1. M

    UK EICR price

    Hi, Just lost out on a fairly large EICR, over a thousand circuits. Contractor 1s price was 44,000 My firms price came in at 37,000 - this was priced on a per circuit basis plus digs ect... Another came in at 15,000! Obviously the client went for the cheapest. Interested to know if anyone...
  2. I

    EICR Failed - Open circuit / No continuity

    Hi, I had an EICR done and it failed on one item which was a C2 and that was in our utility room. From what I was told there is an open circuit and no continuity. It took a long while but after questions asked, it was ascertained that the previous owner had an old boiler in the utility room...
  3. U

    TT system EICR questions

    Wondering if anyone can advise as I’m struggling to understand the regs, I’ve never tested or even worked on a TT system. I have tested an old farm that has been converted to a school so it is no longer an agricultural premises. The main supply is a three phase PME which feeds all 6 consumer...
  4. KungFuTurkeyLeg

    Rammed metal trunking

    Hi all After some opinions from a job I did previously. I was installing fibre into the existing trunking, and not touching the electrics. It was a 16 floor council block with 4 risers on each landing. Made up of 2x1 framing and MDF boards with firestop board screwed to the back of them. Rough...
  5. C

    Eicr standards

    I seem to remeber being taught /told that when doing an eicr you should test when possible to the regs that applied at the time of installation but bearing in mind the current regs. If that makes sense? So test to old standards but recommend upgrades as per new standards if you like
  6. timhoward

    £0 Pre-pay meter and EICR

    I have an new set of circs here... Landlord in Cyprus EICR needed in empty flat. No credit on meter. Need power for Ze (TNCS) and RCD test at minimum. New pre-pay smart meter was installed after last tenant left. This one needs a code entering, not the much simpler pre-pay token thing. No sign...
  7. S

    Communal DB does it require RCD protection to be a sat EICR

    Question is does this DB really need RCD protection as there are only internal lights and sockets supplying this large building that used to be a mansion and is now 4 flats. heres the DB its labelled L/L on the right only providing 3 light pendants a timer light and 2 single sockets all in the...
  8. L

    EICR - Help on my Request for Electrical Safety Alternatives and Quotes

    Good morning, We have a two-bedroom flat that my wife and I rent out to supplement our income. Following the recent EICR, several issues categorised as C1, C2, and C3 were identified. I've tries to discuss alternatives with the engineer, particularly concerning the replacement of the consumer...
  9. D

    RCBO installtion in old MCU following EICR Report

    Hi, I recently had an EICR done at my property which unfortunately was unsatisfactory. So the electrican advised a new fuseboard from BG General or Fusebox but he advised there will be alteration to the wall as the unit is flush mount inside wall and the mounting frame is glued in with screws...
  10. L

    “HRRB” regs and EICR’s

    Its like fighting a argument with idiots at times ! OK. EICR . Building 6 floors Floors high . legal interior height is ground floor to top floor flooring level 15.51 metres . Yet been told that AFD’s need to be fitted . So ..I show them the regs as I believe and also the Gov portal...
  11. Thirst for knowledge

    First ever eicr report failed

    Private tenant since 2011. First ever eicr February 23 informed via text it failed by text from electric secretary arranging appointment for repairs, obvs gonna fail as bodge jobs themselves! Electrical company, agent, landlord are all friends, I've been given no reports , certificates, or...
  12. P

    EICR coding of 521.8.1 violations (3P over 2 cables)

    Another thread asked about two circuits sharing a common multi-core cable and regulation 521.8.1 was mentioned. A friend of mine has inherited the "opposite" issue of a 3P circuit spilt over two T&E runs. Yes, I know that is bizarre and not something you really would expect to meet. However...
  13. D

    I've just been asked to do a commercial EICR

    Hi everybody, I've been asked to do a EICR in a commercial property, So i popped in to have a look on my way home quickly and found the lighting cables are clipped to the ceiling and walls, So my question is... do the lighting circuits need RCD protection due to not being 50mm deep in walls...
  14. S

    EICR in Flat - cross-connected circuits, T&E tails, composite earth

    I'm practising EICRs on friendly locations as I'm still in training - technically done my 2391-52 but frankly need loads more practise. I've just done an EICR on a flat and a few things that I didn't know how to code/address came up: 1) How do you code (and look for) inter-connected circuits? I...
  15. C

    EICR, no 3A fuse for a fan

    Just wanted to get some thoughts from other electricians who regularly do EICRS, does anyone else code a fan isolater with no 3A fuse protection?
  16. C

    Derating a BS3871 following an EICR C2

    Hi, I’m interested to hear other views on BS3871 MCBs being changed following a C2 non compliance on an EICR for over rated protective device. Eg. A 2.5mm radial circuit protected by a 32A device and then swapping the BS3871 for another BS 3871 but a 20A device.
  17. C

    Socket Tester Neutral Fault

    Today I was doing an EICR and went around a couple sockets with a Megger MST220 socket tester just to see if there was anything obvious, all three green lights came on saying everything was fine and correct. When I took the faceplate off to do my R1 R2s I got readings of 0.60 on R1 but then...
  18. DonStarr

    EICR - Full rewire recommended

    I've recently has an EICR (report attached) carried out on my two bed flat because I need to rent it out for a year. The electrician has come back saying I need to replace the fuse box to pass the inspection (which I was expecting as no RCD and generally out of date), he has also 'strongly...
  19. R

    Mains tails EICR coding

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me with some EICR coding. I am aware that bringing mains tails into a fire rated consumer unit through separate holes can lead to some issues. I encountered this exact issue today for the first time and i am unsure whether this is likely to...
  20. B

    EICR - Garden Lighting RCD

    Good Afternoon All Currently doing an EICR on common parts of a big site with multiple blocks. All blocks have outside garden spike lighting in flower beds. These have been run on edge of bed in NYYJ clipped direct above the soil. There they have terminated into WISKA boxes but then run off in...


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