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  1. J

    Can I use multiple GU10 led lamps with their own PIR sensors in one room?

    Can I use multiple GU10 led lamps with their own PIR sensors in the same room? I have a row of existing lamps 600mm apart in a straight line & I would like to leave them turned on but only come on when someone is there. Here is a link to the type I am considering if it is possible. -...
  2. F

    Triac dimmer after PIR sensor

    Hi there, I am looking at specifying a Triac dimmer switch after a PIR and manual override to control several lights, i dont see an issue why this shouldnt work as the Triac dimmer is after the PIR. Has anyone done something like this before and had issues? I know its a bit unconventional but...
  3. A

    Outside Light with built in PIR

    Hi, Heavy industrial spark here, never do house bashing hence the question. I currently have a light switch at the front door not doing anything at the moment. I wish to take a cable, a 2 core and earth from it to an outside built in PIR activation light then daisy chain the wiring to another...
  4. A

    Linking PIR security lights or buying something smarter?

    Hi. I'm an I.T.. engineer with some outdated electrical experience. I qualified C&G 2330 17th edition about 15 years ago, but my only experience since then has been fairly basic stuff maintaining my own properties etc. I've just had a couple of LED security lights fail (Again) so I'm going...
  5. U

    Swapping switched outside light for PIR type

    Hi there, I have an outside light that is turned on with a switch from inside and would like to change it to a PIR version incorporating an option for the light to be on with the switch i.e. override the PIR or just use the PIR sensor. What will the switch do by default if i connect a light...
  6. S

    Pir orientation help

    I am mounting a PIR to junction box.Will it work ok in this orientation with adjustment buttons on bottom?Does it need rotated 180 degrees so buttons are on top?
  7. I

    PIR security light works in reverse

    I've just changed the bulb in an outdoor PIR security floodlight (to LED). But the light stays on by default, and turns off when I go outside. I don't think there is a control to "reverse" its mode of operation.
  8. Electrical2go

    Guide to Microwave vs PIR Sensors

    Sensors are all around us, from the automatic doors we walk through to the motion detectors that turn on our outdoor lights. But how do these sensors work, and what are the different types? In this guide, we will look at two popular types of sensors: passive infrared (PIR) sensors and microwave...
  9. D

    Wireless external PIR

    Hi All, I have a situation where I need to switch driveway lights using wireless sensors, entrance and house end. Is there such a product? Thanks for any recommendations
  10. G

    fitting a PIR sensor (4 wires)

    I recently purchased a LAP PIR sensor https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-indoor-outdoor-white-pir-standalone-sensor-360-/9695v I presently have 4 wires where the old pull cord was (picture attached). Could someone please explain where the neutral wires are? The wiring is about 30 years old.
  11. B

    Retractive Switch and PIR issue.

    I've a light fitting that's controlled from a Whitecroft absence detector PIR and a wall switch. The way it works, is the Retractive wall switch with turn on the light by activating the PIR but then only turn off by the PIR’s duration or 10 minutes without absence. I’ve had to replace the PIR...
  12. S

    Strange things happen with two PIRs in parallel

    I needed to illuminate our dark side walk at the house. I have used two PIRs wired in parallel which switch four LED lights. The idea is no matter which side of the walk you start at, you'll always set one PIR off and have light. This works, but randomly the MCB of the circuit triggers. I...
  13. Pedro1875


    Hi All, I need a bit of advice. My client is asking for a rather silly lighting setup in his bathroom and I am struggling to understand Essentially he has LEDs, spots, a mirror light and a PIR sensor. He wants the PIR sensor to control the LEDs and the mirror at night and the switch to be...
  14. electrical mt

    Staircase timer with pir sensors

    I have replaced a staircase timer because the previous one was fault. There was a problem the light stayed on all the time. When i replaced the new one and awitched on the mcb light when on for some time then switched off. When i oass in front of pir sensor they dont switch on. The sensir is...
  15. J

    Need a little help, can I add a second PIR with a single core line in (live)

    Will this work?
  16. P

    Best PIR security floodlight

    What is the best make of PIR floodlight that's available currently. Not to worried about the cost, just a make that will last.
  17. EalingBadger

    Looking for "additional" functionality in PIR operated LED bulbs

    Driven by the recent colossal hikes in the cost of electricity I hit upon the wizard wheeze of replacing some of the existing LED bulbs in our own house with PIR triggered ones - especially in regularly but lightly trafficked areas such as the hall where we tend to turn on the lights and leave...
  18. T

    PIR or Microwave sensor, dimming from 50% upto 100%

    I've done my research to find the correct components but it kinda messy.. Does anyone have experience with dimming outdoor lights, specifically have them set at around 50% dusk till dawn, but be at 100% when presences is detected via a PIR or Microwave sensor. Any help, much appreciated 👍
  19. N

    Accenta alarm pir cable colours

    My pir cables are red+ Black - Yellow blue alarm or relay Yellow green tamper However one has different colours Blue Blue white Orange Orange white Brown Brown white Can anyone tell me what these should be
  20. N

    Motion pir light dilemma

    Helloo Cannot get a 3core to the light from the switch...can you buy built in pir internal light's ? Examples would be great
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