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  1. J

    Bypass Motion Sensor - Add Switch to Lights?

    Hi. I'm looking to add motion sensors to 2 or 3 floodlights. I want to be able to use a switch to bypass the sensors and leave the lights on. (Please note that I'm not interested in the ON-OFF-ON type of action.) As the attached diagram shows, I believe I'll have to run a black wire directly...
  2. N

    Motion triggered battery powered dimmable COB LED light

    My view on life, in any field, is not to produce more but to consume less. Everybody told me this is a very eccentric weird mentality. Perhaps they are right. Nevertheless I have to build my project to make a highly efficient, extremely low drain, motion triggered 12V battery powered dimmable...
  3. M

    LED light strip with motion sensor for bathroom mirror backlight

    Hi, We are doing a bathroom renovation and I can't find a light or a mirror with light that I like. I would like to buy a simple mirror that suits the style I am going for with a wooden frame, and then mount that mirror on a MDF background slight smaller than the mirror. I would like that MDf...
  4. Dan

    Awesome Neosmart (Ring Killer) 12 Second Clips for Free - Night Vision, Phone Alerts, Free Recordings, Motion Sensor Camera for £20!!!

    I have had a bunch of camera, I'm trying to find a camera I can leave and it alerts me when it's found somebody. I don't want DVRs and cables running everywhere, so Wifi (and strong connection) was a must. Three years into my researching and testing and moving cameras around on the outside of...
  5. M

    Can I add a motion sensor

    Hi In my hallway I have several led floor lights that are plugged into a wall socket Can I add a motion sensor so that they switch on when I walk into the hallway Thanks for any help
  6. G

    Strange problem with PIR/motion sensor switch

    Hi, I have an odd problem with a motion sensor switch in a bathroom. The sensor detects motion and switches the light on, but then doesn't switch the light off. However, when I switch the fuse off and then on again at the fusebox, it resets the motion sensor, which works fine, but only once -...
  7. G

    Replacing a motion sensor light switch with five terminals??

    Hi, hoping someone can help with this. I have a bathroom light switch that's a ceiling mounted motion sensor. It's malfunctioning so I bought a replacement, but I've hit a snag. The existing switch has five terminals, all of which have wires going into them (see photo): green&yellow, grey...
  8. B

    Pir motion sensor correct type

    Hi I have a fluorescent light fitting for a suspended ceiling (600 mm x 600 mm) it is wired to a 240 volt supply I was thinking of introducing a pir motion sensor, so as to cut my electricity bills etc I would like a sensor to have the following features: 1. 360 degrees 2. 240v 3...
  9. M

    Domestic 2 Way Motion sensor switch

    Firstly Hello Electricians Forums!!! MY first experience here. I am currently in the process of updating a recently bought new home. The house is 15 years old so fairly modern. I have a current setup whereby I have changed the light fitting in a small lobby area. The light is an integrated LED...
  10. G

    Motion sensor light dimming

    First post, just looking for some advice if possible please. I have a customer that would like their driveway lights to be operated by a PIR motion sensor. The lights are to fade up to maximum brightness, stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then fade to off. Does anyone know of a...
  11. Michael J

    360 deg. motion sensing bulbs for porch

    Hi all, Happy New Year. I have a porch lamp the customer purchased which does not have a motion sensor incorporated in it. The Lamp is ES27 and is positioned upright, can anyone recommend a quality motion sensor bulb? They like the lamp they bought so do not want to return it. (they do not want...
  12. B

    Replacing pull switch with PIR Motion Sensor

    Hi, I am trying to replace a pull switch with a PIR Motion Sensor in a cupboard/wardrobe, but it does not seem to be working. The pull switch is connected to a cable from the ceiling, where both wires coming from the cable are brown. I this normal? I thought that it would just be a case of...
  13. I

    Domestic Bypass PDS PRM motion sensor light to Stay ON always

    How do I bypass from the interface to manually make these turned ON always? At the moment, the maximum I can do is for 30 minutes at one time. I could find one manual for similar switch but it doesnt have any mention of what I am looking for...
  14. J

    Help turning off motion sensors

    I got these new lights from Philips from the 'mygarden' category that have these motion sensors on them, the only problem is these motion sensors are absolute garbage. I tried to disable the motion sensors but failed hard. I am NOT an electrician nor do i have any experience is that area. I've...
  15. S

    Bathroom fan with timer and motion sensor

    Hi please can someone help me on this situation I wired 3 core and earth from light to fan isolater from isolater to fan Problem I got the fan is it’s only got live and neutral no switch live connection My fan is m100-pir/t monsoon It’s got motion sensor and timer jus confused were do I put...
  16. F

    Simple question about installing motion sensor

    Hello, I have a simple problem, but I can't seem to find how to solve it. I hope someone here can help me out. I have a lamp that is connected to 2 light switches. I wanted to replace 1 light switch with a motion sensor. In the previous switch 2 black cables arrived and 1 grey cable left...
  17. S

    Help needed re cable

    Hi, I am new here and am not an electrician, just looking for some advise. This arrived to day- Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 | Next Level Racing - The power cable supplied is a kettle lead to 2 pin, it...
  18. T

    Gnat hits windscreen

    Science says (I know this is old) if something reverses direction on the same path backwards to where it originated, then it must stop momentarily to do so. So...when a gnat hits you car windscreen does your car stop momentarily? As the Gnat will reverse direction when flying straight into your...
  19. F

    Domestic LED Tape & motion sensors

    Hi. I would really really appreciate help on this as I need advice please. I am going to fit LED tape inside my sliding wardrobe doors so they come on from the 2 motion sensors when doors open. I have bought 2 of the below motion sensors to be fit at each end of the wardrobe: Mini PIR Infra...
  20. V

    PIR Wiring in bathroom and Hall

    Hi Guys,New member here,i need to replace my present pull cord switch in my bathroom with a pir motion sensor,whats the easiest solution,i only have 3 wires in the switch Red-Black and green/yellow earth.Also I would like to put a pir motion switch to replace the my on/off switch in the...
  21. D

    Dysonairblade interference with ceiling pir

    Anyone come across this the dysonairblade has a mind of its own it goes on and off as it pleases only since I installed a motion sensor in the bathroom for the lighting.
  22. I

    2 way lighting, PIR motion activated

    Hello All, Is it possible to include a motion sensor into a 2way lighting circuit? If so, how would you go about the wiring? There are switches at the top and bottom of some basement stairs. The occupants are keen to include a motion sensor as they sometimes stuggle to find the switch when...
  23. R

    Time delay switching

    There is an outbuilding attached to garage and the customer would like the lights to turn off after a while so his family dont alwasy leave the light on. I thought a Pneumatic push button time switch would be a good option as you can ajust time or mayb and standalone PIR. Only trouble is the...
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