1. S

    Is a socket in a cabinet outside the zones in a bathroom?

    Got a customer who's wanting a washing machine and tumble dryer in the bathroom. Normally the solution is to hard wire into FSUs but he's come up with the solution of kitchen units and a work top with the sockets in the void between the wall and the back of the units. Could this be argued to...
  2. C

    Zones in stud walls

    Do zones have to be adhered to in a stud wall? The stud is 70mm with 60mm 30mm board on one side and 47mm on the other side
  3. O

    ADE optima Compact G3 set entry/exit time on multiple zones

    Hello I’ve recently had to rewire my home alarm system as the engineer who installed it did such a shoddy job that all the cables were hardly in and causing the system to trigger every couple of moments. I’ve recently been able to get the system working correctly however, I am unable to set...
  4. B

    EEx ia Equipment in Zone 2 Area

    Apologies if this appears like a simple question. I have carried out a survey of a Zone 2 area and one piece of equipment, an enclosure, is fitted and only identifiable by manufacturers name plate and a stuck on EEx ia sticker. No Atex data plate. The previous survey (visual) gave some...
  5. E

    Electrical Zones

    Hi, I am in a debate with a friend who is also an electrician who is backed by his boss in this. Now I am aware of all the electrical zones like - 150mm from a ceiling and 150mm from the corner of 2 adjoining walls or partitions and horizontal or vertical from any accessory or switch gear. But...
  6. Thomas Connolly

    Cables and Zones

    Hi Gents, Probably a very simple answer but I'm installing an outside light on a small porch The switch being just inside the door. The light however, is about 600ml from the door on the outside, so if I drill straight through from the outside to the inside, once inside, the cable exit point...
  7. happyhippydad

    Understanding cable zones.....

    Cable zones are vertical or horizontal from an accessory. I was wondering how this is affected by accessories that are not visible? In theory you could have a cable going horizontal from a socket above kitchen worktop and then down to a socket below worktop which is hidden behind the washing...
  8. diyterry

    Bathroom zones and ip ratings

    Am I right in thinking that zone 1 is in the shower and zone 2 is above the shower cubicle? and how do ip ratings relate to the zones?
  9. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  10. C

    Wiring slightly out of zones

    Have been called to what could have been a very bad situation. Home owner has started decorating and come across half a nail stuck in wall. It had been there for years and had penetrated cables going to a socket which were running slightly out of correct zoning. I’ve recommended chasing the...
  11. littlespark

    Bathroom zones. Whats your thoughts?

    I was asked to replace a bathroom fan for a client in a fairly recent build. (approx. 3 year old) The fan is situated directly above a shower cubical with a fixed shower head. The fan is bog standard 230v mains voltage, 100mm diameter with run-on timer, 3 pole isolator outside the bathroom door...
  12. C

    the importance of zones

    Hello guys something quite odd occurred , the job at hand had been to install a main bond to the gas pipe however on this occasion after checking the zones i saw no plausible reason for a cable to be in the location i had been about to drill. i drilled a small pilot and during this i smelt...
  13. H

    CO Detector Placement

    there's a boiler in a cupboard in a small bathroom. Would you install CO in the bathroom outside the cupboard, or would you install just outside the bathroom? In bathroom it should be outside of all zones etc, just access from above is very limited.
  14. E

    Texecom Veritas alarm

    Hi Guys My last tennant has installed a veritas alarm, the one with the DCA 0001 led remote keypad, im having problems setting it up for the new tennants, basically they want zone 1,2,5 & 6 working as part set for when they go to bed at night. The issue is they can omit the zones 3 & 4 but for...
  15. G

    Hello all!

    The name's Mark I'm a 37 year old plumber from Crawley, West Susssex and wiring makes my brain hurt! :laughing: I have read a few posts and see there are some helpful people giving some very useful advice so I signed up to say hi and hopefully get some advice with an issue I'm having wiring a...
  16. P

    How does Heatmiser control radiators ?

    I have a Boiler connected to a Megaflow and 6 Radiator Zones. I would like each zone to be individually controlled via a Heatmiser Solution. Keen to understand how each of the individual thermostats (Neo Stat) will tell each individual radiator valve to open and close deepening on the...
  17. T

    What regulation does L shape chase come under

    I am told a chase I did was dangerous and should never be done in this way. My thinking was considering all things it was in safe zones and is not dangerous. I would appreciate opinions on the matter please. The other part of the picture is where the client claims a scratched pipe when drilling...
  18. custie86

    Domestic Cooker Hood Socket Outlet

    I have been training part time as an electrician now for almost 2 years. I am considering re-wiring my kitchen and getting the work verified under a self certification scheme, not sure which company to use yet! I have been delving through the regs and am quite confident to under take the work...
  19. L

    Fused Spurs under sink?

    Hi I have a situation where there are Spurs under sink zone 2. would it be ok if fittings where ip rated or fittings were enclosed in ip rated housing. the circuit is protected by an rcd . Lim pretty new to testing by would appreciate any advice. Ive tried to find solution but was not able to...
  20. uksparks

    Heating controls

    Hi, can anyone advise... i would like to ideally use Honeywell. i want the stats and programmer to be wireless. it needs a frost stat it also needs two stats and a programmer and it needs three channels / zones any ideas on how to achieve this?
  21. B

    cable outside zone. is it a big deal? EICR code?

