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  1. simpson93

    Wireless garden speaker system.

    Evening all, I’m looking for some advice/recommendations. Ive been asked to put 2/4 speakers in a garden as an afterthought. no route into the house to connect to an amp and so im after a Bluetooth controlled amp that could control 4 speakers, or 2 if not possible. any recommendations?
  2. T

    Adding a wireless switch to override a timeclock and photocell.

    i have some outside lights where the customer wants a wireless switch to bypass a timeclock and photocell. On the wireless switch receiver I have permanent live in and neutral then another neutral s/l to the lights. The time clock being used is a greenwood with a built in override switch...
  3. D

    Wired door bell additional chime

    Is there a way of adding an additional wireless chime to an existing wired doorbell installation? Is there a product on the market that includes maybe a module to add to the existing chime that triggers a wireless chime further in the house? Have a customer in a largish property that is...
  4. P

    Kinetic Wireless Dimmer Switches

    I have used the kinetic wireless on/off switches and I've been pleased with the results. A customer requires a kinetic dimmer switch, and I'm unsure how a dimmer switch would work being there is no power going to it. I get the principle of the standard on/off switch, but I can't work out how...
  5. S

    Wireless room thermostat query

    Hi guys. Just bought a Honeywell CM700 series wireless room stat/programmer with BDR91 relay box/receiver to link with Worcester Bosch 28CDi combi boiler. Using a 4-core will take L/N feed from boiler to L/N in receiver and route the Ls/T1-A and Lr/T2-B. But there are 2 L terminals in the...
  6. B

    Quinetic wireless kit (can it be used with photocell)

    Hi looking at the Quinetic kit for some outside lights, not used this many times, looking at the receiver and switch, is there any way I can incorporate a photocell with this? Thanks
  7. naylorpd

    Wireless smoke detectors - advice needed

    My rented out house (in UK) currently has basic battery smoke detectors in hall and landing, CO detector in utility room (boiler is there) and can't remember the kitchen. My agent is pushing me to provide white goods and, post-Grenfell, I'm nervous about some of these, especially the tumble...
  8. Electrical2go

    NEW Super Rod SRFERRET Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool added to our end of Season Sale

    Super Rod Ferret Multi-Purpose Wireless Inspection Camera and Cable Pulling Tool Click here to visit Electrical2Go Now - Don't forget to PM us for your exclusive 5% discount code (for Forum members only) The Cable Ferret is a Small lightweight IP67 Rechargeable USB charged wireless 720p camera...
  9. P

    wired switch to remote?

    hi all, i have a garage door wireless remote clipped on my motorbike. it's too large to attach anywhere near the handlebars so i'd like to add a small button on the handlebars that is wired in to said wireless unit to send that signal when pressed and in range of the receiver....does anyone know...
  10. sythai

    Wireless/ App switching.... what do you recommend

    Hi All We've recently got a foot in the door with a decent garden company who are promising lots of work. There's been talk about wireless/ app controlled lighting, pumps etc. To be honest I've not been down this route just yet. Just seeing what makes any of use/ recommended please? Only...
  11. P

    Quinetic wireless units - power reset

    Does anyone know if quinetic wireless units (switches/receivers) retain the memory after the power is cut, and if so for how long?
  12. B

    Wireless outdoor controller

    Hi all, Trying to wire in some lights in the garden in multiple positions but all activated by one microwave sensor at the top of the garden. I cannot wire the lights straight to the sensor as landscaping ECT and I do not want them on independent sensors either. So I'm looking for a transmitor...
  13. stuarth

    Domestic recommend wireless room thermostat & programer

    Looking for a wireless room thermostat & programer for a customer that is not worried about smart controls but rather ease of use and reliability, what would you recommend that won't break their bank?
  14. Keyur Patel

    Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver

    Good Eveing guys! Just wanted some advise on the Quinetic WiFi Wireless Receiver. I have installed 5 of the units in a property in Harrow which was grade 2 listed. the client wanted a chandeliers installed but wanted them to be switched independently! can't chase the walls to add an extra...
  15. J

    Domestic Wireless lighting without wired switches

    Hello, I bought my house last year and had a look in the consumer unit before I bought it and it had a dual RCD board and all PVC cable inside including a periodic inspection report that said it was compliant. However when I came to remove some pendants to replace fittings I realised all the...
  16. B

    Wireless switches and reciever

    best wireless switches with receivers?
  17. M

    Relocating a remote wireless thermostat to somewhere out of range of boiler?

    Hi All, hope you can help. I've inherited a fairly stupid CH setup from the people who "renovated" my house before I bought it, and need to do something about the CH. Its 3 floors - "basement" with bedroom, shower room & access to garden. 1st floor - main living area, kitchen, sitting room...
  18. S

    Installing Mains Powered Home Automation Zigbee Wireless Repeaters

    Hi If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move. I need to have installed around 20 Zigbee Wireless Repeaters around a large property. They are 40mm x 40mm x 20mm and require a 230v supply, current is minimal. I wondered if the following scenarios are feasible and acceptable within...
  19. driverman

    Domestic wireless burglar alarm system recommendations

    Hi guys, after some recommendations re a decent wireless alarm system. It's a new build house all completed. I'm a retired electrician with very little experience with hard wired alarm systems and none whatsoever with wireless. I'm thinking if possible, 2 x door contacts, (1 x E/E) 2 x PIR's...
  20. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  21. M

