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  1. S

    SWA instead of meter tails

    Hi Gents, Hope everyone doing good at this hard time,i need your opinion guys I am installing new CU and Client ask me to install it somewhere roughly 6 meters away from meter box. i have decided run SWA as i can not use 3m meter tails in this case but my questions are; 1.Can i run SWA through...
  2. Kingers

    16mm tails on 100A cut out

    Hello everyone, I have recently qualified, though yet to start practising, as an electrician. I have noticed, at my home, the tails from the (single phase) 100A mains cut out to the 100A rated meter, from the meter, to a 60A isolator and from the isolator to the antiquated fusebox are all...
  3. E

    Meter Tails in Cavity - Horizontal Run

    We've just recently bought a property which is around 25 years old and will be completing some alterations. The consumer unit is in the Utility high up on the wall. Isn't in the ideal place and we'd like to move it, due to a new kitchen layout. On further investigation the meter tails run up...
  4. O

    Using SWA for tails.

    Hi everyone, Just been on a new build (one off build not cookie cutter), original sparks left some SWA for a car charger and electric gate that I have been working on, I have signed off these two new circuits. The tails have been taken from a DNO supplied main switch, TN-CS with 100A fuse. He...
  5. G

    Splitting 25mm meter tails to SWA and 25mm tails

    Hi All, I need to split the meter tails to supply a second CU which will be at the rear of the house, however the supply to the second CU will need to be in SWA and I can only split the tails at the meter cupboard. Is there a suitable adaptable box or isolator I could use to be able to do...
  6. D

    'Piggy backing' tails

    Hi Guys, Came accross an install today where a new 2 way board has recently been installed to make room for a new shower circuit (Db1 - 16th edition full board). How the 'electrician' had wired it was by using 16mm tails from DB1 main switch which now has 25mm and 16mm crammed in there...
  7. T

    Containment for tails

    Evening all Have a consumer unit change next week, the board is high level in a bedroom with 16mm tails buried in the wall. I’m replacing the tails but they don’t want any trunking in the bedroom, the mains is below for consumer unit I was going to trunk up the outside wall and drill in? Any...
  8. R

    Meter tails over 3 metres???

    Good morning Looking for some advice on a domestic job. The consumer unit is being moved from kitchen to cupboard in hallway. The meter is staying in same place but the distance between meter and board is around 7 metres. I have been advised to fit a 100amp isolator at meter and run tails from...
  9. M

    Meter tails and capping

    Hi guys came across meter tails buried less than 50mm no rcd protection but did have some red capping over and they are in prescribed zone about a meter between main fuse and consumer unit. TNS system. C2 or no code??
  10. L

    Consumer unit tails

    When did 16mm tails stop being used by DNO
  11. D

    Length of tails

    Afternoon all, New to the site so thanks in advance. Currently working on a new build, the supply was installed last week (new build) 80a fuse installed, EON installed the meter this week with 100a DP switch. All fitted within the external meter box. I’m looking to run tails, ideally I need to...
  12. OnlQQker

    UK Why Are Incoming Live/Neutral 16mm and Tails From Consumer Unit 25mm

    I just can't seem to understand this and can't find a clear reason behind it either. I asked a chap on the DNO once and he didn't know either. Anyone?
  13. The apprentice

    Fuses and tails.

    hi there doing some work with my gaffer just for my own mind a 60 amp fuse at the main cut out with 16mm2 tails well i assume they will be what size of main switch for the consumer unit ? could 100A main switch be put on that ?
  14. A

    Meter tails issue

    Hi guys I'm installing a CU in a new build and have a couple of questions I need some guidance with regards to the meter tails. I need to drill a hole through the wall (for the meter tails) to access the main supplies which are located in the recessed box on the outside of the property. I am...
  15. T

    16mm tails on 3phase

    Evening all Guy who owns a small industrial unit currently has 100amp 3phase At the moment he only have a single phase baord with feeds a few lights and sockets. He wants to install a 20a 3phase supply for a something The mem 20a 3phase switch fuse i got only allows upto 16mm tails and not...
  16. N

    Ok to use concentric cable as meter tails??

    Been asked to do an eicr on a flat above a shop. Tails are run in concentric cable from isolator switch by the meter, to the main switch in fuseboard. Never run into this before so not if this is still deemed acceptable or not? Any advice, reg numbers? Thanks in advance.
  17. G

    Length of tails between meter and consumer unit

    Hi, I am currently studying for my 18th edition regs update exam and came across a video by SparkyNinja on you tube. I think SparkyNinja is very good and produces high quality content. However I disagree with his interpretation of regulation 434.2.1 (i) In his video he says you need a fused...
  18. happyhippydad

    Would I still need a gland for the tails and earth on this TT system?

    The installation is TT. The meter box has been moved by the DNO. The tails will now be >3m so I will be fitting a switch fuse. I was planning on removing the DP switch in the switch fuse and replacing with a 100mA S type RCD. I would have put one in place of the main switch in the CU so this...
  19. L

    Cut meter tails

    Working on a new build site i've come back to a property that i'd 1st fixed to find someone has cut all the cables going to the exterior of the house including the 25mm meter tails in the meter box. The house has been boarded so renewing the cables isn't really an option. What would be the...
  20. happyhippydad

    Tails or SWA?

    My customers meter is being moved. The distance to the consumer unit will be approx 10m. I'll be installing a metal switched fuse in the meter. I cannot run any cables up the outside as it is having some kind of wooden finish and the customer does not want anything else on show. I can only see...
  21. D

    If you didn’t have shears how would ?

    Cut meter tails and other thick cables Junior hacksaw Or Nibble with side cutters until all the way through ??
  22. ThatMatt72

    Domestic Meter Tails in Galvanised Trunking...Is that a thing?

