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  1. J

    PIR timer override

    As always, I'm a level 2 student so please ignore the ignorance. Is it possible, and if so how, to wire up a PIR with a switch that has the ability to turn the light off after the PIR has been activated. Or in all cases do you have to wait for the timer to expire? Side question - are there...
  2. M

    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  3. J

    Adding a PIR to existing light

    Hi, I have an outside light that I would like to add a PIR to while keeping the ability to continue to use the switch as normal, do I simply add the PIR in parallel to the switch as shown in my excellent high quality attached drawing? :) Or will this damage the PIR when the light is turned on...
  4. G

    2 groups of light on 1 PIR

    Did a search but couldnt find any answer please forgive me if this has already been covered. So im looking to install 2 groups of outdoor lights 1. To illuminate the patio area 2. To illuminate along the path I am planning to wire each group through a centre off grid switch and would like to...
  5. J

    Garden lighting with reliable PIR's

    We have a garden footpath 16m from front door to garden gate with a shed near the gate. I am looking for the following set-up: a) an independent PIR sensor x2, one at each end of the circuit b) these to operate 3-4 LED spikes or low level spots between the two c) plus a floodlight to light the...
  6. T


    Hi guys, Im looking at fitting a floodlight in my back garden. It is a 30w LED with PIR sensor (bought from Toolstation). Ideally, I want the PIR to work incase of any intruders in my gardeb, but also I want to be able to leave it on permanently with switch operation. I therefore need help on...
  7. happyhippydad

    Discreet or hidden PIR?

    Evening everyone. It makes a nice change to be asking an electrical question rather than talking about the other thing! My customer some low level recessed lights (facing down) in their new bathroom. They want these lights to come on at night as they walk into the bathroom (there is no door)...
  8. T

    Replacing FX-360 PIR

    Hi, I am a retired electrical engineer but know little about home security systems. I have to remove or replace aged OPTEX FX-360 PIRs connected to a TS510 domestic intruder alarm control unit. As far as I can gather, each PIR has a 4-wire connection to a particular zone input on the control...
  9. B

    PIR Continuity

    I bought a PIR for an installation the other day and I was intending to use it for a contact but as soon as power is applied the live and switched live have continuity whether the PIR is triggered or not, I’ve tested a couple of different PIRs already installed and this doesn’t seem to be the...
  10. Bobby34

    External PIR (LED)

    Hi guys and girls I'm doing some work on a old cottage and the clients want an old outside PIR light replacing. The circuit is on the lighting circuit but I can't see where the cable enters the property I can only see where it cones out the wall from on the outside. There is no FCU on the...
  11. M

    Pir entrance light flashing

    Hi. My PIR entrance light flashes on and off about 4 times before turning off at the end of its time cycle. Any ideas what might be the cause/ remedy for this? It’s been installed for a couple of years and has only started doing this a few months ago. It’s bloody annoying now.
  12. J

    Outdoor lighting pir

    Hi, I recently replaced one of three outdoor pir lights which worked fine. today I installed the second one, which didn’t go so well. It’s not working and now neither is the first one I installed. does anyone have an idea of what could cause this? I am by no means an electrician and my...
  13. A

    Asbestos check before fixed wire test

    Hello all. I'm starting to do more fixed wire testing at my company and wondering about asbestos checks. The last company I worked for (was an apprentice at the time) didn't check any asbestos register before starting the test so just wondering where to stand with it. These will be commercial...
  14. C

    A good make of PIR.

    Can you recommend a good make of PIR for outside LED’s please. The Screwfix ones lasted a month or so before they filled with water. The current ones from B&Q lasted a bit longer but after every time we have heavy rain they are constantly on and off. Need to have adjustable angle with 3m...
  15. R

    New PIR sensor problems

    Hi I have 2 lights on my gateposts operated by a single PIR. The PIR has failed so I have tried to replace it myself (with this one 180° PIR Sensor Black - but now only one of the lights will come on. I have taken a photo of the before and...
  16. T

    LED Lighting with PIR Sensor

    We are installing LED 180W High Bay lights. Most areas have 2, there is 1 with 3 and 1 with 4 so most are 360W, 1 is 540W and 1 is 720W. The PIR sensor we got said it could switch 2300W but after opening the box, it says max LED load is 100W. Why is this? Will the PIS be okay or will we need to...
  17. J

    Which led pir floodlight?

    We need to install two floodlights outdoors in a very exposed position, they are also inaccessible and need a big scaffolding job to span a small river to fit/maintain them. So we need some that are reliable! Can anyone recommend any - we know that there is always a possibility of a failure...
  18. happyhippydad

    Is there a PIR floodlight with remote control override?