    A 10mm cable supplying shower is chased down the bathroom wall (in correct zone) and is then chased from celing height down the wall in the kitchen below. The cable pops out of the kitchen wall below contertop level making the rest of the journed to the CU on the surface but cannot be seen...
  22. L

    switches in bathrooms

    is it possible to use an outdoor weatherproof switch in a bathroom. looks ugly but came across it in a rented property,not sure if against regulations.please help
  23. driverman

    Bathroom wall light switch

    Hi Guys, visited a brand new house today and had a nose round as you do. I know it's sad but I'm looking at the electrics. What I noticed in the bathroom was a normal wall mounted light switch by the bathroom entrance door within the bathroom. The isolation switch for the extractor fan was also...
  24. T

    RCD on bathroom lighting

    Okay, I'm preparing to open myself up to some abuse here, but I have had a good read of the BGB before I posted this and I just want to make sure I had things right as I think the regs are perhaps open to interpretation. I've just done a bathroom makeover with a plumber mate which involved...
  25. F

    Domestic Installed cables within safe zone then moved by others.

    Hi all, hope someone can help. I've completed part of a new install in a clients new build house. The cables have been installed in safe zones or in line with accessories and routed via holes drilled in noggins and are all protected via split load RCD 17th Ed Consumer unit. The plumber...
  26. S

    Gardtec alarm

    Hi All,I have a gardtec alarm, when I set it all well and good, when I come in the entry exit zone it beeps for me to turn the alarm off, unfortunately I didn't make it this certain time, (nothing to do with the beeeerrr!!!!) the alarm went off, but strange thing is that the bell box did not...
  27. 123

    Underfloor heating stat locations

    Been asked to look at an underfloor heating system which isn't working the best. It's only installed on the ground floor of the property, and has four zones. Is there any rule of thumb with regards the location of the stats - location and heights? Parts of the zones are open plan as well...
  28. F

    Wet room shower area

    Done a periodic test and failed a spur unit which was supplying a hair dryer hanging up in wet room in a commercial building the spur was less than 3 metres from the edge of zone 1 so this is why I failed it gave it a code 2 now the client has questioned it as they don't want to move the hair...
  29. G

    galv conduit in bathroom

    Hi all, just canvassing opinion re the use of galv conduit in a special location ie bathroom. Cant think of any particular reason why not, my main q being, what could the IP rating be considered as if it were to pass through zones 2 or even 1? I mean a continuous run with no joints through zone...
  30. A

    installation of Gas pipes

    Are gas pipes allowed to be chased into a block wall and plastered over in a domestic property? I have been looking in the 'Safety in the installation and use of gas systems and appliances regulations' but cannot find anything that says it can't.
  31. N

    Veritas additional circuits an remote key pad

    I’m looking for some advice on VERITAS 8 alarm panels. I want to add 3 additional zones and remote key pad in my garage, but only have a standard key pad (no display) which looking at the instructions/manual could be a very long winded way of programming the new zones regarding parts sets etc...
  32. S

    schedule of inspections help

    Just a quick question, in the general section of this form, 1. presence of under voltage protective devices, there are passive rcds on the cu and no dol starter, I've put n/a for this 2. Connection of single pole devices for protection or switching in line conductors only, all sockets used...
  33. G

    fused flex outlet for towel radiator in bathroom

    Hi can anybody tell me if you can fit a fused flex outlet for towel radiator in bathroom in zone 2?
  34. R

    EICR departure code for bathroom.

    I am compiling an EICR on a period style house with wiring dating back to mid 60's. The installation has a fuseboard with 3036 fuses protecting all circuits. The bathroom has neither RCD protection or evident supplementary bonding arrangements although there is a 10mm bond to the main water...
  35. R

    Shower isolator

    Hi guysCan I put a shower isolator in zone 2?Also can I put the isolated on the outside wall of shower ( same wall as door )
  36. S

    Switched spur in bathroom.......

    Guys, I need to settle an argument with a colleague with the location of a towel rail spur.... As per table and fig 8.1 in the OSG, switched fuse spur can be installed for a towel rail outside of the zones...? I understand sockets need to be 3m from the bath or shower, to allow for the...
  37. G

    EICR Code for wet room light

    Hi just carried out an EICR prior to a consumer unit change. The customer has a wet room with a normal baton type accessorie. The ceiling height is more than 2.25 mtrs but the shower head is less than 1.2 meters from the light in a straight line. There is no rcd at the minute but will be once...
  38. D

    Light Switch in Wet Room

    Completed a job about a month ago on a small extension. They created a downstairs toilet and shower which is L shaped. On the architects plans it showed a 700sq shower tray and enclosure. So to describe it, you open the door and I have put light switch just inside. 3M and it turns and 3m...
  39. M

    pull switch

    hi guys, just a quick one, what zones can you fit a pull switch in a bathroom? i have to fit a shower-light-fan combo above a bath that has a shower in it, can i fit the pull switch in the ceiling above the bath at the opposite end to the shower? This way it makes it obvious that the pull...
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