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  1. R

    Extending 6mm oven wire

    Hello, so before we start ive done basic electric work at home, so please dont crucify me too much haha Right, i have a dedicated fuse for the oven in the fuse box, so does that mean it has its own circuit i take it?! My current setup is oven on an island, a walkway and hob (gas) on the other...
  2. andrew8902

    Extending the broadband from the Openreach 5C master socket

    Hello. I have a BT openreach master socket (new type with built in filter) and I want to extend the broadband about 3m away and hide the cable in the wall. How can I connect the cable from the FILTERED part of the master socket as I do not want to use a filter at the new point? I want to use a...
  3. S

    UK DIY- advice on extending wiring into new shed

    Hi all, DIY here :) First off let me just say it is advice I am after as I am fully aware that I will probably need an electrician to complete the job. My question is how much I can do myself up to a point. So many years ago I built a shed at the top of the garden ( approx 30m away from garage)...
  4. H

    Extending a ring main wagos or crimps

    Evening all, Was just wondering when extending a ring main from a socket (not a spur but keeping it as a ring ) I have always been told to crimp cables through but would it be acceptable to use wago style lever connectors instead, as the connections are accessible anyway inside the back box...
  5. Strima

    Commercial Extending Imperial Pyro

    I've got a job where I need to move a DB, it's currently in a pub kitchen getting covered in grease etc and the location is right above hot surfaces, not an ideal place. The plan is to install new circuits in the kitchen, food prep and storeroom fed from a new DB in the storeroom. this will be...
  6. R

    Extending ring final circuits

    Hi. I have a CU move to do - around 5m from current location. There are 10 circuits, 4 of them ring finals. I'm considering whether to extend the rings 'as are', or to split the rings somewhere in their approximate middles and extend them to separate RCBOs as radials, the aim being to reduce...
  7. J

    Domestic Extending cooker cable, Scotland

    Hi, I would like to move my built-under oven to the opposite side of the kitchen into an eye-level housing requiring 15M of 6mm T&E cable surface mounted round the kitchen behind the units. To keep it simple I intend leaving the existing switch connected to the existing cooker connection point...
  8. J

    Domestic Extending Outdoor Power with 2 double sockets

    Hello, would appreciate a steer please for extending power further into the garden. Fuse box has a dedicated fuse (see pic) for Garden providing 16amp. Had an electrician that has previously connected armoured cable from existing double socket in garage into new shed providing a double socket...
  9. G

    Extending a lighting circuit to s new extension?

    Hi guys n girls, Building an extension and considering extending the downstairs lighting circuit which is 1.5mm t+e. It is on a 5 amp breaker and I do not know the current length so am unsure if I can extend to the osg maximum of 105m? Also not sure of the osg maximum for bs3871 type mcb...
  10. P

    Domestic Extending wiring - how should I secure the existing untidy wiring?

    Hi, everyone I'm moving some light fittings. The current fittings are wired so there is only a switched live to each fitting. The permanent live is fed to a junction box along with the switch and the switched lives go from there to the fittings. The existing wiring is a real mess - literally...
  11. cprfenom

    extending the earthing arrangement for a steel framed commercial building under 18th edition

    Hi Guys, This is my situation: Existing brick building demolished and replaced with steel frame, steel panel clad warehouse/storage structure. Original building had two electrical supplies: 1 x 63A single phase and neutral via 3 core PVC SWA PVC 1 x 100A TPN via 4 core PVC SWA PVC plus equal...
  12. J

    extending ring and adding smoke alarms to lighting circuit on new extension cert?

    hi i'm going to be having some wiring carried out on my new first floor extension (new bedroom) which just entails extending the ring main, and lighting circuit and adding interlinked mains smoke alarms to the upstairs lighting circuit, including a heat alarm in the kitchen. i've spoke to...
  13. N

    Extending Wiring - beginner!

    Hi, compete novice here. I am trying to repair a microphone and I need to extend the current wiring to reach the XLR plug. See photo. The wires are extremely thin! What’s the best way to add new wires to this to extend? Twist and then electrical tape??hope this makes sense.
  14. L

    Extending ring circuit

    Morning all, i plan on extending ring circuit, installing additional 13A socket in the room. Plan of action was to install black 30A junction box under floorboard to one of the legs. However after some research on this forum, junction box must be easily accessible and not suitable for the job...
  15. H

    Should garage have secondary consumer unit? + Best way to extend power from garage to shed?