    I am looking for a floodlight 20-50W with a PIR which has a remote control with it that can switch the floodlight on or off. Is there such a thing? Cheers all :)
  19. J

    30W LED Flood Light with PIR & Manual Override

    Gents Having a lot of trouble sourcing a 30W led flood with pir that I can reflex with an additional core to bi-pass the pir. Ideally it would be great if the flood came with this "bi-pass wire" but cant source anything that isn't sealed. Has anybody been down this road? Can anybody...
  20. S

    PIR sensor wiring

    Hello gents. First time posting here and need some help. I have two bathroom and I want to instal one in line extractor fan to service the bath room connected to the lights and PIR sensor in a way that if you go to bathroom one only lights for that bath room comes on not the other but the...
  21. C

    PIR parallel to Switch makes short circuit

    Hi, I have lighting in the bathroom plus an extractor fan. There is one switch for the lights and one switch higher up for the fan. I installed a PIR in the bathroom and wnated it to turn both lighting and the fan in parallel to the switch. I fed the PIR from the fan's permanent F and took the...
  22. M

    Bathroom PIR

    Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding bathroom PIR. I have a traditional lighting circuit with one switch operating 3 LEDs. I want to add a PIR that will activate a 12V LED strip but only want the PIR to be active when the main lights are off ie middle of night the low level strip...
  23. M

    Floodlight PIR

    Hey People Mantis here. Considering installing a floodlight and will be instructing a sparkie. I'm just looking into pricing as I'm after a particular floodlight. So I have tracked down...
  24. Leesparkykent

    LED PIR flood with override

    Any one have any recommendations? Don’t really want one where you have to flick on and off multiple times to override.
  25. G

    Pir help required

    Hi, I have limited electrical knowledge but do have some qualifications through being a refrigeration engineer. In my hall/passage I have a light switch at either end. I have replaced one of them with a danlers wapir occupancy switch. It's working but won't go out completely on the timer, it...
  26. R

    Domestic Twin PIR on 1 lighting circuit with cut off switch

    Hi, Trying to plan for my single outside lighting circuit to be controlled by two PIR's. I've tried to draw it out (image below). My plan is that if the PIR switch is on and light switch is off, the lights will run with PIR. If the PIR switch is off, and the light switch is on, then lights...
  27. D

    Pet Sensitive PIR

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend a decent pet pir for a cat? I have installed a Texecom petwise at a property but they say the cat is setting it off at night, never had any problem with these in the past. Cheers
  28. N

    Domestic Outside PIR light circuit board fix.

    I have a set of six matching PIR outside lights. They are all the same style and are no longer available. On two of them the circuit board has developed a fault whereby the light level at which they become active works fine but once activated, the time for which they stay on has become infinite...
  29. L

    Feed for pir

    I'm struggling to get a feed for a pir to control 3 lights. There is an emergency light fed from a klix. At the emergency light there are 2 fused terminals, permanent feed and Neutral them separate switch feed neutral. Could I feed my pir from that permanent feed ?
  30. R

    Domestic Trying to control 2 o/s lights from 2 PIRs

    I'm new here so I hope I'm posting in the right place. Is there any way to control and sync two separate lights to come on triggered from either of two PIRs? Maybe RF? I have an outside path & steps leading up from garage to house - going round a corner -- which needs lights at both ends...
  31. G

    Strange problem with PIR/motion sensor switch

    Hi, I have an odd problem with a motion sensor switch in a bathroom. The sensor detects motion and switches the light on, but then doesn't switch the light off. However, when I switch the fuse off and then on again at the fusebox, it resets the motion sensor, which works fine, but only once -...
  32. D

    Pir lighting circuit.. help!!

    Hi, I really need advice/help regarding some lights I’ve wired today. I’ve wired a room that contains a pir and 4 light fittings 2x EM/2xnormal. I’ve taken a Brown black blue and earth From the board so (the feed) straight to the pir then come out of the pir with the same to each light fitting...
  33. D

    PIR Floodlight - how bright does it need to be

    Hello, I want to install a PIR Flood light which overlooks my car and drive. i have looked at different kinds of LED lights but i'm wondering what power i need? I don't want a light that is just going to light the area up if someone goes near it... i want it to make it hard for them to see...
  34. B

    Pir motion sensor correct type

    Hi I have a fluorescent light fitting for a suspended ceiling (600 mm x 600 mm) it is wired to a 240 volt supply I was thinking of introducing a pir motion sensor, so as to cut my electricity bills etc I would like a sensor to have the following features: 1. 360 degrees 2. 240v 3...
  35. B

    Manual override and PIR on lights

    Hi what’s difference between 1 way and 2 Way Switch please on manual override of pir 1 Way, Switch up is PIR and Switch down is perm on Can someone explain how would the 2 way would work and is the drawings correct the load cable for the lights is from PIR as easier than wiring from switch thanks
  36. D

    Trainee Pir and switch setup

    Hi I have 6 lights running of a pir currently but Want 3 of them to be able to run off a switch as well. Can any one advise on the best way to do so?? Thanks
  37. L

    Setting a pir timeguard

    Hi, I’ve got a timeguard pir sensor for switching 3 led floodlights in various all at once. I’ve replaced it like for like as the lux dial had snapped off. Wired it up and is illuminating on movement for minimum time set and going off great, but when I turn lux to dusk the light still comes...
  38. D

    Replacing existing PIR lights help

    hello replaceing both front and back pir lights and got abit stuck with where I need to put the switch live wire as they both currently have a manual switch overide Current wiring front and back New front light New back light Just abit confuses what to do with switch live wire. Any help...
  39. 1

    Porch light photo cell and pir and timed?

    hi I need some advice, I have 2 elv down lights in the porch over the front door, what I want is them to come on automatically when it gets dark using a photo cell, but at midnight I want them to turn off and only come on via a pir sensor, I understand how to do one or the other but not both, I...
  40. G

    Motion sensor light dimming

    First post, just looking for some advice if possible please. I have a customer that would like their driveway lights to be operated by a PIR motion sensor. The lights are to fade up to maximum brightness, stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then fade to off. Does anyone know of a...
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