1. Yellowhammer

    Extending sub main

    Hello, Planning some work for someone currently installing a new CU and a switch fuse in an extension, fed from a new DNO supply. Have turned up and had a look at it, mostly seems all okay other than the hockey stick being on the wrong side of the meter box. However, the 63A switch fuse is...
  2. Adamstc222

    Help with extending garage CU cable

    Hey everyone, working on a new build house and outside garage is wired up like this, however customer wants a Garage Consumer Unit instead of the plug but not sure what the best way to extend the cable would be as its too low to put a consumer unit where the plug is? any advice would be helpful
  3. V

    Extending tails - SWA or Hi Tuff ?

    Just wanted to know which people use. My case. Client converting attached garage into new rooms. Consumer Unit has to move to accomodate this and will be greater than 3m from meter. Void above garage is used to route cables to main house so can use this to route cable for extension to tails...
  4. W

    Extending extension cord safely?

    So I kinda want this: meross Smart Power Strip, 6 AC Outlets + 4 USB Ports Smart Extension Lead, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Voice/Remote Control, 2.4GHz, 3250W: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools But it's only a 2m device . I'd want it to be 4m instead because...
  5. S

    Extending cooker electric regulations

    Hi I am seeking help and best practices to achieve below tasks. I am not across regulations hence will appreciate best approach to achieve below without violating regulations. Below is layout of the way electric cable is for cooker. I have two tasks to action here. 1) install cooker hood. 2)...
  6. E

    Extending 12/2 and 14/2 using splices

    Hi all, I am investigating the options for extending 12/2 and 14/2 wiring leading to my main electrical panel. The two options I have been able to find are using several junction boxes or using the NSI NMS-2 splice. Is there a method to reduce the number of junction boxes by having some sort...
  7. Lukaszbjj

    Extending neutrals with WAGO's in the socket

    Hi the other day I opened the socket just to find out that 2 neutral wires were damaged with visible copper so I decided to cut them short and put in WAGO 221 and extend just one cable that went back to the socket, and now Im thinking if it's correct or maybe should I extend each wire...
  8. Dvyj123

    UK Extending ring main with wago 222

    I have come to extend a ring main on the old wiring (red and black) and have used the wago 222 connectors to extend each leg and extended each leg in a wago junction box and are all connected in the ceiling screwed to joists. The wago 222’s are rated at 32A but when used maintenance free like I...
  9. ionionascu

    UK Armored cable under the house

    Hi. We had some building work done to the house a few years ago and we got an armored 10mm 3 core under the house, that comes from the consumer unit on one side of the house, all the way to the other side of the house. This cable is not connected to something and I am thinking about getting an...
  10. timhoward

    Extending earth rods making minimal difference?

    Today I found a 466 ohm Ze. That's actually a new upper record for me. I assume the rod was completely corroded through. So started to bang in some new 5/8ths rods. 1 rod - 180 ohms. 2 rods - 95 ohms. 3 rods - 93 ohms. Hmm. 4 rods - 92 ohms! Grrrrr. I gave up then as I'd run out of rods. I...
  11. S

    Extending the garden power ring

    Hi We just moved into this house and in the utility room there is a normal wall socket with a plug going up ontop of a wall unit and into a very old junction box where it changes to a weather shielded cable & out the wall, along the side of a fence and into a doublesocket weathproof box, as per...
  12. A

    Under cabinet recessed lighting cable needs extending

    Hi all! I have these two under cabinet recessed light fittings that connect to a single switch. I also need to add a lining to the underside of the cabinets, so will end up lowering the lights a bit. However, their cables are currently at their max length so I need to extend/ splice the cables...
  13. S

    Lighting cable needs extending

    Hi all my dad was an electrician and did work on my house in the early 2000s , i had plaster wall lights and am now in the process of redecorating and wanted to change them , they are seldom used as have downlights in the ceilings, so it’s mainly decorative lighting .I am confident enough to fix...
  14. Neptune

    Extending ring main cables

    I would like to extend the existing 2.5mm T&E cables to relocate a switch. Can I use a 2 way wago connector for each cable and do they need to be enclosed in a box? Also, will this cause any issues with continuity and resistance testing in the future? Thanks in advance
  15. LHensh

    Extending 1.5mm and 2.5mm cables

    I'm needing to extend the cables I have coming from my garage fuse board as I am wanting to move the position of the first switch and socket in the circuit. Would extending via Wago 222 connectors housed in a Wago junction box so the job for both?
  16. F

    Joining / Extending cable

    I want the CU moved to the other side of the wall (which is inside the garage) and have it at head height. There are 7 x 2.5mm and 1.5mm cables which will not reach far enough (they will get through the wall and have about 30cm the other side but will not be long enough to have the CU at head...
  17. A

    Struggling with Extending CoAxial Cable For a Sensor

    Hey guys! I need to extend 2.5c-2v Coaxial Cable. All the searches online and emailing a few wiring companies have left me empty. I need to extend blind spot sensors on a custom a custom RV I am building. Can I up size coaxial wiring? If so is there a way of connecting the too. I could...
  18. M

    Extending BT Master Socket to RJ11 data only

    Something simple, I think.... my understanding is that the BT master socket extension is unfiltered. Does this mean that I can run it to a RJ11 plate and plug my wifi router directly into the Rj11 socket? I think this is the case. I don't use any landline phones, so have no need for phone...
  19. T

    Extending cables for a new board change

    Hi all, looking for some advice with regards to extending cables for a consumer unit change. The old board is a mess inside with cables being cut short etc. What's your go to method for extending. When I've only had to extend a couple I've used the Ideal inline splice connectors, but this is...
  20. P

    Extending Wifi

    Hi I went to look at a job recently, the house is quite big and they are having trouble getting WIFI in one side of the house. They currently have a BTHUB5 and are at the maximum amount of BT WIFI discs. My plan is to run a CAT6 Cable from the router to the problem area. Is there a device I...


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