1. J

    Electrician Looking for weekend industrial work

    Hello, I'm 24 years old, and I work full-time, Monday to Friday, as a plant technician in a waste processing plant (I have been there for almost 2 years). I'm currently enrolled on the City & Guilds level 2 electrical installations diploma and will start the level 3 after finishing the level...
  2. Matrick

    16th Edition era industrial electrician, am I still qualified?

    Hello all I joined the forum this evening and I am hoping that some of you wise folk can maybe share your thoughts if possible, that would be great! I served a MOD 4 year apprenticeship, then was kept on by the MOD and worked a further 4.5 years as an Industrial Electrician - but I haven't...
  3. D

    UK BS88 fuse board on a new installations

    I was wondering, are BS88 fuse boards still used on some new installations especially industrial and even commercial. And if so would that be ok with the regulations or not because its not retrospective. I know they are quite outdated and its hard to find a electrical wholesaler selling BS88...
  4. J

    UK A few Qs for non - domestic board move

    Hi I am a sparks from the 15th Ed, did 16, 17 and last year 18th. I am out of practice though as have been office based for 12+ years in a different industry with only doing minor stuff for myself (in conjunction with Building Control) and minor non-domestic works. Like many I may have to...
  5. B

    Mains supply for light industrial units.

    Hi guys. I’ve just take over a job that had been already started. It’s 7 light industrial units that have supplies already wired underground in 25mm 4 core. The client wants 7 meters at the mains which is all well and good but the question is.... The previous spark said he was going to put a...
  6. Les Macaulay

    Inspection of wiring to new industrial dish washer

    Inspected a final circuit for a new dishwasher of the commercial type, rated at 4.3 kW, about 50M from the D/B. Final connection joint to the appliance flex comprises connector block in a dry wall box with lid lying on floor of commercial kitchen. C1, C2 or C3? Isolating switch on opposite...
  7. J

    Industrial and supplementary bonding

    Hi guys I’m still working towards my NVQ level 3 in electrical maintenance within an industrial environment pumps and process equipment. I know this question may be a bit vague but I’m confused about supplementary bonding in my working environment. Here are a few of the things I’m confused...
  8. R

    Industrial DB’s in a domestic install

    Hi all, Im after a little advice. Got an install with a house attached to a large double 2 story garage. Garage has a Schneider Acti9 DB in for tools, sockets and lights. Wired to the main house DB with 10mm SWA. The garage has various tools with VFD’s that will trip a standard RCD. Garage...
  9. Johnsty32

    Electrician Electrician

    Hi everyone I’m looking for work opportunities I’m from Newcastle upon Tyne but don’t mind working away from home . I also have Dsb clearance to work in Norway thanks 👍🏻
  10. D

    Lighting circuit

    Hi All, WIth new reg is it a true that the every lighting circuit have to be protected by rcd ?
  11. B

    Do the standard C&G's at Lvl 3 cover industrial work?

    Just wondering as i see a lot of people say there's a lack of industrial electric knowledge. If they don't, what is the follow on qualification after the NVQ3+AM2 that can get you into industrial sparkying, or would it be just a work-based thing with the same theory but bigger cabling etc? Thanks.
  12. T

    What can I do with a HNC Electrical Engineering

    My situation: I have completed a HNC in Electrical Engineering but do not currently work in a technical role. I would like to change to a more hands-on role or at least more technical role (or at least one with room for development). A role in electrical maintenance (industrial) would be ideal...
  13. O

    Testing our own premises? In-house electrician..

    I work to a company in the seafood industry. We have in the teens of different premises. I am employed directly by the company and at the moment I maintain them all electrically and a third party company comes around and does all the inspection and testing work. The only reason for this other...
  14. P

    Industrial TPN board, Hager or Wylex?

    As currently got sod-all to do, I was thinking about the choice of TPN board for a new set up. It only needs 2-3 three phase circuits and around a dozen single phase, total well below 100A, so initially our sparky had suggested something like the Wylex NHTN12MR 12-way board as ample and his...
  15. Electrical2go

    NEW Industrial Control Products @ Electrical2Go

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  16. J

    Companies that do Industrial work?

    Is there anyone who knows of companies in the Birmingham, Walsall, Cannock, Burton and surrounding areas who do work on Automation and machines? Installing in Factory environments ? Industrial sparkying? I would like to learn it, so I would like to get in with a firm that does this type of...
  17. A

    Advice transferring from domestic to industrial

    Hello, I'm 23 years old and I have 4 years experience in the electrical world. (3 as an apprentice and 1 after I qualified) Next week I start my new job, but I am going from domestic to industrial. I've had experience with containment systems, SWA, FP, and a little bit of MICC and SY. In the...
  18. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  19. J

    Specialist Electrical Services

    Wire & Fiber UK brings a wealth of experience of specialist services, giving our new and existing clients the peace of mind when it comes to protecting their people, property and assets. We can deliver an array of technical installations including: Fire & Security - integrated or...
  20. T

    Two Industrial Ceiling Fans on One Switch

    Hello, I am planning on installing two industrial fans in my pole barn. Both fans would be controlled by the same switch. I plan on having an electrician/inspector check the work before it is plugged into panel but I am hoping to save money and do most of the work myself... Here are some facts...
  21. W

    Courses needed to become a industrial maintenance engineer

    Hey guys, I am a wind turbine maintenance technician and commissioner, with a level 3 nvq in electrotechnical Installation and maintenance. I am finally done with the industry and want to work at home in one of the local manufacturing companies, I have come across a course which I think may help...
  22. D

    New Member

    Hi Guys, My name is Adrinsola David, From Nigeria, Working as an Electrical Technician In a Foaming Company here in Nigeria and have been practicing electrical for the 8 years now also still learning (lol). I will love to share ideas and also learn from you guys. Thanks for having me here
  23. W

    Electrician Looking for experienced industrial electrician.

