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  1. pirate

    Immersion heater controller

    Good afternoon everyone, and I hope you are keeping well? A simple question really. I have to replace the timer for my immersion heater. There's not as much choice out there as I expected, but i am tempted to get one of these: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/SGPSS.html I really just need...
  2. I

    Peak demand load controller

    Does anyone know of a controller that can turn off loads as the demand goes up? I have a house with 10x2.7kw heaters installed, the obvious problem is if there all on that's 27kw on a 100amp single phase property, there's no option to go to 3 phase and no capacity for any other appliances to...
  3. D

    Not to sure what I'm being asked by 'a schematic diagram of the controller connected to a conveyor'

    Hey, I'm a bit confused to what I'm being asked for a question that is: Task 6 As an alternative to the AC system in task 5, you have also been asked to produce a...
  4. S

    adivce on controller electric diagram

    Hi guys, I am not receiving any answers from the manufacturer so I have come here for your expertise. If you could please look at the electrical diagram and help me understand. there are 5 dry contact switches present. including for Level sensor and Alarm. with the existing configuration my...
  5. B

    LED power supply blowing LED controller

    Hi, I bought an LED bundle online. It comprises of; LED AC to DC psu 12A 15V LED controller wifi 15m LED strip (5m x 3) 3 way splitter When ever I plug the LED controller to the psu it blows, circuit board fried on the controller. The controller input read 5-24V. I have used a multimeter...
  6. J

    Sump Controller

    Can't seem to figure out the issue on a sump controller I am working on. It is a pre-built controller box, set up for two pumps (lead/lag pump system) and a 4 float system (stop,lead,lag,alarm). Both pumps are 120v, as is the control circuit. The contactor is a 3 pole contactor but shipped out...
  7. Zerax

    Weekend Challenge... Heater Controller

    Challenge I need to come up with a way to control an electric convector heater from a simple external on/off switch. I have been given several convector heaters that match the ones I already have, but I've been told that "the thermostats" have broken. I'd like to take the opportunity to re-use...
  8. A

    Charge controller question...

    Hi all. I'm after some help and probably a quote. I posted a while ago but no response so hopefully this time I might get an answer or two. I have a 4kw solar system running through a solax hybrid inverter into the house and I have a 48v lead acid battery bank (8×6v leisure batteries) giving...
  9. B

    Thermostat controller

    I want to replace my old Thermostat controller with a new one the old one has 2 wires neutral and live the new box is volt free I was told it will work I just have to put live wire to live switch and not use neutral is that true
  10. S

    Quinetic controller ok with 500v insulation resistance test?

    Hello Everyone Hopefully the title is self explanatory. Or should I disconnect it for the test?
  11. S

    Potterton Controller

    Hi Guys...recommend me a decent replacement for a potterton EP2002 CH controller
  12. rolyberkin

    Two Zone Controller Suggestions

    I have a heating system which I need to buy a controller and thermostats for, will have 2 x two port valves, 1 zone will be rads and the other a single underfloor zone with independent pump, and hot water, was thinking about a Heatmiser UH4 with 2 wired thermostats? Any other or better...
  13. J

    Which controller for this brushless motor

    I am starting to get into brushless motors but am still having a hard time understanding all of the terms. I am reading books on electric motors and wiring but still need some additional clarification. I am purchasing this brushless motor: Amazon.com: DYS D3548 1100KV Brushless Motor Outrunner...
  14. T

    Solar charge controller

    Hi, in my campervan I have a roof solar panel, two 100AH UK-UKG110 leisure batteries and a LS1024B solar charge controller. In the daytime the controller is on and all is well. However as soon as it becomes dark outside, the charge controller switches off completely and none of the lights and...
  15. Michael J

    UK Landis & Gyr RVL 41.10 Controller

    Hi all does anyone have a download for a Landis & Gyr 41.10 controller? Thanks in advance
  16. Javadali

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller Sizing for 1200 Watt solar Array

    Hey everyone! I am drafting out my first solar power off grid system for my back yard shed and came here in hope to get some good recommendations from you guys on trusted a charge controller which will support my current specs but also give me room to grow as I improve on this system. Below are...
  17. S

    Fan and speed controller

    Hello, I am new to this forum and recently have built a vaulted ceiling kitchen extension , I have run 2 4 inch flat duct from the kitchen across the vaulted ceiling into the existing loft space I have also ran a 3core +e to the loft from the kitchen island for a speed controller .. what I...
  18. P

    Which lighting controller do you use

    I have some questions about garden lighting controllers for electricians who install garden lighting. If you don’t use controllers, feel free to tell me why not! Here are the questions: Which controllers do you recommend/do your customers ask for when installing garden lighting? Why do you...
  19. B

    Wireless outdoor controller

    Hi all, Trying to wire in some lights in the garden in multiple positions but all activated by one microwave sensor at the top of the garden. I cannot wire the lights straight to the sensor as landscaping ECT and I do not want them on independent sensors either. So I'm looking for a transmitor...
  20. G

    Earth connections into new controller board

    Hi All, I have 3 separate Earth wires connected into an existing controller board. These 3 wires all have ring terminals and were hooked to a single brass earth bolt connector on the board. Now, As I'm replacing this board, I realised the new replacement board only has one Earth screw terminal...
  21. M

    Domestic Two mats one controller

    Hi I am planning on installing two UFH mats, One 9m2 the other 6m2, i have the one controller, (living room / dining room) Is it ok to put both mats into the one controller?
  22. U

    Baxi Bermuda Inset 2 and Nest Gen2 controller?

