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  1. C

    Replace MR16 with GU10 LED - Help with Lamp fitting??

    I'm about to change 40 x MR16/G5.3 fittings, do away with transformers and replace with mains GU10 Lamp holders double insulated and GU10 LEDs. I hoped to keep the existing Lamp fittings but was concerned as label states G5.3 12v 50w max.Is it safe to use GU10 LED in these fittings?
  2. B

    GU10 blubs burning CCTV lens

    Hi I have 3 lights on my driveway but I can’t use them. The reason being is that I have CCTV pointing at my driveway and the light shining up as damaged the lens and caused image burn. This only shows when it switches tolow light setting in the night time. The blubs installed are GU10s (220v...
  3. L

    Changing halogen downlights to LED - GU10 or GU5.3?

    I have 10+ halogen downlights in the house. They are 12v GU5.3 (MR16) with transformers. They have been in over 20 years and various parts are looking scruffy and even perishing, so I am going to change over to LED while renovating. Are there any technical or safety considerations in going to...
  4. A

    LED lighting replaced Halogen (GU10)

    Hi I wonder if you can help In a rented property the kitchen has around 10 GU 10 halogen lights the tenant decided to replace these lights with new GU 10 lights And these days as you can only easily source LED GU10 Bulbs I’m almost certain the tenant has replaced the halogen lights with LED...
  5. B

    Replacing Orluna lights for GU10 fittings

    Hi, I'm looking for help finding the right product to replace our existing light setup. What I have is pretty much this unit: ORLUNA Detail Mini Recessed Fixed Low Glare downlighter | eBay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/392276123870 I've got some Philips Hue GU10 bulbs and so looking to replace...
  6. MarkRibbands

    Knightsbridge GU10 Fire-rated fittings - Loose push connectors - anyone else?

    Today I'm retro-fitting 21 x Knightsbridge mains GU10 VFRDGIC fittings. They have what looked like time-saving push connectors, similar to Wagos. But the xxxxxxx things don't work! They have two-gang connectors (2xE 2xL 2xN) but when I insert two 1.0 T&E legs into each they don't grip well...
  7. S

    How would I power 3 GU10 LEDs from one plug (power cable)

    Just need some help on how exactly to setup the wiring for this
  8. C

    Domestic Earthing required? MR16 halogen to GU10 LED conversion

    Hello, I am converting my ceiling downlighters to LED. The old MR16 50W halogen bulbs come with a 12v transformer. I plan to cut the LV cable just before the transformer, then strip it and wire it into the new GU10 LED lamp holder. This means the new GU10 lamp holder will not be earthed. Looking...
  9. E

    .75mm flex used from junction box to downlights

    Hi Everyone. I'd really appreciate some advice. I have a little cafe which was all wired up by someone qualified. The issue is that someone put in a few 50w halogen bulbs and they didn't check the positioning of the wires after a ceiling skim. There had been no issues for over 4 years whilst...
  10. O

    Downlights - GU10 or Sealed units .........

    Fairly simple question about peoples preferences Personally I'm thinking that sealed units are now not really an option as there is too much waste when they go wrong and often it means time I'm not paid for Whereas customers can change GU10's themselves ....... Thoughts?
  11. Grahamb

    How to Convert GU10 to pendant?

    We need to convert our GU10 spotlights into pendants but was hoping to do this without having to rewire the system. I know the US has a convert plug for this but nothing in the UK. Been in a busy restaurant we don’t have much time to do this as currently we are going through changes that means...
  12. S

    Will IP-rated GU10 give out less light?

    Hello again. Bro has 4 halogen MR16 ceiling lights which we are going to replace with mains GU10 LED types. He hates the look of the sparkly reflectors, so I've been looking at alternatives styles including IP rated fittings which will disguise this behind frosted glass. My question is, how...
  13. I

    Gu10 rubber ring Gu10 rubber ring

    Hi, I am trying to get hold of some of the above (picture below), but I am struggling to find a supplier/retailer. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. J

    GU10 Spike Light recommendation

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good GU10 Spike Light (twin) to use, getting fed up of the brands I've used leaking after a few months. Cheers
  15. A

    Upgrading MR16 TO GU10

    Hi all, I have a failed transformer in a bedroom and want to convert all the bulbs in this bedroom to GU10 (4 bulbs) This is so I can use LED bulbs without hassle. Is there any type of notification needed for this type of work? Can I just get on with it? Thanks
  16. M

    Best way to wire in new GU10 fittings

    Hi all, I'd be grateful for some advice on how to wire in some new GU10 fittings. I bought these fire rated Minisun ones: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GSPFK2O/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item I will be removing the existing GU5.3 (MR16) fittings before starting. These fittings have a...
  17. A

    Dimable LED GU10's won't turn off.

    Hi I have three rooms. Two rooms have two lighting points, each with 3 GU10's coming out and 1 room and one point with 3 GU10's. So I have 5 of these: Neo Chrome Effect 3 Lamp Round Spotlight Plate | Departments | DIY at B&Q -...
  18. Electrical2go

    Save 10% on our best selling LED GU10 Lamp

    To celebrate a match made in heaven we are offering 10% off selected Enlite ICE lamps when bought in conjunction with an EFD downlight (A LITTLE SECRET FOR THE FORUM MEMBERS......YOU ONLY NEED TO BUY ONE DOWNLIGHT TO GAIN THE DISCOUNT ON MULTIPLE LAMPS) Use Code GUTEN at the basket to activate...
  19. V

    Brightest GU10 LED - or maybe something else ?

    Hi All, I'm not an electrician but trying to research the following issue for our lighting needs : I am replacing GU10 halogen lights with LED spotlight but have found the following problem : I don't want to save electricity I want a much brighter living room/kitchen. In theory since all the...
  20. T


    Has anyone installed GU10 LED lamps in replacement for halogen GU10 lamps in fire ratted downlights did installing them cause the GU10 LED's to fail sooner than should of done.
  21. Michaelwgroves

    MR16 LED Vs GU10 LED

    I'm looking at upgrading my Halogen MR16 to LED. Purely from a hassle factor I'm thinking to convert to GU10 LED as insulation test are so much easier. Any reason why you might choose MR16 LED over GU10 LED? Thanks,
  22. Phil Thompson

    Most reliable brand of Led Flood & GU10 Lamp

    Hi there folks, I am interested to hear your views on what you've found to be the most reliable brand of Led Flood light and also GU10 lamp. Also any brands to avoid? I've had a load of V-Tac GU10 go faulty, so stopped using them, Source GU10 are another, in my own kitchen, 2 went within a...
  23. T

    Faulty LED GU 10's

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could shed any light onto this problem. Whilst doing subby work on a bathroom install, the owner of the house asked me to have a quick look at her kitchen lights. There was a 4 lamp spotlight bar type fittings. Apparently shes changed the LED GU10's about 3...
  24. J

    GU10 Question

    Hi, Apologies if this isn't the correct place to ask this. I had some builders in who I asked to change my old 12v MR16 with transformers to 240v GU10 LED lamps which no longer needed the transformer. I didn't think anything was wrong until I had an electrician come and take a look at a...
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