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  1. S

    EICR - made me laugh

    One of my friends has recently moved down to Dorset (from London). Had an EICR carried out by a sparks down there as it’s a bit out of my catchment area (Kent..). He asked me to have a look at said report. There are several things that annoy/make me laugh about this report that was done. Let’s...
  2. C

    EICR prices - 3 bed semi or per certificate?

    I was asked if I can test a domestic property in Liverpool yesterday, I said yes i can and told them I charge £120 for an EICR. They then replied "£100 sounds better" I replied saying no I charge £120 for a domestic EICR (Which i think is pretty reasonable?) They did not reply! Out of...
  3. B

    EICR coding help

    Is the Napit EICR Codebreakers book any use? Got a few problems that another spark disagrees with, All on one board Plastic board not in an escape route or below stairs C3 No busbar cover on board C3 Spur for Storage heater has crack on fuse holder C3 No cover on inside bulkhead light C3 No RCD...
  4. W

    Codes domestic eicr best practice

    Hi just looking for any tips and knowledge. When carrying out a domestic eicr I’ve noticed a pattern such as often No metal board No rcd protection Not to ip 4x or 2 x I’m still picking up on things to put and don’t want to get into a habit of jut the same ones. Any other recommendations in...
  5. JK-Electrical

    Yet Another Dodgy EICR

    A prospective customer has contacted me via a recommendation received from a mutual contact and asked me to provide a quotation for remedial works that have arisen from an EICR that was recently undertaken at a three-bedroom property he rents out. In his initial e-mail, he said that the letting...
  6. B

    EICR help

    Hi looking for some advice, basically have an upfront 100mA RCD at 1 DB that feeds another DB with no RCD just MCBs in 2nd DB, now on schedule of tests it says over current which at 2nd DB which will be my 100mA RCD and Associated RCD but where Operating current for each circuit is would you put...
  7. C

    Domestic Have I got a poor EICR?

    Please help a confused home owner. I commissioned an EICR on my recent house purchase. 1st electrician said "You don't need an EICR. You need an RCBO. Anyone who tells you it needs rewiring is wrong". 2nd electrician did part of the EICR & summarised "This property has many factors...
  8. JK-Electrical

    A Rather Obvious Forged EICR

    I know for a fact that the attached EICR is a forgery. I suspected as much even before I had been given a copy of the report. My suspicions were confirmed the moment I noticed that the tester had entered 25 years as the estimated age of the installation. The installation is in fact, brand-new...
  9. FatAlan

    EICR Derby

    Mate of a mate has a pub in Derby town centre needing an EICR. Anyone interested, PM me and I can find out more.
  10. J

    4293 elcb coding __________

    Been called to a job for a second opinion, Previous spark said current db set up would warrant a code 2 and therefore need a board change. Granted the elcb set up isn't great for discrimination but cant see this warranting more than a C3. But what about the elcb itself? It Tests out fine. Any...
  11. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic EICR Code for switch in bathroom.

    I've just completed an EICR and found a switch for towel rail in bathroom. It is located outside zones. There is no RCD on this circuit, this is coded elsewhere. My first thought was as located within 3M, Reg 701.512.3 code C2 But upon reading reg properly it specifically refers to sockets. I...
  12. B

    25mm split con sub main eicr code?

    Just done an EICR on a domestic, the sub main running from origin to cu is 25mm split con. Hard to know if its more than 50mm deep in walls etc without intrusive investigation. So could run with FI, but obv that doesn't deliver a satisfactory report. Bit of a tricky one as it would have complied...
  13. P

    Electrical testers required urgently to carry out Eicr testing in stevenage and essex long contract

    Looking for electrical testers to carry out EICR testing in stevenage and Essex areas, high volume of works, price work, Applicants must be fully qualified, 2391 , must have own tools and transport
  14. D

    Eicr codes

    Hi All. What will be the code for : - short circuit in radial; - low value of resitance for motor circuit; -no continuity on ring ;
  15. MarkySparky1962

    Definitive answer please - EICR

    Morning All Please can someone provide me a definitive answer to matters pertaining EICR As a NICEIC Domestic Installer I hold C&G 2392, 2393, and my 18th Ed. I’m keen for this thread not to descend into a 5 day pay as you go wonder v 90 years on the tools indented apprentices how very dare...
  16. E

    Commercial EICR Responsibilities.

    Hi Guys, I need verification as to who is responsible for 5year Testing & Inspection of commercial units. The tenant or Landlord? Scenario, a unit/ building Electrical Installation ready for renting is Tested & brought up to a current edition of the regs before handing over, Probably a bare...
  17. J

    EICR certificate

    On an installation there are two main switch’s one in a 12 way DB, another is an exel switch fuse supplying two DB’s. What would you put down as the main switch on the cert on page 2? Thanks
  18. V

    Landlords EICR and t&e sub mains without RCD

    Hi All Been doing a lot of EICR for landlords recently due to new legislation and agents i guess. One common issue im finding even with relatively new (10 years) old installations is a T&E sub main. Now some of these have a 100mA rcd .. or no RCD .. some are even wired in concentric cable...
  19. Billwah

    Unsatisfactory EICR??

