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  1. C

    Replacing pool pump: wiring from breaker box through timer to pump acting strange.

    New member, DIY homeowner here. I bought a new in-ground 1HP 120v Harris pool pump (online) and had it installed by my pool maintenance company. A few weeks later it appears blown -- it hums when the power goes on -- but I removed the back and the shaft turns easily so I suspect wiring issues...
  2. Baddegg

    Strange question on here these days but...

    I need to run power from a basement to a shed, approx 30 mtrs, customer already has 40 mtrs of swa on site, lights couple of sockets and electric gates to be powered from the shed, normally I install an isolator as a single point of isolation an them split the incoming through a Henley and then...
  3. N

    strange earthing problem (lighting)

    Right, so its been one of those long days. swift breakdown: top floor flat. lighting cable is single cores in a conduit system. was employed to install downlights in 2 rooms. Really bizarre one for me, ive never encontered nything like this before. So i tested the original fittings in these...
  4. Pete999

    Anyone had a strange EMail from some Guy in Burkini Faso

    Wants to meet me at ELEX Coventry goes by the name of David, anyone had an email from him?
  5. Baddegg

    Strange request but....

    Customer of mine runs a kids club type thing and has asked me if I have an old consumer unit, don’t think he means rewireable just old ish, anyway they are teaching the kids life skills, I’m guessing he ain’t connect it up who knows 😂 and he’s asked if I have one I could donate, I don’t have...
  6. H

    B12 Sentra - strange accessory circuit failure

    Hi there, My problem is thus: I own an '88 Nissan Sentra in which all the electricals were working fine. I received some 12v LED strips in a delivery which I would like to install as daytime running lights. In order to test whether the running voltage of the car would be suitable, I attempted...
  7. M

    Very strange problems with my light timers. I tried everything I could think of. Please help!

    So I'm an aquarium enthusiast and I have several fish tanks in my house (all of them have lights that are connected to timers). My basement has multiple circuits, one for the washer and dryer, one for all the other outlets down there, and I also had an electrician install a brand new outlet on...
  8. S

    Strange N-E fault on armoured cable supply to sub-main

    I've installed a garage consumer unit sub-main to an outbuilding in 16mm 3 core armoured, the insulation tests all come back fine - +800Mohms on a 500 volt test but when I power up the installation I get 90 volts leaking to Earth from Neutral and i'm not sure why. The Garage RCD also doesn't...
  9. littlespark

    Strange things in the post. Possible hoax or con?

    As the title suggests, we've had a number of letters to an individual addressed to our home, but who doesn't live here... and has never lived here. We've owned the house since it was built. Normally we send the letters back into the post with "not known at this address" written on it... but...
  10. L

    Strange or old

    In my house the lighting circuit is made up of One live and earth in same sheathing. Then 2 separate neutrals. I haven’t seen this arrangement before and I’m wondering what this is.
  11. A

    Help needed, is this correct?

    I have a two 32mcb in the c/u. I thought one would be for the upstairs sockets and one would be for the downstairs sockets but they are not. both require switching off to cut off power off to both upstairs and downstairs sockets!! is something wrong with this? each 32mcb has only one live...
  12. M

    Domestic Electric knife: strange wiring: request advice

    The knife is Russell-Hobbs, ECO1255, model 13892. I work for a charity which receives (among other things) electrical goods which must be tested before we can give them to recipients. The PAT meter gave weird results: normally when the device being tested is switched off the meter says "lo...
  13. Matt

    Domestic Strange "pellets" in the loft.

    Hey, I am very new to the trade and I was helping a mate on a house rewire the other day and I found something that intrigued me. When I went up into the loft I found loads if these: Does anybody know what these are? the loft floor is littered with loads of them. The house is really old, if...
  14. G

    Strange problem with PIR/motion sensor switch

    Hi, I have an odd problem with a motion sensor switch in a bathroom. The sensor detects motion and switches the light on, but then doesn't switch the light off. However, when I switch the fuse off and then on again at the fusebox, it resets the motion sensor, which works fine, but only once -...
  15. J

    Strange design of Induction Hob power input, advice please

    Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Easter! I have boon looking for an induction hob recently and found one on ebay for £25 and close by so I bought it, yay!. It was purchased as defective, its a 5 sone hob and the two left zones did not power up. A bit of research before purchase shows there were...
  16. Smanna

    Strange wire colours

    i want to attach a new light to the ceiling but the wires are old. There is a red wire, a brown wire and what seems like a black one. I dared not get them mixed up as I don't want to blow anything up. Can anyone advise on how to proceed and figure out which wire is which? Thanks
  17. M

    air bag light comes on at strange times

    My niece has a 2004 Mazda Tribute with a strange air bag light problem. She can make a 40 mile round trip without the light coming on if there are no high load devices on, but if she turns on the heater or lights the air bag light comes on a few seconds later. To me this means the problem is due...
  18. G

    Strange Fault on a Farm!

