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  1. C

    Suggestion for outdoor receptacle or USB port

    Under my garage eave, I have 2 floodlights. They are hard wired to the wiring and have larger round casings. I really want to remove one of these floodlights and replace it with a receptacle for a wifi camera. Ideally I'd be able to replace it with a USB port, but I guess I could always use an...
  2. E

    Hello! I'm trying to replace a floodlight

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum today and I'm looking for some advice. I recently bought a new pir sensor LED flood light for the back garden. I removed the old fitting after taking a photo of the wiring but (like an idiot) I've managed to lose said photo. What's throwing me is that I...
  3. T


    Hi guys, Im looking at fitting a floodlight in my back garden. It is a 30w LED with PIR sensor (bought from Toolstation). Ideally, I want the PIR to work incase of any intruders in my gardeb, but also I want to be able to leave it on permanently with switch operation. I therefore need help on...
  4. naylorpd

    Connector for outdoor floodlight

    I have some outdoor floodlights at home in Azerbaijan, which need replacing. The way they are connected is in the photos - cable through the stone base then up into a waterproof box through a gland. The problem is that the newer model floodlights that I can buy have much shorter cables -...
  5. J

    Which led pir floodlight?

    We need to install two floodlights outdoors in a very exposed position, they are also inaccessible and need a big scaffolding job to span a small river to fit/maintain them. So we need some that are reliable! Can anyone recommend any - we know that there is always a possibility of a failure...
  6. happyhippydad

    Is there a PIR floodlight with remote control override?

    I am looking for a floodlight 20-50W with a PIR which has a remote control with it that can switch the floodlight on or off. Is there such a thing? Cheers all :)
  7. P

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Junction Box / Mount

    Hi All, Just looking at replacing my current floodlight I installed via a fused 3 Pin plug into a 2 gang socket coming straight off of the breaker box with a Ring Floodlight, where the wire is coming out the brick work is to low and I want to put it into a Junction box and feed it in from below...
  8. rolyberkin

    SON Floodlight advice please.

    Unbeliveably I have never come across a dead son floodlight, have a client who has about 6 which are not working, not sure what power the lamps are yet yet as it was too wet today to get the ladder off the van!;-) Thinking ahead in peoples experience is it worth changing the bulbs for an LED...
  9. A

    Can you put a150w bulb into a 250w floodlight fitting please?

    I know the 250w halogen bulb is bigger. But can you buy a longer 150w one to fit please?
  10. M

    Floodlight PIR

    Hey People Mantis here. Considering installing a floodlight and will be instructing a sparkie. I'm just looking into pricing as I'm after a particular floodlight. So I have tracked down...
  11. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight cctv junction box

    I fitted one of the ring floodlight cameras to a 4" round junction box that I got from amazon around 8 months ago. Customer has phoned to say the bracket holding the junction box to the wall has snapped. Amazon don't offer this box anymore. Has anyone else found a 4" round waterproof junction...
  12. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight camera light output

    Customer wants to change a 50w led floodlight to a ring dual light/camera. They have expressed concerns the ring won't deliver the same amount of light as the current 50w LED one. I have spoken with ring and they have said it's 45w per light (90w total). This figure seems alot. Anyone have...
  13. D

    PIR Floodlight - how bright does it need to be

    Hello, I want to install a PIR Flood light which overlooks my car and drive. i have looked at different kinds of LED lights but i'm wondering what power i need? I don't want a light that is just going to light the area up if someone goes near it... i want it to make it hard for them to see...
  14. A

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Installation

    Hello, Long time lurker here, so thanks for all your advice in the past. I'm due to install a ring floodlight on the rear of my property, which currently has no external power. I plan on chasing an FCU in to the bedroom wall, fed off the upstairs ring final. This I plan on sticking a 5A fuse...
  15. H

    Help for wiring an outdoor floodlight.

    Hi I need some advice/help as complete Novice. I have just purchased a new build and on this i have an outside light that is powered by a switch indoors. However I would like to install a flood light above it using the power that is supplying the existing light. There is a power block on the...
  16. P

    Electrician Install Ring Floodlight Camera - HA2

    Hi, I require an electrician to install a Ring Floodlight Camera at the rear of my property. I would like this doing as soon as possible. Please reply to this thread or message me with a quote and ill respond in order of receiving them. Thanks.
  17. P

    Ring Floodlight Camera Installation Help

    Hi There, I wanted some advice on help installing a Ring Floodlight Camera. I had no existing floodlights so is a brand new installation. Initially i had used a normal appliance cable, containing Live, Neutral and Earth wiring. This was wired to the floodlight and then to a plug, which i could...
  18. A

    Looking for 200W LED Floodlight brand recommendations

    I'm looking for any recommendations (or avoids!) for 200W LED floodlights. The application is to illuminate a small field (roughly 30% smaller than a soccer pitch) for canine agility at an animal rescue shelter . The installation will be a donation with a small contribution from supporter...
  19. J

    corner mount floodlight with pir

    hi all, was wondering if anyone has used a corner mount floodlight so i can light up 2 areas opposite from each other from the same pir, i know you can install it all separate from each other but want to know if there is a all in one fitting for this, i have saw lights that may work but the are...
  20. P

