1. S

    Test bathroom fan power

    Hello I have an old timed extractor fan in the bathroom which has stopped working. It has 3 wires which are black, brown and grey. I believe that these are neutral, live and switched live respectively. At the wall mounted isolating switch (outside the bathroom) the grey cable is sleeved brown...
  2. B

    Swap switch over to a dimmer

    My daughter is asking me if it’s possible to change her double light switch outside her bathroom to a dimmer. It’s a 2 gang switch that turns on the lights and the other switch does nothing. I think it’s permanently turned on and powers the underfloor heating programmer, flicking that switch...
  3. Pedro1875


    Hi All, I need a bit of advice. My client is asking for a rather silly lighting setup in his bathroom and I am struggling to understand Essentially he has LEDs, spots, a mirror light and a PIR sensor. He wants the PIR sensor to control the LEDs and the mirror at night and the switch to be...
  4. C

    Question about bathroom fan MORI dMEV II HT - humidity control version

    Hi, a few months ago this fan was installed in my bathroom, but it seems to be less effective than the previous one. The humidity setting is meant to be adjustable from 50% to 95% (i.e. it will come on either at a low or high level of humidity). Can anyone tell my where the arrow has to point to...
  5. B

    If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it require isolator switch or usual fused switch

    Hi to all, If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it still require isolator switch or usual fused switch will do? It runs of 12v transformer outside. Not being linked to light switch. Can be fed from either circuits.
  6. B

    Bathroom wiring advice

    1. Does every powered item in bathroom needs fused spur outside? 2. Can separate RCD be required even if the supplied power is under CU RCD (for example whirlpool bath or underfloor heating)? Please check and comment rough wiring diagram (there is no details like L N G etc, just rough...
  7. B

    Does bathroom light circuit required to be a dedicated circuit?

    Does bathroom light circuit required to have dedicated circuit or is it ok to be wired to other light circuits? I am getting quotes for electricians and what to make sure they are doing the right thing. From my past experience most of a cheaper trades persons would cut a lot of corners and it...
  8. H

    Bathroom Ceiling Light

    Hi Folks, I wonder if someone would be good enough to help, please. I have a new light fitting that has 2 slots, one for live and one for neutral. There are many wires from the ceiling going into the old fitting, so what I need to know is which ones go into the 2 slots in the new fitting. I...
  9. bigspark17

    Suitable for a bathroom? Is this suitable for zone 2 in a bathroom adjacent to shower?
  10. R

    wiring in a bathroom heater

    DIY and new to the forum Hi there. I want to install a simple bathroom heater in my bathroom (this one: Wall fan Heater 7 DAY Timer PTC bathroom workshop electric wall mounted Remote | eBay - I have an unswitched fused spur in the bathroom close to...
  11. L

    Ground Floor Bathroom Extractor Fan Query

    Hi. My current axial Xpelair model 92614AW ground floor bathroom extractor fan is installed in zone 1 and doesnt work efficiently at all. Its wall mounted but doesnt go straight to the outside as there is now an extension on the back of the bathroom. I think either I need to get a more powerful...
  12. S

    IP and BS Ratings for Zone 2 in a bathroom.

    I'm refurbishing our bathroom including a replacement extractor fan and a relocated shaver socket. I will have a professional electrician fit the new appliances but I wanted to shop around first to see what is avaiable. Dissapointingly not all suppliers give information on appliance ratings...
  13. timhoward

    Bungalow bathroom fan, no external walls

    I've just had a look at an extractor fan not working. As per title it's a bungalow and there are no external walls, so it vents through the loft and roof. Earlier this year the customer requested a more powerful fan and the sparks fitted a Manrose inline unit. Fair play. But the thing is...
  14. T

    Bathroom extractor fan to light switch

    Hi all, wonder if someone can help me. I've bought a bathroom extractor and I do have the wiring there already (previous extractor was there) but I stupidly did not review it before taking it off and now I'm lost. I've essentially got a single light switch outside the bathroom which controlled...
  15. newfutile

    eicr coding (bathroom)

    How would you code a bathroom with all insulated fittings , no supplementary bonding and not supplied by rcd . The old BPG4 seemed to suggest its not required to report ,but it no longer states this in the latest BPG4
  16. U

    Bathroom vent/light wiring

    I am replacing a bathroom vent/light. The new vent box has the wiring on the opposite side of where I need it to be. Is there a safe way to add (splice) extra wire to the wiring coming from the vent. The existing supply cable will not reach the new wiring. If so what size and will a junction...
  17. P

    Wiring zvara bathroom fan

    Part 1. I Have 2 red wires and one brown going into my ceiling pull chord UK light switch in bathroom. BROWN AND RED into L1 and RED into COM. Will test when get my meter (assume I need pull out joint wired wires first to seperate and run an earth into bathroom first before I try test .) but...
  18. M

    Demista pads powered by a 24v SELV transformer, with cabinet hinge used as a conductor

    I'm working on a site in the UK where a joinery company will be installing bespoke vanity cabinets. The cabinets will have MDF/mirrored doors with a demista (heated pad) laminated between the mirror and the MDF door. The Demista is powered by a 24v SELV transformer, located behind a small panel...
  19. A

    Bathroom Light Recommendations (LED equivalent)

    Hi, Currently just have one light in the bathroom ceiling, a shallow dome with 13W mini fluorescent bulb. The room is 3.65m x2.30m. The ceiling is relatively low at 2.15m. We want the room brighter, and I think the best solution is going to two lights rather than just one brighter one. Maybe...
  20. N

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated.

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated. Research says I need an IP44. The lamp is about 2.45m above the floor and about 30cms outside the side of the bath. Has he made a mistake or have I?
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