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  1. Old Time spark

    No Luck with Electricians in Scotland

    Can I ask for some feedback and advice from the professionals on the points below? Refurbishing two cottages into one, I had engaged an electrical firm to carry out the installation, but following very poor work and practice as recommended here I stopped the work and engaged another electrician...
  2. A

    CCTV regulations recording other premises

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I can pick the brains of a few CCTV installers. We are concerned about a neighbour using CCTV from their house to watch us. They live opposite us and have the camera pointed from a window looking out across the road and onto our property. I believe this is not the use...
  3. D

    Regulations/requirements regarding communal lighting

    Hi, I've just bought a new build flat in a 8 storey building. The communal lights from floors 1-7 are permanently on as well as two staircases. The ground floor is the only floor with PIR's installed. It's such a poor design and I can't see how this can be allowed in this day and age. In no...
  4. T

    Is LSF spec or regs?

    Hi all, Can someone point out to me in the regs where it states that LSF is a must? Been working with a sparky who asked why I was using LSF instead of standard PVC. He said that the use of LSF is a spec thing and not a regulation - would he be correct? Thanks all!
  5. J

    Earth Rod Path to CU

    Hi All, I am installing a new earth rod in my house renovation and was wondering what the regulations state in regards to routing the 16mm cable back to the CU. Does the cable have to route under the ground or can it enter the building above ground? If above, is there any specific methods of...
  6. D

    Bathroom light fiiting regulations

    Just wanted to pick peoples brains I'm currently having some work done at my house and I've noticed that I currently in my bathroom I have a bayonet fitting that is connected via a very long cable light you would get in a front room, the light itself will just be above the edge of the bath...
  7. J

    Domestic Good electricians hand book?

    Morning all, I have just bought my first house and I am looking to rewire it in the near future room by room. I am by trade an industrial electrician and have little domestic training other than my inspection and testing and the odd job here and then. I was wondering if there was a book out...
  8. Massive1

    BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition)

    As per the title. Took the wrapper off that's it. BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition) £50
  9. T

    Retrospective Regulations

    Hi all, Just looking for opinions on a popular dispute between our guys. Are the regulations retrospective? By this i mean would you add to a ring main or install a socket without RCD protection? Would you do the same with lights now as per new 18th edition? If doing an EICR you see trunking...
  10. happyhippydad

    Main bonding and the new regulations.

    Evening all.. I am so used to the fact that there has to be Main bonding that I am struggling to not put it in in the following case: Incoming pipe is plastic. The builder has then fitted a plastic stopcock (inside the house) and then a mixture of plastic and copper from there (see pic). I...
  11. R

    Regulations on running electrical cable to power garden

    Hi all, I'm looking at electrifying my garden buildings: a garage a couple of metres from the house with concrete ground inbetween, then a workshop/office 20m away at the bottom of the garden, plus a couple of sockets/lights on the way. I will absolutely have a registered electrician in to do...
  12. Electron

    Does Wylex RCCB meet Regulations?

    A customer wants a house refurbished. Attached is a photo of the existing Consumer Unit. three circuits are protected by an RCCB (an old type of RCD) and two aren't. I have recommended a new Consumer Unit with full RCD protection. Is there any way the existing can be made to conform?
  13. R

    18th Edition Regulations exam study

    Taking my 18th in a few weeks, studying 17th past papers and know the book very well as most of scope will be on that I assume, however anyone familiar with the new additions concerning under floor/wall heating elements bonding requirements and energy efficiency regs.
  14. F

    Installing electronics in wall cavity - Regulations?

    Hey guys, This is at very early planning stages, but I am looking into the feasibility of installing a smart bathroom mirror TV. What I am looking at is installing a monitor/TV behind a two way mirror. It would be further than 60cm away from the bathroom tap so I believe it counts as being...
  15. A

    Independent review of building regulations inquiry

    Got this link via a thread elsewhere, gets interesting around 15.30 - Well lets see if anything changes
  16. I2C

    British Plugs / Sockets Regulations (BS1363)

    I've been doing a bit of research on the standard British 3-pin plug under BS1363 as I would like to know exactly what is/isn't compliant so I can advise customers if I spot an appliance using a substandard plug. I know there are basic and well-known considerations such as:- live pins must be...
  17. W

    Fused spur off ring main regulations

    hello I've seen the page at the back of the regs book but nothing explains can you - Have a spured socket off the ring using one cable and then put a fused spur after the spur and then feed additional sockets after the spir
  18. Andy-1960

    ESQCR (2002) Regulations

    Anybody know anything about these regs? Do they apply to network operators only or to end users / consumers as well?
  19. L

    I'm told this is against regulations?

    I have a quick question which I wondered if anybody would be kind enough to answer for me. I'm looking to buy an electric car and would need to get a car charger installed on the outside of my garage wall so I posted on an electrical car forum and have been told our electrical setup may not be...
  20. Baker1988

    Settle a small disagreement with me and another sparky

    Hi just wondered if any one could settle this disagreement me and another sparky I work with are having. Basically do lighting circuits need rcd protection? The circuits I am on about are already existing (doing eicr?) and it is all surface mounted in pc trunking one of the circuits goes into a...