1. F

    Sweden electric regulations - light switch

    Hi everyone, Kindly I'd need to know, regarding the regulations for electrical systems in Sweden, whether light switches must be installed in a certain direction (e.g. when the light is on it must be pressed upwards) or whether there are no specifications on the regulations. Thank you
  2. T

    EICR consumer unit advise

    Hi, I am due EICR test on my property which has 20 year old wiring. Last test on 2018 was fine with no issues. Just need to check if my consumer unit will need replacement for EICR pass or it will be ok. Attaching pictures.
  3. A

    What are the regulations for PV consumer unit protection?

    I had a PV system installed by a local reputable manufacturer last autumn; since then, I've received conflicting advice regarding the consumer unit protection required. I'm hoping someone may be able to clarify the protection required by the regulations in place last October. I have a Solis S6...
  4. S

    Extending cooker electric regulations

    Hi I am seeking help and best practices to achieve below tasks. I am not across regulations hence will appreciate best approach to achieve below without violating regulations. Below is layout of the way electric cable is for cooker. I have two tasks to action here. 1) install cooker hood. 2)...
  5. S

    Regulations Question UK outdoor socket

    I guess there are a thousand question like this, but I couldn't quite get if I can do this myself or need an electrician. I have a garage separated from the house that has it's own supply (a big armoured cable that comes from the house) that goes into a 10A RCBO (exactly this guy: GE DP100...
  6. P

    Loading of an AC DB against selection regulations?

    Helloo guys, First post, so sorry if this is dreary! I'll try keep it simple... I have a client with a distribution circuit supplying AC. installation is supplied via 160A MCCB, 70mm 5 core XLPE, 250 Amp rated Distribution board.. so far so good. distribution board is loaded with 18 MCB's...
  7. D

    UK 50mm (2x2) clear services void between plasterboard ceiling below and vapour barrier above:

    With current regs is 50mm enough, I know in floors they should be 50mm clear of the plasterboard, but this is a flat roof with vapour barrier and insulation above. Secondly would you agree that the cables should ideally be clipped with metal clips due to new fire regs.
  8. A

    Is this Saniflo wiring safe and compliant with regulations?

    Hello. I would like to know if from a safety perspective the wiring of the saniflo (see all 3 attached pictures) is good or not. If not can someone point to regulations that cover such jobs in bathrooms? Background: This is a Saniflo replacement and rewiring. Intuitively I would say this is...
  9. J

    UK Are there any special regulations for wiring up fuel container pumps?

    Customer has decided to install a 10,000L Diesel storage tank with built in pump & hose at his business warehouse for his trucks. The Fuel tank is sealed but has an access hatch to a small section that houses the fuel hose and a small motor for the pump that draws around 5Amps, it comes...
  10. H

    Calibration Regulations

    Hi all....for fixed wiring testing, does the test equipment (Fluke and Megger in this case) have to have a calibration certificate from an independant organization. i.e we cant calibrate it and certify it ourselves?
  11. R

    Regulations in Bulgaria

    Can anyone point me to wiring regs for Bulgaria (in English) please? I have searched to no avail. I intend to rewire the place moving from two ceramic fuses in a TN-C setup to a TN-CS arrangement with RCDs/RCBO (TBD). I am curious about socket heights, safe zones, in-wall conduit requirements...
  12. M

    UK Earth bonding requirement for water pipe (metal entry point, switch to plastic after 300mm)

    Good morning everyone. I’m looking at getting an EV charger installed at my home and the company is requesting that I earth bond my water supply piping. The main water pipe entering the property is metal, then there is the stop cock, and after about 100mm it turns into a plastic pipe (total...
  13. G

    Old DZ fuseboards, Do they have to be removed (no exceptions) or can they be left in place?

    What are the regulations around old DZ fuseboards, Do they have to be removed (no exceptions) or can they be left in place? My own thought was that they were essentially outlawed back in the 2000s but if they are still functioning can they be left in place or do they HAVE to be removed? Have...
  14. needanotherjob

    Best guide to regulations other than part p?

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for a reference for electricians to the other parts of the building regs other than part p? either an actual book or an online reference. cheers Jim
  15. M

    Regulations for Mains Wiring

    Hi, I’m hoping someone can signpost me to any regulations that exist for installation of mains wiring cable in a domestic setting. An electrician has installed a mains cable within 30mm of wall surface in almost the centre of a wall and I’m wondering if there are regulations against this...
  16. D

    Upgraded db regulations

    We have came across an upgraded db, the installation about 20 years old, and this db change happened this year. The db as not been bought up to 18th edition regulations and just been swapped like for like. We are carrying out a EICR on this db, I understand the db should off had a EIC but...
  17. R

    some pages required from iet wiring regulations 2018 18th edition (published june 2018)

    Good Evening All Does anyone happen to have a copy of the iet wiring regulations 18th Edition bsi 7671 :2018 published june 2018 isbn 978-1-78561-170-4 my son has decided to start his art work for school on 2 pages of my book so they are...
  18. I

    Memera 2000 mounted to water cylinder

    Hi all, Hopefully picked the right place to post about this..! I've just completed an EICR and there was a second board mounted to the water cylinder which does both the hot water and heating. It's in an apartment (I'm assuming every flat will be the same). I've told the landlord that I need...
  19. P

    Building regulations questions.

    So I've just been reading through the electricians guide to the building regulations for my own knowledge and have come across 2 regulations which I need help on clarifying... page 80 5.5.2 (e) mentions cables should need to withstand a temperature of 170 degrees C. Q. now why on earth would a...
  20. T

    Do you really need insulated tools?

    Are insulated tools necessary if you're not working live? Watching YouTube videos of sparks in America none of them use insulated tools and working on live circuits is apparently an OSHA offense. In the UK the EWR state that: " No person shall be engaged in any work activity on or so near any...
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