1. EricMark

    Central Heating and the modulating boiler.

    To start with it all seems to make sense, the TRV measures the room temperature and controls the radiator temperature to suit, as the water flow is restricted the by-pass valve lifts, and hotter water is returned to boiler, so the boiler is throttled back (modulated) so the heat exchanger is...
  2. B

    Gas or Electric Heating

    Does anyone have knowledge on how the Lifetime cost of gas and electric compare in a domestic application. Almost by default gas central heating is installed assuming that it’s cheaper option.
  3. S

    Central heating problem.

    Hi Folks, Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated on this painful problem! My Honeywell programmer is jumping from "Off" to "Auto" automatically, randomly and seriously annoyingly! I have replaced the programmer but no joy. Any thoughts? Stoffel
  4. A

    3 Phase heating coil

    Hi. I'm making a 3 phase furnace with heating coils. Total power rating is 5 KW. I have to make one heating element for each phase. How do I split the KW rating? Will it be a straight 5/3? Also when calculating the resistance for each heater, should I calculate based on 220V(single phase voltage...
  5. spud1

    Overall main switch where the installtion has off peak heating ?

    What is everyone's general procedure for provision of an overall installation main switch isolator where an installation has two DB's - one off peak, one on peak? Is it crucial a linked 4 pole main switch be installed to isolate both sets of tails or can a dispensation be made with some clear...
  6. P

    Heating Belt for Brewing

    I purchased a couple of these which arrived today https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-220V...e=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The belts are getting too hot. If I could step down the voltage would this make the belts operate at the correct temperature ? If yes then what do I need to...
  7. P

    Domestic pre heating water to combi boiler wih solar pcwer

    Some months ago I remember seeing a advert for basically a squarish seeled box filled with bags that are filled with some kind of chemical that can accept a charge using a voltage from solar pv that are capable of heating water before it goes into a combi boiler saving on your gas {have looked...
  8. Pretty Mouth

    Electra U/F heating warranty

    Question for Uheat - Jake: I notice the Electra warranty form requires details of 'professional body membership'. Does this mean Uheat would not honour a warranty if it was installed by an electrician who wasn't a member of a competent persons scheme?
  9. happyhippydad

    Which underfloor heating control panel?

    My customer wants to change her control panel for her underfloor heating. She finds it too complicated and wants something more simple. I have only ever fitted the ones that the customer has supplied along with the underfloor heating. Here is the one she has at the moment: Can anyone...
  10. D

    Fault on underfloor heating mat.

    Hi All I have a fault on an underfloor heating mat which is as follows L-N no continuity (should be around 200 ohms) N-E short circuit L-E clear I need to find the exact location of the fault so I can take a tile up to repair it, I have thought about hiring a thermal imaging camera, just...
  11. J

    Domestic Help on learning heating systems for domestic properties

    Could someone point me in the right direction for learning everything I need to know on heating systems throughout my apprenticeship I didn’t get to do a lot of it and would like to know my stuff . Thanks
  12. E

    Underfloor Heating Thermostat in Bathroom

    Hi, Is it allowable to install an underfloor heating thermostat inside the bathroom but outside any of the listed zones? We are having a room converted into a bathroom and there is no suitable place directly outside the room to install it, however the new bathroom itself is about 3m x 3m and...
  13. M

    Heating element connection

    Hi have been asked to fix connection on 3 phase printing machine the cable has disconnected for poor connection where cable grab been pressed obviously its not soldered, are there some high temp solder kits available?
  14. P

    Heating wiring advice

    I have wired a heating system with 8 heating control zone valves and 1 on water,all work ok,problem is it has heating pump which comes on with heating valves but also with hot water zone valve,how can I separate the heating pump to only come on with the 8 valves.
  15. T

    Domestic Air source heat pump heating issue

    Hi there, I have an air source heat pump with a few issues: 1. It gets stuck on defrost mode. When it goes to defrost, it gets stuck and ends up becoming an air conditioner in the depths of winter (fun). I suspect this may be a faulty valve (or what ever reverses the coolant) getting stuck on...
  16. C

    underfloor heating do i need a CPC-Mesh

    just checking the regs 753.411.3.2 which state i need to use a conductive mesh connected to the CPC of the circuit. I am installing a flexible heating mat from Warm Up in a kitchen and i dont see any mention of the mats needing a conductive mesh needing to be installed??
  17. G

    polypipe underfloor heating, wifi vs NEST

    HI all, got a holiday let that wants to control heating from their home as people leave it on etc. setup is s plan upstairs HW and heating(rads) , with stat up there for heating downstairs two zoned UFH, bathroom and Lounge ive priced up the polypipe stuff, new center and stats and its...
  18. J

    Commercial Electric space heating

    I need to provide heating for a converted warehouse, approx 150 - 180 sq meters. (1 large square room) The space will only needed to be heated for a couple of hours in the morning, I was thinking possibly fan assisted to get the temp up quicker, any suggestions? Thanks Judd
  19. M

    Top electrician and top heating engineer

    Doing a periodic...previous certs show full re wire in 2011...so...the old colour mains tails were obviously just tat they wanted rid of...only 16mm main earth jointed in the board But then...along comes the plumber/heating engineer and decides he'd rather be a comedian
  20. K

    HELP. Back plate wiring to smart heating hub HELP

    Trying to install Drayton wiser hub r... The backplate has previously been wired and is as in picture. Attached. The diagram is in instructions as how it needs to be. Attached. Which wired need to go where.. Please help