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  1. C

    Blown Socket- Possible neutral earth issue

    Hi Members, This is my first post, I live in South Africa with similar domestic DB set-up as UK & Australia. Yesterday, we had a kettle blow the receiver socket in the kitchen and this tripped the earth leakage switch, I am trying to see if I can fix this, I have sa fair degree of knowledge...
  2. K

    Issue with having all LED spotlights in bathroom, 2 must remain Halogen

    Hi, I have 6 spotlights in my bathroom, when I moved into the house 4 years ago I replaced all 6 with LEDs but they wouldn't work, turns out I could only get the lights to stay on if 2 Halogen bulbs remained (1 on each end of the bathroom). Recently one of the 2 Halogen bulbs has died and now...
  3. C

    Car horn issue help need or fixer

    OK guys got mk6 tdi cr 1.6, added mfsw using correct clock ring and module, horn worked fine and so does the mfsw, after about 3 mths horn stopped working, checked horn direct to battery sounded, changed steering back, clock ring and module, no sound, fuse 17 fine, told relays 646 brought new...
  4. S

    Lighting intermittent issue

    Please forgive also posted on another site i wonder if anyone can help with intermittent tripping problem Distribution board 20amp MCB feeds a 20amp contactor to the outside sensor for external lights and bollards lights. Another small consumer unit wired in a way from the disi board and the...
  5. S

    Roller Shutter issue

    I hope this is the correct place to post I have a external electric roller shutter. it was working fin until last week my son accidentally gently reversed in to the shutter whilst it was opening. no visible damage ie bent slats etc Now it does not fully open stops 2 ft from fully opened. iv...
  6. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Can i issue an EIC?!

    Hi lads, Im new to the forum but have a question I think i already know the answer to. Ive been a qualified electrician for 10 years now, work as a sole trader for a few different people every year, ranging from new build housing to shop fitting ect. My question is... My sister needs her...
  7. G

    Puzzling tripping issue

    Struggling to work this one out. My house downstair's electrics keep tripping: - only started after old meter was replaced with a smart meter; - always happens (bar perhaps one time) when the oven is heating up, will be on a minute or two so isn't instant, but it's before it reaches...
  8. edexlab

    Overload issue

    I'm looking at a German made roller conveyor system 10 motors contactors controlled by a PLC Issue is customer says 3 mths ago motors started stopping and overheating, and would then start again when cooled down Overloads trip out PLC, input switches contactors off and someone presses reset...
  9. W

    Domestic fire alarm issue

    Hi all I have a small problem with a job im doing, 2 first floor flats above a shop with separate landlords area for the 2x flats which is a small stairwell out to a door on the street I have first fixed both flats, they will be each on their own single phase supply from the communal landlords...
  10. gazdkw82

    Pump wiring issue

    Connected up a showermate pump for a friend this evening. A plumber friend installed the pump a few months ago into the system, I just put a supply to it Wired a FCU spur from a RFC socket in landing. Tested the circuit. All is good. Energise the circuit. All good. Open the tap to enable the...
  11. T

    Unidentified issue

    Hi Everyone, I am struggling with a problem for what i cannot find any solution. I have an Opel Astra H 1.3 CDTI form 2008 and started to have some issues for a while. The situation is the following: My battery died on a morning, it was strange since the battery is only 3 months old. I took it...
  12. J

    Can someone help me fix an issue with my doorbell?

    Ok so I tried to replace my door bell, but when I took it out the wires were twisted and snapped off too short to rewire. I’m a trainee electrician with little to no experience so I’m stuck. Can I get some more wire and try to extend it by wrapping it around the old wire and covering it with...
  13. PeakSteve

    Sonoff Wi Fi DIY MINI smart switch issue.

    Has anyone had an intermittency issue with a Sonoff DIY MINI smart switch? This switch takes a voltage-free switch circuit (i.e. your old switch cable(s), separated from the mains) across it's inputs S1 and S2. Any change of state of the light switch(es) will change the output of the device...
  14. P

    LED light, switching /earth issue

    Hi, I have an LED landing light, which has 9 G9 LED bulbs. The unit has two switches, one upstairs and one downstairs. Ive found that when the upstairs switch is in the closed circuit position, but the light is off due to the downstairs switch being in the open position, there is still a very...
  15. T

    Gardtec 595 alarm issue

    My wifes been decorating and removed the cover of a pir sensor. Alarm went off as it should. However after replacing cover the alarm wont set and keypad displays check hall PIR. I have come across these snapped wires to what im guessing...
  16. B

    Issue with Keston C36

    I have a Keston C36 Combi boiler. Stuck in heating mode. I have changed the diverter motor as not moving to transfer across. This didn’t fix the issue. I’ve now changed the capacitor that drives the motor. Again nothing changed. Any ideas on what else it could be?
  17. B

    Lighting ring issue

    Recently been to a job to fix a D.I.Y fault on a lighting ring but can't figure ... So , client rings , outside flood light stays on all day .. there's no switch and she doesn't know where the power comes from .. I find power using a wire tracker .. and it leads to a double switch in the living...
  18. G

    16-Module Split Load Main Switch Consumer Unit issue

    I have an issue with finding out which of the ring circuits is causing the breaker to trip when any appliance is switched on it, can anyone tell me how to find out? I believe one part of a ring circuits is on one side and the other is on the other side of the split and I believe this is...
  19. J

    Light issue

    I changed a light switch in my master bath that had 3 black wires into the switch. I kept them oriented in the same way on the new switch, but now the light in my hallway bathroom doesn’t work. Why is this ??? I haven’t changed any other wires and I have checked the breaker. House was built in 1977
  20. A

    Meter tails issue

    Hi guys I'm installing a CU in a new build and have a couple of questions I need some guidance with regards to the meter tails. I need to drill a hole through the wall (for the meter tails) to access the main supplies which are located in the recessed box on the outside of the property. I am...
  21. B

