1. N

    OSO hotwater boiler_Issue heating the water

    I currently rent a flat, which uses an OSO hotwater boiler to heat the water but it seems there is an issue heating the water and I thought to ask here in case anyone would have an answer before I ask my landlady to call an electrician. Attached is an image of the boiler on Pic1 and on Pic2 is...
  2. sajeel

    UK Heating for room ugent advice needed

    Hi Question for all those who can help, the dreaded bedbug has appeared from neighboring property infestation, was planning to heat treat each room and purchased 'Master Eko 3' which is 2.8kw with Btu of 11,260 and has air flow of 800m3/h, link below if needed...
  3. S

    Maxipod (domestic heating issue)

    Hi folks , I’ve been asked to take a look at a domestic heating problem , I’m hoping to get a bit of advice so I have half of an idea of what sort of issue i’m looking at .. basically the guy has put in a maxi pod . Don’t know much about them other than it gets a permanent feed to the cylinder...
  4. dfreitag

    Heating Wiring Problem - cylinder thermostat not working

    Hi there, I've had 4 plumbers & 1 electrician look at my problem (seemingly without dedicating too much time unfortunately), spending more than £1000 already 😣, but none of them has found the issue to my problem - that's why I'm reaching out to you! I have the below set up 1x gas system...
  5. K

    Storage Heating Replacement

    Hello, looking for some advice please. The storage heater in my livingroom has stopped working and I thought I would take the opportunity to replace the heaters throughout the house (4 in total), I am unsure what is best to replace them with, modern storage heaters, panel heaters, IR...
  6. P

    Off peak Heating contactor confusion.

    Hi. Can anyone offer a bit of advice please. I've got a customer who wants needs an upgrade to their consumer units. It is a bungalow that has a 3 phase supply. Each phase has a separate consumer unit. Blue and Yellow are being used for heating, and the Red is general domestic power and lighting...
  7. Rockingit

    Need to find a solution to heating water

    Not quite as daft as it sounds, this follows from my thread a day ago. I need to find an electrical (ideally, gas could also be an option...) to heat a plastic bath tub of water to around 45C, and then maintain it. I've rejected the idea of using those deathtrap looking immersible elements...
  8. J

    Old Honeywell heating system: no idea how to turn on.

    I've just moved into a new flat and for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the underfloor heating turned on. The thermostats are the old honeywell analgoue types like the picture below. I turned it up to the max temp, but the floor is still ice cold. I've also taken a picture of the...
  9. zero--

    microwave heating issue

    I have a swan 20l nordic digital microwave which turns on everything seems normal but when cooking does not heat anything. any ideas how to fix this? I saw videos on replacing a fuse but in my microwave the spring fuse thing they replace i can not find in my microwave.
  10. S

    Electric heating mat over metal screws?

    Hello, The floor boarding has been stuck down with adhesive and screwed down also with extra metal washers. Someone has now told me it is not a good idea to put an Electrical Heating Mat over it beacuse of the metal screwes and washers. Can I just take them out? Help It will then be screeded...
  11. nicebutdim

    Options for electric heating?

    I know litte about the best means of heating a home using electricty so want to ask on behalf of a relative who has floated the idea of oil filled radiators on individual timers or new storage heaters. House currently has storage heaters downstairs and nothing upstairs. Storage heaters are to...
  12. U

    Heating Diagram for two boilers on two different phases.

    Hi Everyone ,i need a advise please:basicaly i got two system boiler with one imersion heather ,they must be combinet in one way.If in any reasone boiler number one lost power ,boiler two supposed start working ,two boiler on different phases . please if any one had simillar situations ,any...
  13. jjjinx

    Storage heater not heating up but powered

    Hi guys, I'm on a job where one of the storage heaters isn't heating up. it is a dimplex model FXL18N 2.34kW. There are two of these heaters in the property but one is not heating up. I've checked & bypassed the supply using peak supply to verify that electricity is getting into the heater...
  14. Gary Tollison

    Central heating queries: is this safe?

  15. J

    Toaster problems middle element not heating

    Hi I’m getting very frustrated have a 4 slice swan Nordic toaster the elements in the middle will not heat have done a continuity test and would appear the there are no breaks in the elements help anyone? Ps I know it’s not worth a fortune but the thought of chucking it seems really wasteful
  16. Ap1234

    Ireland Horstmann Centaurstat 7 Room Thermostats and Heating Programmers

    Hi, I want to either replace or add a thermostat to my Heating Programmer which only has basic functions of On/Off, Timer and Boost.. Can a thermostat be connected to the programmer wiring or do I have to replace the programmer entirely with the thermostat and if so, is the wiring that’s...
  17. T

    Heating Controller Being overridden (UK)

    Hi hope someone can help me, it’s a bit of a long story so sorry in advance. Around 10 months ago we had a power cut and when the power was restored, we got a bit of a surge. Didn’t realise that it had impacted on our central heating until we woke up in the middle of the night with the water...
  18. S

    Heating electric controls running hot/ burning, oil heating

    Hi all Happy Christmas to you and yours. I need some expert advice I made the temporary leap to a off grid Mobile home a few months ago while I build my house. All works ok, generator during the day and batteries and a 1 to 2 kw 220v inverter at night. However, there is a slight problem, I...
  19. Weezy

    Adding an additional zone to existing heating system, should this work?

    So iv got to add a mini one UFH zone to an existing property's heating system, i have already wired in all the easy parts ie. actuator, zone valve, stat etc. however i just need to hook it up to trigger the boiler. iv attached a few images to try and explain things better, the plumber told me...
  20. S

    Problems with Immersion Heating element

    Hi - our heating has packed up and we are trying to resurrect our immersion heater. We put a new heating element into it yesterday and all seemed well - it heated the tank of water. Then we had a power cut and this morning we can't get it to work again. We've changed the fuse and checked that...
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