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Retractive Switch and PIR issue.

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I've a light fitting that's controlled from a Whitecroft absence detector PIR and a wall switch. The way it works, is the Retractive wall switch with turn on the light by activating the PIR but then only turn off by the PIR’s duration or 10 minutes without absence. I’ve had to replace the PIR due to the old unit no longer switching and the client would now like the wall switch to turn off the PIR so they can effectively override the PIR and turn off the light. No matter how I wire this I can’t get the wall switch to override the light. I keep finding in a variety of ways that the retractive light switch will only turn off the light if you keep your finger on the switch.

I expect to get eviscerated for asking this but any ideas?
Did the switch interrupt the power to the PIR, so it would "trigger" on powering up ?
If so, then replace the retractive switch with a normal one, and when it is off then the light will go off.
Otherwise, more information required on how it's wired.

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