1. V

    which hive for 2 x heating zones? (upstairs and downstairs)

    i , i have a property to work on which has a programmable room stat upstairs and a programmable roomstat downstairs. S plan system , 2 zones. hot water is just straight from the combi. Haven't wired a hive for a while, and not up to date with their current versions. The customer requires control...
  2. Scott smit

    UK Smart heating thermostat

    Hi everyone just looking for some advice before buying stuff not planning on carrying out this work myself will get someone who knows what their doing. I wanted to know if this smart thermostat could replace my existing thermostat Smart thermostat Existing thermostat Tried my best to...
  3. J

    Safely heating a very small well house

    I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina and have a well for my house's water supply. For some reason, pitless adapters, which allow all piping to be run from the well to the house below frost line, are not allowed so I have piping emerging from the top of my well seal, which is exposed to the ambient...
  4. P

    Heating programmer help please....?

    Hi Guys Changing my heating/water programmer and im stuck on the wiring ive gone from a danfoss to a Drayton and the wiring description is different ive had a go at what I think is correct but now when the heating is on and hot water off the hot water is still calling, and when I have just hot...
  5. HappyHippyDad

    One last question on wiring for wet underfloor heating!

    I've pretty much sussed out the wiring for the radiators and underfloor heating, thanks to help from the forum. I do have one more question though. I feel the answer is obvious but i just wanted to double check. In the diagram below there is a terminal block labelled manifold pump or valve...
  6. T

    Wiring a Hive Heating Dual Channel Receiver SLR2C

    Hey everyone, hope you all had a good xmas. Got called around to change over an old style pin type thermostat to a hive one for a family member. (Curse the holidays lol) and was a bit confused when I took the old one off the wall and saw how it was wired. I said just to get a central heating...
  7. S

    Wiring underfloor heating with 3 manifolds

    Hi all, taken on a new build project and they have quite a large property with three separate manifolds. I have wired before with one manifold but getting slightly confused. Do I need to take a fused spur to each individual manifold to power the pump or can this be done via the three cores back...
  8. HappyHippyDad

    Understanding wiring for wet underfloor heating?

    I have not had to do the wiring for a wet underfloor heating system before. I think I started a thread fairly recently and had some very good replies which has helped me understand heating systems in greater detail. However, I have a more specific question to this particular manifold wiring...
  9. S

    Best zonal smart control for underfloor heating (wet)

    Hi. I'm installing a wet underfloor heating system in my own house. What would you recommend as the best smart control system? I can hardwire each zone with a thermostat Cheers Spynage
  10. electricman26

    Heating a Copper Tube via Nichrome

    Good afternoon, I wanted to heat up a .5" copper tube that is approximately 15cm long up to about 250 C. I would like to use nichrome to do this, but I know that I will have to use an insulator of some type between the nichrome and the copper tubing. Would JB Weld work? If I lathered the...
  11. C

    Microwave automatically starts heating and makes humming noise when plugged in

    Hello All I was hoping for some advice. We have a microwave and recently after cleaning, as soon as the microwave was plugged in, a loud humming noise started. I was concerned it was heating so I put a cup of water in for 30 seconds and it came out hot!. I hadn't pressed any button on the...
  12. Rod1971

    Central Heating Boiler and Treadmill tripping MCB/RCD

    Good evening, I have recently moved into a new home and I am having problems with the MCB/RCD tripping (Mem M6 Type 3 - 30mA). It intermittently trips when I switch on the Central Heating on and sometimes after running the heating for a couple of hours. The heating is gravity fed, hot water...
  13. O

    Replacing old heating thermostat receiver with Honeywell DT92E receiver

    Hi there, We have recently replaced our central heating programmer with a Honeywell ST9400C. We now want to replace our old wireless room thermostat with a compatible one. We've purchased Honeywell DT92E (with receiver and controller). Next to the boiler, underneath the programmer, is an...
  14. S

    BEKO DHR73431W not heating

    Hi, I have a Beko DHR73431W heat pump tumble dryer that isn't heating. I'm thinking its beyond economic repair as I think the compressor has gone, but any advice is welcome. The NTC's in the door and on the compressor are all reading what I believe normal at around 12kohms at room temp. The...
  15. HappyHippyDad

    Understanding wiring for wet underfloor heating systems.

    Up until now I have steered clear of heating systems. I now have quite a bit of work with a builder and will be expected to deal with the electrical aspects of any heating systems installed. In a few months I will be doing the electrical work for a 2 zone underfloor heating system from a...
  16. C

    Heating Lost Pressure

    Hi, I realise this is an electrical forum and not plumbing, but was wondering if somebody could help. My heating is not working and the heating pressure guage has dropped to zero. The black valve you can see to the right of the photo cannot be turned and is locked in place. I cannot see any...
  17. P

    Drayton SM1 issue - heating coming on outside its set times?

    My mother in law has a new bungalow (3 years old) with an electric only system. It's controlled using an SM1 controller which I've set to come on once a day between 6.30am and 10pm. She sets the thermostat so the heating comes on whenever the temp drops below the thermostst set point...
  18. A

    Contactor for carbon mat under floor heating

    I'm after some advice please, I have carbon mat underfloor heating throughout my bungalow, each room has its own thermostat and are fed via a fused spur , these make virtually no sound, whereas my living room is a much larger area of around 40m2 and has its own thermostat and is fed from up in...
  19. Electrical2go

    Rointe, Dimplex & Convector Heaters - Starting at £19.95

    E2GO is slashing prices on its most popular electric heaters for October only! With prices starting at just £19.95, you can now afford to heat your home more efficiently and economically than ever before. Whether you're looking for a small heater to warm up your office or larger models to heat...
  20. K

    Under floor heating mat 15Amps

    Hi there I need your opinion on this one, I need to fix mat 18sqm (200w). Client instead of one mat bought 2 mats (12sqm)+(6sqm) one thermostat . Went through the manual of under floor heating so 12sqm (2400w) + 6sqm(1200w) total 3600w. Now my question, how do I spur nearly 16amps, standard spur...


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