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  1. V

    Identify this bathroom extractor fan?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan that has gone bad, so I need to replace it. If possible, I would like to just replace the motor, rather than opening up the ceiling to put in a whole new enclosure. The problem is, I don't know how to find a replacement. Maybe someone here can identify this beast...
  2. S

    Best LED Downlighter for bathroom with white tiles

    Hi All, We've moved into a new build property and our bathroom, which has glossy white with a hint of grey speckle Porclenosa tiles, is looking a bit dull which I believe is the result of the downlighters. We have 3 x 7.9W, 38 degrees, 3000K downlighters in the bathroom and they seem to be...
  3. L

    Bathroom extraction fan

    Hi all, I have just bought a 2 bed first floor flat with loft access (it’s ex council flat) there is no extraction fan fitted in the bathroom. The only thing that there is is an air vent. The bathroom is about 7ft x 7ft so quite small. Is it ok to remove air vent and install an extractor...
  4. J

    Bathroom extractor fan with continuous power

    This must be bread and butter stuff for any qualified electrician which I'm not so please bear with me. I've just installed a Nuaire extractor fan in the bathroom. It has continuous trickle mode plus up to 30 minutes run on timer but I'm unable to take advantage of these because the fan is...
  5. multimick

    bathroom heat mat stat

    just been reading posts re stat for bathroom heating mat being placed outside bathroom? doesn,t that defeat the object ? or is it me ?
  6. I

    Bathroom fans in zone 1

    Hi everyone, new member here. I was an electrician some years ago but only qualified to 16th edition regs so very rusty. My question is can anyone point out to me where in the 18th edition regs it says you cannot install 230v extractor fans in zone one of a bathroom? The reason I'm asking is I...
  7. G

    Led bathroom mirror flickering

    Hi , ive just had a homecom led bathroom mirror hard wired to my old shaver socket, it came with a 3 pin plug which was removed , it was fine for first 30 mins but then began flickering. It has a on off switch so doesnt need to be on permanently. Can any one give me any solution thanks in advance
  8. S

    Help - Placement of electrical items in Bathroom

    My first posting and hope you guys can help. I am a householder in the process of planning a refurb of our bathroom (not DIY) and putting together a wish list of what we want to have in the bathroom. The intention is that once we have got a plan together, we will order and get it professionally...
  9. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic EICR Code for switch in bathroom.

    I've just completed an EICR and found a switch for towel rail in bathroom. It is located outside zones. There is no RCD on this circuit, this is coded elsewhere. My first thought was as located within 3M, Reg 701.512.3 code C2 But upon reading reg properly it specifically refers to sockets. I...
  10. D

    Problems with Bathroom lights

    Please help! We’ve recently developed an issue with our lights in the bathroom. The ceiling is a false ceiling and there are 6 spotlights in the false ceiling. The spotlights take the lightbulbs I’ve attached as a picture (Led Gu10 5.5W Warm White 2700K). Having replaced the bulbs, we now have...
  11. V

    How does this bathroom fan work?

    Incredibly dumb question I’m afraid, but I’ve moved into a house and can’t figure out how to work the bathroom fan. Could somebody please help me? Here’s the fan itself: And there’s also this (possibly unrelated) switch type contraption on the wall: This looks like it leads to two switches...
  12. D

    bathroom electrocution

  13. M

    socket in a bathroom... yes....

    advice on this one , lads. very small appartment. under the sink in the bathroom is a washing machine. like i said very small appartment. in the cupboard next to it (all very neat and tidy) is the socket for it. 18th edition board in the lounge but the socket is within 3 mtrs of zone 1 , albeit...
  14. A

    Domestic Bathroom extractor fan switch query

    Hi there I hope this is the right place. I am having a house rewire, and the electrician has told us that it's against regulations to have a specific switch for the bathroom extractor fan. It has an isolator switch, and all switches are outside the bathroom, but at the moment his configuration...
  15. Bobby34

