1. SJD

    When did sockets require RCD protection?

    Can someone tell me when it became a requirement for sockets (domestic property, use by ordinary persons) to have RCD protection. Or rather, a flat completed (first sold) in Sep 2007, with no RCD protection for anything - would that have complied at the time. I don't have any earlier regs. that...
  2. J

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes require RCD protection.

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes and mills Need rcd protection?
  3. J

    RCD for boiler replacement? When is an RCD NEEDED?

    When does an installation NEED an RCD? I thought that all new circuits need one but I now believe that I am mistaken. Regulation 411.3.3 for socket outlets up to 32amps and regulation 411.3.4 for lights. Then for special locations like bathrooms. If the cables are less than 50mm deep into the...
  4. OC Yan

    Electrician all level electrician require in London and Cardiff Centre

    we currently have existing and new middle size and large size projects in London and Cardiff Center require all level electrician to join us, to provide new and maintenance. ideally part time will be welcome. it will be appreciate if you can drip a PM message for a chat thanks Yan
  5. T

    Installation is in fair condition and to comply to current Regs would require a rewire/upgrade.

    The above statement was made in an EICR which I was asked to look at. In my opinion they are on the wrong side of Trading Standards to suggest that an installation should be re-wired because it is not up to current regulations. If it is safe then I would not suggest to a client they must have a...
  6. happyhippydad

    Does this require Main Bonding?

    The water pipes enter the house in metal, then there are a few cm's of copper after the stop cock and then plastic. It is hidden behind the kitchen draws (which can be removed to access). Does this require Main Bonding? The stop cock tests as 0.36Ω to earth, it is TNCS. I just cant see how...
  7. happyhippydad

    Does this require RCD protection?

    I have been asked to connect a 9kW kiln to the consumer unit. The consumer unit is in the garage and the kiln will also be in the garage. All the cable will be surface mounted, probably in conduit. It's a steeple series E consumer unit with spare ways on the non-RCD side and no spare ways on...
  8. I

    Require additional cooker spur in kitchen

    Hello, My electrician is currently wiring a new kitchen and has wired in a cooker switch to a cooker fused spur shown in the attached photo for the electric cooker oven. He has used 6mm flex wiring for the circuit. The cooker hob is gas. He has installed a B32 for the circuit back at the...
  9. G

    What size Fuses do I require?

    Hi, I have a three phase switch fuse supplying a 16A socket. In the specification provided it states the following: Design Current - 16A Main Protective Device 20A The circuit is fed from a C20 MCCB at the distribution board. What size of fuses should I be putting in the switch fuse? 16A...
  10. Spark40

    Hi, i require some help

    Describe the use of BS 7671/IET wiring, and other regulations, when selecting wires and cables and when carrying out tests on systems Could anyone please assist me on what to say here?
  11. happyhippydad

    Which LED driver would I require for downlights?

    Hello everyone.. I have a customer who has 5 x 12v downlight fittings that they want installing. I have explained that 230V GU10's would be much better but they are adamant they want these specific MR16 holders. I have replaced LED drivers before but never actually installed from scratch...
  12. B

    5 Wires to go - Help required to remote fire up the boiler

    Hello all, I've found myself left with a small amount of wiring to do to complete an installation. It's a Heatmister UH8-RF unit being wired to a Drayton 2 way valve. The boiler engineer has done 95% of the wiring and has not gone sick long term. I'm left with only the remote 'fire the boiler...
  13. R

    Bathroom light. Part P?

    Hi I'm just wondering how to go about lengthening the cable to the bathroom light. The existing light cable has a spur coming from it that goes off to the fan. I want to lengthen it in order to drop the ceiling by about 300mm. Would this come under Part P and require notification even though...
  14. T

    fire systems

    hi all, just wondering as it's quite confusing as to what fore system (grade) are required for each property. now .... we know that in domestic properties they require grade D in the hall ways and landing, all interlinked with battery back up. now what about in a house turned in to two...
  15. rolyberkin

    Solar tripping double pole rcbo - Generation Meter Issue?

    Any suggestions, all cables are fine, was moved from a single pole rcbo to a double pole yesterday and I think appears to be something to do with the generation meter as this is the only issue in between. Does the system have to be on a single pole rcbo?
  16. Dan Brown

    Domestic earthing metal shed

    hi all just wondering what is the best way to earth my shed. The shed is the full metal type which they sell at screwfix 8ft x 6ft I've put a single light inside and one outside from fused connection units inside the shed, they run from another fcu which is a RCD FCU from my decking. so...
  17. C

    Smoke Alarm in Porch

    Have a job to fit smoke alarms to 2 bed two storey house which is going to be rented out (Im in Scotland by the way). (Have tried to find some details for this online but failed!) Normally I would fit smoke alarm in downstairs hall, kitchen (Heat), living room and upstairs landing. This house...
  18. C

    Tt rcd protection

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. Have a car park with its own supply, meter box located in the corner of a shared car park, TT system. Small db located inside meter box supplying only two circuits, one for car park lighting and one for electric gates. My question is does this installation...
  19. Soulsurfer

    3 phase water heater

    Quoting a 3 phase water heater, would you fit a 3 pole or 4 pole isolator at appliance end ?
  20. G

    Kitchen sockets

    Do kitchen and bath sockets require RCD?
  21. N

    Seperate PIR to outside light.......stays on......

