1. A

    Bathroom Light Recommendations (LED equivalent)

    Hi, Currently just have one light in the bathroom ceiling, a shallow dome with 13W mini fluorescent bulb. The room is 3.65m x2.30m. The ceiling is relatively low at 2.15m. We want the room brighter, and I think the best solution is going to two lights rather than just one brighter one. Maybe...
  2. N

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated.

    My EICR test guy says I need to change my bathroom ceiling light to an IP65 rated. Research says I need an IP44. The lamp is about 2.45m above the floor and about 30cms outside the side of the bath. Has he made a mistake or have I?
  3. A

    Help Bathroom light won't work

    Hi this is confusing me I am not sure what the 2 black wires should be doing My light won't connnect Many thanks
  4. C

    Consumer unit in bathroom

    What’s your thoughts of a new renovated house that has the consumer unit in the bathroom. It’s situated above the bath in a cupboard. It was brought 2 weeks ago and have no certs. They want a Eicr done. Obviously the sockets has to go too. Thanks
  5. J

    Bathroom refit, do I need a RCD?

    Hi all, I'm refitting my bathroom in my first floor flat (top floor) built around 1989. It has 2 CUs, one for night storage and one for 24h electrics, they are of the 1980's era Crabtree, the label on the side says BS5486:PART 13 CM16. The hot and cold are run in plastic from the Immersion...
  6. J

    Rewiring/repurposing an old bathroom

    Got an old downstairs bathroom being converted into a wc and utility (no white goods, just sockets for occasional tools, maybe a network printer. More of a workshop/storeroom really). The old bathroom had an electric shower wired to it's own 32A breaker in the consumer unit. The shower has...
  7. littlespark

    1970’s semi. Bathroom regs at the time.

    I’m not doing an EICR or anything… just curious. Was doing some work in my parents house, and I was remembering how it was back when I was a kid. It was built in 1974… same age as me…. I don’t know what regs were in force at the time. The original layout of the bathroom, only big enough for a...
  8. allancoblu

    2 way bathroom switch not working (old and new one)

    I've recently moved into rented property and I currently have no lighting in the bathroom (2 wall lamps and 3 ceiling lamps). The landlord believed it to be an intermittent issue and said they'd get an electrician in to replace the 2 way cord switch. I said I'd replaced my own in the past and...
  9. HappyHippyDad

    Is this wireless receiver/switch suitable for a bathroom?

    Morning all. My customer wants to be able to switch an above basin cupboard light. This is in a bathroom. There is a 230V PL + N available, but unfortunately the light she has does not have a switch, hence trying to find switching options. She is asking if this wireless receiver is suitable...
  10. J

    240v power in bathroom

    Hi Everyone! You all seem like a friendly bunch and google keeps referring me back to here but I still cannot find any solid answers so hoping you can advise me. I am in the process of planning a shower room re model for my disabled parents but have come across some hurdles (spoke to an...
  11. 7

    Bathroom Extractor Next to Shower Head

    Doing an Eicr and the 230v timed class 1 bathroom extractor is less than 200mm next to the shower head. I see this as a C2 and would insist on it being changed to at least a 12v fan or even better a new location. Welcome any thoughts
  12. D

    Refitting a bathroom and electrician claims I need a new mainboard

    Hi guys - I am fitting out a new bathroom and brought in a sparky to help out as I am terrified of electrics. Now the bathroom is being done for a friend on a budget who really can't afford £600 for a new mainboard but the sparky is insisting it should be done. Currently, the mainboard is an...
  13. Neptune

    Wall mounted light switch in bathroom

    Is it within the regs to have a wall mounted light switch in the bathroom? It would be away from the shower and opposite the toilet. The MCB is RCD protected.
  14. S

    Straight swap of electrical rose for new bathroom light. Light now stays on constantly. Why?

    Before: After: Hey guys I’m new here and really scratching my head on this. Bought a new light and had to change the ceiling rose to accommodate. Took a pic of the old rose, made sure to follow the connections in the picture in the new terminal block, and now the light stays on constantly...
  15. Tryitall

    Wiring Bathroom fan/light combo

    I’m replacing an old bathroom fan/light and not sure on wiring because the new one is different. Currently it is controlled with two switches, one light one fan. The power running into it consists of Ground , neutral-white, black, and red. Old light/fan fixture has black and white coming out...
  16. W

    Wiring envirovent bathroom fan to separate switch

    I have an envirovent fan that I'm replacing that is connected to its own switch (ie not the light) . The current wiring has a live and neutral. The SIL100T model seems to have Live AND Live Switched and Neutral. As I only have the two wires can I just use a short piece of wire (from an old plug...
  17. J

    Anyone tried the Atoko Fan Select (ATQ6-03) - extractor fan timer - switch fan off during run-on?

    Hi. Has anyone tried the Atoko Fan Select (ATQ6-03)? Its supposed to be an extractor fan timer so you can get delayed start and run-on using a standard fan. They say you can also override the delay and run-on by switching the light - does that really work?
  18. Jb1410

    Bathroom zones and ip ratings

    I’m currently upgrading my bathroom suite and was wanting to remove the old style pull chords style switches for the fan and light for a switch. They will be mounted well outside the zone 2 area in the bathroom so do I need to take any ip rating into account as well. Many thanks
  19. A

    Bathroom Down-lights CODE C2?

    I wonder if you can help I've just had a EICR on a property and I've received a C2 due to the fact the down-lights aren't IP rated. Having sat the BS 7671 some years ago the BS tells me that the zone 2 height is 2.25m. The ceiling in question is 2.3m. Appreciating it's advisable and I'll swap...
  20. J

    Bathroom LED downlights

    Hello, I wish to purchase some Downlights to replace some halogen spotlights in my bathroom. Currently the existing spotlights are powered through a transformer connected to a terminal junction box in the loft. Looks like the existing transformer is connected by only a two core cable. I want to...
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