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  1. T

    Bathroom extractor fan ipx query

    Hi, Buying a replacement extractor fan. It falls into zone one with the room setup. Looking at two fans. One is rated zone 1 one is rated zone 2 and both have ipx4 ratings from what I can see and from wider reading ipx4 is the requirement for zone one and two? is the ipx rating all the...
  2. W

    Bathroom led strip query

    Had to remove a led strip from a bathroom today because it’s getting tiled, now the led strip that was there was low voltage but didn’t have anything covering it. I’ve seen the wee aluminium profile things before, is this something that the led strip should be fitted in when in a bathroom? It...
  3. P

    How to add a time delay to a bathroom fan

    Hi I'm looking for some advice for adding a time delay on my parent's shower room fan. My parents had a section of their garage converted into a shower room with toilet. But the builders did something a bit odd. They fitted a pull cord light switch by the door and then a separate pull switch...
  4. Siraj123

    Boiler fused spur in bathroom enclosure?

    Hi, installing a boiler fused spur in the boiler enclosure in a bathroom. yes or no? Experience sparks opinions needed!! Cheers
  5. P

    Bathroom Extractor Fan Question

    HI There, I would be grateful if you could help me, I have a very long duct between the bathroom and extractor outlet vent and for sometime, the bathroom stream overwhelms the extractor fan so much that I end up having severe condensation and moisture puddles, because it was a new build. They...
  6. R

    UK Do Regs allow power socket in an enclosed bathroom vanity unit?

    I have a socket in by bathroom vanity unit, .75m away from the edge of the bath. The vanity is completely enclosed with a sink on top and doors that, when open, are parallel to the length of the bath. I hired an electrician to do some work and once he saw the plug in the bathroom, he informed...
  7. W

    Bathroom mirror wiring

    Hi folks. Need some help, wanting to add bathroom mirror with built in shaving port but don't want to chop into wall as I can't replace the tiles, don't think they make them anymore. I'm planning on coming off the lighting circuit in bathroom, adding fuse spur and running pvc trunking down to...
  8. S

    How do I tell if my bathroom has supplementary bonding?

    Hello. Non-electrician here. Failed an EICR yesterday as the electrician graded my consumer unit C2. Why C2 and not C3? He didn't say (and still won't). Consumer unit is the same age as the building - dates from 2003. No RCD. But never had any issues. No apparent defects. Apparently lack of...
  9. G

    UK How would you fix water pipe in bathroom repaired at previous time using plastic connector?

    How would you fix a water pipe in the bathroom that has been repaired at some previous time using a plastic connector?
  10. I

    bathroom fan timer switch for situation where neither wire is 120V AC "hot"

    I'd like to find a timer switch, in a style that looks alright next to decora light switches, to control a bathroom fan. The bathroom fan connects to a 120V AC continuous power source. It has a USB plug that connects to a humidity detector, and it has leads that can connect to a switch that...
  11. B

    Bathroom LED Mirror Turns On Automatically After Power Cut

    Hi All I have recently had a new bathroom mirror installed with a built in LED and Demister that is turned on using a motion sensor. The mirror works perfectly, except when there is a power cut. When the power is restored, the mirror LED automatically turns on, this is not ideal if we are out...
  12. E

    Bathroom tiles plasterboard or ply

    Hi hope your enjoying the long weekend so far. I had a quick look at a job today for a replacement anti-fog mirror in a bathroom. customer wants the existing ant-fog with charger- light ect replaced for a bigger, and much heavier one which doubles up as cabinet. The property is a new build of...
  13. Stephenmunt

    Outside light turns on by bathroom light.

    Hi guys, medium to beginners experience in electrics. I placed a 250w security PIR light outside. I connected it to the inside first-floor lighting off a junction box in the attic. I've noticed that when I switch off my bathroom light at night that the security light sets off. Any advice on...
  14. S

    Is orientation of bathroom fan important

    Hi I have bought a new bathroom fan to replace a faulty one. I don't have much cable available (emerging from wall) and it won't stretch to the connectors within the fan without extending it. However, if I rotate the fan fitting through 180 degrees (ignoring the text and arrow suggesting where...
  15. S

    Test bathroom fan power

    Hello I have an old timed extractor fan in the bathroom which has stopped working. It has 3 wires which are black, brown and grey. I believe that these are neutral, live and switched live respectively. At the wall mounted isolating switch (outside the bathroom) the grey cable is sleeved brown...
  16. B

    Swap switch over to a dimmer

    My daughter is asking me if it’s possible to change her double light switch outside her bathroom to a dimmer. It’s a 2 gang switch that turns on the lights and the other switch does nothing. I think it’s permanently turned on and powers the underfloor heating programmer, flicking that switch...
  17. Pedro1875


    Hi All, I need a bit of advice. My client is asking for a rather silly lighting setup in his bathroom and I am struggling to understand Essentially he has LEDs, spots, a mirror light and a PIR sensor. He wants the PIR sensor to control the LEDs and the mirror at night and the switch to be...
  18. C

    Question about bathroom fan MORI dMEV II HT - humidity control version

    Hi, a few months ago this fan was installed in my bathroom, but it seems to be less effective than the previous one. The humidity setting is meant to be adjustable from 50% to 95% (i.e. it will come on either at a low or high level of humidity). Can anyone tell my where the arrow has to point to...
  19. B

    If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it require isolator switch or usual fused switch

    Hi to all, If extractor fan in bathroom is autonomous does it still require isolator switch or usual fused switch will do? It runs of 12v transformer outside. Not being linked to light switch. Can be fed from either circuits.
  20. B

    Bathroom wiring advice

    1. Does every powered item in bathroom needs fused spur outside? 2. Can separate RCD be required even if the supplied power is under CU RCD (for example whirlpool bath or underfloor heating)? Please check and comment rough wiring diagram (there is no details like L N G etc, just rough...
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