    Connecting a wireless thermostat to a glow worm boiler

    hi all , I’m after some help please , I’ve just had a glow worm boiler installed and wanted to add a wireless thermostat on , I just want to check how it would be wired , currently I just have a switch fuse spur next which directly feeds the boiler . There is a L N E RT ( room thermostat )...
  22. charlie76

    EICO Smoke Detectors Wireless and Non-Wireless

    Hi, Does anyone know if I can mix wireless and wired interlinked detectors from EICO. I would like to interlink 2 on a ground floor by wire and have a wireless one on the 1st floor landing.
  23. rustynails

    Wireless Programmable Thermostat wiring help

    Hi all, Today I found myself attempting to wire up an ESI ESRTP4RF Wireless programmable room thermostat to an Ideal Standard combi boiler. I believe it is now wired up correctly as the heating is coming on and off when I have it on manual and raise the room temp. I just need to put myself at...
  24. 1Justin

    Quinetic wireless switches sold by TLC. Any experience of them?

    Who's used these, and got any practical experience of range performance when there's a wall/window in the way? (FYI the transmitters don't use a battery, but get their energy by giving a big thwack to a lump of piezo). Having many years in radio electronics, I'm well enough aware that...
  25. K

    Risco wisdom wireless alarm

    Hi I'm just finishing installing the risco wisdom wireless alarm I can set the alarm but when I re enter the alarm will not unset untill the alarm has gone off. I'm not sure what is causing this issue
  26. happysteve

    Quinetic wireless switches and receiver

    Eh up :) Installed a set of "Quinetic" kinetic wireless switches and receiver today, in a situation where the landing light L was fed from the downstairs lighting circuit, and the N return on the upstairs lighting circuit. (Very wrong, and all too familiar). For those unaware, the switches...
  27. paul291277

    Decent Wireless Switch

    Any recommendations for a decent wireless switch? I need to fit an external light for someone that is to be located next to their front door. They have a light switch on the inside of the door and was thinking it would be easier to use the switch wire to provide line/neutral to the external...
  28. AceRimmer

    Wireless switching advice

    Hi everyone looking for a bit of advice.A friends mum wants to add a wirless 2 way switch to an existing 1 way light ( nice wallpaper not wanting to chase walls) . I can get to the joint box but just not to sure what wirless switching is available and any good for job. Any advice...
  29. R

    Wireless contacter for boiler enable

    I am looking for a 2 part contactor to transfer a boiler enable signal from first floor to ground floor where there is no practical way of running a cable. In short the unit needs to receive a 230v call for heat from the wiring centre and send an RF signal to a receiver contactor that will call...
  30. S

    Philips Hue wireless smart lighting

    Only recently become aware of Philips Hue lighting (don't do much domestic nowadays), after it was mentioned in another post on this forum. It appears to be a decent basic, easy to retro-fit at a reasonable price. I presume it wouldn't be as adaptable or robust as other fully wired smart...
  31. Leesparkykent

    Wireless video doorbell

    Any one know of anything out there? They seem to be as rare as rocking horse **** for what I'm after. Wireless video doorbell, internal monitor in white, both indoor and outdoor unit to run off batteries, doesn't need lock feature and would be handy if it was wifi enabled but not a must. Any...
  32. D

    Changing Wireless to Hard wired UFH

    Hi, I have a customer who about 10 years ago had a Wet underfloor heating system put in with Wireless Stats which talk to the wiring centre and opens the actuators when required. The customer has for a while had problems with the wireless stats starting to play up and has asked about biting...
  33. Malcolm

    New combi boiler & wireless programmer.

    Hi I don't usually get involved with central heating wiring systems, but I had a new boiler fitted last week and I thought it would be a good idea to get to know how they work. Could someone just check that i have got this right please. The boiler is an Alpha Intech 34C combi, the wireless...
  34. J

    Help! Netatmo Wireless Thermostat installation on ideal mini c28

    (I did post this in the central heating section too, but i thought it might be seen more here...sorry if that's not allowed) This was supposed to be simple, but I'm struggling to wire up Netatmo wireless relay to the boiler and the Netatmo forums are a ghost town. Current setup is a wired...
  35. J

    Help! Netatmo Wireless Thermostat installation on ideal mini c28

    This was supposed to be simple, but I'm struggling to wire up Netatmo wireless relay to the boiler and the Netatmo forums are a ghost town. Current setup is a wired thermostat onthe wall, that I want to disconnect entirely and replace with the wireless netatmo thermostat. In the first image...
  36. R

    Best wireless house alarm

    Hi been asked to add alarm onto rewire of 3 bed house, what's a good wireless system at moment, looking at maybe visonic powermax or pyronix enforcer what's the best Thanks
  37. H

    Hive cylinder stat

    Is there a Hive wire less battery interface for an unvented cylinder stat or do you need run a cable back to the control center.
  38. andyb


    I don't market myself as an alarm installer however I fit alarms for customers when requested. I usually install Scantronic but have fitted others. What I'm looking for is a fully wired system but I'd like to use a wireless SAB with a solar panel. I see these on fully wireless systems but I want...
  39. K

    Non standard wireless alarm installation

    I am thinking of installing a wireless home alarm possibly texecom premium elite. But i would like to extend it to cover my van as well, when its park overnight. Hence few questions to advanced installers. Basicaly i would install a sensors on the back and side doors. Texecom have good coverage...
  40. J

    wireless cctv

    customers after wireless cctv but with record and remote access a kit like this decent???.... 4 Camera Digital Wireless Security System with 1TB CCTV DVR - only need the 3 cameras not the 4th.....can...
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