1. N

    Can I change MEM Spectra, 10a, 1 way bathroom light switch for 20a?

    Hi, I can't track down an 'MEM Spectra, 10amp, 1 way bathroom light switch' anywhere. However, I can find an 'MEM Spectra, 20amp, 1 way switch. Is it OK to use 20amp switch instead of 10amp without any problem? Phot attached. The first switch on left is bathroom light, second...extractor...
  2. N

    Bathroom light switch.

    Hi everybody. Newbie seeking advice. (Photo attached) I am trying to track down an online switch for a bathroom. The first switch on left is bathroom light. Middle switch fan. Right is 3amp fuse. Does anybody know what this switch is called? And, where I can buy one online (UK)? Thank you in...
  3. F

    Earth Bonding In A Bathroom

    Hi Electricans, I am a homeowner with an earth bonding question I am receiving conflicting advice upon and hoping someone can help point me in the right direction. A few years ago I had a full bathroom replacement via my insurance company and a bathroom installation company they supplied...
  4. D

    Re-wired bathroom ceiling rose causing bathroom and hall lamps to glow 'half' power

    Background Elderly relative asks neighbour to change the bathroom ceiling lightbulb. Neighbour starts to change lightbulb, drops and breaks fancy lampshade so fits a replacement ceiling rose. (Old rose wouldn't take a standard lampshade fitting.) After fitting the ceiling rose and checking the...
  5. W

    Eicr code for spurs within bathroom zone 2 but inside cabinet

    Hi all Eicr being undertaken, what code if any would you consider for this scinario Small bathroom in a flat, with airing cupboard inside, no room for immersion and pump spurs (looks like spurs was inside airing cupboard at one point but cupboard has been made smaller to enlarge bathroom and...
  6. B

    Need help rewiring my bathroom Light, Light, Fan, Heat Light

    please if anyone would have an idea on how to get power to all 4 as I can only get 1 working at a time but not them all
  7. Daniel Oake

    UK Bathroom scenario, what's your opinion.

    Condition report for a house, no RCD protection on the lighting in the bathroom so Code 3; the bathroom had the radiator and sink earth clamped. Long lead back to the MET and got a reading of 0.04ohms... brilliant right? I submitted my report and got a phone call later and my boss told me...
  8. T

    Reusing old shower circuit to supply bathroom electrics?

    Reusing old shower circuit to supply bathroom electrics? Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. So this is potential plan, Working on the property and there is a consumer unit with all RCBO’s, But the entire lighting for the three bedroomed house is on one RCBO. Going to be installing new...
  9. J

    Failed Eicr's for 230v bathroom downlights no rcd

    With all the rush for landlord EICR's lately been getting few enquires and failed certs sent over to me to quote on remedials. Realise you need a greater grasp of regs and experience to do do eicr's on regular basis so not venturing out doing many of these myself at the moment but do find it...
  10. A

    Bathroom fixture dimmed, then power out at all 5 fixtures

    Hello and thank you. I had a main bathroom fixture start a delay after flipping the switch, and coming on dim. After a couple days, none of the wired bathroom fixtures had power in either of my 2 bathrooms; 4 lights and 1 fan. The outlets still worked fine. There is a GFCI feeding the...
  11. S

    UK Feeding bathroom pump from an immersion heater?

    Hi, I'm looking to add a bathroom pump. I'm wondering where I can get the power from? The spur pictured is feeding an immersion heater. The pump to be fitted currently has a socket but unfortunately its under 3m from the bath. Bit stuck so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. P

    bathroom extractor fan internal grille - fire rated?

    Good Evening, I'm going to fit a 4 inch inline extractor fan in the loft above the bathroom. I'm guessing the internal grille has to be fire rated just like a down lighter has to be? i only ask because the website i bought it off doesn't sell any fire rated internal grilles even though it...
  13. P

    bathroom down lights - notifiable?

    good afternoon. ive got a chap coming to change my db and i also want to change my bathroom lights to downlights. these look like i can just drill a hole and put them in. i don't have to add a...
  14. happyhippydad

    Are bathroom fans with the light in them always in-line?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan to replace. It is the type that has the light in the middle of it as in the picture below.. They all seem to be in-line as in this link Manrose In-Line LED Shower Light Fan Kit Bright Chrome 100mm -...
  15. J

    Advice on fatal current (research project)

    Hello, This question is purely for research purposes. In the event that an appliance (hairdryer) was dropped into a bath with a person on it, and a circuit breaker was tripped in the consumer unit, could this shock still prove fatal or would the breaker save their life? I know that this is...
  16. J

    Is it ok to run an extractor fan in a bathroom in Twin & Earth if client wants it Independant from the bathroom lighting?

    Basically, the room in which i am talking about has a twin and earth feed from a switch downstairs which was originally for an outside light. The client would like to take that feed and use it for an extractor fan in the new converted bathroom. The cable used is twin and earth. If i were to make...
  17. Mike Bingham

    Removal of old bathroom circuit.

    Do you have to provide part p notification for removal of a circuit in a bathroom ?
  18. S

    bathroom light pull switch

    does any of you guys know of a quiet light pull, i have one which is really clunky/noisy when pulled it drive me crazy, just an annoying piece of crap
  19. pirate

    Bathroom fan fuse question

    This house was destroyed completely yesterday. My pal who is the next door neighbour told me the fire was caused by a bathroom fan...the same pal I fitted a new bathroom extractor fan for a few weeks ago. He seemed slightly concerned... Do all MI's require a 3A fuse these days? If not, would you...
  20. R

    Spa bath and digital shower wiring and costs

    Hi everyone, We’re going to have our bathroom refitted in the very near future and we’ve decided we’d like a spa bath and a digital shower (not pumped but digitally controlled) Bath: Aquaestil Plane Solo 14 Jet Whirlpool Bath -...
  21. C

    Why does a bathroom rad have to be earthed to its feed?

