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  1. N

    When to issue a danger notification?

    When working on a site if you see a c1 or c2 condition, can you issue a danger notification? Or is it only for c1 situations? Reason i'm asking is if you spot something whilst working on site and point it out to the customer, and they don't want to pay to get it fixed, you'd obviously want to...
  2. B

    Solis 4.6kw 4G limitation issue

    Hi all. Please can someone help me with a possible cause and solution. I installed a Solis 4.6kw 4G grid tied inverter with the CT for anti islanding. But the inverter says limited by EPM and sometimes by DRM and only generates like 60W. But I know the load is much much higher than that so the...
  3. D

    Issue with sockets/appliances help needed please

    Hi, first post here, I've got an issue with my home electrics and need a bit of advice as to what may be causing it please. Bear with me as I know very little about electrics, anything more than wiring a plug or changing light fittings and sockets is beyond me. So the issue is with appliances...
  4. gazdkw82

    Dali lighting help with issue

    I've installed 2x JCC71361 Dali LED panels controlled via an EX-OR lightspot HD PIR. I seem to be having a real problem with it. The customer complained one of the fittings was flickering ever so slightly. I went back and indeed it was lightly flickering. I swopped the control gear over but the...
  5. A

    Domestic Oven won’t work...unsure issue.

    Hello, My cooker (LOGIK LFTC60W16 oven with grill and 4 hobs had it maybe just over 2 years) stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I found out we have no cooker switch on the kitchen wall so checked the Circuit Breaker box. Everything was on. With no other option I left the cooker MCB switch in the...
  6. S

    18th Edition cert issue

    Can anyone help as I have taken my 18th edition but the employer I took it with has refused to send the certificate. They have sent an email of the certificate and I have forwarded this to ECS to update my card but they have put this on hold, for some reason. I no longer work for this company...
  7. ian burnett

    electric meter issue. The grid, meter or consumer unit issue?

    Hi Guys, I've made this video (link below) to highlight an electric issue in my house. I wonder if any of you know what the issue is? I am going to call out an electrician but I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for your time :-) Ian
  8. J

    What’s going on with this radial

    Called to a property which has just been sold to do an EICR The sockets down stairs including the kitchen were on a 16a 2.5 radial the issue being the Zs for the first couple of sockets were about average readings but the last few and the sockets in the kitchen went from 0.90 ohms to 1.19 ohms...
  9. M

    Re-wiring a house where Glis Glis (rodents) are an issue

    Hey guys, So there's a house that needs a re-wire after it burnt down. The most probable cause is glis glis chewing the cables. I've previously had to rewire a house with the same rodent issue and did it in FP as the metal sheathing would hopefully stop the rodents chewing through the cable...
  10. N

    EasyCert Issue since software update

    Hi all, wondered whether any other EasyCert users had encountered a problem when they saved a certificate as a pdf. Since the recent software update I found that the pdf showed a misalignment for the test equipment serial numbers - inserting a zero below them. I have contacted EasyCert and they...
  11. A

    Downstairs lighting issue

    A customers downstairs lights keep tripping (they have advised me that this has been happening for the last 7 years that they have been living there). All lights are standard type lamps and there are no low voltage transformers used on these lights. The lighting circuit has 2 x wall lights, 4...
  12. Barnaby Stedman

    EIC issue................................

    Hello. Am a competent electrician - been taught by qualified electricians, but have no qualifications myself. I will be doing a complete rewire for a friend in Dunstable/Luton area and was wondering if it was more worthwhile to get a NICEIC/equivalent rated electrician in to produce an EIC or...
  13. J

    RCD tripping issue on ring circuit

    First time poster go easy on me. Got a call out to a job today, got told the RCD was tripping. Even when no appliances plugged in. And so it was intermittently about every 20 mins. Only two ring circuits on the RCD, on one of the rings im getting continuity across line and netural on both legs...
  14. T

    Domestic Air source heat pump heating issue

    Hi there, I have an air source heat pump with a few issues: 1. It gets stuck on defrost mode. When it goes to defrost, it gets stuck and ends up becoming an air conditioner in the depths of winter (fun). I suspect this may be a faulty valve (or what ever reverses the coolant) getting stuck on...
  15. S

    Issue with cat 6 connection

    Hey guys I installed a cat 6 ftp cable last week around 50metres. It goes from one cat6 faceplate to another. When I originally tested the connection it was fine with my network tester,we tested with a couple of cat 5e patch leads to check connectivity and was fine. Today the customer has...
  16. Keith Lingard

    Domestic Optima XM burglar alarm - Can't use keypad

    I'm having problems with my Optima XM burglar alarm. Yesterday the outside alarm suddenly went off. I removed the battery from the conteol box. The details printed on it were : 'Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 2.2Ah'. I visited a DIY shop and they said they had the same battery but it was a 12v...
  17. A

    Electric fire circuit issue

    I have been given from a friend an electric fire as seen attached. The fire comes all as one with fire surround and hearth with a power cord and 3 pin plug at the end. The fireplace is rated at 2kw. As far as I was aware this is ok to just plug into my downstairs ringmain. Am I correct With...
  18. LewisM

    Strange issue with drill

    Hi, my drill bushes burnt out and I've changed them but now when I fully tighten the case the drill doesn't work at all, but when the case is loose the drill works fine. Any ideas Drill is Hitachi DV18DSDL Thanks Lewis
  19. D

    Domestic Someone needed to sort issue with economy 7 in East London

    We’ve been having a long running issue with our economy 7 not kicking in at night, which means we have no heating from our storage heaters or hot water (luckily the boost still works). Our electricity supplier said that getting a smart meter would fix the issue- which we had installed last...
  20. S

    Domestic Microwave dead after electrical main switch reset

    Hi everyone, I hope this is an appropriate forum to post my issue on. If not, I apologise. I've got a combi microwave/oven that's 7 years old. Never had any issues. Yesterday I had to do some work on the electrical wiring in the house, so I turned off the main switch. I had to do this multiple...
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