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  1. S

    EICR coding domestic

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm not quite sure about RCD protection for a domestic dwellings - No RCD protection on circuits where cables are not buried to 50mm - I'm of the opinion its a code 3 however some colleagues are saying its a code 2 ( I cant find clarification on this ) - Any ideas...
  2. B

    EICR code

    Went to a converted Victorian house which is now 7 flats to do a job last week in a flat and while I was there I was asked by another lease holder to look at the hallway lighting, intercom, smokes etc that was all off for the previous two weeks. Turns out the whole lot is on a board with an rcd...
  3. B

    EICR big washer what size?

    What size washer would you all presume this is? It’s 20a radial fused down to 6 amps but I’m unsure of dryer size as can’t find details as confused between 7.4 kW and the 3.7A Thanks guys 1589965681 Also has gas inlet too
  4. S

    EICR and EPC reports clarification

    Hi people, Totally confused here. My hubby is a Part P domestic installer ( Elecsa / NICEIC) basically we are looking into taking on other avenues of electrical work and were wondering about doing EICR and EPC reports as we know these are about to take off in a big way due to the recent...
  5. nicnic66

    Assessment of installation for EICR codes?

    Can I get everyone's opinion on the following please for EICR coding? TN-C-S INSTALLATION Ze = 0.26 Pfc 0.9kA SUPPLY FUSE IS 60AMP 1361 16MM2 TAILS FROM CUT OUT TO METER 16MM2 TAILS FROM METER TO SWITCH FUSE 6MM2 MAIN EARTH (C2) SWITCH FUSE IS 80 AMP 1361 16MM2 T+E BURIED IN WALL...
  6. R

    Outdoor t&e - EICR fault code?

    Hi all The subject says it all - there's a lot of outside exposed clipped t&e out there with all the attendant physical protection and UV issues. Question is - should it have a fault code on a report? I guess it would be a C3 at most, but should it feature at all? Cheers
  7. M

    Communal area fed from flat EICR question.

    Apologies if this is a regular question. I've been asked to quote for an EICR for a small block of flats, converted from a house. 3 x houses, terraced together, each has 2,3 or 4 flats inside, probably in the 70's/80's, with some signs of alterations. I've been asked to provide an EICR for the...
  8. C

    EICR code for sockets on an upstairs lights

    Hi guys hope you’re doing ok with all this going on. Anyway recently I was doing an EICR for a family member and to my amazement came across 5 upstairs sockets that were connected to the upstairs lighting circuit. The properties wiring looked quite on the older side but there was a new amendment...
  9. N

    EICR in this situation?

    Did a CU change and a partial rewire (domestic) about a year ago. I gave the EIC for the works I did. Now he's had his builders' "electrician" install a couple more circuits, but wants me to the cert. Builders have disappeared. New circuits have not been notified. Well, I aint doing an...
  10. B

    Burger Van EICR

    Been asked to carry out "safety certificate" on a Burger Van. Can I just use the normal EICR certs or is there a special cert for this? Supplied from a generator, what would this be marked down as on the earthing arrangements? Never done this type before so sorry for all the as
  11. N

    Domestic EICR and covid 19

    I am currently on 14 days self isolation and myself and my son have had possible symptoms of covid. My job is EICRs in domestic tenanted properties. what are peoples views on this ? should i refuse to work ,should i ask for risk assesments and method statements with PPE it seems daft i cant...
  12. Bear

    Domestic EICR.

    Hi all. With the present situation I have some EICR's coming up but obviously cant do them. I had a look in the GN3 but could not see how long a EICR can over run by. So if the Domestic house or an electrical cabinet in the street has its EICR ran out. How long do we have to get it tested...
  13. B

    2 phase supply EICR

    Hi, doing a EICR wanted to know how you guys write up the circuit numbers, say for instance I have a 4 pole RCD and 4 circuits, but I only have 2 phases so the RCD has a neutral L1 and L2 but no L3 Would you write it as L1-2/0 L1/1 L2/1 L1/2 L2/2 Thanks
  14. J

    EICR question

    Hi, i’m looking for some advice. I own a flat which i’ve inherited and i’m looking to rent it out. I’ve had to have a EICR report carried out and the electrician said i need to Replace the consumer unit with a metal one as the one that is there currently is plastic. The one that is there is in...
  15. telectrix

    You want a EICR on This????

    this is in a pub. landlord thought i was ripping him off when i quoted for a EICR... £200 to rewire CU and £200 for the EICR.
  16. EricMark

    Wrong type of RCD is it even part of EICR?

    I have noted more and more items ask for a type A RCD rather than type AC, with electric car charging units it is often even better than type A required, but with car charging units it is hard wired so clearly should be part of the inspection and looking up one make of charger unit not really a...
  17. S

    Advice on EICR fail

    The buyers of our flat (upper floor of a two flat building) have just had an EICR done and it has flagged a number of C1’s and C2’s. I was hoping someone might be able to give a second opinion as to whether the C1’s listed are reasonable (ie should they be C1’s). I’m no expert (at all) and if...
  18. M

    EICR when not in a scheme.

