1. L

    Info required on recent EICR Certificates, don't look right

    Afternoon, I have just had EICR tests done on two of my rental properties, with another two properties still to be tested. The electrician has sent me ( e-mailed ) the two certificates for the completed jobs . Is e-mail acceptable or should I get paper copies ? All pages of the report have...
  2. Z

    Selling property with C2 EICR issues

    Hi all, we got an EICR report done before tenanting our previous home having become "accidental landlords". See attached. The report came back with some C2 and some C3 codes. I requested quotes from the management company but, perhaps due to lockdown etc, the work was never actioned. Now the...
  3. C

    EICR issue. Need advice

    Hi, I'm new to being a Landlord (wasn't my plan!) Anyway I contacted a company online who arrange for electricians from around the country to perform EICR reports. The property is a small studio flat, 10 years old. (The electrician stated approx 20 yrs old on the report.) The report came back...
  4. L

    Hosting a Ukraine family : EICR ??

    Been reading about what a UK family etc has to go through before they are allowed to Host a Ukraine Family .Gas safe check , EICR ? , Monoxide detectors , Security checks etc etc .Even MIN size of room for a kid etc ! Anyone been asked to do a Electrical test on a property for this reason ???
  5. W

    Unsatisfactory EICR with C2 and FI, advise needed

    New to this forum. Just received the first EICR report which is unsatisfactory (C2 and FI issues below). The electrician quoted for another £300 for remedial work. Is this reasonable charge, or shall I get another quote? Thank you in advance for advice.
  6. K

    EICR code for the below picture

    Hello team Could anyone in the group please advise me on what relevant code I can provide on my EICR for the below Best regards, Karthik
  7. N

    eicr certification -remedial work

    my company has just had a few EICR's on their flats carried out, a few c1's and 2's missing blanks on front of cu, top of cu not to IP standard. mcbs not rated properly. The company are withholding the certs until the work is carried out. Am I right in saying we are under no obligation to have...
  8. W

    EICR coding question

    Came across this on an EICR and was wondering how everyone else would code it. Basically there’s a sangamo time clock that controls a contactor which switches a 3 phase DB for storage heaters, strange set up in a flat. So you’ve basically got 6mm cables in this sangamo time clock that are...
  9. newfutile

    Which value to record on EICR?

    I work for a housing association where i have to conduct EICR‘s then conduct remedial repairs until a satisfactory report can be issued. while inspecting bin store lights (fed by 1.5 3 core SWA) 1.56 was the ZS on initial inspection. The swa outer was not earthed at either end. now i have...
  10. M

    Nearly electrocuted just after EICR — tester denies any responsibility

    I had the first EICR done on my flat last week, which failed with some C2s for having an older (2001) plastic consumer unit with no RCDs, but otherwise passed: A couple of days later I'm called to the property due to no hot water and find the electric boiler is dead. There's a connector block...
  11. C

    How do you charge for remedial works after EICR failed?

    Hello everyone, Need some advices to be fair. How do you charge for remedial works after an EICR did not pass? Are you charging on a daily rate? Thank you
  12. P

    Rewire after failed EICR. Have we been scammed?

    My parents had an EICR completed after a change of tenant in the shop and flat property, this took place March 2021. The summary of the report stated that the premises was dangerous and the full rewire was required to make it safe. I have since completed a the C&G inspection and testing course...
  13. L

    Another EICR test issue

    Next door neighbour .Single mother 2 young kids . Been there 6-7 years .landlady is super reluctant to ever communicate no matter what the issue . Employs jokes of a management agency . who really are "typical" . lets do the basics first . landlady (27b) is a multi Millionaire property...
  14. L

    EICR downgraded by Landlord’s Agent from C2 to C3

    I am a tenant. We recently had an EICR done which has come back as Unsatisfactory with numerous C2 issues. However, our landlords agent has stated that they aren’t actually C2 issues so don’t require any work doing. Apparently in accordance with the Best Practice Guide 4 they believe they can...
  15. newfutile

    C2 or C3 on recent EICR

    During an inspection i have come across a class 2 light fitting with a cpc that’s is not connected to MET. initially i put this as a C2 but I’m wondering what others thing? where is the danger as it is?
  16. K

    C2 rating on EICR test report

    Hello Everyone, We are looking to buy this house but the EICR report have a couple of C2's. Any help advice on these is much appreciated. 5.11 - Provision of additional protection by RCD not exceeding 30mA For mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32 A for outdoor use only 8.0...
  17. LandlordSafetyCertificat

    Electrician New to this forum and with more than 10 years experience

    Hello everyone, We are new to this forum and providing our electrical services in London and M25 area for last 10 years. Looking to get more clientele. Thanks LSC
  18. L

    what do you think of this EICR ??

    Another classic ....
  19. R

    R1,R2,Rn versus r1,r2,rn continuity readings on EICR.

    Looking at the EICR form. GENERIC SCHEDULE OF TEST RESULTS Looking for clarification on R1,R2,Rn versus r1,r2,rn continuity values. I have reached the some conclusions. Do r1,r2 and rn only apply to ring circuits and R1,R2 and Rn (not on form) to radial? It just looks like that might be the...
  20. D

    EICR code for hybrid final ring cir

    Hi all new to form so thought I would as a question. Testing a final ring circuit & all is normal apart from the live / brown legs of the circuit which are too short to reach the MCB so they have connected them together in a block & extended it within the CU via a 6mm to the MCB Just wondering...