1. Chivers

    Thoughts on an EICR on this board prior to physical testing.

    Opinions on this Crabtree TP 10 way board? Got to test this next week after a quick recce on a clients site yesterday. Although probably electrically safe the RCCB is feeding everything including another board Fed via an SWA and some external services also in armoured to. Thing that bothers me...
  2. buzzlightyear

    What limations do you put on a Eicr.

    On a Eicr on agreed limations of iinpections what do you normally put And what percentage do you test at..
  3. S

    satisfactory unsatisfactory

    Hi Guys. If carrying out an EICR you are unable to find a UFH circuits spur, is the EICR still passable under some type of limitation? Or is there a code involved. Thank you! Smarky
  4. O

    NAPIT EICR forms - observations for SPD and RCD

    I've just started using the NAPIT forms for EIC's and EICR's and they are a bit cumbersome to be fair. Does anyone know which observation is for a lack of an SPD and when the RCD's are type A/C. I know they are a C3 but you need to find it in the bit where you tick "pass all" and it then...
  5. G

    No Circuit Breaker - deal breaker ?

    HI , potential 2 bed 1970’s bungalow buyer here…. Our surveyor (RICS) has pointed out there is no circuit breaker to the electrics (fuse board, meter etc. installed in garage). Please see crappy photo attached. Vendor bought property in 2005, and, looking at the photo, the installation does NOT...
  6. M

    High Ze reading fails EICR

    Hello there. I've been looking around here and found some conflicting information. I have a question if I may ask. I had an electrician come over to perform an EICR, and all the installations were in good nic. However, he said that the Ze measurement was 14.5 Ohms on a TNS system, so he refused...
  7. G

    EICR - C2 for low voltage cable

    Hi, I have just had an EICR carried out and it has comeback with a few C2s. The only one I disagree with is the electrician raised as a C2 the fact that under the kitchen cabinets there are some LED strips with exposed single insulated cables. All these exposed cables are low voltage (24v)...
  8. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.
  9. M

    Amending EICR report from unsatisfactory to satisfactory

    So I've recently had an EICR for my building. Came back with about 20 odd C2 remedials and a few F1's which resulted in UNSATISFACTORY being written on the report which you'd expect. Completed all the remedials and the QS has come back and passed them all off, but will not put SATISFACTORY on...
  10. Retroelectric

    Industrial EICR Pricing

    Hi all, Been asked to quote an EICR on a fairly large installation. Approx. 400 circuits that are a mixture of single and 3 phase. This is across 28 consumer units, in addition to the above there are also 6 distribution consumer units for the submains, and 12 feeder pillar boards (4way) Building...
  11. N

    Excluding 4mm circuits on EICR, dodgy certs?

    4mm T&E circuits on 32amp breaker. Parts of the circuit run through ceiling, parts through trunking and possibly even the wall. Current carrying capacity won't exceed 30amp. Customer adamant they are fine because previous electricians have said they are fine. What do you do? Tell him tough...
  12. A

    EICR Unsatisfactory - New Property

    Hi, I have a property that I was looking to rent out. Its 12 years old property so relatively new. I had a EICR done from a qualified electrican and it came out unsatisfactory which was a bit of a shock to us as we haven't done any work on electrics since new. Comments below: Isolator (where...
  13. V

    Advice on certificates for sale of house please

    Hi Everyone, This is my last question/post for tonight, promise. Please can I ask for a little advice on certificates as I am now questioning myself after a quote today. I had a consumer unit changed on behalf of my mum, I have a DEIC certificate and a building regulation certificate. I had...
  14. K

    Buying house - EICR Results Help please!

    Hi all, we are purchasing our first home and the sellers had an EICR carried out in April 2023. They have sent us a copy of the report and said that the electrician confirmed to them verbally that there is nothing technically wrong with the house and it is perfectly safe. That most houses of...
  15. D

    EICR Wil my consumer unit need replacing?

    I've booked in an electrician to run an EICR, I have an old unit here, whilst searching for quotes one guy said it looks ok and may not need replacing. The guy I've booked in says it likely will. My question is Is there a way I can witness the unit failing tests? How do I know it will fail or is...
  16. JimLongDone

    EICR - Shallow Back Box Depth a Fault?

    Hello, My house has 25mm back boxes throughout, but I’ve noticed the previous owner has installed sockets and switches that seem to suggest/specify 35mm minimum. The sockets and switches do still fit flush on the wall, just that it is incredibly tight behind so the wiring has been routed...
  17. naylorpd

    Avoiding EICR cowboys

    Hi, I need an EICR done on a house I rent out in Reading, 4-bed detached built in early 1980s. But I'm a bit nervous about how to avoid cowboys... Last EICR was in March 2019 following which esteemed forum member Wilko put in a new DB, did various fault finding, earth upgrades and everything...
  18. V

    EICR code for lack of discrimination between RCD's

    Hi all Called to do an EICR on a property 4 studio flats / bedsits within a single house. The t&e sub main to each flat runs within the fabric of the building and has a 30mA RCD at its distribution point...assuming this was an add on to the original installation. Each flat has a RCD main...
  19. B

    EICR test (failed apparently) but no report

    I paid an electrician for an EICR test - two of his men took 3-4hrs to do the test. This was on 28/04. He since told me that the test failed and that the house needs a rewire. Its been 2 months - me calling him and requesting a report for the failed test. but he is now ignoring my partnr and my...


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