1. HappyHippyDad

    Dimmable floodlight?

    I'm looking for a floodlight (preferably 50w), that can be dimmable with a standard led dimmer switch (probably a varilight v-pro). All I can find are ones that are dimmable with a remote control, or a triac dimmer switch. I'm not too sure what a triac dimmer is. Could I just use a normal led...
  2. V

    Led floodlight to exsisting 4 core flex

    Am fitting a new pir led floodlight . The exsisting light is connected to 4 core round flexible cable, core colours green/yellow, blue, brown and black . Should i use the green/yellow , blue and brown and just terminate the black Many thanks
  3. S

    Installing a Floodlight

    I need to install a floodlight for outside now its dark. Its just inside the kitchen wall to connect to the electrics. My simple idea is run a cable through a wall with a plug on the end and use a sensor LED light - is that allowed or am I breaking any rules? An electricial has said tap into...
  4. 1.jpg


  5. L

    Fitting outside floodlight

    Hi all, I have a single switch in my garage to turn on a couple of lights in there. Yesterday I fitted a floodlight outside, drilled through garage wall and fed the cable inside and fitted a 2 gang switch so the floodlight had its own. I 'nicked' the power inside the switch via a loop from...
  6. P

    Best PIR security floodlight

    What is the best make of PIR floodlight that's available currently. Not to worried about the cost, just a make that will last.
  7. F

    putting outdoor 100w floodlights on plugs

    I have an arena lit by 100w LED floodlights, to get through planning my dad fabricated hinged collapsible poles and each is wired to a plug to make them 'temporary' I've had so many replaced because IP65 does FA in rain. always replaced by electrician and rewired at the light. Now I'm...
  8. W

    Angle bracket for a floodlight

    Want to install a Ring Floodlight Pro at an angle (say, at almost right angle to wall). Is there a suitable 90 degree bracket that might suit this. Weight of the flood light is about 2.5kg.
  9. Ifaaz12

    Ring floodlight camera

    Hello, I need some help with this vie connected up a floodlight camera to a lighting circuit in a garage but when trying to setup the camera it seems like it doesn't have enough power going too it. Can anyone help?
  10. M

    Wiring my own Ring floodlight

    Is it possible to use a cable to wire a Ring floodlight? In the location i haven't got any wiring, but i can feed it through a window and plug it into a socket on the other side. In America they've got adapters, but in the UK they don't exist it seems. Thanks.
  11. K

    New Floodlight not powering on with live wires and switch/breaker on

    I replace two floodlight cameras with smart floodlight cameras. After replacing the second one on day 2, the first one stopped working that was replaced on day 1 (worked right before I turned power off). I swapped with an new one and even with the old floodlight and still not working. The...
  12. Mike Johnson

    LED Floodlight Connectors

    Just about to change the last Halogen external floodlights to LED, to facilitate this I bought a couple of IP68 straight waterproof three pole connectors from TLC: IP68 Straight Waterproof Connector 3 Pole - https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/WPQC1.html to my surprise they are Wago type lever...
  13. Swiffycat

    Installing Ring floodlight but no ground wire

    I am trying to install a ring floodlight camera wire plus but there are only two wires coming out of the outside of house - and the new fixture has three (the green one for the ground wire). Is it okay to just cap this ground wire? Obviously want to to do everything safely and up to code...
  14. captaincaveman

    How to install a floodlight safely while up ladders

    Hi guys & gals, I'm just curious at how other sparkys install or replace accessories (floodlights, cctv cameras, etc. - domestic work in mind) while working on extension ladders? Supposedly you should be doing it with 1 hand while the other holds on to the ladder but holding a floodlight, for...
  15. Oldman Sparks

    Floodlight and existing wiring

    Hi All I am a seeking help and advice from you lovely sparkis, I have removed a old flood light which was fitted 25 years ago by a friend of a friend. I have replaced the old light with a new flood light with a sensor connected to it. I have noticed the porch wall switch activates the ceiling...
  16. got1878

    Wired Ring Floodlight Cam - On Existing Motion Lights

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can kindly advise on an issue I'm having. I had an Electrician install a couple of these hardwired ring floodlight cameras this morning; https://en-uk.ring.com/products/floodlight-cam-wired-pro We have a handful of old motion lights on the property. The...
  17. James

    300w floodlight

    Anyone got (that I may buy) or know where I can get a 300w floodlight today( Sunday 17th) Birmingham or coventry area? had van broken into and really need to up my home security today.
  18. Mramin

    Installing wired floodlight using existing spotlight wiring.

    I currently have 3 spotlights that are controlled by a switch and I'd like to replace these with wired floodlights. Would it be possible to reuse the existing wiring + switch?
  19. W

    High Level PIR Floodlight

    Hi guys. ive been asked to swap an old halogen flood light for a new led one with built in PIR. The existing light is at about 6m off ground level. has anyone ever mounted a LED flood at this Height and had no issues with PIR detection? TIA
  20. Old Time spark

    LED GU10 in IP65 fittings externally

    GU10 LED lamps fitted externally in IP 65 fitting Hi, anyone know or had an issue with LED GU10 lamps in an external fitting failing? Fittings installed with lamps last year, job been delayed with Covid, just started to power up and find half not working, they are twin up/down lighters, most...
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