1. S

    Appliances in bathroom cupboard

    Seems to be a lot of conflicting views online about this. Know someone who’s getting a new bathroom and are keen to put washing machine and tumble dryer in a cupboard in bathroom. My question is does the partition & door class it as another room? Outside zones? Tried to upload picture but won’t...
  2. R

    DB In Bathroom

    Just after a bit of advice. Please see my wonderful drawing attached. This 'Bathroom' is within an Officers Mess. As you can see from the drawing, each bath/shower is located within a room off of the main room/lobby of a room which has BATHROOM on the door. The proposed location of the DB is...
  3. E

    Is bathroom underfloor heating still notifiable?

    All the specific guidance I can find stating that underfloor heating is notifiable seems to refer to an outdated version of Part P, and I’m trying to understand why generally everywhere still treats it as notifiable. If a dedicated cable already exists from the consumer unit (so no new circuits...
  4. G

    Bathroom mirror light (can I cut plug and hardwire?)

    Hi all, I’ve taken down old mirror light from bathroom and replacing with new, problem is new one has plug on it!! Can I cut plug and just wire up?? Original cable is a 1.5 going to fused spur (with 3amp fuse inside) then to lighting circuit on a rcbo board New mirror is Costway 60cm Round...
  5. eleanor jones

    Bathroom fitter , not an electrician

    Had a customer who had a bathroom fitted, many faults, including, but not exclusive to no IPX on towel heater 60 cms from shower, without competent electrician, took feeds from spaghetti cables within the loft. what are your thoughts on Bathroom fitters
  6. G

    UK RCD on bathroom ceiling?

    hello im an industrial maintence electrician (mainly emergencies in factory processes & HV work) I do very few domestic jobs - i did pass my 18th edition in 2019 but memory is very vague doing a bit of work in my home and removing an electric shower and fitting thermostatic & also fitting a...
  7. S

    Boiler in bathroom/Carbon Monoxide detector

    Not sure what to do here. I am wiring detectors for someone, boiler is in a small cupboard in the bathroom. Too small to fit the detector as it won’t be 1-3m away & I can’t fit it in the bathroom. What’s best, to fit it outside the bathroom? Stupid place to have a bloody boiler!
  8. J

    Washing Machine in bathroom?

    Hello everyone, I would like to put a washing machine in a cabinet in the bathroom, and run it's power cord through the wall that separates the bathroom from the bedroom, and plug the washing machine into an electrical socket in the bedroom. Would this be permitted? If not, any suggestions?
  9. G

    Class 2 bathroom down light recommendations?

    For the bathroom, want them matching and one needs to go over the shower. Also need to be ok with insulation over the top. Ideally fit in the holes already there and don’t need the plastic huts. Taken the old ones out and one wire has an earth but the rest don’t, so looking for class 2...
  10. R

    UK Supplementry Bonding not connected.

    In my bathroom there is supplementary bonding of the bath, bath pipework, and basin pipework before it goes into trunking and exits unconnected in the shower unit (see photo). This I believe has never been touched since the property was built in 2001. There is no bonding on the bathroom rad...
  11. B

    UK Odd Electrical Fault in bathroom between taps and tiled wall

    Hi there, I’m a new member to the forum and felt like I could do with some additional insight into a fault I came across on a call-out at the weekend. I was called to attend a domestic property where the tenant had mentioned getting a shock when touching a tiled wall and the bath taps. On...
  12. chris101

    UK Bathroom Extractor Fan

    Just had the following extractor fan fitted for my bathroom, recommended by my electrician. Based on the manual it states the fan should be triggered by the relative humidity % however since installation this morning, it has been continuously on. I have spoken to the electrician whom advised...
  13. RT1187

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Install

    Need to replace an old Vent-Axia extractor fan as the pull chord no longer works. I bought this - I went for this one as it only required a Live and Neutral feed. I installed it but nothing happens when I switch...
  14. E

    Problem with bathroom extractor fan

    Hi, my niece lives in a flat and has a bathroom without a window. There is an extractor fan which packed up and an electrician installed a new one a few weeks ago. That then blew and he came back and said that the extractor wasn't fit for purpose as it is wasn't powerful enough to get rid of all...
  15. M

    Venting bathroom extractor out of soffit

    Evening all, Installed many extractors, but this is a first for me. Customer wants the fan vented out through the soffit, with an inline extractor installed. Simple enough, until I looked at the gap going into the soffit. It’s too small to fit a standard 100mm flexi pipe through, and I’ve seen...
  16. A

    Bathroom ceiling spots recommendation

    I have 16 ceiling spots to be replaced in a room being repurposed as a bathroom. Some will be over a shower, basin and bath hence need to be IP65. Past experience with sealed unit (ie bulb cannot be replaced) bathroom spots is that they fail long before claimed lifetime and are then difficult...
  17. D

    UK Wire extractor fan to bathroom pull switch

    1964 house old style wiring Need to wire a extractor fan up Is it possible to wire the extractor fan to report switch there's 2 red wires in the pull switch both red. one is a permanent live Can I wire it up to the pull switch some how or do I need to go to the ceiling rose wiring which is in a...
  18. Waseem

    UK Bathroom Fan wiring to ceiling rose with old line and neutral

    Hi, have an old bathroom fan. Which has two wires the black and red (line and neutral). The fan has no isolator switch and was powered when the bathroom light came on. When turning the light off, the bathroom fan stopped. I disconnected the fan wiring from the ceiling rose to clean the fan. Now...
  19. G

    I need to do a sketch/ sketches to show how to remedy a situation..

    you have discovered a water pipe in a bathroom that has been repaired at some previous time using a plastic connector. please help, thank you.
  20. S

    Options for bathroom fan in downstairs flat

    Hi all, Got an awkward bathroom fan installation in a downstairs flat, concrete ceilings and (some) walls. Bathroom is already fully tiled and 'finished'. Due to the window in the bathroom, it is impossible to get a fan directly out of the one external wall. A window fan is a theoretical option...


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