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  1. Bobby34

    External PIR (LED)

    Hi guys and girls I'm doing some work on a old cottage and the clients want an old outside PIR light replacing. The circuit is on the lighting circuit but I can't see where the cable enters the property I can only see where it cones out the wall from on the outside. There is no FCU on the...
  2. R

    What wiring will be required for Solar, ev charger and powerwall in external garage

    Hi All I am buying a new house soon and plan to get quite a bit of work done to it - but not all at once. Initially I am planning a kitchen extension and moving around some internal walls. Eventually I would to add solar panels, EV charger and power wall to the garage which is a separate...
  3. M

    External Electrics, cable

    Hi all, I'm after a second opinion before I allow somebody to do the work on my garden in Yorkshire. I got a few quotes from qualified electricians to run electrics from the house to a garden room (approximately 6m away). Each electrician (including the one I instructed) made mention of the...
  4. Moley

    Wifi extender with external aerial

    I've got a wooden chalet on a site in Somerset. The site wifi isn't the best but since I put Kingspan wall insulation in the signal has dropped, no doubt thanks to the foil on each side of the insulation shielding the signal. The only way I can think of to improve things would be to have a...
  5. J

    Outside lighting

    I have 1 external light in my garden and would like to install 5 more, what’s steps would I need to take to do this? Could I spur off my existing light? Would I need junction boxes for each light?
  6. A

    External Power

    Hi, New to the forum but fairly competent DIY enthusiast. I have recently moved into a house which already has an external circuit in the basement (protected by a circuit breaker, max load 40a) powering 4 external double sockets, this is run off the main RCD protected circuit board for the...
  7. C

    Pvc external

    What’s all this recent piffle,you can’t use pvc t&e externally. you can see this cable years old @ least 30 years old,no sign off damage whatsoever.
  8. C

    External junction boxes

    Quite like these,for various connections,hate the connectors inside though. Wondering would you use compression glands on entry for flexes or pierce through the sealing membrane../neoprene to seal/hold the cable.
  9. Hellengeek

    Domestic How to install external wiring for AC ducts

    Hi all i am trying to install AC in my house but i want to supply the power directly from the main supply. but i don't know how to connect the AC breaker with my main switchboard.
  10. J

    External wire box

    Hi all, We recently moved into our flat and I am looking to tidy up the maze of cables we have on external walls. We have a box with quite a bit of wiring (see picture) and I am wondering if there is any possibility to figure out if it is used for anything or if it is not in use and can be...
  11. B

    External lighting fault

    Fault on external lighting roughly 12 lights around a building, RCBO tripping, my tester only goes to 200 Megger Ohms L-N is 0 Megger N-E is greater than 200 Megger L-E is greater than 200 Megger LN-E is 150 Megger Now tested insulation from board and roughly found the middle light with 1...
  12. S

    Installing fibre from external man hole to inside building

    I currently have a large project coming up in which my company has asked me to install fibre into several buildings from external man holes, which will be dug out and installed by contractors. My intention on most is to come up the external wall using a security grade channelling from ground...
  13. M

    Is all CT100 aerial cable me equal? What's best for external?

    Hi all I want to replace the aerial cable in my house as the old stuff is... old! And it has several joins along the way. In the first instance the run from aerial to TV will be around 20 metres. I remember when I looked into it years ago that CT100 is the best stuff to get. So just looking...
  14. M

    External metering enclosure

    Folks Could you suggest an fused isolator of choice, to install in a recessed external metering cubicle, in a domestic installation, this will be required to terminate a 25mm SWA I am unsure of how much space I can utilise of the standard enclosure, not to encroach on the DNO cut-out and meter...
  15. I

    Rewiring fridge to bypass thermostat (for external control)

    Hi, I'm attempting to adapt a fridge into a homebrew fermentation chamber with a digital thermometer controlling the compressor via an arduino and relays. Initially, all I need to do is take out the thermostat and rewire so that the compressor always runs when the power is on, ideally with the...
  16. Savdar1810

    External Lighting Circuit

    Good morning guys, looking for a bit if advice.... I have 3 external spots lights (single phase) that are ran off contactor and timer... there was no diagrams or existing circuit to follow... could one of yous maybe tell me if this circuit I quickly drew up would do? Thanks a lot
  17. bigspark17

    Earth bond to external oil boiler....

    External oil boiler, (just outside kitchen) oil pipe buried through garden to tank. Plumber says it doesnt need bonding as its outside? Am i missing something?? Copper pipes entering house from boiler. Thoughts
  18. buzzlightyear

    tip of the day on some external light fittings

    any body fitting out side lights with dome nuts on the front , and the bolt keeps going back to the wall on some light fittings .a tip for you rip a piece of carboard off the box that it came in, stuff behind the bolt head at the back and hay presto .the head will not move back .
  19. frontier219

    External socket for sewage plant - Earth Rod?

