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outside light

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    Outdoor pir lights

    I have one outdoor light with a pir, can I just add another pir light to the same switch and run the cable to that one ?
  2. D

    Outside light visible wires

    Hi Guys, please can you give me some advice. We are having a rewire and the electrician has installed an outside light with the wire sticking out as shown in the image below. He said that there is no way to have the wire inside as it comes from the floor which is below the fitting. Is that...
  3. C

    Outside light.

    You might want to turn the pic on its side, appoliges! Here we have a diagram of outside lights. The 2.5 cable is coming from the C/U to the light outside then onto the switch. It's on its own circuit with nothing else added. Theres a separate socket on the other side of the wall which has...
  4. R

    Hi. I have an outside light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch.

    Hi. I have an outside porch light which has a switch just inside the hallway. I am adding 2 more outside lights to be switched on using that same switch. I have ran 1mm cable from the switch line and neutral & earth to the new light and continued that to the 2nd new light. When I switch the...
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    Outside light wiring help

    Can someone offer some advice please? I would like to remove an old outside light fitting on a switch, currently wired as attached photo: home - outside light blue - blue yellow/green - yellow/green blue with brown sleeve - brown three brown wires from home into their own terminal with no...
  6. G

    Adding outside light and moving cables?

    Hi, I have removed a canopy from above my front door in preparation for a new door and glass panel being fitted. I’ve come across some very poor electrical work which I’ll need to tidy up. But to cut a long story short. The cable before to the outside light was run in the canopy then dropped...
  7. A

    UK outside light

    old outside light grey wire / new light no grey wire what do you do with grey wire
  8. M

    Connecting this outside light

    Hi chaps How would you best mount or connect into this light? It seems like it would be back entry but my cables would be coming from conduit or armoured from side. I know it's a pretty stupid question but what is neatest method
  9. S

    Wiring question re new outside light

    Hi I'm replacing a PIR outside light with a new Dusk till Dawn light but have wiring questions. The new light has 2 connections, i.e. blue(neutral) and brown(live) but no earth. As can be seen in my image, for the existing light, there are 3 wires so I think the wires go: 1) black(old) goes to...
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    Outside light wiring

    Hi, excuse the ignorance here but I am currently replacing an existing switch with a 2 gang to wire up a new outside light. The current switch has a live, neutral and earth feed as does the new outside light. How/can I wire this correctly? I presume I should bridge between the COM port but how...
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    Outside Lights trip RCD

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a recent problem I’ve had on a job. About 5 months ago I installed about 5 outdoor soffit lights from switch inside. All worked perfectly and customer was happy. I’ve recently been called back to the job as the outdoor lights have been...
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