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  1. C

    are these figures right or am i way off

    could anyone take a look at these figures please and tell me if they are ok or not. thanks in advance watts where stated 60w x 3 60w x 3 Ib design current 1.30 1.30 In device rating and type B6 MCB BS 60898 B6 MCB BS 60898 Reference method METHOD B METHOD B Ambient temp in...
  2. M

    Where can I find these electric socket ?

    Hello, Im renovating my flat and I can’t find a new cover for this plug. How is this called ? Where can I find it ? thanks a lot, Merlin
  3. B

    Can I use these?

    On a rare occasion, I sometimes have to install a different wireless room thermostat (eg Nest) to an Intergas boiler, which come pre-wired. However on this wiring setup they have used (from memory) female barrel type connectors, and all earthing seems to be of the male type. To save me buying...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Who makes or supplies these downlights?

    Customer has asked for another two downlights in his bathroom to go over his and hers basins. Has the following as per the below image. Who makes them and who sells them? Anybody fitted them or bought any recently? I am finding it hard to find a supplier. Thanks
  5. M

    what are these components?

    Hello everyone! I want to ask the old guys in here if they know what are these components on the photos no 2 & 3? These things are part of the electrical system of an old hydraulic "clicker" press. It's used to cut leather,paper etc. The machine is probably from the 70's and there is no tag on...
  6. D

    Are these cheap electricals a hazard?

    To cut a long story short, I've been looking for a while for a 'smart' light switch that doesn't require a neutral or a hub. I've found a few on ebay and ordered them due to arrive on Tues...
  7. Baddegg

    Strange question on here these days but...

    I need to run power from a basement to a shed, approx 30 mtrs, customer already has 40 mtrs of swa on site, lights couple of sockets and electric gates to be powered from the shed, normally I install an isolator as a single point of isolation an them split the incoming through a Henley and then...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Advertising and cutting back in these times

    This isn't about the pros and cons of the various job lead and advertising sites. Had an email from checkatrade saying that during April and probably future months you can either pay a reduced 50% monthly fee or become associated member which means you won't appear in general search results but...
  9. M

    236-1 and 3

    I achieved my 236-1 and 2 between the years 1992 and 1997. I have just received my AM2 certificate. I have been working as an electrician for over twenty years. Can I now apply for a jib card with what I’ve got or will I need to do an nvq3. thanks in advance.
  10. DT1991

    Anyone fitted these?

    Has anyone fitted these if so any issues after installation Thanks.
  11. P

    Help, I’m sure someone can answer this very quickly

    Sorry, I’m new to this. Can someone just explain how I should wire these cables in the ceiling light unit as per images, there seems to be a lot of cables,
  12. bigspark17

    Long shot anybody got any of these?

    Wylex mccb. I need a single pole 25/63A and a triple pole 125/100 amp. they seem to have discontinued. if by any chance someone does, please pm me :)
  13. G

    What Code for this one?

    What code would you attach to this gem, I gave it C2. These terminals are contained within steel trunking but are also part of a live 3 phase cct. See picture. It is installed as a 100 Amp 3 phase ring with these terminals every few metres. Distribution boards are connected from these terminals...
  14. F

    thoughts on these electrical compliance companys

    a well known electrical compliance company recently carried out an eicr on a pharmaceutical company which is a fair size and completed it in 3 days leaving bar codes on each distribution board facility's manager was well happy with the paper work he received, but my question is how are they...
  15. elliott194

    How can I test these old car clocks?

    Hello - this seems quite a dumb question but I hope someone here won’t mind helping me out? I bought some old car clocks at auction. I know very little about electrics! There are two types - one type has a single wire coming out, the other type has three wires coming out. Ok, two wires would...
  16. DPG

    Where can I get one of these?

    Anyone know where I can get one of these?
  17. V

    Can anybody shed some light on these dynamos as to what they fit?

    Part numbers are as follows: C45NV2 228069 6V, C45N 228183 6V, C45 12v but we don't have number for that one as they have been rusted off, and the other one is a C45A 224042 12v. thanks in advance.
  18. Moley

    Anyone got one of these?

    Who connects it, sparky or plumber?
  19. N

    Is it possible to generate electricity from these 2 motors?

