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  1. C

    3.35kw combination microwave

    Hey guys, So a customer has bought some fancy 3.35kw combination microwave that comes with a prewired flex of 1.5mm, total load would therefore be 14.57A, can you use diversity on a combination microwave (cooking appliance) so 10A + 30% of remaining load meaning its 11.37A so it can be put...
  2. S


    Hi All, Currently rewiring my house. I am installing a new oven - 3.65kW and combi microwave - 3.6kW protected by a 16A mcb. Would a 2.5mm for each appliance from the cu to a 20A DP switch surffice over a 20m run? Thanks
  3. K


    Hi I’ve just bought a new waveguide for my microwave and it has arrived bent, is it still safe to use? TIa
  4. U

    Canada Plug Microwave Into Electrical Outlet On Kelvinator Range?

    Hello, I have an old Kelvinator range with a regular outlet built into the dial face. I'm unsure of the model or how old it is, but I do see a date written on it from 1996. I am wondering if I can safely plug a Sanyo EM-806TW 1300w microwave into it? A diagram of the Kelvinator's circuitry was...
  5. R

    Otr microwave

    House built in 2016. Microwave is on dedicated non gfci 20 breaker with 20amp socket. Every time you hit start on microwave it trips breaker. I replaced the breaker.. same thing... replaced outlet.. still the same. This is the 2nd microwave in 3.5 years. First microwave did the same thing. When...
  6. T

    Microwave HVC replacement...

    Hi, I have a commercial Panasonic Microwave that still sells at around £550 so I would like to fix it if possible. The HVC has died and I'm struggling to find a replacement. The cap is 2300vac and 1.14uf. Now I'm no proffesional so I approach everything with major caution. The closest match I...
  7. M

    Patting a microwave oven

    I bought a leakage detector which says "must not exceed 5 mw/sq cm " Please: how far away should you be holding the meter? One oven failed. The PAT meter says "Riso > 20 Mohm Ileak = 0.84 ma " How is this possible? It seems to violate Ohm's Law. (This is just a Q out of interest, I will in...
  8. S

    Domestic Microwave dead after electrical main switch reset

    Hi everyone, I hope this is an appropriate forum to post my issue on. If not, I apologise. I've got a combi microwave/oven that's 7 years old. Never had any issues. Yesterday I had to do some work on the electrical wiring in the house, so I turned off the main switch. I had to do this multiple...
  9. D

    Help with oven and microwave supply

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help, I'm in the middle of putting new wiring in for my kitchen. I have a 3.8kw oven and 2.4kw microwave grill next to each other in a bank of tall larders, both requiring a 16amp supply. Can I feed these of he same supply, if so what would be the best way to do it...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Microwave vs PIR sensor for light

    Need to install a security light for a customer. He has chosen a 4000 lumens led light without a sensor. He wants the sensor to cover the majority of the rear garden as he has had issues with things going missing. To prevent tampering he wants it mounted above the flat roof extension on the...
  11. PJElectricalSW

    Any old working microwave will do

    Hi again Random question, do any of you lucky people live or work in East Devon and have an old working microwave laying about you want rid of. Willing to travel and/or meet somewhere? Required for spot welder project mk2... Thanks in advance
  12. the pict

    zinc microwave sensor parallel N ?

    Has anyone fitted these, I just do not understand the connection diagram Pict
  13. E

    Switching bathroom extractor fan with microwave detector.

    Hi all.... Quick question for you, what are your thoughts on the above? I am looking for an alternate way to operate a bathroom extractor fan (don't want it on with the lights and don't want extra pull cords etc) - I propose to fit an inline fan in the loft, switched with a microwave sensor...
  14. AceRimmer

    Siemens microwave oven element help

    Hi everyone having troble finding a element for microwave oven the appliance has no part or model no. and i have striped it and looked everywhere And tech where not much help without that info here are pics if anyone of you could help thanks again
  15. P

    Electrician Kitchen help with new supply to cooker and microwave

    hi hope someone can help I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel and the fitters have a problem with my wiring. We are have a oven and a fitted microwave both needing a 16 amp Rcd supply. The old cooker is on its own but not rcd but that not a problem I have a spare mcb in the consumer unit. The...
  16. P

    Microwave tripping circuits on two separate CUs

    Hi All Bit of a strange one... My mother in law decided to poach an egg in the microwave, and whatever she did, the egg went bang and knocked out the kitchen sockets. Strange thing is, it looks like this also tripped circuits on a separate CU which feeds external sockets & lights etc. It...
  17. A

    New Microwave Oven requirements

    Hi guys, I'm not an electrician but I would like to think I'm pretty switched on with electrics (pun intended). I have just purchased a new microwave oven to replace my existing microwave. The new microwave is rated at 900w max and the grill is rated at 1000w max. Now currently the microwave...
  18. A

    Hardwiring Microwave

    Hi The property i moved into recently has the microwave cable joined to the mains cable within the wall/trunking It is located within the kitchen units so I am imagining that this cable was originally intended for an oven or other such appliance The plug was simply cut off the microwave and...
  19. M

    Cooker wiring dilemma

    A house renovation, including kitchen extension, all plastered out with a 10mm twin+e feed in place for the 7.3kw induction hob. The single oven and the combi microwave should have been spurred from the kitchen ring as each being 2.9kw. Neff have decided to up them to 3.45kw for the oven and...
  20. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Barnaby is back

    Is this something good at last fro KLEIN?
  21. H

    Amendment 3 smoke alarm !!

    Nice ammendment 3 smoke detector
  22. W

    Can I Safely run a Cooke & Lewis MG045CL Microwave/ Grill from a 13 amp socket

    Hi, Just getting a new kitchen fitted and there isn't a cooker ring main in place so have bought a gas hob and oven to reflect this. But I have to fit a Cooke & Lewis MG045CL Microwave/ Grill (due to the oven housing) which has an overall rating of 3.25kw (1000w microwave output, so about...
  23. B

    iphone is08

    Seems theres a website WITH FALSE INFO SO DONT TRY IT claiming that once you upgrade with is08 you can charge your iphone in a microwave for 1.5 mins Its called wave technology and someone has already tried it with bad results see...
  24. A

    socket outlet

    A microwave oven is to be installed above a built in oven in a tall kitchen unit, is it ok to have the socket behind the microwave inside the unit? or is it better to make a hole in the back of the unit and have the socket outlet on the wall. If I remember right the part of the unit which...
  25. S

    Breakers not resetting

    Went to a job today where an RCD was tripping after heavy rain and taking two MCBs with it. The two MCBs are both for ring circuits - one apparently just for a microwave, and the other for most of the downstairs sockets and outside lights. IR testing was a nightmare due to sockets in...
  26. P

    Microwave Leakage Testing

    Hi, I'm sorry I know this has been mentioned before but unable to find the thread. Looking to purchase a Microwave Leakage tester and interested in models you can recommend.Also wondered about fee's to the testing. Cheers!
  27. R

    Domestic Kitchen Advice

    We are installing a new kitchen with the following cooking appliances - Combination Microwave rated at 3.2kW, Oven rated at 3.55kW and Hob rated at 7.2kW making a total of around 60A! The plan was to supply both the oven and hob from a 45A cooker connection unit with a DP isolator protected...
  28. R

    Standalone system in a mobile catering unit ideas please

    Hi, So far I have only installed grid tied PV systems but the son of an existing customer wants to have a PV system on his mobile catering unit. Does anyone have a suggested solution, supplier or advice please? Looking to run a fridge and a microwave as well as some small lights, no big...
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