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  1. Paul92688

    Help identifying part needed. Box missing lid.

    I am getting my dads house ready for sale. I need to fix a few things before it is listed. This piece needs a cover and I am not sure where to turn. No one at the hardware store to be found for help. Possibly you can help Thanks!!! Paul
  2. M

    Identifying a neutral supply problem?

    Had a call today. Property has 400v 3 phase DB....it used to be old commercial unit but changed to residential. He's been in process of moving in but within day or two appliances starting to burn out. He's father had reported testing some sockets and voltages varied at times when other...
  3. L

    Identifying an RCBO from an RCCB (or RCD)

    Hi, would like your professional opinion how to identify an rcbo from an rccd just by looking at it. For example, I have attached two photos, one the ABB (40A 30mA) is an RCCB and the other ABB (10A 30mA) is an RCBO. Supposedly they are both 40A 30mA, how can you tell which is the RCD from RCBO...
  4. V

    Need help identifying these!

    Any help identifying these would be appreciated, we think the small one is off a bike?? the inertia has a number other than on the plate which reads: 988074 unfortunately we cant find anything on these two units
  5. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Numbers on the body read: 270300, probably a 12v but could be 6. any information would be appreciated.
  6. V

    Need help identifying this CAV Dynamo, any help would be appreciated.

    We have a CAV dynamo 24V, Type: G8A24-6, Serial No. UB133, Dispatch number 1131060, clockwise rotation, normal speed. we have had a look on the net cant find anything for it. any help would be appreciated! thank you in advance.
  7. markthebuilder

    Identifying live cables

    hi gents . I’m currently surveying a property prior to remodelling it... it was a department store and it’s been redeveloped at least once but no one has pulled out the old wiring, I want to mark up any of the major 415 3 phase that is defiantly live ina simple way so we can focus on tracking...
  8. HVManiac

    Need help with identifying the type of connector on vintage Sears kettle

    Hello everyone, Guys I've an old Sears kettle that I still use. But recently I noticed that the power cord connector to the kettle is wiggly, but still works. Since, it looks like a removable connector I tried to pull it slightly but it doesn't seem to be removable. Anyone here has any idea...
  9. V

    Need help identifying this starter motor

    Not sure what this fits, its an old thing possibly 1930s??. its a lucas and the number on the body is 270300, it has 10 teeth on the pinion. its a 12v. would appreciate any help given.
  10. P

    Help identifying this floresent tube

    Hi please could someone help identify this tube? Its come out of a under counter bar fridge (capital prem 2 cooler, 2011)
  11. C

    Identifying Earthing System

    Maybe an obvious one for some.... but would i be right in thinking this is TNCS?? Thanks guys.
  12. M

    Identifying the system

    Hi all, I'm trying to identify a supply. Visually the supply looks like a TNS. An earth clamp is around the metal sheath of the incoming supply cable to an earth terminal block. Three phases and neutral out of the Henley unit. When I was carrying out a loop test Line and Neutral at the...
  13. A

    identifying a shed consumer unit

    This is the consumer unit fitted in my shed, it's very compact and I would like to get another. Does anyone the make and who supplies them?
  14. D

    Identifying circuits on equipment

    Quick one..is it in the regs to identify where circuits are fed from on sockets and switches or just good practice? Commercial job obviously. Cheers
  15. B

    Identifying fault on 240V outdoor lighting

    Good morning, On a current job I have an outdoor lighting system with a fault that is 240V. Problem is that it keeps tripping the rcd. It turns on for around 10 seconds and then trips. There is nothing wrong with the rcd. How do I locate the ground fault easily using my multifunction tester...
  16. mikejlj

    Help identifying this odd plug connection!

    Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me identify this odd plug / connector. We bought a second hand dresser and it has a spotlight fitted. The spotlight cable has the connector shown in the pic. That connector plugs into a plug, which plugs into the wall. I accidentally broke off...
  17. Lucien Nunes

    Spotters' guide to early plastic-insulated lighting cables

    We recently had a thread or two about some cables that were almost certainly tinned copper, but people continued to suspect they were aluminium because they were solid core, not stranded, i.e. from the metric cable era when copper was invariably plain. In fact, the smallest tinned-copper...
  18. M

    Identifying single core cpc's and neutrals

    Just wondering if anyone has any handy tips when trying to identify single core cpc's and neutrals? I work in a few food factories that are in constant production and switching off supplies is not an option, so identifying circuits can get pretty tricky. Identifying neutrals is pretty simple...
  19. B

    Belling out

    How to bell out 2 core MICC?
  20. B

    No main switch

    Hello I was just trying to test a very old Simplex 3 phase DB which I found in the basement boiler room of a small office block. The door was hanging off... ok I can fix that, there are several holes knocked out of the base of the metal case.... again that shouldn't cause too much trouble, one...
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