1. J

    Need a little help, can I add a second PIR with a single core line in (live)

    Will this work?
  2. P

    Best PIR security floodlight

    What is the best make of PIR floodlight that's available currently. Not to worried about the cost, just a make that will last.
  3. EalingBadger

    Looking for "additional" functionality in PIR operated LED bulbs

    Driven by the recent colossal hikes in the cost of electricity I hit upon the wizard wheeze of replacing some of the existing LED bulbs in our own house with PIR triggered ones - especially in regularly but lightly trafficked areas such as the hall where we tend to turn on the lights and leave...
  4. T

    PIR or Microwave sensor, dimming from 50% upto 100%

    I've done my research to find the correct components but it kinda messy.. Does anyone have experience with dimming outdoor lights, specifically have them set at around 50% dusk till dawn, but be at 100% when presences is detected via a PIR or Microwave sensor. Any help, much appreciated 👍
  5. N

    Accenta alarm pir cable colours

    My pir cables are red+ Black - Yellow blue alarm or relay Yellow green tamper However one has different colours Blue Blue white Orange Orange white Brown Brown white Can anyone tell me what these should be
  6. N

    Motion pir light dilemma

    Helloo Cannot get a 3core to the light from the switch...can you buy built in pir internal light's ? Examples would be great
  7. MarianC

    Cano Round LED Bulkhead with PIR

    Hi Everyone I need a little advice please. I have bought a Coast Outdoor Led Bulkhead & PIR which states on the instructions that it can be fitted vertically and horizontally. It was fitted by the electrician horizontally, but unfortunately it appears that the PIR is looking directly down...
  8. T

    SwitchDim lighting PIR

    Does any one know if a basic switchdim or touch dim ballast can be used with a Pir that's will dim the lights up and down in accordance with the level of light available? Or is it just dimming on a retractable switch
  9. S

    PIR lightswitch for hallway

    We have 3 wall switches which control the hallway lights. The wiring is as the picture below I downloaded (which implies this is a fairly standard wiring arrangement). I'd like to replace one of the wall switches (either Switch 1 or Switch 2 in the diagram) with a PIR switch but I can't find a...
  10. C

    Outside PIR without a test function

    Ok so I have a quinetic switch connected to a relay which turns it into a 2way switch.. I want one output going directly to the lights and the other I want going to the power of the PIR with the switched live of the PIR going to the lights.. I want it this way so when the switch is turned off...
  11. N

    Veritas R8 - Disable PIR

    Hi, moved into a house with Veritas R8. One PIR is faulty, stopping alarm getting set. Don't have engineer codes (tried 1234, 4321 etc). How can I permanently disable the zone which is faulty?
  12. bobchiba

    PIR sensors and bulkhead lights

    In my apartment block, our hallway has a mix of LED bulkhead lights (all same brand, 5 of them) some incandescent ones (x4). They are on a circuit with about 4 PIR sensors that span the length of the hallway (they all work, I hear the relays click in each one). When the timer goes, all but 2 of...
  13. Dartlec

    Good ceiling PIR sensor?

    Any recommendations on good quality flush mounted PIR sensor that work well? Need to install one in a upper market property, and had some poor experiences before with the stuff from the sheds. Needs to be as flush as possible ideally...
  14. S

    PIR Light Switch on LED Spot Lights

    Hi, I have a downstairs toilet with two spotlights. I have recently replaced the MR16s with two GU10 LEDs. This has meant that my PIR makes the lights flash repeatedly. I have another PIR in the utility which has 6 spotlights on (all GU10 LEDs) and this one works fine. I have tried swapping...
  15. V

    Adding new Honeywell IS312 PIR to Galaxy 20 Panel

    Hi All - Does anyone know if I can add a PIR to an existing zone that has one PIR on it. If so with the pir wired as in the picture where do I attach the wires on the panel ideally I want to use zone 3 or 4. I'm not sure if the original wiring is using same colours as I have for PIR. Many thanks
  16. L

    Dimmed pir and switched line to single bathroom light

    I design bathrooms and I'm wondering if it's possible to use the same ceiling lights supplied by both a manual switch and a flush ceiling pir going through a concealed dimmer as a night light. Looking at most PIRs and from what I understand, if the bathroom rocker switch L1 supplies the lights...
  17. F

    LED PIR flood light (flashing)

    I put it up myself just 2/3 years back. Suddenly, out of the blue, when triggered it it flashes on/off/on/off repeatedly for the prescribed on period. Knowing why it does that would be nice but either way I presume it's dead/dying and needs replacing. It's on the wall adjacent to the bedroom...
  18. biomedeng

    PIR light wiring how to reconfigure switching

    I wonder if any helpful electrician could throw some 'light' on this question I have regarding changing the switching configuration of my current external lighting setup? I currently have two external PIR sensor halogen flood lights (150w) that are controlled from a 4 gang light switch in the...
  19. J

    Indoor PIR in the kitchen

    Hi guys Wondering if you could help. I wanted to fit an indoor PIR sensor in the kitchen which would control 20 led down lights. My kids have a bad habit of leaving the lights on and leaving the room. Is this possible? Can anyone send me a link to any good ones? How easy are they to fit...
  20. Pretty Mouth

    Killed a PIR, fluorescent lighting

    Actually managed to kill 2 PIRs in succession yesterday. The first I got SL and N mixed up (who uses the black core of a 3C+E as neutral? honestly), which killed it dead, tripping the breaker in the process. Schoolboy error. The second, well I don't feel it's 100% my fault. The PIR I had...
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