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  1. A

    Large oven tripping RCD

    Hi all. Looking for a bit of advice. Customer has a new large induction rangemaster cooker with a total power of 14.8kw. Currently on a Hager board with a 50a b mcb and an existing 6mm cable. As soon as oven was switched on it tripped the RCD. Taking diversity into account the cable should be...
  2. James the Spark1976

    Commercial Lets Talk about Large Earth Currents

    I have a customer who called me in to look at a small electrical fire. They are a welding and fabrication company and have several welders operating on site. The circuit pointed out to me that had been on fire was a 3 phase 16A supply for a floor mounted crane. the crane is able to rotate on a...
  3. essex

    Industrial SPD For Large Panels

    Has anyone got any knowledge of a decent SPD that I can retrofit onto large panels? Preferably I would like it to have its own enclosure and a set of VF contacts so that I can wire an audible alarm and light to them for ease of checking. I am struggling to find anything suitable. The USA...
  4. C

    Large 1940s mains upgrade

    upgrade to a 1940s ish installation mains busbar due to soldered joints failing on busbar isolator, 20 ish switched fuses of the same age on it. Large installation(hotel) that never closes and has alot of c1s on existing out of date certs but they want the mains upgrading 1st before the rest of...
  5. J

    Seal smacks kayaker across the face with large octopus

    Seal emerges from water and uses an octopus to smack a kayaker across the face - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/seal-slaps-kayaker-video-octopus-instagram-new-zealand-kayak-a8557016.html Amusing. Reminded me of this Monty Python sketch ....
  6. happyhippydad

    large 2 gang weatherproof switch needed.

    I have just fitted a BG 2gang weatherproof switch. At present only 1 of the gangs is in use to switch 5 x 200w LED floodlights. I used 6mm 3 core SWA as it was a long run from the CU and Voltage drop forced the larger cable. I only just got 2 x 6mm cables into the 2gang switch. In a year...
  7. rolyberkin

    Can you spot the issue with this consumer unit!?

    Fastest correct answer wins jack!:-)
  8. E

    Replacing large recessed modular fitting??

    Hi, my company is in the processing of upgrading lighting from fluorescent to LED. I am having trouble sourcing 1800mm x 600mm recessed panel light fittings. Is there anywhere that still has these sizes as all I can seem to find is the 1200mm x 600mm? How should I replace these units? All...
  9. UKMeterman

    The aftermath of a large SWA cable tied to a bridge snagged on a passenger train....

    An SWA feeding a signal box was cable tied to the cable tray on the side of a footbridge at a railway station. A train passing through the station snagged it and it went ping and recoiled down the platform.... Report 06/2018: Passengers struck by a flying cable at Abergavenny (Y Fenni) station...
  10. J

    advise needed on large rewire (smokes listed)

    start my largest rewire next monday -5bed over 4 stories 2 things I want to iron out before I start really.... 1) I have quoted for installing LD3 grade D fire in each hall/landing and heat in kitchen- but advised the client this likely may need to be a Grade A system and he needs to seek...
  11. A

    Forum theme/font size too large

    Is there a way to change the font size on this forum? Thread text seems unnecessarily large - Something more like the browser default text would be better
  12. M

    Large Benjamin's health & safety

    Following on from some recent mishaps, I'm sure you've all read about the story of Big Ben being silenced for four years, and some suggesting story it's Health & Safety go mad; Big Ben's bongs to fall silent for four years for repairs | Daily Mail Online -...
  13. Dan

    Cheap large roller toolbox!

    Just found this on fleebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FoxHunter-Plastic-Mobile-Roller-Work-Shop-Chest-Trolley-Storage-Tool-Box-Toolbox-/111274440959?var=&epid=1012664579&hash=item19e87938ff:m:mAAVN7cQSXAb7C7udFL98WA Selling fast. 40% off. Not sure you could climb on them, but they see a cheap...
  14. G

    Large house 2.5mm or 4.0mm

    Hi all, Used to doing small 2 bed and 3 bed new builds so cable sizing is never an issue got a huge 7 deb house 5 floors to do in the next 6 months, had a quick look and now wondering what cable size to use, before i get the book out i thought id post here for more advice 4.0mm legs for ring...
  15. P

    Alterations to large office with full test records,RCBO's only on cleaners sockets

    Hi, I am doing alterations to a fifth floor office in a special effects company. I have a few questions. On looking at the installation it is only 5 years old and in good condition, all records of testing and good electric layout drawings. With the new update on the regs in mind i see that there...
  16. Lexlee

    Fitting led lIght bar - Large Voltage Drop

    Hi, posting for a friend, Whilst fitting a LED Light bar ( believed to be 120w) to a Landrover Defender (1995) he tapped into the signal wire of a relay that supplies his roof spot lights and used that as his signal for the light bar relay.. He has used the horns earth for the relay and also...
  17. J

    Large housing outside socket

    customer has standard outside socket and has bought outdoor lights with large transformer plug she wants to plug in, is there any outside sockets out there that has a deeper casing to accomidate this, keeps the job simple
  18. Apeglar

    New member looking to upskill from self employed electrician to work in a larger firm.

    Hi All I am an self employed electrician for the past 12 years and I am now looking to upskill and get involved in facility management. I have just booked on a city and guilds 2396 course and I am hoping to progress to a degree once completed as this seems to be basic entry level for this type...
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