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  1. F

    Ireland ET101 earth bonding - mechanical protection

    Good morning, I'm looking for answers to these two questions about Ireland ET101 standards, since I can't seem to find specific indication: - Should the metal frame of a plasterboard wall /drywall positioned inside a room of a building be earthed as a main equipotential bonding? - Wirings...
  2. B

    Light Circuit incorporating WiFi switch and mechanical switch

    I'm a DIYer with some electrical knowledge. My questions relate to the attached diagram. Firstly, is the principle sound? Secondly, does the neutral at the feed end of the WiFi switch need to be connected to anything and, if so, where?
  3. A

    UK Help wiring a mechanical timer

    Hi all! I need help wiring my mechanical timer. I saw a similar thread but the cables are different. Thread My current installation: My new mechanical timer: The schematic for both wiring: (New at the top, current at the bottom) I will really appreciate some guidance on the correct set...
  4. K

    Disconnect, grounding and mechanical protection requirements when bringing power to a chicken coop...

    Hi, I want to bring 2 x 20A (@120V) to a chicken coop. It will be powered from my garage panel which will require 140' of cable. 85' in the garage along 2 walls, and 55' buried between the garage and the coop. I used a few voltage drop calculators and it looks like I will need a 6/3 to stay...
  5. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  6. J

    Mechanical Engineer and part time electrical installation course

    Hi All, Thanks for your time in advance. I'm currently working as a mechanical engineer, in which I did an apprenticeship years ago and achieved NVQ Level 3 (ONC). I'm not looking to change careers but would like to attend evening college classes in order to gain qualifications (possibly to...
  7. S

    Mechanical timer

    Hello. I got an old venner mechanical timer and need some advice. I need to connect it to a unit, how would one do that? It is a, b and c outputs. Wich to use? Thanks for help.
  8. H

    Mechanical and Electrical jobs around Aldershot area

    As the title, does any one know of any companies in and around the area potentially taking blokes on or a bloke in this case? Reason for asking is, one of my oppo’s has been dealt a shi’ite hand and is in need. Any help or avenues of approach greatly appreciated.
  9. W

    Help needed wiring mechanical timer switch

    Hello all, you helped a lot last time. I am trying to replace a light switch with a mechanical timer: Greenbrook Mechanical Timer 230V - https://www.screwfix.com/p/greenbrook-mechanical-timer-230v/4883r The current setup with the switch plate removed looks like this: Above this switch is...
  10. T

    ea mechanical Bedfordshire

    Don't work for these people they don't pay you your tax and keep your week in hand
  11. FoxySparky

    Mechanical protection

    Hi guys, So been asked to supply a feed for the parents WOODEN shed. As my dad is retiring, and wants to spend more time doing hobbies in his back garden. He wants power to it for lighting, tools, and the like. However being retired, not alot of money. He asked for the most cost efficent way...
  12. C

    Garage install

    Hello Guys Going to be installing power and lighting within a garage. I have been told the walls will be covered with ply wood once the install is done. The fuse board and accessories will be mounted on woodern battens. the only t&e that will possbily require mechanical protection will be for...
  13. E

    Maintenance Electrican

    Im a 24 year old fully qualified electrician with my inspection and testing quals. Ive been working at my firm for about 6 years doing industrial installing for a small firm (15 lads on site / 10 in office). I love what I do but i want to move on to the next step. After speaking with my boss he...
  14. H

    White FP external use

    Hi, Had a look at a job today and noticed external lighting had been wired in white FP, clipped to wall surface. I informed them mechanical protection must be provided and they insisted the board had RCD protection and it wasn't required. Anyone else seen this before.
  15. Colesy

    37Kw Motor pulling double rated currect

    Hi Guys Some help if possible please. Recently (July) installed a Soft Start Control (Trip Class 20) to a 37Kw Mill Motor (Rated 74Amps) DO Delta The motor gradually over a period of 8hours runs normally to start at 60+Amps but by the end of the day she pulls a steady 121Amps from each phase...
  16. G

    Domestic Cabling to mains water feature pump

    Hi All, Been asked to connect up a mains water feature which comes with a 10m rubber flex. Just wondering if anyone else has done this and how they protected the cable to the pump from mechanical damage. Thanks Geezza
  17. B

