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  1. Doomed

    Bathroom light switch

    So we are refitting the bathroom and the wife does not want a pull cord anymore. The only contact IP rated switches I can find are low voltage or battery wireless ones that are suitable for a bathroom both of which may be fine for the moment, but I just dont fancy the long term possible faults...
  2. J

    Switched FCU in a bathroom?

    Hi guys, I've just had some refurbishment work done in my property and unfortunately the builders have run off. As a result the local building control department have had an eicr carried out and one of the points raised was the builders extended the ring straight into a shaver socket then onto...
  3. N

    Bathroom downlighting

    Morning all, I’ve a job for quoting to change spots in a bathroom which currently MR16 halogen to LED main the property is 60/70s so no RCD protection, supplementary bonding or main bonding. would installing mains spots be okay without the protection in place? no wiring needs to be changed. 3...
  4. M

    Google home mini speaker in bathroom

    Hi all I've been asked to install a Google home mini speaker on wall shown in photo attached. This looks to me like would fall within zone 2? As this has 5v plug this shouldn't be an issue should it. Do I also have any IPX concerns with this. As far as my reading of regs it just seems to say...
  5. H

    Bathroom light voltage dropped in voltage?

    I thought my light died in the groundfloor bathroom. New bulb didn't work so thought the fitting was dead. I decided to take the opportunity to replace with an LED light but that won't work. I had a pull switch, 240v bc light fitting and extractor fan. The voltage across the switch live and...
  6. T

    Questions about new bathroom vent fan installation/wiring...

    I will soon be installing a new vent fan in my master bathroom - a combination fan/light/bluetooth speaker from a local big box store. My current switch box has 3 switches: 1 for the vanity light which will not be touched, 1 for the fan, and 1 for the light. I have a 14/2 wire entering the...
  7. P

    Bathroom Extractor fan isolator location

    My client wants a wall fitted extractor fan for their bathroom. Normally i fit the isolator outside above the door but the client is against this. Is there any reason why it can not go above the fan at high level so zone 3. I can not find anything saying you can not but i can not find anything...
  8. M

    bathroom fan timer problem

    Hello dear forum, I have a ceiling fan that seems to work alright when i switch it on. However when i put an electronic timer switch, instead of a physical switch, the fan does not work, the switch circuit does not seem to be powered, i.e. the leds are off, the buttons do not seem to have any...
  9. G

    RCBO Type for Bathroom Lighting

    Perhaps unwisely, I offered to source an RCBO for the spark who's coming to do a couple of small jobs in my bathroom: 1. Connect up an electric towel rail heater (IP65) 2. Replace the MCB for the bathroom lighting circuit with an RCBO, as a quick temporary fix to make the bathroom lighting a...
  10. D

    Can I run spur from shaver point in bathroom?

    Hi I have an illuminated bathroom cabinet that I want to put into the bathroom. It’s 240v . I only have a 240:110 shaver point, so I wondered if it is possible to connect the cabinet someways?
  11. R

    Electric Towel rail in Bathroom connection question

    Hi. I am fitting an electric towel rail in Zone 2 - it is IP55 rated so fine there. The flex coming out of it I have a few options - There is currently a cable going from the consumer unit into the bathroom making its own circuit (used to be for boiler but not used now) I have a couple of...
  12. I

    Domestic Power Shower Installation

    Hey, What's the standard way a power shower is installed, I've done electric showers but not power shower before. Also is a fan mandatory in a bathroom
  13. Baddegg

    Boiler in bathroom

    Been asked to connect up a boiler in a bathroom...outside zone 2 and in a cupboard, switch fused spur in cupboard but may be able to put outside the room, rcd protection in place, can’t see why not but can anyone point me to regs concerning this?
  14. C

    DIY Advice - Bathroom lights

    I have 3 LED lights in my bathroom ceiling, and when the cord is pulled these flicker and stay off, or occasionally turn on normally (10% of the time). Having spoken to an electrician I know, I replaced the lamps, however this hasn't helped. Each lamp is attached to it's own transformer - see...
  15. H

    Bathroom extractor fan isolation switch issues

    Hi I need some advice should I try to fix this isolation switch for the extractor fan or buy a new one. The switch part of the product has come off. It seems it was previously attached into the plate using some resin of some sort. Over time it became loose and has come off. I can manually insert...
  16. F

    Low voltage lighting in bathroom

    Hi all sparks out there, I am installing some low voltage lights in a recess in my bathroom. The transformer is in the loft, and I want them to operate independently of the pull cord switch, so whilst I appreciate that if these lights were mains operated, a wall switch cannot be used in the...
  17. D

    Bathroom fan wiring

    I need to replace an existing fan which has 3 wires and earth. They are red blue yellow. The new fan i have needs switched live, live and neutral. I have a fluke voltage pen so can i just identify which is the switched live cable by putting switch on and seeing if pen bleeps and then turning...
  18. B

    bathroom fan

    Hello all, I'm looking to wire in a bathroom fan to the exisiting GU10 50w downlights. WOuld this be a simple case of running a 2 core cable from the live and neutral of one of the GU10's to the live and neutral of the fan? This is the fan I have for the job: Plastic Inline Extractor Fans - -...
  19. M

    Infra-red switch in Bathroom?

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone may be able to clear up something. We do have an electrician but he is unsure of whether this can be done or not so is currently re-reading through the 18th edition. So the scenario is this, we are currently re-doing our bathroom. It will have IP65 led down lights, 2...
  20. Jimnibob

    Which bathroom downlighters?

    Hi I have a 2m x 2m bathroom with a shower over the bath. Can anyone recommend some good downlighters that are suitable for fitting above the bath? I am guessing that two should be sufficient. Thanks James
  21. littlespark

    phone charger for use in a bathroom. Is there such a thing?

