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  1. Markyd

    So are electricians classed as key workers or as doing essential work? (Domestic)

    Half way through a kitchen refurb,clients are moving back in at weekend because of lockdown and i need to get some sockets and the oven working for them is this classed as essential work
  2. E

    Wiring Reverse Camera on with key powered by battery

    I'm asking for assistance about how i might be able to make this happen. I'm thinking a relay would do this but i have no idea which relay. I'm looking to have a constant on rear camera that i can access from my head unit any time while the vehicle is on. I do not want to use with the wiring...
  3. D

    Emergency key switch/contactor panel

    Hi, I need help wiring my electrical key switch and contactor panel. I’ve wired my lighting circuits back to my fuse board but left brown/black out and taken them straight to key switch. Taken brown from breaker also to feed the key switch. What are my connections at key switch? Also what do I...
  4. B

    1 way switch with key switch

    how would you wire this? Key switch for emergency lights And normal one way for standard lights (maintained fitting) both on grid switch Emergency switch has L1 - N1 and L2 - N2 Normal has 1 in and 2 and 3 out Feed to L1-N1 and link to 1 on normal switch Perm from L2 - N2 to fitting Switch...
  5. Lucien Nunes

    'TA'; Territorial Army, an island in Micronesia or what?

    So I've gone from being 'esteemed' and 'respected' to just 'TA' which I assume means trusted advisor, although I am not sure why we have to be cryptic about it. People who want quick pointers on whose advice to trust are those outside the forum who don't know the contributors, who also won't...
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