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  1. therealnwc

    Issue with pairing MainsSwitch RF device

    Hi, Bought a MainsSwitch device to run the RF pairing link to switch some low voltage LED strip lighting under my Breakfast bar. No direct switch link option where I need it and I’ve installed the transmitter & receiver kit. It starts off for the first 30-60 mins working then it loses the...
  2. P

    Drayton SM1 issue - heating coming on outside its set times?

    My mother in law has a new bungalow (3 years old) with an electric only system. It's controlled using an SM1 controller which I've set to come on once a day between 6.30am and 10pm. She sets the thermostat so the heating comes on whenever the temp drops below the thermostst set point...
  3. C

    Inverter - TT System issue

    Hope this all makes as much sense as i can make of it and my "problem" can get sorted via some guru on here... Just a quick background on myself, i am fully qualified and have been for 15+ years. I have completed the 18th edition and am a member of the approved and domestic installer schemes on...
  4. F

    GFCI Outlet Issue - Porch

    My daughter asked me to replace a standard outlet on her porch with a GFCI outlet. We installed it correctly but were not able to get it to work. It turns out that there are already three GFCI bathroom outlets downstream of this location, so essentially we had a single GFCI outlet in series...
  5. R

    UK Random electrical issue after new extension

    Hello, I’ve got an issue driving me crazy and can’t get anyone to figure it out as it’s not their issue. We had a new extension, single rear, double side. Side has utility, downstairs toilet and a bedroom above. Rear has extended kitchen, all of it is on its own wiring. Except the oven which...
  6. D

    Microswitch in lighting controlled by rocker switch issue

    Hi and thankyou for reading this. I have an issue where my lights in my camper (12v LED) contain their own switch which is reset every time i use the rocker switch to turn them off. This means that i have to turn on the rocker switch and then turn on the microswitch in the lights - which is a...
  7. G

    Star delta issue (driving me insane)

    Heeelp! I have an 11kW/21A motor which is attached to a hydraulic power pack. I have replaced the old panels with new, using the same star delta starting. When connected to a 415V outlet protected by a C32 breaker, the breaker will periodically trip. This has only manifested since the new...
  8. G

    Issue with supply from downstairs flat

    Good evening all, So been to an upstairs flat today I East ham, the entire road is terraced 2 storey building which look like a row of terraced house but are in fact all flats one down and one up. The owner downstairs allowed me in to look a couple of weeks ago and there are two fuses one for...
  9. B

    Retractive Switch and PIR issue.

    I've a light fitting that's controlled from a Whitecroft absence detector PIR and a wall switch. The way it works, is the Retractive wall switch with turn on the light by activating the PIR but then only turn off by the PIR’s duration or 10 minutes without absence. I’ve had to replace the PIR...
  10. evanLo

    GE subpanel wiring issue

    I had someone wire up a subpanel for an electric clothes dryer and it wasn't working. Showing low voltage error code on the dryer. Long story short, after I checked everything else I figured out it was the box he put in. But I'm wondering if I'm right as to why it didn't work? He said it was a...
  11. timhoward

    Strange quinetic issue

    Well this is a first.... a fault with Quinetic gear. Lighting circuit running up to loft, a box with 3 Quinetic dual receivers, and then outgoing cables to all upstairs lights. When the main switch on the CU is turned on first thing in the morning, one particular switch/light doesn't work. But...
  12. N

    Bizarre Issue with Chandelier Bulbs

    I purchased a chandelier from Aliexpress (China) that came with bi pin G9 LED bulbs (3W equivalent) (pic attached). I asked the seller if this was dimmable and he said NO the bulbs are not dimmable. Apparently China uses cheap non-dimmable bulbs. But the seller told me I could purchase...
  13. A

    Complex Boiler/Light RCD trip issue

    Hi, I’d really appreciate some advice or suggestions as to what could be causing an ongoing issue I have with my RCD tripping. My RCD trips when I turn my bathroom light off when the boiler is on. It’s worth noting it’s not exactly every time and sometimes when the light has been left on for a...
  14. M

    Flickering Lights Issue

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anyone has had the same issues. I went to a tennanted property last year where the house lights were flickering and all circuits were playing up and tripping the Board protected by 1 very old RCD which was the cause of the issue. I changed the Board to a new RCBO...
  15. A

    Nest wiring issue (I think!)

    Hi all, I have an issue which i assume is due to incorrect wiring, but hoping someone might be able help me to fix it myself. My setup is a Nest 3rd Gen running downstairs heating and water, and a Nest 'E' running the upstairs heating. The problem is that the downstairs heating won't turn off...
  16. W

    Motor Brake Wiring Issue

    I have an an electric brake on a three phase motor with the attached wiring schematic which is part of a wine press. At first I thought this was the Wye/Delta wiring layout but I am starting to think this is actualy a low/high voltage schematic but they are using the wye/delta symbols. There...
  17. Aaronj46

    JCC Toughbay - Emergency Issue

    Had an issue on site where 12 JCC Toughbays (JC 040006) lights over 7 circuits all have the same issue. Turn on - 100% on as expected Power off SL - off/ charging as expected Turn off at key/sw - off/ not charing as expected If you turn rcbo back on and then flick the key sw to on the non...
  18. ramhad3

    Electrical issue, Outlets

    Here is my issues. Woke up this am, no power to TV and wall plugs. I used a RT210 Outlet tester and it came back as HOT/GRN REV. I checked all outlets on the circuit all said the same. I checked each outlet and was only getting 120V from HOT to GRN. Checked the breaker, it's putting out 120V I...
  19. S

    Fire alarm issue ionisation smoke alarm 115

    Hi. I'm having an issue with 'ionisation smoke alarm 1151'. It has started beeping today in the corridor. I have replaced battery 9V, but it's still beeping and the one in the kitchen as well once I put 1151 placed back. Is electric engineer is required to fix the issue?
  20. D

    Earth/neutral issue at DB

    Today I came across an earth cable from the earth bar in the DB that went directly into the incoming neutral side of the main switch. The DB is fed from a panel that feeds other DBs and the earthing system is already TNCS. The supply to the DB does go through a rectifier but not sure why they...
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