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  1. S

    Exposed wires

    Hi all, a local electrician has installed a bulkhead light, the wires go in through holes in the fitting, there is no "gland" as we have on other fittings, just 2 small open holes through which the cables pass, I have queried this as being a way for insects and potentially moisture to enter the...
  2. 0

    Domestic New exposed brick wall

    Hi, We are in the middle of building our kitchen extension, we have decided to have an exposed internal brick wall constructed as we have some excellent brick spare. The external block wall is up and before we put up the internal brick wall we were going to install the cables for...
  3. J

    Exposed live wire in cooker wall socket

    So I fitted a new metal faceplate switch on the wall socket for my cooker. All went well. As I'm also tiling I took it off a few days later, and noted some of the live wire insulation rubbed off presumably by me screwing the screws in when assembling. I have read of this before, first time hrs...
  4. KeenPensioner

    Earth fault - potential on exposed conductive part

    As can be seen from my profile I am not a qualified electrician but I'm studying in my own time just for the sake of it. I understand the principals of earthing and bonding but in this video by GSH Electrical.... .....at 2:10 minutes in he says exposed conductive parts under earth fault...
  5. L

    Supplementary bonding

    Hello all, Perhaps a few of you could help my understanding of the following query. The situation I am about to describe is purely hypothetical to help my understanding of the issue. Let's assume within a domestic bathroom, I have a combination of exposed conductive parts and suspect...
  6. westward10

    It's the weekend so....

    Do you bond cable trays?
  7. D

    Testing with no exposed metal parts...

    In an office environment... So please tell me I'm a dunce on this one (I'll gladly wear a hat with a 'D' on it) but one thing I've never really got with PA Testing is when testing Class 2 equipment part of the test is one where you need to use the fly lead to clamp to some exposed metal part of...
  8. S

    Fuse head blank help

    Hi all thanks for taking the time to check in. basically I'm trying to source the plastic studs you sometimes find on main fuse heads after a knockout is taken out for extra tails to a sub board then later when removed there's an exposed hole with access to the live terminal.ive looked...
  9. S

    Domestic Conduit and earthing

    Hi I am new to the site as a poster but read regular and find it very informative. Domestic Rewire 3 core cable for top of stairs 2/way light drilled behind skirting board "standard" then instead of chased to 1200mm switch box and capped, there is an existing conduit system that cannot be...
  10. E

    Quick Definition Help needed (No ref books with me right now)

    Would anyone be so kind as to reply to this post with the BS7671 wording of the definitions “Exposed Conductive Part” and "Extraneous Conductive Part". At work right now (without ref books) and trying to remember if the definition of “Exposed Conductive Part” is restricted to part of an...
  11. R

    Voltage Detector Compliant?

    I had this bought for me for Christmas. The description says its made by Metrel and is GS38 compliant. When I received it, it doesn't says Metrel anywhere on the product or the box. The probes have around 15mm exposed, when you unscrew the covers there is slightly less exposed, possible...
  12. E

    bonding structural steel buried within fabric of building

    was in a half finished house today that has just had an extension built on it, and i was suprised to see 10mm bonding to the steel RSJs that span the garage and where the kitchen has been knocked through and at the front where a porch has been created. traced them back to the MET, have all been...
  13. T

    PIR code... Intake ?

    What do you make of this, would any of you give this a code, it's the intake coming in split between a row of properties, the conductor has been joined but is exposed and has tape on it, I'm thinking to just note it on the cert and not warrant a code?
  14. S

    Quick installation question.

    Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions please. Would you think that clipping cables direct to an exposed beam directly underneath the floorboards above would be acceptable. All circuits are RCD protected and the customer wants the new cables to match the existing ones which are all clipped...
  15. J

    Crimping lateral mains

    Hi, Anyone here see any problems crimping 16mm lateral mains as a repair as opposed to re-running a complete new cable? I'm talking line, neautral and earth for 12 flats, 60Amp fuse. Junkies keep on nicking all the cable. Thanks Jammin
  16. Z

    Bonding of metal trunking and metal encloseres

    Hi guys, Does anybody knows that in an industrial area bonding of the metal trunking parts and the metal enclosures counts as the main equipotential bonding? Becaouse this would effect bonding cable size. Thanks!
  17. G

    SWA or steel conduit?

    Evenin all. Started a job today rewiring a garage only to find that the feed to the garage is spurred off a radial in the house. So a new feed is required. I'm going to run a 4mm cable out to the garage to feed a light circuit and a radial cct for the sockets via a cu. The majority of the cable...
  18. E

    underfloor heating

    Just trying to find out if anyone has fitted electric underfloor heating under laminate flooring. If you have or know about it can you telll me if a tiny piece of the wire is not under the floor does it matter ? the product in question is Warmup - underlaminate foil heater 200w/m
  19. M

    Earthing steel work.

    Can anyone tell me if you have to earth steel work in a domestic property if all circuits are RCD protected.. Cheers..
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