    Circuit passing through Bathroom zone

    Hi guys and girls, So im fitting a new ring final circuit (I did advise a radial) in a newly built extension. the least disruptive way of feeding the cables to the extension is up into the ceiling void and along through the 1st floor bathroom floor (The client has had the common sense to not...
  16. K

    Domestic Changing hall ceiling light affects bathroom light

    I have taken down an old hall ceiling light and I have 3 wires which are the same grey colour. Whatever way I rewire them to the new light fitting it affects the bathroom light. If I wire them in one configuration I can have the hall light on or both the hall and bathroom lights on at the same...
  17. fatah

    Domestic Newbie who wants to replace bathroom extractor fan

    hey, so im a DIYer and learn most stuff from youtube tutorials. At the moment am doing a bathroom renewal, and want to replace the extractor fan for a stronger one. I've a very basic understanding of house wiring and electricity, however i think i could do something straightforward like...
  18. P

    Domestic Bathroom Light wiring help

    Basically I am trying to wire a new light into a bathroom. The old one was removed and the wires were left connected in connector blocks. All lives together, all naturals together, all earths together, and then the black (neutral) from switch and a yellow from a 4 core cable were together...
  19. kingeri

    Domestic 10mA RCD for bathroom circuits

    Been to look at a job this morning for a CU change, customer the type who wants to have his say on every tiny detail. He has already bought the CU as well, a Wylex RCBO unit..... I pointed out that the RCBO ratings he has bought don't align with what I actually need...and that some will need...
  20. E

    Underfloor Heating Thermostat in Bathroom

    Hi, Is it allowable to install an underfloor heating thermostat inside the bathroom but outside any of the listed zones? We are having a room converted into a bathroom and there is no suitable place directly outside the room to install it, however the new bathroom itself is about 3m x 3m and...
  21. S

    Domestic Bathroom Light and Extractor Fan

    Hi New to the forum, competent diy'er (have added sockets to ring not spurs and added additional lights - know I shouldn't but...) and looking for clarity on wires at a light fitting for a bathroom light and extractor fan. Changing the bathroom light and didn't take notice of the connections...
  22. J

    Domestic IEE 18th, 701.415.2 p241 - sup bonding bathroom

    Hi Old time 15th Ed. working way through 18th in prep for 18th test, also been a while since i wired in anger so to speak :-). 701.415.2 states that i can omit supplementary bonding in my bathroom so long as i have a protective equipotential bond compliant to 411.3.1.2 and finals in the...
  23. R

    Under bathroom floor rewire?

    Hi there, We have had an electrician work on a fix price job to rewire the house. He has routed all of the cabling under the bathroom floor. I expected that he would routed another way which was more difficult, but wouldn't have gone under the bathroom floor. Is anyone able to confirm if this...
  24. Martin Dyke

    Domestic Led bathroom mirror wiring

    Hi .. putting an LED mirror in the bathroom but need a mains supply for the transformer in the mirror .. Is it ok to either connect to the light fittings in the ceiling .. coming off the live and neutral.. Or it would be easier to connect to the feed off the shaver unit running the cables...
  25. J

    Bathroom pull switch with three sets of wires conundrum - help required!

    Hello! I’m looking to solve a problem that’s been bugging me for a few days now (and a few fuses!). So the switch broke on my bathroom pull switch and I attempted to replace it which is when the trouble began - there're three sets of wires for a start… IMG-3777 - https://ibb.co/TKs4n1c So...
  26. H

    No paperwork following new bathroom installation

    Hi am new to forum. Just had 4.5day bathroom installation. Bathroom v good however was told on initial survey we wont need to touch your electrics - was keeping original Mira Sport shower and spotlights. Day 1 was then told "our sparky wont pass them, you need new spots, need bathroom rewire"...
  27. Ben Webster

