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  1. P

    Should this fitting be bonded to earth

    I have had these lights installed by a contractor whose work is normally very good. He has not connected the earth in each fitting as there is a class 2 sticker on the metal back plate. He argues that it does not need to be earthed. The manufacture did not supply a bolt for the Earth terminal...
  2. O

    Wylex 3 phase board fitting.

    Do I need any more than this to fit the above board, does it need a fitting kit for the switch or anything extra to get it up and running (tails excluded obviously)
  3. O

    What method do you use for fitting consumer units

    I was just googling for skeleton boards after reading the last thread and various pictures of consumer units popped up, some wired terribly and others that look like a work of art. But for me to get it looking even half neat I have to strip everything out of it so its just an empty box, strip...
  4. B

    Fitting new Cooker hood

    Hi My Kitchen has never had a cooker hood installed. Where the new hood is going to be situated is some distance from any of the outlets in the kitchen ring main. However there is a cable coming out of the wall near where the hood is going that was originally intended for one of a pair of wall...
  5. Sparksflyallover

    Light fitting question

    Hi What do you call the black bit on this picture please. And where can I order one from. Thanks in advance.
  6. T

    Fitting an LED Spot into a loft hatch?

    I'm looking to consider asking my electrician to fit one extra LED flush-fit spot in loft hatch so it matches the rows in the ceiling to a total of 9 (3 rows of 3). He's concerned that it won't be safe and I totally get this, but is there a way to install this with some form of strong, flexible...
  7. N

    S15 light fitting replacement

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy a replacement light fitting like the one in the picture? It takes a s15 bulb 284mm and the length can be no longer than 32cm x 6cm wide and 5cm depth, I was wondering if I could just buy the end caps and replace them but can't find anywhere that sells them...
  8. H

    Class II fitting modified by Electrician

    Hi all, Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician and have very basic knowledge of electrical installation. We've been putting in a new kitchen into an apartment over the last couple of weeks and had a bit of a nightmare with the electrician. The firm is well rated and the guy we initially spoke to...
  9. S

    Help fitting a new ceiling light

    Just replacing a ceiling light and could do with some guidance on sorting out all the wiring. This is how it was: And the light is expecting just the 3 wires: Wondering what's the best way to tackle it. I could do with removing that block in the ceiling altogether and somehow having just 3...
  10. banny07

    Fitting Isolator in Meter Cupboad

    Consumer unit is being moved 10 meters away from outside meter cupboard which is mostly occupied by economy seven timer thing which customer don't need anymore. My question is can it be removed and install fused isolator in that space?
  11. J

    Reinstall sauna light fitting

    Hi there, does someone know how to reinstall this sauna light fitting? Please see photos attached. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  12. L

    Anyone fitting Wireless AJAX kits ?

    Ive got a project for a client and they like the looks etc. heard NOTHING but good about them etc .But tend to fit Texacom .
  13. S

    Light Fitting - Victorian House.

    Hi there, I’ve just moved into an new house and noticed that one of the light fittings in the hall looks different from the others. The flex seems to be running from above the Ceiling . I can send pics might explain better. It’s an old Victorian house Can I replace this?
  14. H

    Light fitting: two neutrals and two lives coming out the wall.

    Hey there! I am fitting four lights in my kitchen and have come across two issues (pictures attached - this is really the best quality I could do, sorry). 1: the light fitting takes one live (brown) and one neutral (blue) wire in a white junction that goes inside the fitting. In two of the...
  15. msibart

    replacement for MR8 halogen fitting

    Hi all, I bought a house and went around replacing the mr16 halogen downlighters with LED lights. The lights are controlled by a Quinetic smart controller. Except in one room where there used to be 12 mr8 halogen downlighters. Now we did not replace those as the elctrician said the ceiling space...
  16. G

    Light fitting - CONFUSED?!

    Hello, Thank you for time, firstly. I am installing an LED bedroom light to the ceiling replacing an existing old light / fan. The terminal box that the LED light comes with has 2 openings for me to screw in the wires to. Wires attached to this are blue and brown / black. The mains (coming...
  17. S

    E27 Light fitting cant find one online?

    Hi I am looking for a E27 fittings to fit my E27 bulb... for a uk standard ceiling light... I have an ceramic one fitted used for incandescent heat bulbs and it doesn't fit my lampshade very well.. Does anyone know a link?
  18. B

    Can't get into a fitting!

    Bit of an embarrassing one here but wondering if anyone can help. Was called to a doctor's surgery yesterday to replace the battery in an emergency light. For the life of me I can't open the thing up. The diffuser doesn't rotate or push upwards, neither does the bezel, there are no screws or...
  19. S

    LED Tube light fitting

    Hello! Hope you’re all keeping well! I’m replacing a fluorescent tube light which had an electronic ballast fitting - I’ve ripped this out and plan on fitting an LED tube instead. There’s two wires coming out the either end fittings - do I just twist these together and put them in a block...
  20. Mark Wright

    Why wouldn't this light fitting be dimmable?

    The following light fitting from Dumelm takes GU10 but states "Dimmable No" but I can't see why with the correct dimmer switch and dimmable GU10 Lamps/Bulbs why this fitting wouldn't be dimmable...
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