11kw system installed, is planning required for the panels? any information would be gratefull!!
  23. T

    Part 'P' Training in the Northwest - Weekends

    Hi Everyone. I am looking for Part 'P' training that is run on weekends in the North West. I was booked to do the course but been lucky enough to get a job and dont have holidays accrued yet. Does anyone know or could suggest any Northwest or even North of England training centres that do this...
  24. N

    DNO Approval - Urgent

    Unexpectedly, we have just been given the go-ahead to install pv on two doctors surgeries for an 8.8kW and 14.6kW installation Does anyone have any advice at all on whether it's possible to get quick DNO approval for these? We have the kit and the manpower to install... Any advice would be...
  25. P

    Can anyone beat the cut-off date for a 47.75 kWp installation?

    Our only "large" PV install is due to have a planning permission decision on or before 23rd November this year, but I think we cannot beat the 12th December for the installation / FIT application confirmation date as we are only a small company - does anybody think we have a chance of beating...
  26. S

    Sharp NU 245kw Panel landscape orientation help

    Hello, I wonder if any other installer can help. I am trying to install Sharp panels with the Schletter solo rails/ klickfit system and Eco V roof hooks. Some installers are telling me that they have installed and its below the 200mm threshold in height to avoid planning permission. I cant seem...
  27. dansk

    Help with Commercial Quoting Process

    Hi, Going to do a commercial site visit tomorrow - its for a customer i have already worked for on a domestic level, now he wants a quote for PV on his business unit. I need help with identifying the process. This is how i imagine it works: Site visit, measure roof check electrical (not an...
  28. S

    Planning Permission for Commercial Roofs

    I've just been told by our local authority that we need planning permission for any agricultural/commercial buildings, that it doesn't come under permitted development. Has anyone else come accross this????
  29. R

    Solar Farm

    We're pretty rural and I've had several requests lately for field based solar farms. I understand in theory the following.... Enquire of DNO - Can we site a solar farm here? Contestible and no contestible costs Farmer will need planning - What does he need to submit with planning app, a...
  30. S

    Part p and signing off work

    Hi I'm a qualified spark with my 2391, a friend has asked me to test and sign off an extension he is building. Does any1 know where I stand? Do I have to have part p? Thanks
  31. dansk

    Not the cheapest book around.

    Just thought i would share a book with you all: "Planning & Installing Photovoltaic Systems" by earthscan £95 not cheap but boy is it good, its like a bible to PV, everything and more you ever needed to know, from actual manufacturing of the cells to planning and installation to...
  32. D

    house extension work needs certifying

    Hi, can any one tell me. I have built an extension to my house here and I had a friend of a friend do the electrical work. 5 sockets, switches and lights. It was done with full panning permission, however the friend of a friend said he had a mate who I could call and he would come and certify...
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