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  1. D

    External cable run best method for this situation

    Hi I've got an new outbuilding that needs power run out to it, the building is very close to the house and the original plan was to run an armoured down the wall, in a 600mm deep trench and then up the wall of the outbuilding. I've marked the originally intended route on the image below, which...
  2. Christian Lenehan

    Embedding cable under external render

    What's best practice if running cable from garage out to outside double sockets? I'm re rendering that wall and thought it'd be nice if I could hide the cable under/within the render... Is it possible / allowable within "the code"? With or without conduit? Does it need to be armoured cable?
  3. J

    External bulkhead lights

    I needs to install 7 external bulkhead lights, but I could do with a steer on bringing the cable into the light - see below The glass which came with it are crap, the unit is threaded for 20mm so I can soon get these. Depending on location I have one or two T&E coming in - standard flat grey...
  4. M

    External sockets from garage

    Hi, just helping someone out and apologies for the long winded post. Would like install a couple of weatherproof double sockets on the patio. 1 double socket for a bar fridge 1 double for a 2.4KW plug in wall mounted heater. Unfortunately the house consumer unit has no spare ways and the...
  5. aidanmcg33

    One external source split into multiple zones

    Our house has one external feed going outside to power lights. We've recently renovated our garden/drive etc and now there are three different zones where we would like to have lights and control when they are on/off. With one source going outside and one switch, I was wondering if there is...
  6. Houseman

    Problem with wires - ac external unit

    Problems with wires - these wires power the air condition external unit. Last time I switched on it tripped my main ecb. Any suggestions on how to fix these wires - i don’t have electrical background.
  7. D

    Wireless external PIR

    Hi All, I have a situation where I need to switch driveway lights using wireless sensors, entrance and house end. Is there such a product? Thanks for any recommendations
  8. B

    Bonding of external water pipe

    Hello, Carrying out remedial work on a commercial site and I've come across a metal out building that has a water supply to it. The water pipe comes out of the ground behind the building in copper but enters the building in plastic. There is conduit on the outside of the building next to the...
  9. S

    Best external LED strips

    Hi guys Looking for the best brand or supplier for LED striplight It need to be IP rated with a length of 7.6m and a leader of 3m. It's going to be mounted on Soffit boards illuminating down over Bi-Fold doors Probs need 24v Cheers
  10. Backtoschoolelec

    Wiring single gang/usb into a FCU to external decking lights

    hello all have a couple of questions re-some decking lights. I have fitted by Electrician around 10 years ago, He’s spured off an existing single gang socket and added in an FSU to control the lights. had nothing but problems with a is a lot to do with either garden creatures, chewing through...
  11. S

    External socket wiring

    Hi all, Was wondering if you could help please. I'm looking to fit a BG IP66 external socket mainly for occasional jet wash/vacuum usage and Christmas lights at Xmas time (hence the large enclosure for the transformer plug) Originally, I was going to use 2.5mm T&E to spur off from a 1...
  12. E

    External garage electricity wrongly connected to neighbours supply

    I have found out that my electricity supply in my external garage is wrongly connected to my neighbours electricity unit in their house and their supply for their garage is connected to the unit in my house. This seems to have been the case since the house was built in 2005 but it has only...
  13. P

    Ashp external wiring

    Anyone installing ecodan heat pumps? Best cable type for wiring from rotary to heat pump unit? Trying to stay away from swa due to limited space with security cage.
  14. Vortigern

    External lux and movement sensors for external car park

    Can anyone recommend light sensors (independent) for a large car park. Must have lux and movement control. To switch around 20 lights on at a time. Load might typically be in the order of <750w. the car park is roughly 80m long and 50m wide, very roughly. There are a few corners Kind of like a...
  15. X

    External cabinet key

    Hi can anyone say what key or how to get hold of it to open this cabinet I have about 10 different types that I brought on Amazon but this one I can’t seem to locate
  16. C

    Garage door external key switch

    I have been asked recently if I could fit somebody an external key switch for there garage door - As at the moment they have to go through there house to push the available buttons on the unit inside the garage. I told them this is possible, but my query is finding a suitable IP rated key...
  17. cliffed

    Power point in external glasshouse

    Client wants 2g socket in greenhouse, obviously IP rated,will be supplied from Rcd, the greenhouse consists of metal frame work on the ground. Does this require MPBC
  18. L

    external socket cable

    I want to connect an external socket to a fused spur which is inside the house. I have 1.5mm 3 core cable but it is 16 amp. Can this be used ?
  19. Daniel DD

    Surge Arrester Installation and External Short Circuit Protection Device

    BACKGROUND I live in a small town where it is difficult to find ceritified electricians. In fact, electrician certification is not common for residential installations. I did find some experienced electricians but I don't think they are certified and know best practices in the installation. I...
  20. S

    External wall downlighters & conduit cable

    Need to run conduit on a wall with break out points for wall mounted down lighters along the way. But struggling to find downlighters that mount on conduit junction boxes or support conduit ingress / egress points. Most downlighters seem to cater for rear cable entry only. After some...
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