    Hi there, i found some old Motors in my barn and im not sure for what they have been used for. I was wondering if it was possible to generate electricty that i can store in some energy storages (which i will buy if worth it) they both have an written text on it that says 230v 50hz idk if this...
  20. Dan

    Just another reminder - Seem to do a lot of these

    I clocked a member today replying to one thread with 'just get a sparky in it'll take 10 minutes', and then in another literally said 'get your money out and get a sparky in'. So this is a polite reminder. Don't do that. If they were going to get a sparky in, they would have done. If you...
  21. Dan

    What are your solar PV's generating these days?

    What are your solar PV's generating these days?
  22. Pete999

    All these old tunes being quoted

    All these old tunes being posted, many of us grew up with these sounds, are you youngsters only just discovering how the Pop industry started???? Still in your defence in the years to come, when most of us have gone to the Wholesalers in the sky, you will be winging on about One Direction or...
  23. F

    Does anyone know what wires these are

    So I was installing something and accidentally cut the alarm wire going to the door sensor. It was two braided wires. Please see pics below. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  24. V

    Need help identifying these!

    Any help identifying these would be appreciated, we think the small one is off a bike?? the inertia has a number other than on the plate which reads: 988074 unfortunately we cant find anything on these two units
  25. Amit Saxena

    Sweden-How do I get these wires out to attach to my ceiling light

    Hello all! Probably a noob question, but really appreciate your help with this. I am trying to fit a ceiling light and need to get out the existing electrical fitting to be able to screw in the base plate of the ceiling light I bought. Below are the pictures of the existing electrical fitting...
  26. donnib

    Is there an inverter that fullfils these requirements ?

    Hi, I want an inverter which can give the consumer power from solar if available, second battery if there is power on it and at last from the grid BUT i am not interested to feed to the grid (not interested in getting an approval from the local energy company). I know there are hybrid inverters...
  27. D

    Anyone tried these before..? 40th Birthday coming up and my parents are insisting they get me something so might cut a new pair of cutters / shears and wondered about these
  28. Pete999

    My Mums house had these jobbies

  29. J

    Can anybody tell me what these are?

    DA6524-E7-AE6-D-48-E2-A4-CC-753579821-B99 - 734-D371-A-9566-4-A70-BEC7-2551811-C5-A69 - 156-B9-D62-FBB4-49-EA-A69-A-0-A3-AD6-DD0033 - I was called to a job as some entrance lighting wasn’t working. No power to the 6 lights all...
  30. M

    So im not the only one who notices these things........

    Knew i couldnt be the only one to look in the background
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    Need replacements for these.........

    Got 2 bollards at a customers premises. they have stopped working, got water ingress, the covers were not put on correctly. They are emergency light packs. Made by a company called Nu-era lighting which it appears went into administration. Went in kew, denmans, cef and edmundons and got blank...
  32. Moley

    General rant about the standards of driving these days!

    Is it just me or is the general standard of driving going down hill? I had a 'little' commute home yesterday, from Irvine in Scotland to just north of Cardiff. I get really fed up of the number of 'CLODs' (Center Lane Only Drivers) that travel on motorways. I'm tootling along on the inside lane...
  33. Zdb

    Don't suppose these exist?

    Need to install a load of outdoor sockets to be used for Air-Con equipment (vac pumps etc) local to some condensers. Anyway I was just wondering if there is such a thing as an IP rated 3 position rotary switch? The idea is that the normal rotary isolator could power the condenser in position...
  34. Gavin John Hyde

    sensible price for one of these or suitable sized alternative?

    Customer needs one of these changed for an elderly relative. Found new versions by Mk themselves for the old one but at £30+ hoping to find a more affordable alternative. Anybody know of other makes that fit the dimensions? or better still sensible priced MK ones?
  35. S

    Are these wires neutral?

    I'm currently in the process of running neutral wires around my house to all the light switches so that i can install some of these new wifi smart switches to control all of my lighting. One of my light switches has a black and a blue wire connected together separately from the switch shown in...
  36. the pict

    Why are these words so expensive

    £254.00 (Zero Rated) This part of BS 5266 gives recommendations and guidance on the factors that need to be considered in the design of and the installation and wiring of the electrical emergency lighting At the end of the day its ink and paper so why the ludicrous price when considering...
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