1. A

    Replacing Ceiling Rose with Remote Controlled Fan

    Hi, Could you please offer a bit of advice regarding the following: We currently have a ceiling rose which is connected to a wall switch and Pull switch i.e. 2 way switching in the old colours. I understand how everything is connected, but, we are replacing the ceiling rose with a remote...
  2. Y

    UFH controlled by Home Assistant/Virtual Machine

    Hi all, It's our second winter in our new house and have been getting used to the electric underfloor heating. Still fixing some wiring issues (conductors/layouts) thanks to Marconi's help. Last winter we just used our log stove and A/C units in the bedrooms and it was not warm enough. Hard...
  3. L

    Switching maintained emg lights

    How do i go about wiring maintained emgs that switch on with lighting controlled by a sensor ? There will also be a test kit.
  4. L

    Velux remote (battery controlled) issues

    Hi all. The short question... Can electric velux windows send a signal to a AA battery-controlled control pad that causes the control pad to quickly deplete the batteries? The details... I have three electric velux windows in my kitchen and two in my bathroom. All recently installed by the...
  5. D

    Recently changed a light switch which controlled 2 lights. Now only 1 light works. Pictures included

    There are 2 sets of lights surrounding my house outside. One set is a single light next to the door, a standard outdoor lamp. The second is a series of spot lights under the roof to the house. There was previously a single light switch in the living room which controlled both sets of lights...
  6. EricMark

    How were dynamos on steam vehicles controlled?

    There Seems to be only two wires on the dynamo, guy with it had no idea on how it was controlled, with cars turning on the ignition would motor the dynamo on a free wheel and one would adjust third brush to set output, since to stop engine you turn off ignition it also disconnected dynamo...
  7. P

    Wifi controlled FCU suggestions

    A customer has a couple of storage heaters on an economy meter and wants to be able to control both (seperate timer FCUs for each heater). They ideally want wifi controlled FCUs, but there isn't much on the market and the reviews aren't great (I usually use timeguard standard timer FCUs). Any...
  8. S

    Relay controlled by power to an LED

    Hi, I have a 12V output from a control box that lights an LED. I want to use that output to switch power to a camera, but don’t want to lose the LED. The LED has a resistor in series. My first thought was to just put the camera in parallel with the LED, but then thought a relay with the coil in...
  9. Clive Richards

    home automation alexa or app controlled light switches

    I am trying to automate my home as much as possible having installed hive for heating and some light bulbs - however there are some rooms where the lightbulb option is not possible and I need to have automated light switches. The problem is that all the ones that I have seen (which connect to...
  10. S

    Old Council Controlled Central Heating Contactor

    Hi, a friend of mine has moved to what once was a council house, and has a contactor that was apparently used by the council to control the heating. He wants to change over to an economy 7 type meter. The DNO won’t do anything until the contactor is gone, but won’t touch it themselves. It’s not...
  11. poumpouris

    Central heating controlled by raspberry pi and relay switch

    Hey guys, im not a professional electrician, I just have a basic knowledge of some stuff. In order for me to be able to explain what i want to do, I will first explain what is in place at the moment. We have a 3 zone programmer which we never use as a programmer, we just turn on each zone...
  12. J

    Using Hager J804 to wire two lights controlled by one switch

    Hi, I’m replacing the two lights in my living room (both ceiling rose pendants) with flush fit lights, so was looking at using the Hager J804 junction box (I have access under the floor above light fittings). Both lights are operate by a single switch. The ceiling rose has no Loop out. My...
  13. D

    Luxna App Controlled Downlights?

    Hi folks, I've been very impressed with the recent marketing videos I have seen on the app controlled downlights. Hermen and Luxna have exactly the same promotional video so I am assuming that they are the same light with different packaging. Anyway, one of my customers have accepted a quote...
  14. L

    Replacing 2 gang dimmer with WiFiPlug Glass switch wiring question

    Hi all, I have a small outbuilding with interior and exterior lights controlled from inside by a 2 gang dimmer switch. I want to replace this switch with a WiFiPlug Glass one (pictured), so that the lights can be controlled from the house. However I'm a little confused by the way the current...
  15. C

    Dali ballast fittings

    Hey , Just aquick enquirey regarding Dali ballast fittings. Can the control wiring be removed ,then this inturn would return the fitting to a standard light fitting controlled via a switch or would the fitting become redundant ????
  16. B

    battery opperated soldering irons

    At the moment I use a gas powered iron for the occasional bit of soldering I need to do and an electric one if there is a lot or fine work.(usually means an extension or taking to workshop) Has anyone tried the battery version Toolstation: Cordless Soldering Iron 6W or similar thinking it...
  17. A

    Din Rail Dimmer?

    Can anyone tell me how a din rail dimmer module is used? I presume it needs a remote switch or switches to control it? Just come across it whilst browsing for 1000W dimmer switch. Many thanks.
  18. S

    Underfloor heating wiring

    Evening all, Went to look at wiring a heating system today, the house has underfloor heating downstairs with 4 zones controlled by a heatmiser uf3 with stats in each room and radiators upstairs controlled by a stat on the landing all brand new. I have never come across one of these uf3's...
  19. TaffyDuck

    Remote control switching

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can help me out on this. I am currently working on an old longhouse with very low ceilings and oak panel walls. The customer is requesting 3 pin 6 amp lighting sockets to switch table lamps etc. So far so good. The problem is the switching method. The cable run...
  20. O

    12v MR16 LED bulb question

    A (plumber) mate of mine, has changed a standard 12v downlight to a LED downlight - he tells me that the first bulb he tried flickers a few times before coming on and the 2nd bulb is worse. The original standard bulb is back in so the transformer is OK. The lamp is fitted into one of those...
  21. C

    3 Gang Switch Question???

    Hi I need to put a 3 gang switch so that it controls the following 3 items Independently: 1) Main hall lights (this will be controlled 2 way from either end of hall) 2) Front inside porch light (controlled from only one location) 3) Kitchen lights (this will be controlled 2 way from either end...
  22. F

    Controlled Ducuments

    Hi all, I have my MCS assessment next Monday and Im just trying to tidy up the last of the paper work. Im stuck on what exactly is or is not a controlled document? I dont want to list everything as Im trying to keep my office system as simple as possible. Can someone please explain slowly. Many...
  23. P

    how much to charge for this job

    I been to look at a job today, for myself. The guy has a room about 6 X 4 metres with a false ceiling consisting of old victorian style timbers supporting it. Theres 3 doors.. 2 into other rooms and 1 leading outside and theres two seperate lights in the room.. one is controlled by a switch...
  24. C

    DSI controlled dimmable electronic transformers ?

    Morning guys, Does any body know where I can sounrce DSI controlled Dimmable Low Voltage Transformers ? I need to control some display lighting along with the modular fittings and be able to dim them all for when a presentation is being done in the room. The controls for everything bar the 50w...
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