1. V

    Adding new Honeywell IS312 PIR to Galaxy 20 Panel

    Hi All - Does anyone know if I can add a PIR to an existing zone that has one PIR on it. If so with the pir wired as in the picture where do I attach the wires on the panel ideally I want to use zone 3 or 4. I'm not sure if the original wiring is using same colours as I have for PIR. Many thanks
  2. L

    Dimmed pir and switched line to single bathroom light

    I design bathrooms and I'm wondering if it's possible to use the same ceiling lights supplied by both a manual switch and a flush ceiling pir going through a concealed dimmer as a night light. Looking at most PIRs and from what I understand, if the bathroom rocker switch L1 supplies the lights...
  3. F

    LED PIR flood light (flashing)

    I put it up myself just 2/3 years back. Suddenly, out of the blue, when triggered it it flashes on/off/on/off repeatedly for the prescribed on period. Knowing why it does that would be nice but either way I presume it's dead/dying and needs replacing. It's on the wall adjacent to the bedroom...
  4. biomedeng

    PIR light wiring how to reconfigure switching

    I wonder if any helpful electrician could throw some 'light' on this question I have regarding changing the switching configuration of my current external lighting setup? I currently have two external PIR sensor halogen flood lights (150w) that are controlled from a 4 gang light switch in the...
  5. J

    Indoor PIR in the kitchen

    Hi guys Wondering if you could help. I wanted to fit an indoor PIR sensor in the kitchen which would control 20 led down lights. My kids have a bad habit of leaving the lights on and leaving the room. Is this possible? Can anyone send me a link to any good ones? How easy are they to fit...
  6. Pretty Mouth

    Killed a PIR, fluorescent lighting

    Actually managed to kill 2 PIRs in succession yesterday. The first I got SL and N mixed up (who uses the black core of a 3C+E as neutral? honestly), which killed it dead, tripping the breaker in the process. Schoolboy error. The second, well I don't feel it's 100% my fault. The PIR I had...
  7. C

    Adding PIR to existing Stairwell timer setup

    I was looking for some advice on common wiring styles for stairwell delay lighting circuits. So I can figure out what has been done in the existing wiring since I have committed to try and add some PIRs to an existing stairwell delay circuit in the block of flats that we are living in. The...
  8. Trevor48

    PIR override technical advise needed

    Hello I have purchased a new PIR to replace an old broken sensor. The old sensor had 3 terminals and the system was configured with an overridden switch. The new sensor has 4 terminals. LNAL I have two switched live wires and one neutral. Can I connect the override feed to the A terminal...
  9. M

    PIR motion light for garden

    My new PIR light for my garden/yard arrived today but i was wondering how Wago connectors work within a junction box? The box is waterproof of course, but i only know how a terminal works. Can someone explain how you use them with wires? As i've got no idea. An electrician told my dad who bought...
  10. M

    PIR sensor light installation help

    Today i purchased an Ansell PIR motion sensor light to replace my old one. The wiring outside consists of blue, brown and yellow (with dashes of green on the yellow wire). But inside the new light it has blue, red and brown. Which wires go into which holes in the new lamp? As i'm not an expert...
  11. W

    PIR lights and RCD question

    Hi there. Can somebody advise on this situation with the latest wiring regs and whether an RCD is required at the CU. New PIR lights required front and back of house. There is a ring main socket at top of stairs which has space next to it for a 3amp FCU. Plan would be 1.5mm twin and earth in...
  12. W

    High Level PIR Floodlight

    Hi guys. ive been asked to swap an old halogen flood light for a new led one with built in PIR. The existing light is at about 6m off ground level. has anyone ever mounted a LED flood at this Height and had no issues with PIR detection? TIA
  13. dokkan1080

    Commercial swimimg pool pir

    I was under the impression that swiming pools needed rcd or rcbo protection on all circuits that serve that location or pass through it. Its a commercial pool But where I am the pool is feed with rcbos from one board but the board that serves the pool underwater lights pool heater and pumps has...
  14. mattg4321

    PIR floodlight on lamp post

    I’ve been asked to price up a job which includes fitting a 100watt led flood on top of a 6m pole. Thinking of using a lamp post with a floodlight bracket on top. Not used one of the flood brackets before. Looks like a floodlight will attach to it at the bottom of the fitting rather than at the...
  15. J

    how to remove a pir.

    Hello. Could anyone tell me how to remove this type of pir on an optima xm6 system. As shown in the attachment the pir has a hole underneath the cover. However, when checking this there appears to be no screw to release and remove the front cover . The pir appears to be attached to a bracket at...
  16. T

    UK PIR Sensor causing other lights to turn off

    I have a ceiling PIR motion sensor fitted in my cloakroom that sometimes causes my kitchen lights to turn off when the sensor is triggered. Basically, if my kitchen lights are on and I walk into my cloakroom they sometimes switch off. This doesn't happen all the time. The PIR itself seems to be...
  17. J

    how to restore a pir zone on a system!

    Hello. I have an optima xm6 alarm. If i need to omit a pir zone the user guide is clear and it is easy. However, if i omit a pir zone and later wish to restore it on the system how is this done if it isn't a silly question? The user guide i have is not clear on this. Can this be done simply...
  18. S

    2 lighting circuits off one PIR Motion Sensor

    So I have the kitchen ceiling lights and worktop lights controlled by separate one way switches. The lights are constantly being left on unnecessarily. Can I get away with one PIR Motion sensor or would I have to have 2?
  19. B

    Outside floodlight with PIR

    Hi. I want to put a floodlight with PIR outside. The light will be powered from a fused plug plugged into an internal plug socket. The cable will run through an external wall. There will be approx 1m of surface run cable outside. What size/type of cable do I need? The spec for the light is 240v...
  20. S

    LED Strip Light PIR Dimming

    currently I have LED tape inside a duffuser running up the length of my stairs controlled by two standalone PIR sensors (one top, one bottom) I also have the PIR’s wired to a timer which only gives it power certain times in a day. so basically I want to be able to dim the LED tape as its...