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  1. electricman26

    Heating a Copper Tube via Nichrome

    Good afternoon, I wanted to heat up a .5" copper tube that is approximately 15cm long up to about 250 C. I would like to use nichrome to do this, but I know that I will have to use an insulator of some type between the nichrome and the copper tubing. Would JB Weld work? If I lathered the...
  2. C

    Microwave automatically starts heating and makes humming noise when plugged in

    Hello All I was hoping for some advice. We have a microwave and recently after cleaning, as soon as the microwave was plugged in, a loud humming noise started. I was concerned it was heating so I put a cup of water in for 30 seconds and it came out hot!. I hadn't pressed any button on the...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Understanding wiring for wet underfloor heating systems.

    Up until now I have steered clear of heating systems. I now have quite a bit of work with a builder and will be expected to deal with the electrical aspects of any heating systems installed. In a few months I will be doing the electrical work for a 2 zone underfloor heating system from a...
  4. C

    Heating Lost Pressure

    Hi, I realise this is an electrical forum and not plumbing, but was wondering if somebody could help. My heating is not working and the heating pressure guage has dropped to zero. The black valve you can see to the right of the photo cannot be turned and is locked in place. I cannot see any...
  5. A

    Contactor for carbon mat under floor heating

    I'm after some advice please, I have carbon mat underfloor heating throughout my bungalow, each room has its own thermostat and are fed via a fused spur , these make virtually no sound, whereas my living room is a much larger area of around 40m2 and has its own thermostat and is fed from up in...
  6. Electrical2go

    Rointe, Dimplex & Convector Heaters - Starting at £19.95

    E2GO is slashing prices on its most popular electric heaters for October only! With prices starting at just £19.95, you can now afford to heat your home more efficiently and economically than ever before. Whether you're looking for a small heater to warm up your office or larger models to heat...
  7. K

    Under floor heating mat 15Amps

    Hi there I need your opinion on this one, I need to fix mat 18sqm (200w). Client instead of one mat bought 2 mats (12sqm)+(6sqm) one thermostat . Went through the manual of under floor heating so 12sqm (2400w) + 6sqm(1200w) total 3600w. Now my question, how do I spur nearly 16amps, standard spur...
  8. O

    Heating a large office

    How would you go about this realistically, the office is open plan and about 15m x 7M, grid ceiling with loft space above, windows and insulation is not the best and there are two offices, all single story with a central communal area with reception, toilet, kitchen etc. The client wants 8 x...
  9. the pict

    Horstman water heating contoller wiring

    I have two supplies into a new horstman e7 box, 1 from the offpeak water heating one from standard tariff boost do both suppies go to 1 and 2, 4 &5 linked, when wired this way boost RCBO trips ,if I remove the off peak it works albeit no off peak I fitted 2 new RCBO boards a while back but there...
  10. M

    Neutral issue wiring a smart switch for heating

    Hi. I am trying to replace a heating timer with a smart switch. The current timer is the type with a dial on the front and 1 to 24 written on it where you pull out the little lugs to set what time the heating comes on and how long it runs for, APT is the make. The wires coming from the wall are...
  11. E

    ALFASOL 3 Solar Heating Controller

    I came across this controller that is used to heat a tank located in the loft of a house. The controller seems to be faulty as all 3 temperature sensors are reading -20 deg C. I cannot find any documentation on this controller and wondered if anyone has come across it. Do you know where I can...
  12. Y

    MC against heating pipes?

    Noticed an old cloth wire coming down the brick wall feeding an outlet on the opposite side of our oil burner is all fray. Was going to replace it with MC but the plumber that was here doing work (why I was back there to take notice of it) mentioned there is some new local rule that they aren't...
  13. RF Solutions Ltd

    Install new heating systems? Ever had a missing cable run between a boiler and a pump?

    Do you install new heating systems? Ever had a missing cable run between a boiler and a pump? Using MAINSLINK - the pump overrun solution - you can avoid expensive cable runs when cables are missing between a boiler and a pump. When the MAINSLINK by the boiler has 230Vac live input, this...
  14. littlespark

    Head scratching heating.

    I’ve been tasked with sorting the heating system at that big stately home… along with a heating engineer company who has about as much clue as I do. Over the years the system has grown, changed, reduced, god only knows. And there’s no drawings… not many labels, and half the original cables are...
  15. N

    Need an exellent Heating Belt. What is the best ?

    Hello, I am currently looking for a Heating Belt. I saw on the internet a Heating Belt for 220 Liters Drum but I don't know if we can trust this kind of product. Can anyone help me find what I'm looking for or if anyone has used this kind of product before? Thanks for answering!
  16. J

    Trace heating cable - testing issues

    Hi , Wondered if anyone can help , i currently install and test Trace Heating Cable on Mechanical Pipework for Frost protection . Recently our Clients are asking for a recordable test that states cable lengh of the circuit and a test to determine if there is a fault in the cable. Currently using...
  17. B

    DIYer needs help. Lamona built-in oven not heating

    Hello. The built-in oven is not getting hot. I took a look inside and see just one heating element which is at the top. It's a three-pronged one. Is that the only element for both grill and oven? I don't see anything else in the interior of the oven by way of electrical parts. The light works...
  18. Jurassicsparky

    Dimplex Duoheat problems

    Hi all. I have a customer, manager of a retirement home and he's having problems with the original heaters. The existing heating in the multi apartment building consists of Dimplex Duoheat storage heaters. They are starting to fail on a regular basis and the spare parts have been discontinued...
  19. C

    Heating systems with air source

    Hello , I’m trying to further my knowledge into UFH/Rad/HW valves heating systems with air source pumps. What is normally needed outside with the unit itself? Do people use a multi core cable to come out of the isolator? Also, where and what cables are needed to manifolds etc? I...
  20. A

    Central heating thermostat

    Hi all, my condenser boiler central heating has started to do strange things so I set about trying to diagnose the problem. When I got to the thermostat I found that there was no power to it, could anybody tell me where this is powered from please? It is an old system, almost 30 years old so in...
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