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  1. sythai

    Firebird ASHP.... anyone ?

    Hi Guys Anyone hooked up an ASHP supplied by Firebird ...? Got project coming up with one supplied from them. Done about about half dozen ASHP in last year, finally getting my head round them now I think Thanks Sy
  2. P

    Ashp external wiring

    Anyone installing ecodan heat pumps? Best cable type for wiring from rotary to heat pump unit? Trying to stay away from swa due to limited space with security cage.
  3. sythai

    ASHP - no switched live required ??

    Hi Guys.... Another ASHP coming up for us to hook up.... slowly getting my head round all the different variations of wiring them ! The next one is a full Bosch system 'compress 7000i.' Client seems to have paid for some helpful technical (Alto Energy) back up on this project for queries...
  4. sythai

    ECODAN ASHP... anyone hooked up one of these

    Hi Guys Just seeing anyone hooked one of these pre plumbed units up before : Mitsubishi Ecodan Assuming fairly straight forward compared some 'head scratchers' I've done recently. Possibly a power supply to inside unit + supply to outside unit + comms cable between + SL from heating 🤔 Plumber...
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