    Hi Guys I am new to the Forum so here goes...... We have been called to a Farm which is 40+ years old, it is a TT 3 phase supply and has a 100mA main RCD switch at the incoming supply. There is a main DB in the barn and out of that is an SWA sub main which feeds a stable with only one...
  19. LewisM

    Strange issue with drill

    Hi, my drill bushes burnt out and I've changed them but now when I fully tighten the case the drill doesn't work at all, but when the case is loose the drill works fine. Any ideas Drill is Hitachi DV18DSDL Thanks Lewis
  20. M

    Domestic Strange Earth Leakage Trips

    I have an odd situation in that I get random earth leakage trips which happen occasionally when I turn off an outside light. I have a standard split board, half earth leakage protected, half not. Trips happen maybe once every 50 times that outside light is switched off, never when it is...
  21. gazdkw82

    Strange voltage readings - broken earth

    Was fixing a broken twin florescent fitting today and came across something I couldn't work out. First thing I did was measure the incoming voltage. At the fitting I measured L-E =190, N-E = 90v. Scratched my head for a minute until I realized the Earth's coming in from the numerous (4) twin...
  22. J

    Strange 2-way wiring

    Came across some bizarre wiring for a 2-way recently in a old house. Anyone ever seen this before? Was this ever the done thing many moons ago? (Sorry for the rough sketch)
  23. J

    Strange fault, can’t work it out

    hi there, first post. I’m having a very strange problem affecting my entire board. I’ve just qualified but not that experienced in faults. My home electrics have been having problems lately, every time we use the kettle/ toaster/ hairdryer, the lights dim. If we have the toaster on and use...
  24. Dave OCD

    Very strange this one.

    This is true - I called in to see a customer who'd reported that every time his wife went upstairs for a shower in the evening the telly in the lounge would lose reception - particularly BBC1 ! :confused: I established that it was the bathroom lights being switched on that caused the issue and...
  25. R

    Strange RCD tripping scenario

    Any suggestions as to possible causes of RCD tripping in the below domestic scenario would be helpful: Origin: single phase TT supply into an external cabinet housing cutout and our installed 100A 100mA Type S 2Pole RCD. Earth Rod has also been sunk here. House: 3c SWA supply to house from...
  26. bigspark17

    Strange outbuilding/pv set up.....

    Went to see a job where pv pannels have been installed on a large outbuilding, 10mm 3c swa sub ran in to pv isolator/inverter set up, submain supplied off 32A mcb. Seems ok, but the installers left what was already feeding the outbuilding an old 10mm t&e overhead which is now laying on the...
  27. S

    Strange crimp connector for BT phone power

    I have an adapter which plugs into the mains and on the other end has what looks like an RJ11 crimp connector, but the clip is oriented to the left rather than the middle. I want to shorten the cable as it is far too long and had anticipated simply cutting the appropriate amount of the lead and...
  28. P

    Strange readings on ze and zs

    Studio flat recently re-wired. Ryfields board with main earth coming in and connects to side of ryfields (sealed unit). Flat’s own head outside has main isolator, from there 25mm tails to inside and then in main switch on DB. With 16mm earth feeding board. Ze at main switch on DB with main...
  29. S

    Strange (incorrect) outdoor light wiring

    Hi, I'm no sparky and have very little wiring knowledge, however I know incorrect wiring when I see it. This is the wiring to some front and rear (grey cables lower right) external lights. The black cable is the power in from a 3 pin socket. The white cable I believe is to an outdoor...
  30. S

    Can anyone explain this - strange wiring?

    Please can someone help to explain this IMG 20180717 204316 - https://ibb.co/i9RBKJ There seems to be 3 lots of live/neutral/earth. I saw this when I removed the old chandelier. Problem is, it seems that the three neutrals were not connected to anything and of the three lives, 2 were...
  31. Zdb

    Strange EFLI message on Fluke MFT

  32. B

    Very strange RCD tripping problem on TT system. Need advice

    I'm in France and this is my first post, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. Here is the problem. I have a client, with a swimming pool and heat pump for the pool, but their main supply keeps tripping. The connection is: * Supply companies incoming feed, three-phase, limited to 30A...
  33. L

    Strange Forum- confused

    What is with all the strange Chinese posts and other out of context threads? Have I missed something or has the PRC hacked the forum?:)
  34. C

    Domestic Zafira b intermittent starting problem - strange behaviour

    Apologies up front for the long post. I thought I'd try to include as much info as I can. I am looking for some advice/suggestions any of you might have concerning an annoying intermittent fault I am having with a 2006 Zafira B. The engine is the Z16XEP version. The car will start a few times...
  35. N

    Insulation resistance - strange readings

    Im getting some strange reading on a new circuit(ring main) ive installed and i was wondering if anyone else had experienced the following. insulation resistance at 500v on L-N is >500mQ (which is fine) then insulation resistance between N-E starts at 400 then climbs to 500mQ then insulation...
  36. E

    strange , tester or RCD?

    doing an EICR today i could not take Zs readings at any sockets on various circuits protected by a RCD tester set to low , no trip test and trips instantly on all 3 ciruits regardless of which socket i try result is always trip instantly thought it could be the leads, wrong ports etc but...
  37. lurch

    Request for work . . . strange or spam/phishing

    Picked up an email yesterday from a potential new customer asking f I was interested in carry out some work. . . . nothing new, get these requests all the time. I emailed back saying . . . sure let me have the details. Got email back with a link to some drawings (mmmm... I think !) I hit...
  38. I

    a strange Slow running Manrose MFT100T

    A strange one :- replaced an inline mixed flow timer fan like for like yesterday. When powered on at the 3 pole isolator switch the fan was running at 25% speed and the shower light 12v halogen bulb was lit but very dim (note the pull switch for bathroom lights was off) All other bathroom...
  39. M

    Strange RCD tripping problem

    I have a very strange repeated RCD tripping scenario, which appears to suggest that two unrelated circuits are connected. Any problem solving thoughts would be appreciated. I have an electrician who has done several jobs for us (new lighting circuits, appliance installation, outside lights...
  40. LewisM

    Strange goings on...............

    Two LED lights in my lounge that I installed a month are ago are dimming and brightening themselves for no apparent reason and its got me stumped big time :( I've added a video but it doesn't really show much. It seems that when one is on it works fine but when you switch them both on they dim...
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