    Hello people, This is my first post here. I'm just lookig for a bit of advice as to whether it's possible for me to instal a Nest Gen 2 heating controller with my existing (old) heating system. I currently have a Baxi Bermuda Inset 2 back boiler which is controlled by a Potterton EP2002...
  23. N

    Can I use a speed controller with this fan

    Just wondering can I install a speed controller on the fan below. I want to make a homemade air filter but its a huge fan. If so do you know suitable spec'd ones. Thanks im2501480 - http://www.canfan.nl/im2501480.html (New models have them built in)
  24. D

    infrared ceramic heaters with PID controller

    I'm looking for confirmation or otherwise, that the following bits of kit will go together to create a temperature controlled heat source for a curing application via a standard 13a plug fitting. - 2 x 400W ceramic elements in reflectors (1 fitted with Thermocouple) - PID temp controller, 1...
  25. S

    Battery discharging over night WITH charge controller

    Hello, hope someone can shed some light on my problem. I have a simple solar powered gate opener setup at home. I am having trouble with the battery seemingly discharging over night. I have 2 x 20w panels wired in series making 24v. These are then wired to a charge controller, which is then...
  26. R

    Pilot Wire Controller

    Hi, I am not an electrical expert but am trying to get my head around understanding what I now believe is called a pilot wire electrical heating system. I have 3 unbranded electric radiators attached to a pilot wire controller - Delta Dore Micro Driver Fil Pilote. It supports 2 zones but I...
  27. happysteve

    New UFH controller compatible with existing sensor

    Eh up :) Client (doing other work there) accidentally smashed up their underfloor heating controller in their kitchen. The only thing I've been able to ascertain about the existing controller is that it was made by (or at least branded) Wickes. Had "on/off" and a temperature knob. No model...
  28. D

    UF controller connection to boiler

    Hi All, I have a wundafloor 3 zone uf heating system and a separate rad system running off a Baxi Ecoblue Advance heat Boiler and Megaflo tank. The rad system runs fine via a Danfoss controller but the installer has not wired the uf controller to the boiler so the uf cannot "call" for heat and...
  29. jimmy gunstone

    greenhouse climate controller voltage help

    hi, I am looking to buy a greenhouse controller from the usa as I run a small commercial plant nursery. unfortunately a good unit is hard to source in the uk. my question, can I use this from a regular uk power supply? link to the product and specs CHHC-4i Total Environmental Controller ...
  30. S

    Lights and add a controller switch / watts

    hello everyone I don’t know much about electricity but I’m looking to do a little diy project. I bought some lights now the lights say max 0.75 watts and I’m looking to add a controller to lights and that’s says it outputs 144wats will this cause a fire or some sort of unsafe project Thank...
  31. D

    Faulty Oil Burner Controller

    Chaps and Ladies. New to this forum but thought I’d pass on some info having used the forum myself in the past as a lurker. Been to a job today, not a job really but a mate. Oil boiler not firing. No lockout or anything. Bit of background I changed the solenoid coil and control box back in...
  32. Doomed

    replacing an old nobo controller

    I have a customer with a nobo system 500 orion 512 controller that has burnt out. I know that these are obsolete, but is there anything I could replace it with to control the nobo panel heaters towel rails etc please.
  33. R

    Problem with solar immersion controller and battery system.

    Hello professionals out there! This is my first question on this forum. I am not a professional and have no electrical qualifications. I have a PV and battery system. The battery was installed in 2016 and is still under guarantee. It is a Samsung 3.6 KW in the A10 series. Samsung have now...
  34. A

    help with a fan speed controller

    Hi guys I'v got a question to do with a fan speed controller. it is Ziehl Abegg 560 mm, single phase. use electronic speed controller 6 amps..just replace a new same fan motor, when lower speed, controller temperture go up 30mins fuse(10amps)blow. when high speed , controller normal.. any...
  35. M

    Replacing Heating Controller With Nest Heat Link

    Hi, I'm installing a nest in a vicarage where we'll only be temporarily (3-6 years) so hoping to be able to take it with us when we go, and reinstall the original timer. I've had a look at the wiring to the heating controller, and it seems to my mind that this would be the most sensible place...
  36. SparkyChick

    What is this? Lighting controller?

    Hi all, Just been to have a look at an office an existing client wants testing and found this:- Looks to be supplied by that beefy switch next to it. Two cables (3 core flex, about 1.5mm) leave top right and disappear into the roof space. On the front panel there is a switch and a thermal...
  37. B

    Solar hot water controller

    Hi all I have a viridian solar clearline v200 controller which has failed. The warranty on the unit is 2 years and it's 2.5 years old. Having spoken to them they aren't willing to help me at all and no longer stock the controller so I can't replace it. Honestly Viridian Solar are just useless...
  38. H

    PR022IC Controller Board Issue

    Can anyone give me some advice on how to properly address a bad PR022IC Controller Board? I found that there is power supply voltage on it's input terminals, but the board itself has all the LED's off and we have lost communication with the access control boards..
  39. M

    solar controller

    looking at replacing this unit anyone recommend an upgrade or direct replacement ?
  40. R

    Speed control of power tools ?

    I'm looking for a device that can plug in line with a 16 a extension cable that will control the speed of brush motors on power tools, up to a 2000 w angle grinder. I have seen PCB units on eBay but I'm not sure which one would be suitable. It would be ideal if it could be switched between 240...
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