    Seems a common thread......... Outside bulk head...separate PIR.......wired..... live to PIR, neutral to bulkhead, switched live back to bulkhead, ( pir marked L and L1 but with a N???)........ Bulkhead remains ON....constantly... tried all the normal stuff switched off and on etc etc etc...
  22. A

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) How do I apply for a JIB Card

    Hi, just a quick question about the CSCS , 17th edition and JIB cards. I finished college a year ago and have recently been looking at jobs, many of them require a CSCS card , 17th edition and a JIB card. I think the CSCS is a 1 day course and easy to arrange. I am not sure how I go about...
  23. driverman

    Rotary switches.

    Hi, As daft as it seems I have never installed a rotary isolation switch in my life. I've wired for an AHSP whereby 2 x 1 circuits are required, one of which was wired in 10.0mm. AHSP installers require 2 x isolator switches indoors by control equipment. They insist on isolator switches indoors...
  24. L

    Commercial 22Kw Motor, 415v Cable Installation

    Hi all, Just a quick check to make sure I've got the right size cable really. I have been asked to wire up a conveyor system which has a 22Kw, 415v motor. With the following information I have determined that I require a 50mm 4 core SWA cable for the installation and would just like to clarify...
  25. D

    RCD protection in garage

    If I have a distribution circuit (to a garage with accommodation upstairs) does the CU in the garage have to have RCD protection or is it sufficient for the main CU in the house that feeds the garage to have RCD protection? Just wondering about regulation 411.3.3 additional protection as there...
  26. M

    in-line fuses in fan isolator

    hi all, bit of an issue... i have a property which is has finished decor and wired in 3 plate. not ideal time to be accessing floors etc for cables and its a flat roof extension with the bathroom and utility etc not being last rooms in circuit. i would like to keep the fans we have and they have...
  27. K

    SMA 400TL tripping RCD

    Just switched on and inverter goes through the motions. Just at the generating stage and it trips out the RCD. Replaced RCD, checked ALL connections 10 times each, run as 2 strings as many times before, all connections are correct. Any ideas? I don't really want to take this out now and send...
  28. S

    Testing block of flats

    Hello, Couple of questions, firstly does each flat require it's own dedicated earth to the main incoming on the ground floor of the property, zs readings are fine with the 10mm 3 core SWA that has been used. (never certed a block of flats before, jus wanted to be 100%) And, there is a...
  29. S

    solar pv and automatic disconection of supply ADS

    forget type B rcd's at minute do we have to use a .30ma rcd to meet 17th edition requirments of .4 seconds disconection times for domestic solar pv system (16amp) even if cable is surface mounted outside in conduit ? regardless of Zs as its normally low anyways to gain 1% volt drop. but...
  30. S

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Sjib

    I have been trying to get a SJIB grading card but have come up against the following obsticles. I completed an Electrical Engineering apprenticeship which had all aspects of Installations, maitenance, fault finding,inspection and testing of electrical systems. I also have 17th Edition IEE...
  31. J

    Yet another RCD question

    Does an RCD need an earth to operate? I know it's additional protection and works on a balance between line and neutral but does it need earth to operate? Thanks in advance Ben
  32. D

    3 phase split

    Hi guys and gals, just been called by a customer. They currently have three phase to there workshop. They are wanting that supply to feed two seperate buildings, however they only require single phase. Now my question is, aslong as i do my calculations correctly and are able to balance the loads...
  33. Goody

    External socket for power tools to use in the garden.

    Hi, I am mounting a socket on the external wall for use in the garden. I am spurring off an existing ring in the kitchen, drilling the wall to thread through the 2.5 mm T&E cable for the socket. What does “REG” say about this and what type of socket would be appropriate (socket should have its...
  34. T

    Help with breaker amp calculation

    Hi, i need to know whether my calculation is correct. I have 4 x 2.2kW Motors (3-phase) , i have a miniture 32 Amp breaker (Type D) but according to my calculation i require a 40 Amp breaker. This is how i calculated it: 8800/(400x1.732) = 12.7 Amps per phase ---> 12.7x3 = 38 Amps Was my...
  35. L

    State three types of work which would require only a minor works certificate to be is

    State three types of work which would require only a minor works certificate to be issued? · Addition of extra socket · Addition of extra light fitting
  36. H

    Domestic Lighting

    I'd like to offer lighting installation with my business as i feel it will be a great asset. However i do not want to become an electrician, Do i need to be an electrican to install some lighting? also what courses/training would i need for me to carry out lighting installations for my...
  37. J

    kitchen sockets

    hi all, which of the following appliances require there own radial feed, washing machine tumble driyer fridge/frezzer boiler under the 17th edition do they require there own switched spur and do the sockets need to be eatched with the name, these are about 10m fron the consummer unit, is...
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