1. E

    Wiring this IR sensor

    Just been to a job where the client has an electric mirror but the IR sensor has never worked (whoever installed it just wired it to turn on and off with the light switch) so i took it apart and it turns out the IR part of the circuit hasnt even been connected (came from the shop like this) what...
  2. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  3. S

    PIR sensor wiring

    Hello gents. First time posting here and need some help. I have two bathroom and I want to instal one in line extractor fan to service the bath room connected to the lights and PIR sensor in a way that if you go to bathroom one only lights for that bath room comes on not the other but the...
  4. Toni from AT

    Turn light automatically on through vibration sensor

    Hi, Being a firefighter I have got a pager which vibrates. I’d like to turn on a light automatically through a vibration sensor when it detects vibration (the pager vibrates when alarmed). The light should turn off after some time and it should be also possible to use the light normally (switch...
  5. M

    Can I add a motion sensor

    Hi In my hallway I have several led floor lights that are plugged into a wall socket Can I add a motion sensor so that they switch on when I walk into the hallway Thanks for any help
  6. TonyMitchell

    Photoelectric Cell Sensor Light Switch

    I'm looking for a photoelectric cell solution for two way light switching at the top of a ground floor staircase that descends to a basement. As the staircase enclosure is a feature in itself (open, oak bird cage effect) there is no option to attach a conventional switch anywhere. We've wired...
  7. D

    Crank and cam sensor advice

    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me out i am stumped.I need to know if anyone can figure away around my cam and crank sensor's wiring.I basically have a bigger engine conversion in my car and have high voltage to cam sensor plugged in car will cut out unplugged i am getting high voltage.i...
  8. J

    coolant temp sensor > is polarity important?

    Does it matter which way you connect the 2 wires to an engine's coolant temperature sensor? Does the thermistor inside the sensor have polarity? I do not know the pinouts on the car's temperature sensor and I do not want to risk damaging the car's computer. Thanks in advance.
  9. C

    Water level sensor

    Anyone know who supplies these,thanks
  10. G

    Strange problem with PIR/motion sensor switch

    Hi, I have an odd problem with a motion sensor switch in a bathroom. The sensor detects motion and switches the light on, but then doesn't switch the light off. However, when I switch the fuse off and then on again at the fusebox, it resets the motion sensor, which works fine, but only once -...
  11. K

    Domestic Shower fan/light sensor

    Morning all, I am working on a bathroom at the moment and the client has asked if the shower fan/light unit can be wired into a sensor instead of a pullcord switch (to activate fan when someone steps into the shower), I wondered if anyone has done any work like this before ?. Apart from...
  12. G

    Replacing a motion sensor light switch with five terminals??

    Hi, hoping someone can help with this. I have a bathroom light switch that's a ceiling mounted motion sensor. It's malfunctioning so I bought a replacement, but I've hit a snag. The existing switch has five terminals, all of which have wires going into them (see photo): green&yellow, grey...
  13. D

    Domestic Pyronix door sensor help

    Hi guys, hoping for a bit of help. I just installed a Pyronix Enforcer 10 alarm system. I've installed a contact sensor on the front door. I thought I had configured it correctly: the panel has learned it and then I've set it to '7' i.e., "last exit". Problem is that it works fine on exit, but...
  14. B

    Pir motion sensor correct type

    Hi I have a fluorescent light fitting for a suspended ceiling (600 mm x 600 mm) it is wired to a 240 volt supply I was thinking of introducing a pir motion sensor, so as to cut my electricity bills etc I would like a sensor to have the following features: 1. 360 degrees 2. 240v 3...
  15. M

    Sensor problem on led floods

    Hi new onn here Has anyone had problems with sensors. exterior ones .on led floodlights. I've had a few now sticking onn after a couple of months Only switching 50 watt or smaller floods . Usual story with supplier . Only me. Thanks
  16. M

    Domestic 2 Way Motion sensor switch

    Firstly Hello Electricians Forums!!! MY first experience here. I am currently in the process of updating a recently bought new home. The house is 15 years old so fairly modern. I have a current setup whereby I have changed the light fitting in a small lobby area. The light is an integrated LED...
  17. G

    Motion sensor light dimming

    First post, just looking for some advice if possible please. I have a customer that would like their driveway lights to be operated by a PIR motion sensor. The lights are to fade up to maximum brightness, stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then fade to off. Does anyone know of a...
  18. B

    Replacing pull switch with PIR Motion Sensor

    Hi, I am trying to replace a pull switch with a PIR Motion Sensor in a cupboard/wardrobe, but it does not seem to be working. The pull switch is connected to a cable from the ceiling, where both wires coming from the cable are brown. I this normal? I thought that it would just be a case of...
  19. I

    Domestic Bypass PDS PRM motion sensor light to Stay ON always

    How do I bypass from the interface to manually make these turned ON always? At the moment, the maximum I can do is for 30 minutes at one time. I could find one manual for similar switch but it doesnt have any mention of what I am looking for...
  20. happysteve

    New UFH controller compatible with existing sensor

    Eh up :) Client (doing other work there) accidentally smashed up their underfloor heating controller in their kitchen. The only thing I've been able to ascertain about the existing controller is that it was made by (or at least branded) Wickes. Had "on/off" and a temperature knob. No model...
  21. I

    Day on / Night Off - Sensor

    Hi folks, I'm looking to see if there is a photoelectric sensor which works opposite to the ones normally fitted for out door lighting. The readily available ones normally operate dusk till dawn. But I require on that operates dawn till dusk. The customer wants a machine to run during daylight...
  22. Midwest

