1. E

    Large grommets needed

    Hi does anyone know where I can source any larger round grommets ? I will be drilling a hole in 100 × 100 trunking so guess around 75mm hole. I've seen larger grommets before but they were a different material to rubber, they were like rubber but had fibre in them, a bit like bicycle tyre...
  2. H

    Large Solar Install on Asbestos Roof

    Hi wondering if you could help with some advice Been running an Essex/suffolk based electrical firm for last 20 years, mainly light commercial, new build sites. due to a lot of sites needed renewables I recently did my solar courses but not MCS registered to date. One of my other customer owns a...
  3. O

    Heating a large office

    How would you go about this realistically, the office is open plan and about 15m x 7M, grid ceiling with loft space above, windows and insulation is not the best and there are two offices, all single story with a central communal area with reception, toilet, kitchen etc. The client wants 8 x...
  4. C

    Replace Large Oven or Dryer Breaker

    Hello and Thank You!!! Reason: I am installing a Generator Hookup panel. I am installing a 30Amp breaker to hook up the generator. I want it at the top. I need to make some room. QUESTION: Can I replace these larger Oven and Dryer breakers with smaller same amperage new breakers? Why do...
  5. W

    Replacement hob wires too large

    Hello, we have just had a replacement hob through warranty, the electrician who came to fit it said it needs ho5rrf cable when we have 6mm. He wants to replace the entire cables. My house was only rewired 3 years ago. Does this sound ok, or would it be cheaper to buy adifferent hob that...
  6. saucyjack

    Large cable termination

    Hi chaps. I have a potential install which is a 56kW micro array. The supply is three phase, but the array is going to be 380M from the house (yes that is the correct number!). Working to a 1% volt drop over that distance, we'd be looking at 240mm2 4 core SWA (£42,000 worth), and I'm told this...
  7. HappyHippyDad

    What power supply for this large 12V Fridge/chiller?

    My customer wants to fit a large 12V chiller at her farm. The supplier has said it is 12V and 80A. A couple of questions.. 1. What sort of power supply unit would you use for this? See link below of the ebay item. 2. Is this going to be 80A at 12V or 80A at 230V? At 12v it would only be...
  8. H

    Replacement strain relief clamp strip for large junction box

    I am doing some rewiring within the large junction box used for my central heating and hot water controls, which requires me to make use of two additional cable entry points. Unfortunately, many years ago the original installer threw away the flexible brown strips that were used as strain relief...
  9. S

    Electrician Jobs Electricians wanted for large commercials projects in Wiltshire have got some amazing career opportunities for qualified electricians. We currently have vacancies for Installation & Servicing Engineers, Team leader Electricians & Digital Electricians Level 3. Great rates of pay, bonus payments and lots of perks. Call our team 01225 635 660.
  10. M

    Large scale DMX controlled setup

    Hi there, I should start off by saying I'm in the deep here. I've never done this before and have very little knowledge, so I'm asking here if what I've learned makes any sense and what would be your advice for handling a setup this big ? I'm building a massive light installation with a total...
  11. loz2754

    Why does my current clamp meter show large current in gas pipe?

    Went to a house this morning to locate a fault causing the RCD in a split load board to trip. Going through the usual tests, I decided to put my earth leakage clamp meter on the earthing conductor. Here is where it gets weird: with the main switch in the off position, the meter was reading...
  12. B

    How good is underfloor heating in a large room

    Morning all, I'm about to embark on some home renovation and the kitchen is the first target. We are looking at making it bigger, all in the room would be 32m2. I have read that electric underfloor heating systems are better and more efficient for smaller rooms, but that they can take a while...
  13. S

    UK Initial Verification on large commercial sites

    I'm trying to gauge what the common industry practice is relating to Initial Verification on large commercial jobs. I've been working as a tester for the last few years in the South East, and when I test an installation, I'm expected to correct any minor faults, which I do. As any tester will...
  14. R

    Earth bonding to gas in a large block of flats

    Hi, just doing an inspection on a large block of flats. All the gas metre are in a single store cupboard on the basement floor. All are 10mm bonded there within 600mm. There is no earth bonding to the pipes entering the flats themselves. Is additional bonding required within each of the flats ie...
  15. C

    Electrician Jobs Hiring large number of Electricians level 6 Fetec/NFQ level 5.

    Euro Executive Recruitment has been retained to recruit a large number of qualified electricians (Level 6 fetac). The project is based in Kildare, over the span of 2-3 years. Union Rates of pay, overtime, and Travel allowance, provided. Send your CV to : [email protected] to apply!
  16. K

    fridge too large to move

    Who could dismantle and remove a large fridge freezer? The previous owners left it when they vacated and it has now broken. Our kitchen is in the basement and we think the stairs were replaced after the fridge was moved in as it now will not fit out by a long way
  17. bigspark17

    Sourcing large din rail connectors

    Having trouble sourcing some large din rail connectors 60-100amp would be perfect, any member know of a seller? Thanks :)
  18. A

    Hi guys hope you can help me , i have a large greenhouse , and only one side shuts, control unit? Cheers

    Hi guys hope you can help me, I have a large greenhouse and only one side shuts, control unit? Cheers
  19. S

    UK Large single phase motors in the UK

    Why is it that I could easily find a 10HP 220V single-phase motor for sale in the USA but in the UK I nobody has anything larger than 5HP?


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