1. Q

    SPD coding on an EICR

    Hi All, just carried out an EICR on a rented property that has mains smoke detectors, there is no SPD fitted and as I understand any safety service should be protected by an SPD, what code would you give this.
  2. S

    EICR Code for two circuits on one cable.

    Hi, Currently undertaking an EICR on a factory, we have came across an 4 core SWA and 4 Core SY which have been split in the DB to serve two separate circuits. The SWA has the Brown on a 10A MCB and the Grey is on a 16A. So clearly they have shared earths and shared neutrals, similar scenario...
  3. D

    EICR not received as promised after payment

    I commissioned an EICR to be done on a property that is in Wales as this is now a requirement in order to let on any new tenancies after 1st December 2022 (Renting Homes Act 2016). I was at the property whilst the EICR was being done and was told that it would fail on a hairline fracture on a...
  4. lozarus

    SY cable on EICR again ....

    Morning all So the site I'm based at recently had some work done (think partitioners). This package of work included electrical. This was actually good news to me in a way, as it was one less job for me to do on an already busy schedule - but it was niggling at me that I'd possibly end up...
  5. R

    Will this fuse board require work prior to EICR?

    I was just about to book an EICR inspection for my property when the decorator said he didn't think the fuse board would pass. He said there was no RCD on the top board and partial on the bottom one. So rather than pay twice I was thinking of getting any potential work done first prior to the...
  6. P

    EICR fail: No RCD Protection for lights etc.

    I am a landlord and my managing estate agent just recently organised an electrician to carry out EICR. Came back as unsatisfactory, no RCD protection on: lights, smoke alarm, door bell and immersion heater. There is RCD protection on sockets and cooker. Electrician suggests changing the...
  7. W

    EICR code car park lighting

    External lighting accessible to the public with no RCD protection Its a car park for block of flats, lots of 3 foot bollards dotted about Torn between a C3 or C2
  8. B

    UK Need an ECR -NICEIC or NAPPIT?

    Hi all I need an Electrical Integrity Report for a rental property as it’s becoming mandatory in Wales. Does it matter who I use be it NICEIC or NAPPIT? I think both are qualified to perform them but only NICEIC do EICRs? NAPPIT name them something else I think?? Anyone confirm this a d...
  9. S

    EICR done in 2 stages?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I can pay to have an EICR done for part of a house (so I can put plasterboard up etc... safe in the knowledge that that section of the house is OK?). I'm doing quite a large building project on 5 bedroom house. Could I do the remaining part (kitchen) on a separate...
  10. Jurassicsparky

    water damage to small part of installation.

    how extensive should an EICR be following minor water damage to a small part of a domestic installation, water came through one pendant in upstairs bedroom , no other circuits affected?
  11. T

    Questions regarding EICR for rental property

    Recently booked an EICR for a 2 bed rental property (first time letting this property). Quoted price for the test. How long should an electrician allow for the test? Should they automatically do any remedial works needed? Should they phone me and quote for any works needed? Many thanks in...
  12. L

    landord has FAILED to supply a EICR test to a tenant : what can they do now ?

    First EICR was a 10 min drive by and tenant told "unsafe" this was 9 months after the deadline .To date the landlord has refused to get anything done about bad wiring etc etc . What would be the best route to complain , Council etc??
  13. newfutile

    eicr coding (bathroom)

    How would you code a bathroom with all insulated fittings , no supplementary bonding and not supplied by rcd . The old BPG4 seemed to suggest its not required to report ,but it no longer states this in the latest BPG4
  14. W

    Pricing for an EICR, probable can of worms

    Just having a look at pricing this for a shop asked the owner to send me some pics of the board/intake getting that twitch in my nose that says dont go near it already spotted an instant C1
  15. M

    EICR F1 faults holding up Satisfactory certificate.

    Just had an EICR, and the tester won't provide a satisfactory certificate until F1 faults are corrected. These mainly consist of locating circuits that they didn't test. On the last EICR that took place at my site (17th edition) I recall the rectification of C1 and C2 faults being sufficient...
  16. littlespark

    EICR on an old church

    Straightforward EICR job coming up on my village church. Don’t think it’s ever had one before. Quick visual survey today to estimate my time, and instant thoughts are no RCDs anywhere, cables clipped surface here, there and everywhere and joint boxes hidden behind wood panelling. (I should know...
  17. S

    AFDD EICR - unsatisfactory report landlord

    We are new landlords and have just got an EICR done. The building is only 5 years old so I am shocked that remedial work has been noted as necessary/mandatory. Apparently AFDDs needs to be fitted as the building is over 6 story’s high (it’s a 4th floor one bed flat) due to a regulation that came...
  18. B

    Regarding carrying out an EICR on my own home.

    I was registered with the NICEIC until about 3 years ago as a competent person under BS7671, 17th edition. The EICR on my home expires shortly and I am capable of carrying out the appropriate testing and measurement but am I allowed to do it? As I am planning a cellar conversion, I will be...
  19. N

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated.

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated. Research says I need an IP44. The lamp is about 2.45m above the floor and about 30cms outside the side of the bath. Has he made a mistake or have I?
  20. James

    EICR IN CV7 Warwickshire

    Any one want to do an EICR on a large flat in old arley, warwickshire? if interested, p.m me your Details and I will pass them on to the customer. nice guy, I have done a fair bit of industrial work for his business but I keep out of domestic work hence the work is up for grabs.
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