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    Zappi car charger open PEN protection

    Hello, As far as I can work out the Zappi car charger protects against PEN faults buy having a current sensing coil around the protective earth conductor and if a current is detected on the conductor it will disconnect the L, N and PE conductors. just wondering how this meets the regs as in...
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    Matt-e open PEN

    Hello Hope your staying safe and well with Covid-19 I am wondering if someone could confirm this for me. I have seen these Single Phase EV Voltage Monitoring and Protection Unit - The...
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    PME carport

    Hello Hope everyone if well with this cover-19 stuff going on Quick question I would like to put a power supply to a metal framed car port, the metal frame is buried into the ground so definitely introduces earth potential, the ground inside the carport is tarmac laid on top of soil The...
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