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  1. Charlie_

    Multi room ventilation units

    Recommendations please.. To service 4 en-suite bathrooms. All on 1 level, average run of 5m
  2. D

    Multi function tester accuracy record template

    Has anyone got a decent pdf of the above? Cheers
  3. T

    Sky Q multi room

    Hello Everybody! I am currently working on a new extension to a house . It is pretty big with seven rooms ,steamroom , bar etc . There are 4 Tv's going in and the customer is going to have SkyQ at each. I have wired a shotgun coaxil to each, all ran back to 2 splitters that have a shotgun from...
  4. T

    Multi way switching using only 1 way switches?

    Hi My bungalow hall lights can be turned on and off from 4 different switches. I was expecting these switches to be a mix of 3 way and intermediate switches, but all 4 of them are just 1 way switches. I now have a problem that my hall lights are permanently turned on, and none of the switches...
  5. Diver233

    Should multi trades be qualified in each one.

    I assume this guy did a three year apprenticeship for each trade. But I guess he doesn’t specify what electrics he does.
  6. N

    Multi room PIR help needed

    Hi, first off apologies if this is a daft question I’m having an absolute mental block.. Scenario is: I have three rooms all on the same circuit and all controlled via a one way switch, i need to put a PIR in each room, now would this not operate all the rooms regardless of which room someone...
  7. J

    Wiring advice for multi room extractor fan

    Hi all I have installed the 92430AW XPLUS 2 MULTI POINT VENTILATION UNIT I wired it in like for like with an old unit. The fan stays constantly on. Do I just wire in the switch lines into the L1, L2, L3? Or is there a way to wire this in. It's probably very simple but it's confusing me.
  8. T

    Compex ex03 & ex04 multi choice exam help

    hi, recently sat my compex in Aberdeen and since found out that i had failed the multi choice exam, getting this email. Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in the Ex03 & Ex04 units of the Multi-choice exam– see attached fail sheet. It was much harder than I anticipated and am now worried about...
  9. R

    Multi switch/light Wiring

    Hi, Could someone help me with confirming if this configuration is correct? Secondly, I dismantled the upstairs double switch to fit a new 'smart' switch (bottom-right corner). How would i configure the cable to fit in the (L,N,L1,L2) of the new switch? I have attached a screenshot of my...
  10. G

    multifunction tester calibration kidderminster

    Does anyone know where I can get a multifunction tester calibrated near Kidderminster, Worcestershire?
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for multi tool blade for brick/plaster

    I am looking for recommendations for a decent multi tool blade to cut through plaster and some brick/block. I could use a standard blade but it will kill the blade. Have a job coming up where it needs some delicate cutting without going too heavy on the wall. normal chasing isnt an option...
  12. B

    Multi function tester calibration

    Hi guys Nice simple one Where do you get your mft calibrated and how much does it cost? I have a kewtech kt63 I’m struggling to find prices and companies in Essex that do it Any help is appreciated Thanks
  13. oxford 12

    Metrel multi tester problem

    Has anyone had any problems with the metrel mi3125?. Mine today suddenly would not turn on ,unless the charge lead is plug in. Which makes it unusable. Is the meter broke or fixible. Have tried new batteries in it,make no difference. Has anyone had this problem.
  14. oxford 12

    Metrel multi tester problem

    Has anyone had any problems with the metrel mi3125?. Mine today suddenly would not turn on ,unless the charge lead is plug in. Which makes it unusable. Is the meter broke or fixible. Have tried new batteries in it,make no difference. Has anyone had this problem.
  15. R

    Tis 1850 multi function tester problem

    Hi all I have a problem with my new multi function tester it's a tis 1850. Tester has decided it doesn't want to dead test (r1+r2, insulation resistance, earth electrode) It will test zs and rcd tests fine don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if the damn things nakered already. Any...
  16. M

    sky q multi room insufficent info from sky

    hiya folks i have been looking at upgrading to sky q but unfortunately it wont suit my needs as we currently have 5 boxes in the house with 2 dishes as follows livingroom sky + hd box with coax slave to dinning room / kitchen bedroom 1 sky+ hd box bedroom 2 sky+ hd box bedroom 3 sky+ hd box...
  17. K

    What multi function test meter?

    Hi all, I am attending a Competence in Testing course and that course requires for me to take my own test equipment. Can anyone kindly recommend a reasonably priced multi-function test meter that meets all the tests for 17th edition please? Many Thanks
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all us tool tarts

  19. DuaneMHunt1976

    Earth Leakage Test

    Once asked if a normal Multi Meter could do most of what a PAT tester could (ie saver £££ £350 for the machine an £75 for it to be tested) <Shows how slow i am at recalling things> but some years ago i did 2377-22 and didnt recall it from there. I do own the 3rd Edition Code of Practice for...
  20. E

    Flat supplies and multi head installations, help please

    Hi, in the process of wiring 4 flats for a customer(new build). Have wired flats in past and if I needed five supplies, uk power network would install 5 supply's with cut outs, I'd normally come from these to a fused switch and then off to each flat with a suitable swa cable. Uk power networks...
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