    Hi all, I have been asked by a company that installs sewage systems to have a look at some recommendations from another sparks who has looked at one of their jobs. I haven't visited the job, but I have seen a few of their installations in the past and he has me at a bit of a loss. The plant is...
  20. O

    External Floodlights - Warehouse

    Hi, I have leased a warehouse for about a year now and have had an issue with the external floodlights. There are about 12 in total that come on when its dark. Each one turns on, warms up, then at their full brightness turn off. This happens every 5 minutes or so. Each light does this but...
  21. cprfenom

    2 external lighting circuits fed through 1 SWA cable

    Evening, Although I cannot see a specific regulation can anyone come up with a reason why someone could not run 2 line and 2 neutrals with both circuits fed from the steel wire? To verify this would feed 2 number lighting circuits down one path, but I.e 1No 5 core swa. From a cost point of...
  22. P

    How to earth SWA to external EV charge point

    I am looking at section 722 of 18th edition for EV charge points. Section 722.411.4 imposes restrictions on the earthing arrangements for TN systems. For an external chargepoint connected to a domestic PME supply the accepted solution to avoiding the restrictions of 722.411.4.1 seems to be to...
  23. B

    Enclosure advice for external cables

    Hi All Have a friend who has had a CCTV system installed but they have installed cables on external wall which could quite easily be cut. Put my foot in it and have said it should be in a conduit or it would be easy to vandalize. Guy who done it doesnt want to know. Now he's asked me if I...
  24. Soulcraft Electric

    Alterations to an installation with a 1980s (?) Wylex board protected by a single external RCD

    Just carried out a pre-work survey (older property and I wanted to check it over) for a client that wants a few extra sockets and other bits and bobs. The installation has a 5-way Wylex board (I’m guessing 1980s - white/cream plastic) which has had RCD protection added externally at some point -...
  25. S

    CSU Mounted or DIN Rail External 24V Bell Transformer

    Any recommendations?
  26. J

    Domestic Connecting outside socket to internal supply

    Hi, I am installing an outside socket but had a question about how I can connect it to the internal supply. I have tried to represent my options/plan in the attached image. Are there issues with either of these approaches? Additionally, does this work need to be approved/signed off in anyway...
  27. R

    Bonded external wiring to gas- should this be boxed in

    Besides finding a slug in my bathroom this morning- via the hole in the wall for the bonding.. should this earth bonding wire connecting my gas box be boxed in or is it ok outside as it is? Many thanks
  28. B

    Domestic From External Socket to Shed

    I have recently had my garden fully wired (radial system ... unsure that means) in each corner by a profession electrician. I have been informed that I can run electric heaters, kettle, etc. with no issue and it runs from the consumer unit in my garage which I think is connected to a 65 amp RCD...
  29. R

    External HDMI options for splitting tv box

    Hi, I’ve got my virgin media box in one room with a TV (lounge) and would like to able to watch it on another tv (Kitchen) Is it possible to split the HDMI signal to watch on both TVS simultaneously? If possible I will need to run the cable outside along the wall (5m) then pop back behind...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    external fcu question

    Got a job coming up need to install a fcu coming of a RFC in an adjoining office room to power a light circuit. the light circuit will be in a large greenhouse with lots of water being sprayed for the plants and flowers so need suitable IP rating, albeit the FCU will be out of direct contact...
  31. P

    Recommended Installation for Downlights when Cable is side entry

    Hi, What sort of installation method would you recommend for installing up/down lights on a house when the cable entry is from the side? The lights only have rear entry available so I assume I would have to mount them on a low profile Junction Box. The cable I'm using is 1.5mm SWA 3 core...
  32. L

    External Emergency lighting

    There is high level emergency lighting where I work. It keeps switching itself on and off whether the sensor is activated or not - its on timer so shouldn't be changeable like this. Anyone have an idea of the problem?
  33. rolyberkin

    External Socket Post

    Anyone know of or fitted an off the shelf 'concrete in' external socket post or have any ideas on siting an external socket in the middle of a large garden/park, will be fed by swa and used infrequently to power plug in external lights. Been looking and there doesn't seem to be anything out...
  34. James bishop

    External influences for a domestic dwelling and more..

    Questions i need answers to. i'm given a scenario for this radial question but not going to write it out What are the test sequence for radial socket outlet? ( i put ) test the continuity of circuit protective conductors (R1+r2) Insultation resistance test polarity. Would it be the same if...
  35. R

    External columns led

    hi all , after some advice , after install 3no circuits for 15no lampposts which are wired in swa and buried 500mm deep in plastic duct I’m wondering whether or not that these circuits need rcd protection . The lampposts are led too and my past experiences have taught me that leds on turning off...
  36. crooksy88

    Accenta G4 external siren only sounds on bell test

    Hi, I have an Accenta G4 8SP399A with a single LCD keypad. Everything seems to be working correctly other than the external bell doesn't sound when the alarm is triggered, the strobe lights do light up though. If I do a bell test via the engineers menu the external bell does sound. Would...
  37. J

    Materials advice / help for external garden lighting

    Hello, I have 10 spike / LED spot lights to install in my garden and each comes with it's own flexi cable. I have purchased 100 metres of 3 core 1.5 armoured cable. I have been told I must purchase glands and waterproof connector boxes to join armoured cable to flexi cable for each light. I have...
  38. S

    Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket?

    What is the Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket? It's to be outside & only used for plugging in a generator that will give house temporary power through a changeover switch in the case of power cuts.
  39. D

    Electrician External mains power inside house?

    Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice, we live in a semi, and the mains power runs along our neighbours wall (about half way up the house) and then goes into our consumer unit which is in the kitchen. We have just begun building a lean to extension, which effectively means that the mains power...
  40. Pete999

    Help, door catch required for external meter box

    As the title suggests, does anyone know where I can purchase one, as Mick the Meter muncher came when I was out shopping, left me a note mind "sorry"
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