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  1. SJD

    Surge protection devices for PME supplies?

    I've been installing Type 2 SPDs in consumer units for several years now, and they always come as a pair, connected across L & E, and across N & E. Typically they plug into a holder, sometimes as two separate SPDs (e.g. Hager, with separate E connections), more often now as one combined SPD...
  2. punkin

    Surge Protection Device on old installations

    Hi I always thought installations were safe at the time of instalment etc, the Distribution Boards at my works were installed over ten years back. Our company just had its EICR done. The tester gave us a C2 for a number of DB’s which don’t have Surge Protection Device installed, these DBs with...
  3. K

    Surge Protection Solar

    Ok, installing a new CU with type 2 SP. The installation has an existing PV 6 panels protected by a 16a MCB at the fuse board. TBH I don't really get too involved with PV systems. But is there anything I am required to to, with regards of further upstream SPs AC and DC side. It doesn't look like...
  4. B

    Surge protection for solar

    Hi, We're looking at installing solar at a remote property which is on a TT system with out buildings supplied with underground cables (Stables, tractor sheds...) The array will be installed on one of these out buildings and I am trying to navigate 443.4.1 to assess if it requires an SPD on the...
  5. Shafiq Azmi

    Why MCB and Fuse cant protect Voltage Surge?

    Hi Everyone, I got some Power Module damaged cause by Voltage Surge. My device protected by 25A MCB and Fuse. Why my device still damage although its already have the protection? Any other way to prevent this from happening again?
  6. M

    Commercial Surge Protection

    Scenario: Commercial TPN distribution board down stream requiring type2/3 protection. Board is at full capacity and breakers discontinued etc. how are people getting around this? is it acceptable to be doubling up in the supply side of the main switch to feed separate enclosure with triple pole...
  7. P

    Surge protection for Solar panels...

    Hi, I have recently had 18 solar panels (390W) fitted to my roof. The system is a GivEnergy. A Gen 1 Hybrid 5kW inverter (Gen2 version could not be sourced!) and a 9.5kWh battery. It all works well (although not much use with just winter sunshine). My question is: I'm sure I have read that to...
  8. R

    Surge protection on minor works

    Evening all, Pretty straightforward I think. I was led to believe that surge protection needs to be fitted on all additions and alterations including when doing minor works unless the client signs a waiver. Another sparky I work with claims that this does not apply if you are just adding a an...
  9. D

    Surge Protection Advice

    Let me say from the off that although I'm electrically competent I'll be getting a professional in to do the work. I just like to know the answers before I ask professionals questions! So I have a 100A single phase domestic supply feeding the house CUs as well as a CU for an EV charger. One of...
  10. thisguydiditagain

    3-pin to 3-pin adapter safe?

    Hi all, Hoping someone can shed some light on this, i have purchased a surge protector and it will not fit the power cables i plan on using. I have purchased a Vietnam surger protector seen here and i have bought a new pc monitor which appears to have an Australian style plug. I'm hoping i can...
  11. R

    Surge protection devices

    Hi Guys Hoping for a straight forward answer. Please can someone tell me if SPD's are mandatory in domestic dwellings at the moment (Amd1) and are they going to be mandatory with AMD2. Thanks
  12. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  13. L

    Surge Protection

    A DNO supply fault this week resulted in damage to several electronic devices (audio equipment, chargers, appliances. USB ports sockets etc). My question relates to the best type of surge protection to negate the effects, not just of transient overvoltages, but of a prolonged overvoltage. It...
  14. A

    Surge Protection

    Hi, I recently upgraded my home panel to a Square D qo panel. I had a Siemens FS140 whole home surge protection installed in the first space on a 20 amp double pole breaker. I tend to lose power a lot and get surges from trees on the power lines when it rains. I have two square D HEPD 50 surge...
  15. L

    Advise on DC Surge Protection - SMA Core2

    I am in the midst of installing a 800kWp PV System. I have selected and ordered 6 nos. SMA Core 2 (12mppt x 2 strings) inverters which have inbuilt DC and AC SPDs as well as 1 isolator per 3 mppts. Need advise if I should use additional external SPDs / isolators per string. Also is anyone aware...
  16. B

    Surge protection cable length

    Hi all question regarding the length of surge protector cables. I have read the reg 534.4.8 that states that the length should not exceed 500mm. Is that for each conductor so every conductor should be 500mm or less. So with a 3 phase surge protector all 3 phases/neutral and earth should not...
  17. Sparkingmad

    Pro Electrician John Little

    Local friendly and reliable electrical company with 30 years experience in commercial, domestic & industrial fields. Wether it’s that extra socket in the kids bedroom to a garden lighting design and install, you will get the same level of service. In need of a new lighting design or upgrade to...
  18. dodger421

    Inline Surge Protection?

    I've been asked about providing inline surge protection for the UPS supplies in numerous network cabinets around our factory and I'm hoping someone more experienced in this might have some suggestions. There are about 15 cabinets dotted around the factory containing various switches and routers...
  19. C

    Surge protection required?

    My full time job is a maintenance engineer, part time, I'm small domestic electrical work. In the factory where I work contractors are installing new circuits to a sub 3 phase board. Rcd has been installed after the breaker although I know you can buy rcbo's for this board. Nothing wrong here...
  20. D

    Surge protection Requirements

    Excuse the probably stupid question! I'm a bit out of date, so not yet up to speed on 18th edition. Been prepping for a domestic board change, but am confused about whether I need an SPD or not. Seeing as the majority of suppliers are selling their boards without the SPD, I'm assuming they're...


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