    A dedicated 20A type C MCB located in the consumer unit in my house feeds power to my detached brick-built double garage via an underground armoured cable. This MCB is one of a group that is controlled by an 80A RCD. There is no additional MCB protection within the garage. The incoming...
  16. F

    (DIY) Extending the ring up the wall (insulation?)

    So, I'm now on my second electrical project (after the success of adding a double socket to mums attic!). In my "computer room" I'm using two extension leads to power 7 or 8 plugs, all from one single socket in the room. One of these plugs is for a powerful PC, the rest are for low power...
  17. Marcus Vaughan

    High(ish Zs and extending ring final question.

    Hi all. Love the forum by the way. I do have a question though... I have just visited a house (on a Sunday!). Customer is asking for additional sockets onto 32amp ring final. Circuit is 30mA RCD protected. Wiring is 2.5mm/1.5mm tinned copper. Thought I’d better do a live Zs test. Zs = 1.29...
  18. I

    Extending 2.5mm in a backbox

    Hi, Just replacing some kitchen sockets and the existing wiring wont reach the new sockets as the N & L are reversed. It's been a while since I did any of this as my qualifications are in industrial electronics. Firstly can I use 30A connector block? or Wago connectors? and if they wont fit in...
  19. D

    Extending Circuits for a side extension

    Hi, I have been asked to price for a side extension which will contain a utility room, office, few down lights etc. The house was rewired by another firm 18 months ago, with all the correct paperwork etc and completely renovated. A RFC and lighting circuit have been installed and terminated in...
  20. D

    Extending Circuits for a side extension

    Hi, I have been asked to price for a side extension which will contain a utility room, office, few down lights etc. The house was rewired by another firm 18 months ago, with all the correct paperwork etc and completely renovated. A RFC and lighting circuit have been installed and terminated...
  21. T

    Extending sub main cables?

    Hi everyome We're refurbing our lower ground flat within a Victorian terraced house, and there are 2 flats above. Contractor has knocked out all relevant walls and found services running through what is to be open plan living room. So we need to relocate the service run to the flats above. Gas...
  22. A

    Extending an electrical outlet

    Hi all, new member here. Re doing my bathroom in a new flat and want to move a fused switch connection which powered a rubbish heater fan (mounted high on the wall), to lower down so I can use it to power an electric towel radiator. Basically what's the correct way to extend the wire about 3-4...

    Extending shower cable

    Hi people, I have a cable that comes up into the shower. Now as it stands the old sparkie extended the cable by using connector strips then putting tape around this. He left the wire outside Of the wall which I know is dangerous. What is the best way you would fix this situation as I would be...
  24. T

    extending cables to new cu

    an old fuse box needs replacing and some of the old cabling needs to be extended to reach the new mcb s. somebody told me that it would be ok to crimp new cables on, but I would always solder and heat shrink as I know that does not derate the cable. any thoughts?
  25. T

    Extending earth wire from socket

    Hey all I'm replacing a socket, but the earth wire isn't long enough so I need to extend it. I have bought these from screwfix: Ideal SpliceLine In-Line Wire Connectors Pack of 10 - http://www.screwfix.com/p/ideal-spliceline-in-line-wire-connectors-pack-of-10/42201 I just have a couple of...
  26. S

    Spurs off Spurs on radial circuit

    So you can spur off Spurs on a radial socket circuit, is this because the cable is protected via a 20amp breaker at the board compared to 32amp on a ring?
  27. happyhippydad

    EIC or minor works cert?

    Hello all.... I am in the process of extending the ring in the kitchen and also extending another ring upstairs. Also extending lighting circuit into a new on-suite along with a fan and shaver point. Also extending lighting circuit into a new bedroom. I just assumed that this would be an EIC...
  28. stidge

    cu in shower room

    Hi all, job visited they are extending downstairs wc and fitting a shower(quadrant)the meters gas, elec and old wilex rewireable cu. they want a new cu fitting, shower feed, lights etc. I have told them the cu will have to be moved out of room but meters can remain boxed in! (In cupboard with...
  29. K

    minor works??

    Hello , called to fit shower in a housing athourity bungalow, customer says that the previous tennant had one before, there is a circuit in place and has been disconnected on secondary side of isolator. so ganna come off that if tests ok ,, surley this would be a minor works certificate?? (...
  30. C

    Labc minnor works

    hi guys do u have to pay labc for minnor works ie new out side light as im useing this as one of my minnor job for niccy to see i have already done ccu with them as my major job just dont want to ring and fell a pillak
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