    Contactor Fault

    Hi just after a bit of help with a intermentant issue I have with some car park lighting that is controlled by a time clock and 3 contactors. The contactors are sticking in so the lighting is staying on, ive taken off the load for the lights and the CB for the time clock which resets the...
  18. S

    Choosing a SPDT time relay with adjustable transition time

    Is there any way to find a DIN rail mount SPDT time relay with adjustable transition/changeover time. Need to automatically switch between two reversing contactors without mechanical interlock depending on the coast time of a relatively high inertia load. It might be more cost-effective to use...
  19. D

    Does/Has anyone work for Integral?

    Hi, I have a job interview coming up over the next few weeks for the position of Mobile Service Engineer. The job description is a little vague and just states it involves electrical/mechanical planned and reactive maintenance. It doesn't state what sector/environment it will be in but overall...
  20. The Solar King

    Flow Charting and Work Planning

    As it is Friday, the attached may be of interest. This dates from my time at what was then British Leyland in the late '70s. Having been taught this kind of process mapping in Operational Services, it appeared on my desk during a particularly difficult project aimed at work simplification and...
  21. T

    Industrial "Multi-skilled" maintenence departments, whats your take?

    Hi again guys, been a while since i last posted on here since ive had alot on :grin:. just a quickie really, what is everyone's take on this 'multiskilling' malarky that seems to have wormed its way into our maintenence departments? i mean i get it, train 1 guy to be able to cover both a...
  22. W

    Time delayed RCD to protect tails entering a metalclad CU

    Hi Guys, A Metalcad CU is being installed on a TT system in a farm garage. Chances arew things will be rested up against the walls so a Metalclad CU has been chosen to give it protection. All circuits will be protected by 30mA RCD / RCBO. From research it seems a 100mA time delayed RCD will be...
  23. E

    Cables and trunking

    I was always led to believe throughout my time as a spark that when installing T+E cables in airing cupboards and cupboards under the stairs etc that are generally fairly inaccessible, you have to put the cables in PVC trunking (or similar) for extra mechanical protection, you can't just clip...
  24. C

    Isolation switch for boiler supply?

    Been asked to look at a house on a small development completed about 5 years ago. Really messy situation involving builders and houses having no completion certificates or even planning permission in one case. Gas central heating is installed but the boiler is wired up straight to a 6 amp...
  25. L

    Addng cpc to two core lighting circuit

    Fellas is it permissible to run a single 2.5mm in a loft or do really need double insulated?, there has been an attempt to add an earth to the circuit before but they missed the switches out and some fittings are 32Ohm R1+R2, it's in a bungalow so should be easy
  26. R

    What kind of engineer does this seem like?

    I would prefer to build mechanical systems as I can be more hands-on, maybe use power tools, etc. Despite this, I am more interested in what electrical products such as computers, radios do, MP3s; I do have an interest in planes, rockets, and vehicles as well, albeit not as much. I would...
  27. D

    Work experience in North Devon needed

    Before i start here i asked Dan for permission to run this `AD` and got the go ahead. A brief run down on what ive done is below followed by what im in need of. Wont do a full CV but will try to outline my experiences and quals. Mechanical engineering apprenticeship at 16 for four years, which...
  28. W

    Can FP 200 be burried in the wall without RCD???

    Hi. We are looking to quote to install domestic heat detectors interconnected to the existing smoke alarms for a social housing provider. Do you think that FP200 could be used to save us installing RCD protection to the circuit as the cable needs to be concealed. Our NIC inspector tells me that...
  29. S

    Question about non-automatic transfer switch

    hi, i want to design non-automatic transfer switch by 2 contactors and push buttons. my question is do i need mechanical between the 2 contactors? or it is enough to work with NO-NC for both contactors. please help me
  30. Doomed

    Commercial T&E in conduit

    When running surface mount T&E in offices and shops I have been in the habit of running it in conduit or mini trunking for the added protection. Working along side another spark who asked why I bothered, he just clips direct along walls etc. I realised that I could not remember why I started...
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