    Just thinking. I use a fitbit, and I got into the habit of charging it every few days when I had a shower. (charging it every few days, not having a shower every few days!:rolleyes:) Is there something i can use inside the bathroom to give me a standard 5v USB socket? Of course you can get a...
  22. littlespark

    Replacing a 12v bathroom extract fan

    The situation is, customer has a rather old wall mounted 12v extrtactor fan, with pullcord, humidistat and timer. Make is Johnson & Stanley "Dryflow" Its wired through a transformer with PL, SL and N at the fan... Transformer is in the attic. The problem is the fan runs constantly. I think the...
  23. T

    UK Bathroom lights not up rated or rcd protected

    Hi everyone just wondering what action everyone would take with this situation. I came to a house to look at a downlight that wasn't working above a bath it was not up rated and the circuit had no rcd protection being on an old wylex board with plug in mcb's. I told them that the fittings were...
  24. J

    Flashing LED Bulb in combined extractor unit

    Hello, I have recently had a Led downright/ extractor fan combination unit installed. After approx 10 mins the light begins to flash intermittently (as attached). The bulb installed is a 3 watt bulb. I swapped this out to a 4 watt bulb and the flashing increased. The electrician whom installed...
  25. G

    recommend bathroom extractor fan

    Hello Currently got a extractor connected to light switch so when you switch light on the fan comes on, however it's not to powerful and the room fill up with mist condensation on the walls when the shower is used. Looking to change it for a good powerful extractor fan. Need some advise from...
  26. P

    Lights in led bathroom cabinet not working. Any idea what to do

    Led Lights in bathroom cabinet not working, any idea what to do
  27. M

    Bathroom PIR

    Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding bathroom PIR. I have a traditional lighting circuit with one switch operating 3 LEDs. I want to add a PIR that will activate a 12V LED strip but only want the PIR to be active when the main lights are off ie middle of night the low level strip...
  28. P

    UK Help with bathroom fan wiring

    Hi. Couldn't quite find a close match to my set up so I'm writing for help. I'm not an electrician and don't know enough about switched live setups to be comfortable doing this. Can you please tell me how to wire this thing? The attached image shows what I'm working on. Fan does not have...
  29. S

    Location of isolator switch - bathroom fan

    Just having a bathroom fan installed. It's an intelligent unit that runs continuously but thought it best to have an isolator switch. Have been told the isolator switch has to be outside the bathroom on the hall wall above the bathroom door. We would prefer to have it in the hall cupboard...
  30. Jimjamyaha

    Domestic Bathroom light setup

    Hi, Thanks in advance for some extra eyes.... In our house the bathroom ceiling height has been reduced to fit in some spots. We've recently moved in and during replacing the GU10s with LED bulbs discovered this state of affairs. They've extended the feeds from the old ceiling rose and switch...
  31. V

    Identify this bathroom extractor fan?

    I have a bathroom extractor fan that has gone bad, so I need to replace it. If possible, I would like to just replace the motor, rather than opening up the ceiling to put in a whole new enclosure. The problem is, I don't know how to find a replacement. Maybe someone here can identify this beast...
  32. S

    Best LED Downlighter for bathroom with white tiles

    Hi All, We've moved into a new build property and our bathroom, which has glossy white with a hint of grey speckle Porclenosa tiles, is looking a bit dull which I believe is the result of the downlighters. We have 3 x 7.9W, 38 degrees, 3000K downlighters in the bathroom and they seem to be...
  33. L

    Bathroom extraction fan

    Hi all, I have just bought a 2 bed first floor flat with loft access (it’s ex council flat) there is no extraction fan fitted in the bathroom. The only thing that there is is an air vent. The bathroom is about 7ft x 7ft so quite small. Is it ok to remove air vent and install an extractor...
  34. J

    Bathroom extractor fan with continuous power

    This must be bread and butter stuff for any qualified electrician which I'm not so please bear with me. I've just installed a Nuaire extractor fan in the bathroom. It has continuous trickle mode plus up to 30 minutes run on timer but I'm unable to take advantage of these because the fan is...
  35. multimick

    bathroom heat mat stat

    just been reading posts re stat for bathroom heating mat being placed outside bathroom? doesn,t that defeat the object ? or is it me ?
  36. I

    Bathroom fans in zone 1

    Hi everyone, new member here. I was an electrician some years ago but only qualified to 16th edition regs so very rusty. My question is can anyone point out to me where in the 18th edition regs it says you cannot install 230v extractor fans in zone one of a bathroom? The reason I'm asking is I...
  37. G

    Led bathroom mirror flickering

    Hi , ive just had a homecom led bathroom mirror hard wired to my old shaver socket, it came with a 3 pin plug which was removed , it was fine for first 30 mins but then began flickering. It has a on off switch so doesnt need to be on permanently. Can any one give me any solution thanks in advance
  38. S

    Help - Placement of electrical items in Bathroom

    My first posting and hope you guys can help. I am a householder in the process of planning a refurb of our bathroom (not DIY) and putting together a wish list of what we want to have in the bathroom. The intention is that once we have got a plan together, we will order and get it professionally...
  39. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic EICR Code for switch in bathroom.

    I've just completed an EICR and found a switch for towel rail in bathroom. It is located outside zones. There is no RCD on this circuit, this is coded elsewhere. My first thought was as located within 3M, Reg 701.512.3 code C2 But upon reading reg properly it specifically refers to sockets. I...
  40. D

    Problems with Bathroom lights

    Please help! We’ve recently developed an issue with our lights in the bathroom. The ceiling is a false ceiling and there are 6 spotlights in the false ceiling. The spotlights take the lightbulbs I’ve attached as a picture (Led Gu10 5.5W Warm White 2700K). Having replaced the bulbs, we now have...
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