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  1. D

    warehouse aisle sensors

    hello to all happy new year to all, i have been asked by a client to fit sensors in the aisles of their warehouse, all they want is simple on when detection and off when no people or frork trucks etc , switching sections of an aisle as motion is detected, the loading is very low as existing...
  2. J

    Help turning off motion sensors

    I got these new lights from Philips from the 'mygarden' category that have these motion sensors on them, the only problem is these motion sensors are absolute garbage. I tried to disable the motion sensors but failed hard. I am NOT an electrician nor do i have any experience is that area. I've...
  3. A

    Lighting Sensors Not Working

    Went to Maplin today and asked for a garage internal light with sensor that would switch on when doors opened. The salesman sold me a Energiser PIR Sensor Floodlight, 30 watt 90 Lumens, which he said should be good. Took it home and fitted it with the sensor facing the u/o door and light pointed...
  4. Dobes_88

    Outdoor lighting sensors - any idea what make/model these are?

    Good evening! Had a bit of a flying visit to property earlier to look at something completely different, but was asked to have a quick nose at the outdoor lighting sensors. There's multiple halogen floodlights controlled by these multiple sensors throughout the property, 2 x sensors in...
  5. G

    Honeywell Accenta G4 PIR wiring

    Hi, can anyone help. I am trying to install a Honeywell Accenta G4 with new PIR sensors. I am struggling to get the new PIR sensors to work correctly. The new sensors I have are IS3016 Passive Infrared Motion sensors. When I have wired previous PIR sensors, they have had 6 wires -ve +ve...
  6. K

    Non standard wireless alarm installation

    I am thinking of installing a wireless home alarm possibly texecom premium elite. But i would like to extend it to cover my van as well, when its park overnight. Hence few questions to advanced installers. Basicaly i would install a sensors on the back and side doors. Texecom have good coverage...
  7. S

    Domestic 12V Proximity Sensor help

    Hi all I wonder if you guys can help me and point me in the right direction, we are after a 12V Proximity sensor that is waterproof to put on the back of a truck, when a solid item gets within the sensors range we want it to trigger a Light/LED, I know how to wire it up but struggling to find...
  8. J

    Re wiring similar sensor and not sure which pins to use - HELP

    Hey everybody! I am working with a camera sensor with a very poor documentation. Right now i have it all wire correctly to my sensor but i wish to change it to a different sensor from the same family of the base ic. The pinouts list of the original sensor and the new one i wished to use are...
  9. D

    Pet sensitive wireless burglar alarm

    I need to put an alarm in my house and can't really be arsed to install a hard wired one. I have have two cats so need a pet sensitive one. Does anybody have any recommendations? If push comes to shove then I will put in a hard wired one if someone knows of one that's really good. All help...
  10. Phil Thompson

    Wirefree/Wireless PIR sensor for lighting recommendations please.

    I have a request from a customer who basically wants a number of LED floods installed. However he wants it set up that all the lights come on when any PIR picks up motion. 1 light will be a lot more labour intensive than the rest, but he's looking the sensors in awkward locations in regards...
  11. F

    Domestic LED Tape & motion sensors

    Hi. I would really really appreciate help on this as I need advice please. I am going to fit LED tape inside my sliding wardrobe doors so they come on from the 2 motion sensors when doors open. I have bought 2 of the below motion sensors to be fit at each end of the wardrobe: Mini PIR Infra...
  12. A

    Individual pir fluorescent pir

    Hi guys Went to see a job today in a block of flats. It has 60 5ft fluorescent double tubes on 24/7. As you can imagine the owner had a heart attack when he got the bill. The stairways and entrances are to be kept on permanently but the lights leading to the flats he wants to be pir...
  13. sjhall

    360 PIR 2way

    Alright Chaps, I've a long corridor in an office block that I'm fitting some 360 PIR sensors to the lighting, I need the lights to come on all at once for all locations of the corridor but there is a blind spot so I'll need to fit 2 sensors... Is there a sensor out there that you can link...
  14. D

    alarm parts interchangable

    Can someone advise me if wired alarm parts are normally interchangeable with other makes? Customer has a accenta G6 panel but wants new keypad and PIR's as existing ones are looking a bit tatty. Never actually replaced alarm parts, only fitted complete systems so unsure if you can use different...
  15. happyhippydad

    PIR with long(ish) range?

    Hello all.. The customer wants his garden light to switch on the moment he walks into the garden, the sensor is around 12 meters away and it doesn't switch the light until he is half way up the garden. There is nowhere nearer I can locate the PIR. I realise screwfix/toolstation have PIR's...
  16. T

    Commercial Occupancy Sensor wiring via plug in ceiling rose.

    I've just picked up a lighting job fitting occupancy sensors through out a building. The wiring is to be in T&E clipped direct above the false ceiling and terminated into plug in ceiling roses. Its the first time I've used occupancy sensors and was thinking of terminating the sensor wiring in a...
  17. G

    PIR Corridor Lighting

    I've got a job to replace loads of lighting to all corridors in a few large nursing homes, the customer wants: "all the lights to be controlled by PIR movement sensors, the movement senors are to be connected to and controlled by daylight senors, which are to be located to ensure that no areas...
  18. R

    Testing zs on multi way flex 7 box

    Someone told me on my 2391 that when testing a lcm that all lights that are plugged in are classed as portable equipment. Is that true and is it ok to take r1+r2 and zs at the lcm
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