    In west London. Must have IPAF, and tools
  24. R

    Industrial Plug. Can't identify

    Hi All, i'm trying to identify this plug,it looks industrial and for the heavy machinery. So far google search doesn't help. I have only picture in my hand. Please those who ever have seen something like this, help me to identify what is this.
  25. A

    3-Phase question - industrial unit

    Hi Hoping someone knowledgeable can give me an idiots guide to power for an industrial unit we are leasing. Please bear in mind I have close to zero electrical knowledge. We need 3-Phase power 400V connections for around 6 drilling systems we run on an intermittent basis, no more than 2...
  26. J

    Career path question

    So I'll give you a brief catch-up, I will be starting college next month and contacted a lot of sparks,companies about work etc I managed to have a chat with a lighting company that does floodlights, streetlights, schools, football stadiums etc. They have offered me work one day a week around my...
  27. Steve888

    Industrial distribution board

    Hello I have a new warehouse with 100aA three phase supply. Can you recommend a switch board ? If any of you is near Coventry you can quote me for the full installation (lighting, sockets, etc)
  28. O

    Industrial light fixture wiring

    I am trying to create a custom light/chandelier to hang above a kitchen island. The roof above this island is irregular (see image 1) and I have 2 points to connect to (the larger one actually has a double cable). I don't necessarily need to use all the points, I can just use one then...
  29. S

    Industrial gas supply bonding.

    I've got to earth a new 50mm steel gas pipe. The pipe fitter didn't fit an earth stud to it and now he's gone. Am I just looking at a large earth strap or something else? Any ideas are welcome?
  30. S

    Three phase INDUSTRIAL fuse board recommendation

    Hello I have a small industrial unit with a messy distribution board. It has 100A breaker and around 10 circuits (lights, sockets, air compressor, three phase 16A fuse etc....) Can you recommend a quality new board from Schneider Havell or Hager?
  31. G

    Commercial New to the electrician forum....

    Hi All!! New to this electricians forum.. I have used it in the past to point me in the right direction thanks chaps!! I am self employed gold and black card holder in central London looking to expand and start up my own company!! Any else in the same boat?? Whats everyone else doing?? :cool:
  32. D

    Trainee Just Passed! Next Qualification ???

    Just Passed! Next Qualification ??? So last month i passed my Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) with N.E.T I work in a commercial / industrial background mainly maintenance but some installation now i'm wondering what to do next, I really want to go down the high voltage / substations route...
  33. Davehaywire

    PFC removal industrial unit

    Hi Been asked to remove a pfc unit in an industrial unit Has any1 had any experience in removal of a pfc unit and if so is there a safety procedure to follow and a way of discharging the unit correctly Any advice would be great
  34. C

    MCG Industrial anyone else used.

    Hello guys My suppliers CEF recently gave me an MCG consumer unit instead of my regular Hager. After installing i will not be using again as it was very poor quality, has anyone else used an MCG product before and am i just being paranoid when i say i feel uncomfortable installing such an...
  35. J

    Industrial Brief help from the industrial guys on required quals (415v)

    Hi all, new here and just dropping by to try and get a few pointers from experienced people already in the trade. Sorry if it seems a bit like a hit & run but this seemed like the best place to get proper advice. Quick outline - We're an engineering & maintenance company that does a lot of work...
  36. B

    Career advice - industrial

    I'd like some advice on career planning if anyone could help. Recently gained some electrical qualifications and am doing some more soon. Currently I have... City and guilds - 2365 level 2&3 2377 2391 2393 (part p) Ecs card - experienced worker grade Pasma Profibus installation and...
  37. A

    Commercial industrial washing machine

    Hi Guys, we are a charity and we have have been donated a washing machine it is a industrial washer. In our premises we have both 3 phase and single phase. the machine can work on both phases, with some adjustments. this machine has been converted to single phase. was working perfectly...
  38. J

    10 Industrial Cable Rollers

    I have for sale 10 Industrial Cable Rollers, only used once. Selling for £170 for all 10. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Buyer to collect from WA10 St Helens. Thanks
  39. A

    Could anyone give me some ideas on tools

    Hi I’ve just started working with industrial work and looking to stay in this type of work for as long as I can. Because I’m new to this my tools are mostly for domestic and commercial. Could someone please give me some ideas of what tools I should get that will help me working in this field...
  40. I

    Industrial electric powered heaters

    Hi folks, I'm pricing a job which includes a heating solution for a former small warehouse. The area that requires heating is approximately 400 square mtrs with suspended ceiling at around 2.5 mtrs high. the space is going to be used for light manufacturing where the workers will be sitting at...