1. S

    Classification of RCD - for Additional protection only or Fault protection?

    I would appreciate some opinions on the following situation... I have been asked to comment on an EICR for a local community resource (church hall used by various groups of all ages). During an EICR on the TN-C-S installation the testing of a ring final circuit gave R1+R2 and Zs(db) values that...
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  3. R

    Surge protection devices

    Hi Guys Hoping for a straight forward answer. Please can someone tell me if SPD's are mandatory in domestic dwellings at the moment (Amd1) and are they going to be mandatory with AMD2. Thanks
  4. O

    Lunos 12v cable protection

    Query about what's required for cables in domestic setting carrying 12V; context is MVR System by Lunos. This has transformer that's installed in consumer unit; output is 12V max 4.5A max 54W This is run to switches from which the multicore J-Y(St)Y 4x2x0.8 powers small ventilation fans...
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  6. N

    Rcd protection for caravan hook ups

    I'm sure this will have been covered before but please bear with me. Have been asked to replace a main Distribution board for a fairly small caravan site and add in some new hook ups ( space for 8 x 16A sockets currently but upgrading to 12 x 16A and a 32A). Now this is all fed from one 100A...
  7. S

    Suggestions for frost protection stats

    At our church, one of the things I've done is sort out the heating wiring (as best I can for now). The schematic is as shown below. The theory that had me arrive at this goes : Previously, when the wall stats was satisfied, the pump stopped along with the boiler. As we have a number of...
  8. M

    Using armouring as earth and RCD protection

    Hi, If an SY cable is used to supply a consumer unit, and there isn't a guaranteed depth of 50mm for the wall it is in, would using the braiding as the earth negate the meed for RCD protection of that cable? Thanks
  9. B

    Lightning Protection systems T&I

    Hi All I am seeking a 1 day Lightning protection system inspection and test course in the east Anglia, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire area. A google search gives me few a far between courses and dates. Any help with find training specialists or courses would be a great help. Thank you
  10. A

    Arc Fault Protection

    Hi Everyone, question. Have furnace in basement (nothing else in basement besides electrical panels - not finished basement). Inspector is saying furnace is required to be on arc fault breaker. Per NEC 210.12, I completely disagree. Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks
  11. A

    Can a BS 61008-1 RCCB be used for fault current protection

    I am aware that a BS 61008 can't be used for overload protection but is there a reason that it can't be used for fault current protection.
  12. J

    mechanical protection

    Hi all, I know there is a reg on minimum height of mechanical protection i just CANNOT find it in AS 3000. Example - Conduit running down a wall into an underground requires cover guard, theres a reg that says that cover guard must be up to 1000mm can anyone help me? ive been been back and...
  13. S

    TNCS Dist CCT. to TT installation - front end protection question.

    Good Morning everyone. Quick question regarding a sub main from a TNCS supply feeding an outbuilding on TT. This is a domestic installation not agricultural. TNCS supply to house feeds High Int. CU from which 4mmsq 2 core SWA feeds an non attached rear building. THE SWA of the sub main is...
  14. A

    RCD protection for new pool heat pump

    Hi there all I have a quick question. My garden supply CU has a 100A AC RCD as main switch - off that is my greenhouse supply circuit. Then a 63A AC RCD which protects 7 circuits, one of which is a pool heater. I am replacing the old heater and the new one requires residual DC protection...
  15. R

    Does a ring with RCB protection need a designated earth or can it terminate through the conduit?

    Hello I am adding a couple of sockets to an old industrial installation. I am replacing the existing sockets and adding two more into the ring. The installation is earthed through the metal conduit and an RCB has been retrofitted to the circuit after the old style fuse board. Is it...
  16. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  17. BiddeldyBwah

    Do 3 phase boards usually have RCD protection in commercial settings?

    Just sat contemplating life and realised i don't think i've ever seen any RCD protection on the boards we maintain/install at work. I've seen 300mA protection on some section boards but don't recall ever clocking a 30mA in a 3 phase board. Am i just not looking properly?
  18. A

    GFCI circuit protection when replacing old non grounded receptacles

    Hi All, I’m a retired electrician from the Detroit area. My question is, I need to replace some old two prong receptacles in my daughters 75 year old home. Code says I can install a GFCI receptacle in the first receptacle of a group of receptacles and install standard three prong receptacles...
  19. P

    Electric heater & frost/damp protection

    At some point in the next several months I need to look at heating for an "anti-vandal site office" used as store and occasional workshop, 3m x 10m floor, around 2.5m internal height. It needs some protection against frost and damp when not in use, as well as some comfort heating when used in...
  20. B

    Solar Flexible steel conduit as mechanical protection

    Hello I’m new to the forum (posting on it anyway). I could do with some advice... Over the last 2 years I have been subcontracted (labour only) to commission solar PV systems. Often these are newbuild properties and when I get there the panels are already on and the DC cabling done. About...