    Hey all, Excuse the ignorance here but I wonder if you lovely folk might have any opinions or better still be able to point in the right direction in the BBB. I am being asked to move a CU from its current position, behind a fitted kitchen, under the sink and totally inaccessible, except to the...
  23. D

    16mm meter tails, long run

    Hello all, I am working on a property & they need the consumer unit changed. The slight problem i have is the tails are on 16mm. But the meter is approx 10-12m (tail length) from consumer unit location. Is this length permissible. There is a KMF at the meter but the customer does not want the...
  24. C

    Tails in cavity wall

    So I have a consumer unit to change, the consumer unit was in the garage but it has been converted to living accommodation years ago. The utility cupboard is on the outside wall, the consumer unit is obviously on the inside wall but near the ceiling. The issue is when they changed the garage...
  25. happyhippydad

    Domestic Would 10mm tails be acceptable?

    I will be fitting a henly block to split the meter tails. I'll be taking some tails 1-2m a new shower consumer unit (63A RCD and 45AMCB) with no spare ways to fit extra MCB's. I'm not sure what the cutout fuse size is. I was planning on using 16mm tails but would 10mm tails be acceptable...
  26. rolyberkin

    Double batten school type flourescent replacement

    Any suggestions as to a good looking (in a modern building) retrofit for a double flourescent light fitting, the current lights are similar to a Knightsbridge 2 as below. Have converted some of the below to LED which I think is the most cost effective solution but interested if anyone has...
  27. haptism

    16mm T&E tails on 100amp fuse

    Did a job earlier in a new build, part of a 5 year old new build estate in the darkest depths of kent. Anyhow opened up CU and saw 16mm tails so assumed would be on 80a fuse as there not huge demand. Then outside to check service head and main fuse is labelled 100a ?, the tails are 16mm t&e. I...
  28. P

    C/U Tails in wall - protection required

    The existing C/U is at almost ceiling height in a room and the old tails are plastered in the wall below it before going outside to the meter cupboard (they have no protection and are just covered in plaster). The tails have to be upgraded when the C/U is replaced, so I could take the option of...
  29. J

    commercial meter tails

    bit of reassurance on coding I have 3 phase 3x150a (checked with supplier) incomer feeding meter in 50mm tails- 5omm tails to 3x blocks from meter from each block tails to various isolators all not exceeding 1m in the same cupboard, the highest fused isolator at 60a being fed with 16mm and...
  30. P

    Domestic E7 boards and meter tails

    ok a couple of questions ill keep it simple its been ages since I had anything to do with E7, is an E7 board supplying storage heaters still ok on a non rcd board ie classed as fixed equip ? who is responsible for the tails? from head to meter and meter to board thanks
  31. A

    Residual Current on Mains Tails - Installation Disconnected.

    I bought a new MFT1710 a couple of weeks ago and got a free clamp meter with it. (UNI-T UT210B, 200A Mini Clamp Meter). I finally got it out the box today and thought I'd try it on my mains tails to see if/how it's working. Surprisingly, with the consumer unit main-switch off, and the main...
  32. R

    Switch fuse for tails

    New position of replacement Consumer Unit for my customer is now going to be 7m away from the supply head. DNO fuse is 100A BS1361 and this is a large house so I still need a (potential) 100A supply. I believe that I am supposed to fit a switch fuse if tails are over 3m long. Firstly, am unclear...
  33. happyhippydad

    Tails (or rather T&E) behind skirting.

    Hello all. About to do a CU change and from the pre works visit it looks like the 16mm T&E from the meter is run 3m to the CU behind the skirting board. No mechanical protection seen. TNS. Ze = 0.28ohms. This clearly isn't acceptable and I shall advise getting it changed but my question is...
  34. the pict

    Nice soft bendy tails

    Why cant I get the same pliable cable for meter tails that SSE uses the stuff I get is as stiff as rebar whereas theirs is really bendy and easy to form if any one knows why this is let me know P
  35. mattg4321

    Meter tails in cavity

    Ok own up who's done this? I try my hardest to never do this but have, on very rare occasion installed meter tails in a cavity as the lesser of evils. Would be interesting to hear real world thoughts on this and potential work arounds so you don't have to. I know someone on here posted a while...
  36. S

    16mm SWA tails maybe 9 mtrs from isolator on a 100a supply, and other concerns - EICR opinions

    This has come up many times before and after a couple of hours reading previous posts I'm no closer to deciding on a code, note or nothing at all. BS7671 allows 16mm tails on 100A fuse if demand is less than the cables CCC, I have 16mm at 94amps and the max demand is 60a. From a previous post...
  37. haptism

    Meter tails over 3 meters

    Hello, anyone know when the regs recommending a switch fuse for meter tails greater than 3m long was introduced ? On older installations (about 20 years ago) was a switch fuse required on tails over 3m ? Thanks
  38. G

    Channel (capping) for tails.

    HI all, got some tails to run down a wall, i can and will run with 50mm depth but would also like some channel to protect aswell, seen some on another job, bloke said it was tophat channel or something like that said it was from eddy's. done a google search but cant find it, any ideas? cheers...
  39. M

    SWA For meter tails?

    I need to upgrade my meter tails to 25mm. The existing tails pass along under the pebble dash in plastic conduit (which would be too small), then apparently at an angle through the porch structure (unprotected) then turn sideways into a void & up the void to CU. I have seen other posts where...
  40. 8

    Max length of meter tails

    Ive been asked to look at the electrical installation at a large 5 bed property with an attached annexe that the owners are converting into a 2 bed holiday let. There's one supply cable that comes into the annexe for the entire property . This is currently routed via a single meter to a CU . 2...
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