    Hi there all, Just had an EICR c/o in my 3 bed house, and got an unsatisfactory report with c2 and c3 observations. The c3 is an advisory, with the two c2's causing the unsatis overall report. The CU is 20 yes old and plastic, with RCD to some circuits, and not others. All are MCBs. Have been...
  20. B

    EICR CODE too close to pipes

    What is the right code for: a) central heating pipes running directly below a socket (left to right). Could heat from the pipes slightly warm the socket and possibly warm a flex cord of a plugged in appliance if it touches the pipe? Would lagging the pipes solve this? b) electric cable...
  21. H

    Eicr sample size question

    Good afternoon Was just wondering when a sample size is set for an EICR Say 50% would the remaining circuits have to be identified for schedule purposes. I'm training to becoming an electrician and it's something that I'm unsure about. Thanks Harry
  22. bigspark17

    Eicr test date/stickering when unsatisfactory

    What do you guys who carry out eicr on commercial premises with multiple consumer units do when putting tested/next test stickers on each consumer unit, do you just put one at origin, one on each cu? And if the result is unsatisfactory what do you put on the next test date due, if there are...
  23. L

    EICR ....I was amazed !

    Hello, I am by no means an expert but having just successfully completed my 2391-52 I was interested to be passed this EICR and see some of the observations. I have removed the inspectors details but he/they are NICEIC approved contractors and have been in the industry for many years. I...
  24. M

    EICR finds for a Friday....

    Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this? Are you hanging on the edge of your seat? Out of the doorway the SPARKY rips To the sound of the beat, yeah Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Another one bites the dust, yeah Hey, I'm...
  25. Bobby34

    EICR/PIR Shadowing for new DI

    Are there any sparks in the Rugby/Northampton/Leamington or Leicester area that carry out EICR's on a regular basis that wouldn't mind me shadowing one? I'm a new DI and To be honest i'd be pretty comfortable carrying one out anyway following the form through (albeit not on the NIC form having...
  26. T

    EICR & emergency lights

    Evening all I use to have a really good booklet on EICR codes and examples but i cant seem to find it now! Can anybody recommend a helpful page/print out for this? Also can anyone point me to a good page/print out for emergency lighting regs, positions etc... Thanks
  27. G

    Domestic EICR Question - Lots of confusion out there ....

    I need to have an EICR since I am getting a small HMO going, and this is the current fuseboard, seems REG16 one.. I had a few electricians coming around and some say they have to change the board, some says I need to RCD all the circuits, some says they only provide a paper report and some say...
  28. Marcus Vaughan

    EICR - Code 1 or 2 - for unenclosed conductors in choc-blocs?

    Hi all, I've got a couple of examples of this; on a domestic EICR. I'm on the fence with the coding - C1 or C2. There is no copper showing on the live parts - but I wouldn't like to grab it. I just want to be consistent with this - I mean if it was just bare conductors twisted together...
  29. C

    Rewire not certified.. Eicr

    Hi, I have been asked to carry out an eicr and issue cert on a property, the owner is looking to sell and he is getting some grief from the buyers as he had his property rewired 4 years ago but wasnt issued a certificate. He has said he needs a certificate to prove the work has been done, as i...
  30. P

    EICR requirement prior to CU change?

    I agree that it's best to do an EICR before a CU replacement, but is there an actual regs that dictates that an EICR 'must' be conducted prior to a CU change?
  31. Leeroy

    Commercial Launderette EICR advice please

    Hi Guys Just hoping to get a second opinion before i submit an EICR i carried out on a Launderette . All the isolators for the machines are hidden behind and accessible by removing a wooden panel that sits on top but any customers are unlikely to know this unless the owner is in constant...
  32. Z

    Went to quote, discovered recent EICR has fabricated results. How to proceed with client?

    I went to quote for remedial work in a flat yesterday. The client is selling the flat and wants an EICR for the purposes of the sale. The last week they had an NIC electrician who performed an EICR, which they then sent to me. Worth mentioning at this point that a neighbouring flat had caught...
  33. S

    Eicr question opinions

    Interested to see opinions...consumer unit wired up as dual board but only 1 common neutral bar ..what code would you give
  34. S

    EICR Test and tips thank

    First periodic test since doing my 18th edition top up months ago and I don’t have it t hand. So until I get home to have a nose and realise this question is ridiculous I need reminding. 3 circuits (lights x 2 and boiler ) are not on an RCD. The installation is over 10 years old as the last...
  35. V

    EICR and RCD's. Is it a C2 or C3?

    Hi, My EICR is a C2 because the consumer unit does NOT have RCD's. Is it correct? My last EICR five years ago stated RCD as recommended. What's changed? The flat is on the 2nd floor built in 1997! The electrician has quoted for a NEW Consumer Unit. Thanks Victor
  36. naylorpd

    Domestic Advice on Unsatisfactory EICR report

    I've had an EICR on the house in Reading that I rent out with some unsatisfactory points and I'm looking for some advice. Broadly, there are no big surprises because I know that the CU is old, has no RCDs and needs to be changed out. But: 1) Circuits not buried more than 50mm....the house was...
  37. T

    EICR every 3 years for EM light circuits

    Evening all Got an email from a prison we do work at who said they have been told that any circuits that contain emergency lights need to periodically tested every 3 years on top of the 5 yearly test. I have looked through the IET but cant see any info on it? Can anyone point me in the right...
  38. H

    Electrical installation refence methods

    Good evening I'm a trainee electrician and currently involved in some EICRs. Was just wondering about the installation methods codes, I've been looking through the 18th edition wiring regulations but can't seem to find the code for say twin and earth cable capped in a masonry wall and so was...
  39. multimick

    eicr code now 18th edition

    i always used to code 3 plastic consumer units as not AMD3 compliant,just wondering now 18th what others do ,ignore or code ?
  40. R

    Confusing EICR, 'Satisfactory' assessment but C1 present

    As a newbie to this forum, I'm hoping that someone can help me understand a particular aspect of the EICR that was done on behalf of the previous owners of my current house. At the time (which I admit was some while ago) I was slightly confused by it but in all the chaos of buying the house, I...
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