1. L

    EIC for change of swtich after a EICR

    HI Guys and Girls, Sorry been out the game for a while so a bit behind on the regs etc and changes with rental properties on a rental property i own, we had a EICR had 1x c2 (burn damage on a 20a switch) which was replaced the letting agency is requesting a EIC for the updated work of...
  2. F

    Eicr test gymnasium and country club

    I have been asked to carry out an eicr at a country club and gym. Large premises. What’s everyone’s thought on price. It would need to be per circuit
  3. M

    Do I need to rewire after this EICR

    Hi, First time buyer here who is purchasing a 1970s 3 bed semi detached. No idea about anything electrical but the vendor said the electrics are old so we got an EICR report done. It's full of C3's and C2's and he recommends a full rewire. We have the budget to have this done if we must, but a...
  4. S

    EICR - I completed all remedial works now being told he needs to do a full test again

    Hey all, Could do with some help. I had a company recommended to me who quoted me to do an EICR on my rental property. (£265). I thought this was quite expensive but as I've been messed around no end by tradesmen I thought I'd go with the recommendation and pay the extra. I also asked him to...
  5. Alan Landlord

    remedial work after EICR.

    hi i had an EICR report done for a property i let. It had a number of C1 and C2 observations. I got a different electrician to come in and correct these as well as replace my old fuse board to a consumer unit. Following the work, he is giving me 2 additional C2 observations that were not in...
  6. J

    EICR Nightmare and Advise

    All - Would appreciate some advise or professional help as I'm facing a £4.5K bill following an EICR which seems to highlight issues that passed just last year's EICR. First EICR done in March 2021 - Passed with only C3 observations. Second EICR done - just on advise online before change of...
  7. S

    EICR Service Head in wardrobe.

    Hi What would you code this at if at all? It in the back of a wardrobe. Thanks S
  8. S

    EICR - Unsatisfactory - No RCD - C2

    Hi all, have just ordered my first EICR ever for a studio to 1-bed conversion flat in London. It cost a little less than £80 and the electrician had great reviews on the site I booked him on. It came back with 4x C2 and 1x C3, all related to RCD. The summary was unsatisfactory with comment "No...
  9. AlureofSugar

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Fraudulent EICR, who to contact?

    I hope somebody can help me here, I really need some advice on who to complain to in this situation please: Hello, So after months of chasing my landlord, I've finally gotten my hands on the EICR for the rental property. There are some serious issues which makes me strongly suspect the landlord...
  10. C

    purpose of an EICR is not to say if a fan is working

    We carried out an EICR in a large 5 bedroom house for a house purchaser The EICR found various issues with the house from a safety standpoint however now they have moved into the property the owner has said some rooms dont have enough light fittings and sockets, an extractor fan is not working...
  11. littlespark

    Got myself in a pickle.... EICR remedials

    Been asked to do remedials on holiday cottages after recent EICR. Modern consumer units, MK Sentry, but no RCD protection on anything. Bit of a brain fog moment, but what would the rest of you do in adding RCD protection? Which circuits? Just to swap MCB for RCBO Both cottages are identical...
  12. happysteve

    EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report - BS7671 2018 + A2:2022 2022-07-26

    EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) based on the IET Model Forms, for BS7671:2018 + A2:2022 (18th Edition, Amendment 2). Fill out the form using (the free) Adobe Acrobat Reader, then sign digitally and print/send off. Created from scratch by happysteve, using OpenOffice Provided...
  13. W

    Can the company I work for sign off my work?

    Hi guys got a question to ask: In Scotland for reference. My mate recently bought a house and he is wanting me to do an EICR, new Consumer Unit, new shower and extra sockets. I have been qualified for almost 3 years, however I am not approved. My question is can I carry out this work myself...
  14. L

    An EICR on domestic property

    I've had an EICR done on a property via a letting company I use, (they didn't inform us this was taking place), next thing an invoice comes through the door for £180 for a full EICR, and an estimate on the back for £708, for replacement of consumer unit and fault finding for inadequate earthing...
  15. E

    EICR question - gas bond off main TNS

    Hi all, is it acceptable or was it in previous regs if not anymore? To take the gas bond straight off the TNS connection shared with main Earth? See pic. Thanks Paul
  16. D

    Advice following EICR

    The buyer of my house has had an EICR done. I have anonymized and attached. Also the associated quote for remediation. I am wondering: surely the smoke detectors are nothing to do with it (plus, this is not a rental property anyway) it's not clear to me why the CU has to be replaced a lot of...
  17. N

    EICR advice needed!!

    Hi everyone, just learning a bit more about writing up EICRs. I have a situation where I have a 3 phase board with a sub main going to a small office which has a consumer unit in it. The sub main board is supplied by and MCb in the 3 phase board obviously making it into a single phase board in...
  18. littlespark

    Remedial work after EICR

    Ive been asked to quote for remedial work for local village hall after another company flagged up some C2's along with C3's The C2's are basically add rcd protection to the socket circuits...fair do's Now why are they a C2, but RCD on the lights isn't mentioned at all? not even a C3 They say...
  19. E

    Recent EICR unsatisfactory w/ C2 and FI... advise needed!

    Hi all, new to this forum and am completely clueless with all things electrical - hoping to get some advise! My parents received an unsatisfactory EICR on their home recently (it's quite old) and were quoted £3500 upgrading their distribution board to a new metal one with RCBOs. The electrician...
  20. L

    Core eia cert not valid for 2391 eicr work.

    Been informed my core domestic electrical installation cert is now not valid for me to be insured for EICR certification even though I have a 2391 certificate Anyone encountered this?
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