    I'm currently in my MIL's house and saw she has an earth connection bolted to the underneath fin of the radiator in the bathroom which goes to the copper feed pipe. Why does this need to be done? I'm probably being stupid but i can't figure out what it's actually doing since the rad is metal...
  22. N

    Bathroom Ceiling Fittings

    Just failed to properly secure the three screws of the very nice 1980's almost flush round glass fitting that landed on my head, bounced into the bath and shattered! Having looked at 21st century offerings online I cant see a single fitting that would match the 100watt we had, where the bulb...
  23. G

    Whats the rules regarding a fusebox/meter in a bathroom?

    We are looking to convert a spare room into a new bathroom but the mains comes into this room and the meter/fusebox are in a small cupboard 2m up one wall?
  24. A

    led bathroom mirror is hot when not on

    led bathroom mirror is very warm when not on (in the centre) this is turned on by waving your hand underneath it everything works ok , but it warm hours after use ?
  25. P

    Bathroom wiring - what can I DIY?

    Got a few changes I wanted to make in the bathroom, just searching through the threads there are all sorts of regs and zones and acronyms as a DIY-er I'm not familiar with. Following are the jobs I want to do, give or take I've got all the parts but now wondering if I should be doing these...
  26. R

    Bathroom lighting/fan pull cord switching

    Hi A friend has just said that in his parents house (20 years ago) they had a pull switch in the bathroom that when you pulled it once the light come on and then when you pulled twice in quick succession the light and extract fan came on. Has anyone come across anything like this before or...
  27. S

    Bathroom Zoning 18th - Lighting.

    Hi all! Hope everyone is safe and well. I have a query and I believe I already know the answer but would like some input. So, I have a bathroom with a mirror. The client would like a vanity light. However, the centre of the light is exactly 600mm from the edge of zone 1. My issue is that the...
  28. Z

    Bathroom wiring queries

    Hi guys I am a newbie here and I am just a D.I.Yer so by no means an expert. I have just put in a new bathroom and wanted to make some alterations to the wiring. There is a unswitched fuse inside the bathroom which is operated by a switched fuse outside the bathroom, I assume this was used...
  29. J

    Installed a bathroom vent/light and it trips!

    Hey friends Installed the vent/light on 2 switches to function separately. The first switch operates the light and works fine. The second switch has 2 on/off switches. The bottom operates the vent/fan fine but the top operates nothing and trips the circuit when switched!! Maybe I wired wrong or...
  30. T

    Rcd spur for Bathroom electrics

    Hi Everyone , I hope everyone is having an awesome week, I know this question has probably been covered before on previous posts, but wanted to get everybody else’s opinion and take on it. So I’m quoting on a job and it entails replacement of existing central light in the bathroom for five...
  31. T

    Is an accessible switch not necessary?

    Recently the isolation switch of our shower broke, the electrician who came over to fix it have removed the switch completely and have directly connected the shower to the circuit breaker instead the box(red arrow). According to Installation and operating instructions by the manufacturer I have...
  32. T

    Bathroom fans ?

    Hi all just looking for some recommendations for the best fans on the market at the moment ? What fans are best to use such as inline fan or centrifugal fan ? Is it best to stick with a inline fan when these can be installed or fit centrifugal fans. Thanks in advance 👍
  33. V

    LED bathroom mirror won’t stay on

    Could anyone advise what’s going on here? My best guess is a faulty switch in the mirror itself but how can I diagnose that? Elegance LED mirror - wired into lighting circuit through a 3A fused spur.
  34. J

    Bathroom Light/fan switch

    Hi. I have remodeling my bathroom and last thing to do is change the light switch so it's white instead of cream. The old one works, but appears the new one will need set up differently because no matter what config I use, I either get nothing, it starts to turn on the quits, or the light and...
  35. C

    Bathroom Fan / Light Combo Question

    Hello new to the forum here. I just moved to Arizona from Illinois and electric here is a tad different with Romex. I have you basic fan / I ight combo and when I hooked up with different combos from boxes (pictures attached) I can not get it to turn on. Can anyone help me to explain what is...
  36. M

    LED light strip with motion sensor for bathroom mirror backlight

    Hi, We are doing a bathroom renovation and I can't find a light or a mirror with light that I like. I would like to buy a simple mirror that suits the style I am going for with a wooden frame, and then mount that mirror on a MDF background slight smaller than the mirror. I would like that MDf...
  37. D

    UK Bathroom Cabinet Wiring

    What's the best way to present a couple of cables coming out of plastered wall to Bathroom cabinet. The cabinet is just supplied with some chocolate block to connect lights & shaver socket. I'm running cables in plastic trunking but not happy with just having cable sticking out of tiles when...
  38. B

    Can I use a touch switch for my bathroom fan and light? Like a livolo loght switch?

    Can I use a touch switch for my bathroom fan and light? Like a livolo light switch? View:
  39. M

    How do I replace a bulb in my bathroom?

    18 months after buying the house, a bulb has gone, and I can't for the life of me figure out how I need to change it. (Yes I feel like an idiot) I've attached the pictures to show - I have no way of turning the bulb from the light normally to pop it out like I do with my kitchen ones. I've...
  40. K

    Issue with having all LED spotlights in bathroom, 2 must remain Halogen

    Hi, I have 6 spotlights in my bathroom, when I moved into the house 4 years ago I replaced all 6 with LEDs but they wouldn't work, turns out I could only get the lights to stay on if 2 Halogen bulbs remained (1 on each end of the bathroom). Recently one of the 2 Halogen bulbs has died and now...
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