    Recommended Installation for Downlights when Cable is side entry

    Hi, What sort of installation method would you recommend for installing up/down lights on a house when the cable entry is from the side? The lights only have rear entry available so I assume I would have to mount them on a low profile Junction Box. The cable I'm using is 1.5mm SWA 3 core...
  21. M

    Connecting led floodlight from new bathroom extension light wiring

    Hi need a bit of help. I connected my floodlight to the existing wiring. I used the blue and brown wire and it worked for like 5 seconds and the floodlight just went off. The floodlight had a yellow wire i didnt connect that because the bathroom wiring is a twin 1.5mm and only blue and brown...
  22. K

    Led floodlight not working properly

    Hi I recently bought a led 10w floodlight with PIR. My other half tried fitting it the other day and all the tiny round lights that make up the led weren't coming on ,therefore not making the light anywhere near enough bright. He plugged it into a socket to make sure it wasn't fault and it...
  23. matt1386

    Ansell Carina 30W LED floodlight with PIR x 3

    Hi guys, As the title really, 3 x Ansell Carina 30W LED floodlights with PIR, 4000K All brand new in box Would prefer to sell all 3 together Bank transfer preferred £75 including postage Any questions please message me directly Thanks very much and have a good weekend !
  24. R

    L.E.D Floodlight Wiring Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I have an LED flood light here that I'm trying to wire up but I'm unsure of how to actually connect it to the mains 240v UK. Which terminals should I use inside ? Have attached a photo below. There seems to be quite a few jumper wires on the thing and it has me confused !
  25. T


    Why do all LED floodlights come all pre-wired these days ?.
  26. N

    PIR floodlight staying on

    I have changed an old school PIR floodlight with a £15 screwfix LED PIR. Just changed the fuse in the spur and it came on no bother but wont turn off. The instructions state 4 minutes. Have read online to switch off for 10 seconds to reset it. when switched back on it stays on still. Do i...
  27. R

    Recommendations for LED Floodlight for garage and garden

    Hi All, I will be having a full rewire done shortly and will fit an LED floodlight for the garage and driveway, and one for our garden. My budget is £35 per light (or thereabouts). So far, 2 manufacturers have come up in my research: Timeguard (Timeguard LEDPRO10B 10 Watt Black Professional...
  28. L

    LED Floodlight nameplate (Power Rating)

    Hi Everyone can someone please clarify the following: A floodlight nameplate has the following information: LED100/WW 110W (2x50W/LED Module) What does the 100 means and if it is 110W - Why it state 2 x50W Thanks
  29. Rajen

    50W LED floodlight problems

    2 floodlights (50W and 30W) have been installed on the same circuit at my property. They are JCC units and both with PIRs, (LAP brand). However, the 50W has also had a manual override switch. The 30W operates normally but the 50W unit has an unpredictable behaviour of switching on either very...
  30. O

    Flood light - fixing it up a tree!

    Looking for some sensible suggestions for fixing a LED floodlight with PIR up a tree! I'd rather not be using 3" nails in the trunk! Thanks all
  31. happyhippydad

    Any brackets to hold large floodlight to telegraph pole?

    My client wants to fit a very large floodlight 240w LED (Wirefield LED Commercial Floodlight 240W - http://www.rexelenergysolutions.co.uk/product/2500671142/Wirefield-LED-Commercial-Floodlight-240W-) to a telegraph pole. I was wondering if anyone knows of any brackets to use to attach to the...
  32. happyhippydad

    Class 2 floodlight preferably with PIR but doesn't matter??

    Is there such a thing? This looks promising Forum Lighting Juno 2 Light Black Outdoor Spotlight Complete with a PIR Sensor - Forum Lighting from Castlegate Lights UK but wasn't really looking for a twin! As usual have looked and looked but to no avail... somebody will probably say 'well you...
  33. P

    LED floodlight?

    Hi, just a quick one! I'm about to replace a halogen floodlight to a 10 Watt LED flood light, the switch inside the house has a pull out fuse under it, currently it's got a 13amp fuse in there, will that be OK for the new 10 watt LED light or should I put a 3 or 5 in there? Thanks
  34. T

    Domestic Garden Lighting Setup Advice

    Hello, I have little electrical experience so am looking for some advice on a garden lighting project I have on. Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to help me. I want to install a 240V floodlight I have bought at the top of my garden. I have bought some shielded cable which...
  35. K

    Floodlight pir

    Is it possible to wire up a floodlight which has a pir on it, which would then turn on another outside light from that one pir on the floodlight.
  36. W

    Rechargable work Light

    After spending another day in near darkness im in the market for a work light. Can sombody reccomend a rechargable work light, someting like a floodlight with an array of leds would be nice. Thanks in advace guys
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