    Crank BUT no start relay (85 socket) wiring issue

    Hello guys I own a BMW E39 which developed a crank no start issue. No codes are being thrown but my initial thought was fuel. So I checked the fuses (all ok) and then moved onto the relays. I removed the relay and its ok then checked the socket and discovered the relay base is showing 4v on the...
  22. R

    Solar Aurora inverter issue

    Newby from Tasmania. After replacing failed Zetter a/c relay following 031, a quick, cheap and simple operation, there is now an intermittent 013 fault indicating Wrong Mode. Sometimes inverter operates for hours without failure sometimes only a few seconds. During the automatic restart...
  23. C

    Time Delay/Lag Switch Issue

    Hello all! I work in maintenance and one of the properties I maintain has a issue with the timer switches in the corridor. They don’t turn off when you press any other switch other than the master switch and it seems to function normally. However I did notice that when you press a two of the...
  24. T

    USA GFCI issue

    I have a garage refrigerator that immediately trips GFCI when plugged directly into GFCI. If I use a heavy ext cord it does not trip. If I move fridge to another outlet fed off of a remotely located GFCI, that one does not trip either. It seems to be fridge related. But no issue when more wire...
  25. M

    Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine - Lid Lock Issue

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone could take an educated guess as to the source of the issue. My suspicion is that the switch/contact that registers a closed lid is faulty, or perhaps the controller circuit has failed somehow. But I have zero experience with washing machines, so my opinion counts for...
  26. C

    Open Neutral Issue

    Having issue with open neutral. Site won't let me post any details saying its spam...not sure why?
  27. J

    Immobiliser issue

    I'm looking at buying a 2007 Chrysler Grand Voyager which can't be started due to immobiliser issue. It's not a problem with either of the keys, but either the immobiliser or ECU. If I replace the ignition, transponder, immobiliser, and ECU from a working donor vehicle of the same model and...
  28. NackJich

    Domestic Shower issue

    Hi first post new member.. Hello everyone.. Diy question but not intending to diy.. A local firm fitted a new bathroom and installed a shower. They replaced the wire to the fuse box and added the unit to the old box as shown in the photo. There was a smell when I went in to the cupboard, and...
  29. H

    2009 Tahoe electrical issue!! Help please!

    I have a 2009 Tahoe with a 2.5amp parasitic electrical draw. So I pulled all the fuses and relays and put them back (but still didn’t find the parasitic draw source!). BUT when I restarted the Tahoe after replacing all fuses and relays... my dashboard lit up!!!... the ABS and Traction control...
  30. D

    Pat testing issue

    If I have a Class II equipment and someone cut the plug and replaced for a new plug with earth pin. Is it will be pass or fail. Or you have to replace for lead set ?
  31. L

    Issue with 'New Posts' page and formatting

    Not sure if I'm the only one with this issue, not checked if it duplicates on desktop. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, my gut says whatever add-on is doing the adverts is screwing the CSS on the new posts page Sys info below
  32. H

    Ground rod and EMI issue

    Hi guys. Im from Denmark. I just signed up in here, and I have a question about how to test my ground rod. I dont have any electrical experience, but im really trying to learn. so please bare over with me.. Well I have a cnc plasma projekt that I have problems with. The problem Is when i...
  33. littlespark

    Tell me if this is going to be an issue

    Don’t bite my head off, I’m not used to installing radial circuits. Just the odd spur, or an rfc if new circuit. Between being Sunday, man flu and an early alarm... my brain has stalled. A while ago I ran a spur from 32A rfc direct from the mcb to supply a new double socket in my hall. Only...
  34. N

    When to issue a danger notification?

    When working on a site if you see a c1 or c2 condition, can you issue a danger notification? Or is it only for c1 situations? Reason i'm asking is if you spot something whilst working on site and point it out to the customer, and they don't want to pay to get it fixed, you'd obviously want to...
  35. B

    Solis 4.6kw 4G limitation issue

    Hi all. Please can someone help me with a possible cause and solution. I installed a Solis 4.6kw 4G grid tied inverter with the CT for anti islanding. But the inverter says limited by EPM and sometimes by DRM and only generates like 60W. But I know the load is much much higher than that so the...
  36. D

    Issue with sockets/appliances help needed please

    Hi, first post here, I've got an issue with my home electrics and need a bit of advice as to what may be causing it please. Bear with me as I know very little about electrics, anything more than wiring a plug or changing light fittings and sockets is beyond me. So the issue is with appliances...
  37. gazdkw82

    Dali lighting help with issue

    I've installed 2x JCC71361 Dali LED panels controlled via an EX-OR lightspot HD PIR. I seem to be having a real problem with it. The customer complained one of the fittings was flickering ever so slightly. I went back and indeed it was lightly flickering. I swopped the control gear over but the...
  38. A

    Domestic Oven won’t work...unsure issue.

    Hello, My cooker (LOGIK LFTC60W16 oven with grill and 4 hobs had it maybe just over 2 years) stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I found out we have no cooker switch on the kitchen wall so checked the Circuit Breaker box. Everything was on. With no other option I left the cooker MCB switch in the...
  39. S

    18th Edition cert issue

    Can anyone help as I have taken my 18th edition but the employer I took it with has refused to send the certificate. They have sent an email of the certificate and I have forwarded this to ECS to update my card but they have put this on hold, for some reason. I no longer work for this company...
  40. ian burnett

    electric meter issue. The grid, meter or consumer unit issue?

    Hi Guys, I've made this video (link below) to highlight an electric issue in my house. I wonder if any of you know what the issue is? I am going to call out an electrician but I would love to know your thoughts. Thank you for your time :-) Ian
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