1. B

    UK RCD Protecting Distribution Cables on a TT on Industrial Estate

    Hi All, I'm looking to pick the brains of experienced engineers who have dealt with TT more than I have please. We have an installation on a site which may or may not be unique. There are four 12m x 12m units inline with each other, all connected as one building, with the plan to build a...
  2. woodster92

    Mechanical Protection for Tails between Meter Cupboards on outside wall

    Hello, what products are people using for suitable mechanical protection in compliance with regs for the following job? Existing Meter Cupboard recessed into outside wall adjacent to driveway on a domestic property with incoming Mains Supply, Meter and Tails. Requirement to add an additional...
  3. S

    Communal DB does it require RCD protection to be a sat EICR

    Question is does this DB really need RCD protection as there are only internal lights and sockets supplying this large building that used to be a mansion and is now 4 flats. heres the DB its labelled L/L on the right only providing 3 light pendants a timer light and 2 single sockets all in the...
  4. Electreacle

    RCD protection upstream?…

    Evening everyone… I’ve attached pictures for your leisure.. so basically the customer does not have any RCD protection.. 3036 fuseboard is in situ.. they want an outside socket.. I’ve told them that I can’t install one as there’s no RCD.. they’re asking if there’s any alternative ways safely...
  5. S

    open PEN protection.

    Would any fellow electricians consider using an open PEN device to protect a metal trailer used as a "Canteen". It is likely to be often connected to TNCS (forbidden by 717.411.4) and placed on concrete which makes the use of TT and rod impossible. I can draw similarity to an EV charge point...
  6. Dogmatic1983

    Protection in Multi Meters

    I would like to get some information on what protection is on a multi meter when accidentally testing a live circuit while the meter is on the ohms range? I seem to be getting different sides to the argument. One side says that there is no protection against this other than a audible warning...
  7. SJD

    Surge protection devices for PME supplies?

    I've been installing Type 2 SPDs in consumer units for several years now, and they always come as a pair, connected across L & E, and across N & E. Typically they plug into a holder, sometimes as two separate SPDs (e.g. Hager, with separate E connections), more often now as one combined SPD...
  8. B

    UK 3 phase rcd protection

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to pull in some new 3 phase supplies for 7 new welders which do not require a neutral connection. The client has specifically asked for them to be plug and play and rcd protected, which is fine as they are under 32amps. I will be running in 5 core swa's for...
  9. P

    Can I add PIV to lighting circuit with no RCD protection?

    As I've mainly done site work and moved into domestic recently, I'm a bit rusty on stuff like this, but if I'm adding a loft PIV unit to an existing lighting circuit via an unswitched fused spur, if the lighting circuit has no RCD protection am I allowed to install it? Same question for if...
  10. BodgeJob

    Does a main protective bonding conductor require UV protection when run outside?

    Hi there, Just a quick question. Does a main protective bonding conductor require UV protection when run outside? I am under the impression that this is not a requirement as such, but if possible, it should be considered. Especially if installing a smaller sized conductor. I am running a main...
  11. samn420

    RCDs for fault protection in adibatic equasion

    Hi all Was looking in to the adibatic equasion as our company will not let us add on to a Ring circuit with 1mm cpc.. I want to give some evidence as to why it may not be an issue. My question is; If the circuit is protected by an rcd can I replace fault current in the adibatic equasion with...
  12. K

    Surge Protection Solar

    Ok, installing a new CU with type 2 SP. The installation has an existing PV 6 panels protected by a 16a MCB at the fuse board. TBH I don't really get too involved with PV systems. But is there anything I am required to to, with regards of further upstream SPs AC and DC side. It doesn't look like...
  13. A

    What are the regulations for PV consumer unit protection?

    I had a PV system installed by a local reputable manufacturer last autumn; since then, I've received conflicting advice regarding the consumer unit protection required. I'm hoping someone may be able to clarify the protection required by the regulations in place last October. I have a Solis S6...
  14. M

    emt 'supplementary corrosion protection"

    What are some acceptable corrosion protection paints that can be used to protect a foot or two of emt that will be embedded in concrete below grade. I have pvc tape to use but thought I would also paint it first.
  15. drewzh

    Do these internally exposed meter tails require mechanical protection?

    Hi, I was hoping someone with a little more insight might be able to shed some light on a potential issue I have, as I can't seem to find another example online where this specific question that has been answered. What you can see in the attached photograph is meter tails (single insulated +...
  16. Poolworx

    DC motor overload protection

    Hi all I just picked up an older 36 volt golf cart The speed controller is a curtis 36volt 350 amp I was wondering is there a way of protecting the controller if the motor went bad Thanks in advance
  17. R

    Do SPDs need RCD protection ?

    Hi there , Currently doing a college project where i need to select protective devices for the contract. I'm now at the point of selecting SPDs and had a couple questions. I have chosen MCG RCBOs for my circuit breakers in this project for all my boards apart from the board supplying...
  18. W

    Do Distribution circuits require RCD protection?

    I'm doing a college design project and need to choose a suitable range of circuit protective devices for the whole contact. I've chosen and already done all the protective devices for all my final circuits but was curious if the distribution circuits need RCD protection aswell. The project...
  19. G

    UK RCD sockets regulation

    Can anyone tell me the latest regulation for RCD protection on socket outlets, I believe it's required for sockets up to 32A but I'm told it applies to all socket outlets, we have to install a 63A 5 pin socket located outside. Thanks in advance
  20. G

    Car battery protection w/rare car use

    Hi, I rarely (once a week or once in two weeks) use my vehicle and the car battery goes low, not enough to start. If I connect a 1Amp 12Volt charger to the battery just to provide power to whatever is slowly draining the battery, will it help? will it damage the battery? will it cause any...


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