    Help please for my bathroom light switch

    My bathroom light switch has broken. It has two brown and two blue wires and an earth wire. I think it also operates the fan. I have found the brand switch online but not sure if this is correct one to buy? The current light switch is an intermediate switch. UK Electrical Supplies -...
  28. J

    bathroom halogen downlights - new to me need help

    The bathroom in my bungalow is fitted with ceiling down lights but my knowledge of these is far from good. There are three lamps in the ceiling but one lamp doesn’t last long and I don’t know why. Has each light got its own transformer or does one transformer provide all three? The lamp I have...
  29. S

    Flush fitting bathroom light fitting question

    I'm new to this forum and am not sure on etiquette about asking questions, so please excuse me if this isn't the way to do it... I've recently fitted a flush fitting ceiling light in my bathroom. The light works fine but there is a 1mm gap around parts of the fitting between the top and the...
  30. D

    Bathroom light fiiting regulations

    Just wanted to pick peoples brains I'm currently having some work done at my house and I've noticed that I currently in my bathroom I have a bayonet fitting that is connected via a very long cable light you would get in a front room, the light itself will just be above the edge of the bath...
  31. Richard Cook

    Replacing bathroom pull switch with dimmable pull switch

    Hi folks, I’m replacing my bathroom pull cord switch with a quieter one (that has a dimmer function that we’ll probably never use) and the original one had the live to COM and neutral (with brown sleeve) to L1. However this new pull switch has a IN L and N and a LOAD L and N and I’m a bit...
  32. Cielly

    Bathroom electrical wiring - fan and shaver sockets

    Hello. I had my bathroom renovated a few days ago, and I found out shortly after it was completed, that the new shaver sockets only work when the extractor fan is turned on - when the isolator switch is pressed. I had the same electricians out to fix the issue, and now the extractor fan only...
  33. D

    Domestic Consumer Unit "off" bathroom?

    Hi all, hope this is the correct section...? We're buying a bungalow shortly and intend to do some alterations. One of those converts the utility room (photo below) into a bathroom. In the photo the consumer unit is in a short passageway to a larder. The door at the back will be replaced by a...
  34. D

    Quietest 230v Bathroom Fan??

    Hi Has anyone got any recommendations for a quiet 4"bathroom fan (230 v)? Cheers
  35. V

    Just don't understand why SELV pullcord won't work

    I've recently purchased a SELV pullcord extractor fan for my bathroom. I checked and 12v are running through where the old fan was so an SELV should work perfectly. I've wired it up as per this photo, but it doesn't work when I pull the cord. Could anyone help me understand why? The current is...
  36. D

    Domestic Bathroom downlight insulation coverable + exisiting CPC cut

    Pleased to find this forum, my 1st post! I will get an electrician in for this to make sure it's safe and tested but I want to understand what's right before getting a quote/posting a job. Previous owners had downlights installed in the bathroom but a later test certificate identified the CPCs...
  37. F

    Domestic Bathroom extract isolator

    Hey peeps, I have a movement sensor in my en suite which turns on the extract fan. Trouble is, it's been installed so that it only triggers the fan when the light switch is on. I want to rewire it so that the fan comes on irrespective of whether the light is on or off (but obviously still...
  38. Electron

    Hairdryer in Bathroom

    A client has asked me to install a socket just outside the bathroom door so she can use her hairdryer in the bathroom. Bathroom is only about 2 x 2 meters. Does this breach the Regulations? There is no bath, just a shower, so likely to be steamy. What course of action do members advise?
  39. S

    Domestic Replacing bathroom lighting

    HI all. Visited forum many times but first post. Thanks for any help in advance. I'm replacing the 8 (currently) low voltage down lights in my bathroom with 5w 230v ip65 led ones as the old transformers have bitten the dust. My plan was to just replace the switched feed currently running to the...
  40. F

    LED bathroom mirror installation

    Hello I’m currently helping my son and his other half redecorate their new home and they have asked me to fit a LED mirror into their bathroom. Observing good practices for electrical safety in wet room areas I intend to run a 1.5mm T&E cable from the lighting circuit above, cut out a channel...
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