    Hi guys Just wondering about doing testing when not in a scheme. So I'm fully qualified and also have my 2391-52 and have turned down quite a few side jobs of condition reports. However a few people have now said to me I can do them and use generic test forms and pass these on?? Is this correct?
  19. H

    EICR Communal area limitations

    Hello, Looking for a bit of guidance here. Asking from Landlords perspective. To carry out an EICR of the Landlords communal areas, would the inspector include all the sub mains to the individual (3) Flats, which originate from cupboard in the communal area? Would the inspector include fixed...
  20. Z

    Domestic EICR query

    Hi all, really sorry if this question appears silly! We are in the process of buying a property, but have yet to exchange contracts. The property had an extension done, which was issued with a completion certificate. However, it appears the electrics were not signed off due to a number of...
  21. R

    EICR code opinions

    Currently doing an EICR, query concerns a distribution circuit to a pool plant room around 200m from the intake. Supply is TNS and a TPN SWA is fed from a 63a type D underground to the pool plant. At the plant room the SWA is terminated into plastic trunking with a separated TT system taking...
  22. Electron

    Phantom EICR story...

    NICEIC don't cover me for EICRs as I am just a Domestic Electrician, not a Qualified Supervisor. So, I don't do many. However, a customer, who owns a HMO, needed one doing in a hurry for his Council Licence. Before I visited the property, I collected the last two EICRs and was surprised to see...
  23. Pete999

    Anyone interested in an EICR in Northampton

    As title reason I can't do it is medical, nice cople contact me VIA PM if interested and I'll pass details on to client
  24. O

    EICR and non standard conductors

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what I write on an EICR when I come across different conductors, I have a job with what I think looks like multi-stranded 4mm tinned copper on a ring. Particularly in the schedule of test results, do I just say it's 4mm/2.5mm and then add it as an observation, is it even...
  25. ETradesmen


    Evening all, just a query! I’ve been asked and have completed a C2 observation on a EICR. I never carried out the initial EICR but have installed supplementary bonding inside a property which has now got a clean bill of health. The customer has asked me for a revised EICR that states...
  26. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  27. A

    Asbestos check before fixed wire test

    Hello all. I'm starting to do more fixed wire testing at my company and wondering about asbestos checks. The last company I worked for (was an apprentice at the time) didn't check any asbestos register before starting the test so just wondering where to stand with it. These will be commercial...
  28. Baddegg

    Following on from eicr thread..

    Started writing up the report this morning and reading through my notes..... What would cause an rcd to fail the test at the board, passed x1/2 @ 0 and 180 fails x1 & x5, so testing directly at the rcd but it passes at 6 sockets I tested at?....had it before where it passes at the board but...
  29. Baddegg

    First eicr and low iR readings

    Being new to this game I’ve been waiting a while for the right job to come along and I have now done my first eicr today, small Chinese takeaway 2 circuits (lights and 1 rfc) most cooking appliances are gas, found some interesting stuff like sockets wired from lighting circuit,main bond buried...
  30. S

    EICR coding

    Hi guys what would you code a wall light fitting mounted about 300mm away from an oak beamed cieling? The fitting has led lamps fitted but could be replaced with halogen etc?
  31. S

    Eicr help

    After some advice please. Been to carry out eicr today, property is only one year old. No problems on any out going circuits from consumer unit. But tails run well over 6 meters and are buried less than 50mm with no additional or mechanical protection. This been designed to 17th edition I gave a...
  32. C

    Eicr ring main readings

    Would you guys be happy with these readings on ring main,Rcbo c type 30ma/32 amp. r1 1.87...rn 1.91 cpc 3.20....R1 +R2.1.26. zs 1.46 ohms.
  33. M

    Eicr communal boards

    Hi guys I'm having major works being done on our flats by the council. There is no periodic inspection lables on the boards in communal areas. How many years is required between each periodic test?? Council said it an be up to ten years??? I sure it was no longer than 5. Any advice would be...
  34. P

    EICR - Holding back test results?

    A customer has asked me to quote for some work and he sent a copy of the EICR that was done a while back. As can be seen, the person who did the eicr is holding back the test results until the C2's have been resolved? I don't do many EICRs mainly because there are locals doing them too cheap...
  35. S

    EICR codes - school

    Hi all Currently carrying out an EICR on a senior school. I constantly find myself questioning my codes as I always go on the side of caution and appreciate I can possibly be a bit too harsh? From the minute I got my testing I was thrown out on my own and have pretty much self taught since...
  36. A

    Electrician provided 17th Edition EICR and says its ok

    He used AMTECH software to produce and said it's ok - the authorities will accept it. Makes no sense to me. Please advise.
  37. B

    EICR coding

    Testing on a commercial site which has an outdoor panel which feeds various car chargers and lighting, now upon opening the panel with a triangle key you have access to all switch gear now would you code anything for no secondary barrier? I opened another box and it had a plastic face plate...
  38. J

    EICR report and £900 remedial work - seems fair?

    Hello, I felt hot sockets in my house. I called an electrician who said the fuse board was dangerous - just by looking at it. Horrified was the word used. He carried out testing and did some other work. £120 for the report £140 for bonding to gas and water services £80 for T&E cable to front...
  39. C

    Unsatisfactory Domestic EICR - Should I rewire or spot fix

    Hi All, I am about to buy a 1930s house for which I have got a Unsatisfactory rating for the Domestic EICR. I am now in a bit of fix in deciding whether I should go for a complete rewire or just fix the issues raised in the report. I am also planning a back extension in the next 6 months and...
  40. tigerpaul

    Site cabin EICR

    Hi folks, We have a site welfare cabin that needs an EICR. The cabin is powered by an onboard generator, which is connected to an earth electrode. What is lowest acceptable resistance we are looking for when conducting an earth electrode test. Thanks for any advice you can give, I have gone...
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