1. J

    Domestic 24v Garden fence lights - series or parallel??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get a little advice on a small project I plan to carry out over the next few weeks. I plan to install 10x 6w GU10 LED bulbs (fitted inside some suitable outdoor light boxes) on each fence post along a 30 metre garden fence, the lights will be powered...
  2. C

    Parallel generator, earthing and bonding

    Hello, can anyone advise on bonding of extraneous conductive parts when supply is from a generator run parallel with distribution network? There'll b a 200kva generator supplying spray booths that have a gas supply to them. The metal pipes aren't underground but connect to tanks outside sitting...
  3. R

    Rheostats in parallel. Load sharing??

    Hi all. Hyperthetical scenario. Simple loop. 36V supply. 10 amps. So whatever resistor I place in the circuit to produce the 10 amps has to be capable of taking 360W. If I only have access to 200W capacity rheostats can I use two of them in parallell to share the load? Thanks
  4. D

    Parallel paths on R1 + R2 test

    Hi there Doing some testing at moment. R1 + R2 readings coming in lower than R1 + Rn. Cpc neutral and live all disconnected. There is alot of containment on job and adaptable boxes are all fly leaded to earth. My thoughts are they are parallel earth paths but guy working with seems to think...
  5. jonnyb

    PIR manufacturers parallel etc etc etc

    Anyone currently able to tell me which pir sensors are able to be wired in parallel and which aren't ( usual factors and suppliers) as I need to have two controlling one light and don't want to have to return them and get alternatives.
  6. R

    Wiring series parallel battery bank ?

    Just checking if this is correct wiring for series parallel on four 6 v batteries to get 12 v output. I have maximum of 30 amps of solar going in, what size cable is right for the battery bank connections ?
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Parallel earth path between 2 circuits

    I have a ring circuit (circuit 1) and a light circuit (circuit2) in a flat im working on and i have somewhere in the walls or ceiling a joined earth path. From what i have seen there is no obvious metal conduit, so it seems its either the ventilation system that is fed by the same ring and goes...
  8. kingeri

    Conductors in parallel......

    I was at a job on Friday in a big 4 storey house. One of the jobs I was there to do was to add sockets to a bedroom which actually didn't have any at all. The top floor sockets were on there own breaker, a 32A RCBO actually. There were two 4mm^2 T&Es at the RCBO so I initially thought it was...
  9. D

    wiring led household bulbs - parallel of series

    Hi, looking for some advice. I'm doing a DIY project for a vanity mirror, with bulbs along the top of it. Each bulb is 7w. I've got some 5 port wago connectors, and have wired it with the live, neutral and earth from the plug connecting into individual Wagos. Then each bulb holder has a wire...
  10. M

    Connect 25 AA batteries in parallel and series

    Hello, I have 25 batteries that are AA using 1.5 volts each, that is total = 37. 5 volts for 25 batteries. I want to know please the right way to wire all the batteries together to make a parallel and series battery pack. Please tell how to wire each battery together to connect all 25 AA...
  11. B

    Cables In Parallel, Max Load?

    Hi Just wondering if someone could help me out with this one Basically I'd like to know what's the maximum load (single phase) a 4 core 6mm SWA could deliver if cores were connected in parallel SWA in buried under ground and the length is three hundred meters The cable used to supply a 3...
  12. T

    Led lights wired in parallel, should be series. How to resolve?

    Hi Have little issue Some Led lights have been wired incorrectly, instead of series the connection, it's connected in parallel. The supplied transformer/driver is 350ma constant and connected in series the lights are pulling 3v each. There are 9 lights in total and are set and can not be...
  13. S

    3 pirs in series

    Hi guys advice needed i am on a job where there are going to be 3 pirs controlling around 12 lights the 3 pirs are just because of the layout of the room,these have to be wired through greggs this is a method I have never used before as have been doing heavy industry for past few years can...
  14. O

    Paralleling conductors

    Just bouncing something off people here.. Got a job on, customer currently has a single phase 230v 16Amp commando socket he wants changed for a 32A ( Seemingly has a few machines in mind with a larger than 16A draw but below the full 32 that he's considering buying in...hasn't decided which yet...
  15. uksparks

    Charging Leisure Batteries in Parallel

    Hi, This is a question for anyone who can help with DC etc and Leisure Batteries. I have a 500w load at 12v, made up of. 75w car stereo which includes 15w per Chanel, and 425w of LED lights. I have 5x 100Ah Leisure Batteries all connected in Parallel, total of approx 500Ah. My load is 500w...
  16. M

    2394/2395 Question

    Question is : - The insulation resistance of two circuits is of 40M? an 36? respectively. When tested together what is the total insulation resistance: answer is 19 ohms but how? can some one explain
  17. DuaneMHunt1976

    Domestic Shower Cable

    With shower say 10mm is dam hard to move, would 2x6mm or 6mm+2x2.5mm as being more manageable Still the same cross sectional area
  18. goldie

    Electronic time lag switch

    Hi all. Got another query regarding time lag switches. One of my lads has fitted some led lights which are switched from multiple points via time lag type. Normal switches were in use before and all worked ok. Now the time lag switches are in place all lights are on constantly. (They work with...
  19. M

    TT systems parallel earth paths

    Good Morning Gentleman i have recently been testing house all of which are overhead supplies fed and the bog standard earth rod installation however we had some serious earth path issues with a39 ohm earth rod when combined with the bonding taking it down to 0.27 ohms almost tncs then the...
  20. A

    series and parallel combinations

    Hi all I am carrying out my assignment and a little stuck on this i have to work out the Total inductance and total capacitance now I'm aware of the formulas for series and parallel inductors and capacitors but as you can see from the picture i have a series/parallel combination and I'm...