    PIR sensor wiring for Stairs

    Silly question time. I've never wired up PIR sensors for stairs before. Today I went to replace a 'faulty' sensor, on the grd floor of stairs. Tested sensor, which had 3c to it, but think the installer had connected the wires incorrectly; sw/L (black sleeved brown) was in the L terminal & L...
  23. J

    Question about bypassing a PIR and ambient light sensor

    Hi, I would like to bypass an outdoor light PIR and ambient sensor as I have put a wifi smart bulb in, which gives me more more flexibility about scheduling the light to come on and being able to turn it on and off via google assistant etc. Using the maximum duration setting on the...
  24. D

    Bmw Speed sensor pulse wire

    As above, I purchased a front parking sensor kit for my BMW f20 118d 2012. The system requires connection to a speed pulse wire to activate the sensors below a certain speed. Does anyone know what colour wire it is and where is the best place to tap in to it?
  25. Rocboni

    Closed loop Sensor monitoring

    Hello, How are closed loop sensors like the below and monitored integrated into a control system, isolation switches/switch amplifiers? These are typically used on explosion panels where when they blow off it snaps the cable or ceramic plate causing an open circuit. (I’m Prepared for the...
  26. S

    Bathroom fan with timer and motion sensor

    Hi please can someone help me on this situation I wired 3 core and earth from light to fan isolater from isolater to fan Problem I got the fan is it’s only got live and neutral no switch live connection My fan is m100-pir/t monsoon It’s got motion sensor and timer jus confused were do I put...
  27. F

    Simple question about installing motion sensor

    Hello, I have a simple problem, but I can't seem to find how to solve it. I hope someone here can help me out. I have a lamp that is connected to 2 light switches. I wanted to replace 1 light switch with a motion sensor. In the previous switch 2 black cables arrived and 1 grey cable left...
  28. G

    Parking sensor continually sounding. Ahhh.

    Hi All, Im new to this forum with an issue to solve if anyone can help. I have a Mitsubishi L200 with front and rear parking sensors and the front sensors have started an intermittent beeping sound while driving with nothing in range for normal activation. At times its almost continual. Each...
  29. the pict

    zinc microwave sensor parallel N ?

    Has anyone fitted these, I just do not understand the connection diagram Pict
  30. S

    Electrician Replacing a sensor on an outside light.

    I have two outside lights controlled by a single sensor which has failed. The sensor is about 2½ metres up the wall and was only installed last year.
  31. D

    Photocell sensor tracing

    Hi. Amateur posting... I have a photocell sensor on the external wall of the property. Didn't appear to be controlling anything but looked ancient so Replaced it with a new one, expecting it to be controlling the outside porch light. Still nothing? Any ideas how I can trace what it could be...
  32. A

    Sensor to detect when a light is turned on

    Hi, I'm looking for something rather specific and I don't know if it exists or not. I'm trying to plan a system that allows the lighting circuits in a house to be powered by a solar system and a small inverter when the battery has enough power, and will revert to a mains supply if the battery...
  33. J

    PIR Sensor to multiple lights

    Hi all, looking to fit a PIR sensor and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Senario - an outside corridor has 6 lights, presently on a timer. These 6 lights now need to come on and off by a PIR Sensor. I have previous experience as an electicians mate and have done odd indoor PIR Systems...
  34. C

    New to the forum just wanting advise on a sensor in a bathroom

    Hi Basically I just want to know what is required to fit a sensor in my bathroom and do away with the light switch completely. I'm having a new stud wall built with a pocket siding door inside the wall. So the joiner said I'd need to get a pull down light switch so there would be no wires in...
  35. Simon-0116

    2 way switching pir led

    Been to fit new led pir flood. 3core +e. Perm live. Sw live. N e. Flood is 2core. So wired it perm live set up works a treat. Customer rings up wants it on switch. After investigating switch is a 2 way.. any way of doing this so works on pir then on with switch. It's a sealed led...
  36. A

    Room Sensing Stat

    Could you please explain this to me? How does it work? How can you identify if its faulty or working? ... I am talking about the sensor which has long wire and a tube in the end. Its shown in the following link: Dimplex 86661 TSB Room Sensing Stat (Storage Heaters) -...
  37. A

    Xpelair 12v humidistat fan

    Hello all, I am looking to install an xpelair 12v fan in a bathroom with a humidity sensor (model no. 92970AW). I can't quite work out from the instruction manual whether the humidity sensor is in the fan itself or in the transformer. due to the size of the bathroom and the position of the bath...
  38. G

    2 Gang pir switch

    hi all, Got a 2 gang switch in my utility one for frourecents and one for a outside light. Thing is I want a pir switch just to do the utility lights and switch the outside separately without chopping in another switch , found this and was wondering if it was any good GI2DPC - 2 Gang Green-i...
  39. K

    PIR Issues

    hi im having an issue with a pir detector currently installed at home, it is on the top of a wall which is approx 5ft high, mounted on a bracket so it sits above the line of bricks by about 200mm, i am getting a lot of nuisance switching, have replaced the sensor but still happening, i am...
  40. keniff

    Motorised lantern window

    Hi everyone! I've recently finished first fixing an extension and they have had a large lantern window fitted with a motorised window, needs power and there's a rain sensor to wire too, these go back to a control unit on the wall. I have put 2 x 3c+e to the window area from the controller to...
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